A letter to Sakiyah from Kallikrates

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By Carlos Varela - Lyrics)

{Sakiyah gently awakens in a bed on the top floor of the Fairbreeze Village inn. Her clothes are strewn about on the floor beside the bed she rests upon. She slowly sits up, covering her slender naked figure with the sheets. Sakiyah looks toward the spot on the bed next to her where Kallikrates had been to find a letter attached to a small parcel in his place. There is also a tiny cage with a Blue Dragon Hawk Hatchling sleeping in it. Kallikrates' voice echoes in her head as she reads his letter.}


Please forgive me for leaving before you could see me in the morning. As of late every room I've slept in has been completely frozen over the next day. I figured that it'd be better if the last impression I left on you of me was a relatively warm one.

{Sakiyah peels away the paper on the small parcel, revealing a simple white cloth within. It is Kallikrates' scarf.}

Please hold onto this for me, Saki. It has served me well in the cold weather. It's also very useful when you don't want others to see you suffer. I know the pain you must be feeling right now because I feel it too.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry that I hurt you so, my love. Last night, for the first time since we've been together, it pained me too look into your eyes. I don't like seeing you sad or in pain, and I hope I never have to see you like that again.

{Sakiyah unfurls the scarf. As she does so, a clear blue Scrying Orb tumbles from it and onto the comforter. A small blue box also falls onto the bed. She picks up the Scrying Orb and examines it before continuing to read Kallikrates' letter.}

The Scrying Orb I wrapped in my scarf is more or less a journal I made. It's kind of a documentation of my life. I hope that after you've viewed all of its contents, everything you have questions about will have been explained.

Do me a favor, Saki. I want you to share this letter, and the Scrying Orb with all my friends: Emberlyn, Carmensita, Laras, Pearlle, Izrail, Visant, Grimfury, my master Arcanist Torseldori, even Arte, and Lililathia.

Something is happening to me, Saki. I'm afraid that everyone is no longer safe around me anymore. Ever since I began my studies of Necromancy among other Death Knight magics and methods, I've been hearing a voice in my head. Sometimes when it speaks, I find myself unable to control my own actions. It was during one of these incidents that I slept with another woman: Lililathia. Please, Sakiyah, don't blame her. If she had known that I had you, nothing would've happened. I'm not proud of what happened, but I thought you should know.

My suspicions have lead me to believe that the voice I've been hearing, and that has been influencing me is none other than Arthas', the Lich King's voice. In light of this, I'm leaving to protect everyone, especially you, from me should I not be strong enough to resist his will. I'm starting to believe that my decision to attain the powers of a Death Knight was an enormous mistake. However, it is too late. The process of my transformation into an agent of death has already begun, and I can't turn back.

I've asked you to share this letter and Scrying Orb with everyone I've come to know and love because I want them to remember me. Should I become a monster, I want them all to remember me as Kallikrates, the mage. I want them to remember me as the man they could always talk to if they wanted to smile or laugh. If I turn into a tyrant, I also want you all to take it upon yourselves to put me out of my misery so that I can't hurt anyone anymore.

But like I said a while ago. Maybe there really is nothing to worry about. For all we know I'll attain the power I've been looking for, and come back with no harm done! It never hurts to be optimistic!

Let Visant know that I want a duel when I get back!

I know she's not due for a while, but tell Carmensita to name her child after me! Just kidding. Tell her that when I get back she can always rely on me to rough up anyone who threatens her baby.

Thank Pearlle for all the invites she sent for me! She'll know what I mean.

Tell Lililathia and Laras that they will find love some day.

Let Emberlyn know that I love her as a sister, and that there is a lot more to life than pain, and hurt. Tell her to keep smiling for me.

Tell Grimfury he's the man!

Tell Izrail that he's the greatest soldier I've ever known and that there's no one else I'd rather have getting my back on the field of battle.

Let Master know that I've perfected the Frozen Warhead maneuver. I know he'll be proud.

Tell Arte that he's an asshole for me, but that I love him anyway. Not that way though.

And last but not least: you, my love. I won't blame you if your love for me dissolves after having learned the truth about me. Just know that I will always love you, and you will always have my heart. Take care of yourself, and don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful, because you're gorgeous.

In the case that you can still find it in your heart to love me after everything I've told you, and everything you've learned about me, then we really are meant to be together. It means that your love is truly unconditional, and I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. The ring isn't much, but I hope you like it!

{Sakiyah hesitantly opens the small blue box, revealing a beautiful Flawless Diamond Solitaire. It sparkles with a quiet, cool blue light, undoubtedly a personal touch from Kallikrates' enchanting.}

With love always,



Take care of Aqua for me, and make sure the little bastard stays out of trouble!

(Player's Note: This letter is more or less a precursor to the journal I'll be writing for Kallikrates. Anyone who was mentioned in Kallikrates' letter can feel free to leave IC comments.)

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A soft red glow from the end of a cigarette that dangles from the hunter's lips is all he concentrates on. A soft breeze carries each exhale of smoke from his nostrils as he leans silently against the outside wall on the balcony of the lavish apartment on the Scryer's tier. The peace is broken as a deep sigh escapes him, Arte then running a shaky hand through his tangled locks.

Reluctantly the hunter then drops the nearly spent cigarette and grinds it out. He hesitates before he turns, reluctant to leave the minor sanctuary of the hushed early morning. He notes how the horizon already has the hint of dawn bleeding into the darkness.

Finally he turns to head back inside, swallowing another sigh as he has to return to the hushed weeping of his beloved cousin as she lays in her bed. As he approaches her he begins to hum and sing softly to her as he did when she was a child, hoping to coax Sakiyah from her sorrow. Gently he eases himself onto the bed, drawing her into his lap as he begins to rock her. Softly he sings as he strokes her hair, not even himself believing his own lyrics as he promises her happier days

Silently Artemus curses the mage for breaking her heart again, after the not so distant loss of her husband. As he continues to sing, he promises to himself to deal with Kallikrates if ever their paths cross again.

(Damn you for using a song that I love and always makes me cry! T^T)

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The apartment is unnaturally chilly, a cool breeze blowing in from the west. Emberlyn pulls her blanket around herself as she sits on her bed, reading and rereading Kallikrate's letter. A sharp, gouging pain rips through her chest as she reads each line, her hands shaking with anger, her body trembling with sobs. Though she knew it was coming, she did not expect it to be so abrupt, having only a letter as a goodbye. Closing her eyes, she thinks back to their last moment together in Mulgore, standing drenched in the rain, smiling and looking out over the lake. Forever would that memory be etched into her soul and for a moment she smiles despite the pain inside her chest.

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She furrows her brows, contemplating the information given her and not understanding it well. Nor did she know much about Sakiya or Kalli's relationship to one another. However, understanding this...he was going away. She smiled light, that he thought her important enough to inform. Turning now to the woman that she hardly knew as Arte's cousin, asking why he was going and if he would be back. Carmen hoped he would, and in solemn prayer to Odette asked for his safe return.

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Grimfury read the letter that had just now reached