Lysimachus dej Dynastus

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Full Name: Lysimachus dej Dynastus (Pronounced day-dinastus)

Place of Residence: Dynastus Hall, Silvermoon City

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City, Quel'thalas

Nicknames: "Uncle" | "The Marquess" | "You Senile Old Fool"

Age: 225 (though he may try to trick young children with 7,358)

Race: Quel'dorei (or so he pretentiously claims; actually Sin'dorei)

Gender: Male

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Skin: Pale White

Eyes: Fel-Green

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 182 lbs

Physical Features Expanded: Lysimachus is of average height and weight, with the slender features and light pigmentation common to many High Elves. He wears the hair on top of his head long, as he is unable to grow facial hair and is very self-conscious of this. He shall nearly always be met wearing a purple device strapped across his face; his Scryer, specially cut for easy portability!

Known Relatives and Close Associates:

Sabeinne dej Dynastus (Sister)

Libelle dej Dynastus (Niece by Sabeinne)

Calestra dej Dynastus (Adopted Niece and fiancée)

Exanimo dej Dynastus (Nephew by Lalania; Recently deceased, though somehow returned)

Izelle dej Dynastus (As fathered by one of Sabeinne's former husbands)

Cyraelia (formerly Cyrandra) dej Dynastus (Second cousin, once removed; presumed deceased)

Serenity Sunstriker (Distant relative; Lysimachus' mother, Mirveda, was wrought of the Sunstriker line)

Magister Nevitt Autumnburst (Highest-ranking employee of House dej Dynastus)

High-Shaman Gaeus (Adventuring partner and part-time potion-machine)

Bray'li'nhal Killseek (Whiny hormonal teenager, involved with Lysimachus' family and friends)

Mahabad Jenkins (As High-Shaman Gaeus, a former adventuring partner in the party of three)

Bella Dorma (Upper-Ranking handmaiden of the House)

Solumbrus/Noctumbrus of Tranquillien (Nephew, once dispossessed, but recently re-adopted and subsequently murdered)

The rest are quite generally nonexistent. Or wandering around, slobbering like idiots in the Dead Scar.

Religious Preferences: Lysimachus advocates for the independence from (what he views as) the general hindrance of religion to scientific, magical, political, and philosophical progress.

Occupation: Agent of the Kirin Tor and Patriarch of House dej Dynastus.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Marquess enhances his effectiveness through the use of a group of adventurers known collectively as The Raven Cross.

Enemies: The investigator, Demitri Neytra, Archlich Kel'Thuzad (now deceased), the Kal'dorei, Sanctuary/homosexuals (they are interchangeable, he expects).

Likes/Hobbies: Cooking (though he would never admit it), fishing in Azshara, scrying on his family, plotting, consuming gobs and gobs of fel energy and mana crystals.

Favorite Foods: Roast Boar and, depending on the given extent and condition of his personal curse, small Blood-Elven children.

Favorite Drinks: Milk with vodka. Or the reverse, depending on whether his sister, Sabeinne, is goading him or not.

Favorite Colors: Violet, of course!

Weapons of Choice: A painstakingly conceived network of agents.

Dislikes: Idiots, homosexuals, the uncouth, and Blood Elves (whom he views as an unfortunate culmination of the first three).

Special Abilities: He is unfortunately well-versed in certain abominable rituals, but generally views these as products of the past and unnecessary to be discussed. Also, he can cause muffins to appear out of thin-air. However, this latter ability is apparently not unusual among the the Wizarding community.

Notable Personality Traits: Lysimachus can be kind to those he deems as useful. He tends to be well-spoken and intellectually sober, sometimes striking up discussions concerning the current political climate of Azeroth, or the nuances of the Arcane.

He is highly offended by the actions and beliefs of the so-called "social liberals" appearing throughout Silvermoon City, and will not hesitate to lambaste them should the need arise.

Though it may not appear so at first glance, Lysimachus is fiercely devoted to his House as a whole, and will defend it with action appropriate to any situation in question. However, an individual relative may at any given time be deemed as "expendable," should such necessity arise.

Misc. Quirks: Is haunted by (what he views as) a tiny, evil demon. Also, he believes that the cats wandering throughout Silvermoon are equivalent to vermin. Finally, Lysimachus may on occasion experience a light form of Multiple Personality Disorder, with his various personalities being, thus far, "The Headless Horseman," "Lydia," "Mack Danger," a rather polite snowman, and what appears to be a gay, antithetical version of his normal self.

Played by What Famous Person: Jason Isaacs (esp. in relation to his work with the Harry Potter series of film-adaptations).

Theme Song: The Durance of dej Dynastus

Demonstrative Quotations:

"Hell the Helling Hellers!"

"Why don't you just slap on my BLACK hat and call me Toby?!"

"Where's my milk and vodka, barwench?"

"Welcome to Dynastus Hall. Kalinda will be available for use, but please, keep any shrieking to a minimum."

"You're fired! bring me my lemon drink."

(To Libelle in reference to her Tauren friends she often brings around) "You helling girl, you KNOW you're supposed to tie your mounts up outside!"

History: Having been blessed with a noble birth and upbringing, Lysimachus was, in his youth, granted access to the highest levels of formal education available to the Quel'dorei, and utilized these advantages to the greatest extent of their worth. He was an exceptional student (though never as good as his sister, Sabeinne), and was thus eventually permitted to study the Arcane in the human city of Dalaran. It was here that he spent many of his years, eventually joining the Kirin Tor as an Archmage tasked with abjuration duty, in regards to Dalaran's defense matrix.

Obviously, he and his fellow Archmagi failed in this particular devotion, as the city fell to the powerful spellcasting of the great Eredar warlock, Archimonde.

Lysimachus was among the few surviving wizards of Dalaran, having fled west into Silverpine forest, where he hid in the basement of an abandoned farmhouse as the Scourge wreaked havoc overhead. Eventually venturing out of hiding, he was captured by Scourge mercenaries. These captors, realizing the mage's talent in the arcane, brought him before the Archlich Kel'Thuzad for proper procession. After brief debate, the two agreed upon a contract, Lysimachus not entirely disappointed in the outcome, though effectively signing himself over to the Cult of the Damned.

As time passed and the war ended, he returned to Silvermoon City, only to find that the High Elves had re-identified themselves as Sin'dorei. They had entirely reevaluated their approach to all things, a change which he highly disagreed (and continues to disagree) with. However, the leaders of his House, dej Dynastus, had been destroyed in the war, leaving Lysimachus with the Patriarchy and its associated assets. This was not a disappointing course of events to him, and he has been directing the house in a way that, despite its many difficulties, will restore it to its former glory (be that for good or for ill).

However, Lysimachus is still haunted by the decisions he made (and contracts he signed) in the past, and this burden has been largely passed on to the members of his House. Relatives, as a result, must constantly contend with shadowy entities and unexplained horrors in the night (not to mention the ever-looming fear of Uncle's own sacrificial chambers). With the use of his "friends" and family, Lysimachus constantly labors to reverse the path towards darkness upon which his House appears to be treading.

Or such is what some in his family would prefer to believe.

One further note in relation to the nobility of House dej Dynastus:

The dej Dynastuses, having largely adhered to the powerful spellcasting tradition of the High Elves (and now Blood Elves), continue to occupy an important and (generally) politically overwhelming niche within Blood Elven society. The magisters control most of the city with an iron fist, and the arcane constructs constantly patrolling the streets reinforce this control. However, Lysimachus and his sister, Sabeinne, though learned and politically-savvy as they may be, do not adhere to the moral and societal creed of the Sin'dorei, and have therefore lost much of their political influence, conducting many of their activities in secret, protected from the vigilance of the Blood-Elven magisters.

Lysimachus treats the current political climate similarly to the modern-day illegality of a military junta, having stripped the original rulers of their rightful powers, even despite the horrific basis (in this case) for the "coup."

Regardless, House dej Dynastus operates in the same vein as an historical "march," or "marquessate." Lysimachus and his sister would therefore be the Marquess and Marchioness of their respective fiefdoms.

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He likes to fish, I like to fish. I like him.

Only person to appreciate the giant fish I caught in Ironforge. His tendency to turn invisible to get out of a conversation irks he, though.

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It's interesting to now note that the pumpkin-headed messenger I met a few months ago is actually Exanimo's uncle.

He's offered to assist me in a small family matter, though I don't believe it's to help me personally. I find Lysimachus somewhat bearable, for an overblown windbag.

His nephew, though, is delicious.

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In the professional opinion of Lord Arbiter Chinaway of the House of Arnor, Lysimachus is a total, and complete fascist nutjob. However he is also an incredible mage, and a mildly good conversationalist.

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I... I don't know if I enjoy him or if I am more wary of him. He's certainly a handful, especially when having consumed too much Bourbon... I rather like his home, however, I hope I never have to meet this sister of his.

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"The Marquess? I'm not sure. Can't say I consider him a friend, but is a (mostly) decent neighbor. He seems overly fixated with the company I keep. Worried about me becoming a "helling homosexual." Well, he hasn't stepped over any boundaries yet...'twould be a shame if he did though.

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"If I were attracted to his TYPE, whatever that IS, he'd be my husband already."

A snicker.

"As things are, I thoroughly believe he exists only to amuse me. And occasionally cast spells at things until they hurt a lot."

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"I dare say! Of course I know Mr. Lysimachus! A true gentleman by every means of the word!" Periettel sips his tea. "Tis a most agreeable sort and a quite talented mage on top of that! Truely, he is the best person I could see for leading the House of dej Dynastus."

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The goblin reporter gets nothing in response than a blink and then a rather mischevious and wiley grin from the Sin'Dorei hunter, who takes out a blank page book, a pencil, and begins sketching.

A few seconds later he tears out the page and hands it over before walking off, chuckling to himself. The goblin looks confused, eyeing the picture, revealing it to be well done, but a highly unflattering image of an crazy looking and very old Sin'Dorei in nobles robes hunched over a gnarled cane, screaming nonesense at little horde children of various races... whom look suitably terrified.

The picture is aptly titled "Uncle Loonisymis dej Dipstickus" with the intials 'RS' at the bottom.

The goblin shakes his head, rolling his eyes, muttering something about "tall pinkies" all being thistleheads.

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The Trolless glares at the goblin who spoke such a name, cutting him off in his questioning, "'E be loud, 'e be obnoxious, 'e be entertainin' but only from afar an when I ain't 'is amusement." She growls jutting her tusks, "Das all I gotta say now beat it."

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"He's... odd," she finally manages, finding the most appropriate word to describe Lysimachus a tad difficult to pinpoint. Serenity pauses, leaning back in her chair with a musing look. A few people shuffled in and out of the Ledgermain Lounge, where the interviewer had found her, before she could think of anything more.

"A fine battle-mage, from what I've gathered," she eventually continues after taking a sip of her water. "I've fought alongside him on several occasions; the excursions of the Raven Cross, and even in those goblin arenas. While certainly not at first glance, he appears very intelligent when it comes to studies. Concerning his tact, however, he does seem to almost invariably tick off most non-sin'dorei. And even a few of us, too."

"I've only once visited his household, and he was quite agreeable. He was quite persistent on treating me to a drink, though. When I left, there had to have been four or five untouched drinks in front of me... I don't think he realized I wasn't having any." The Blood Knight scratches the back of her head.

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Lysimachus, Lysimachus, how We have enjoyed watching him be plagued. How he has struggled for a conscience of his own, only to have it skip out of his hands. We will watch and We will listen.

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"...Still not dead?"

Demitri exhaled softly, his tone steeped with disappointment. The seat of his chair listed off a dull creek as he swiveled around. A quill on his desk raised to a poised position in the air, jotting down a quick word on the planner, falling still at its side once finished.

A new entry for the upcoming month in neat handwriting simply read "Uncle."

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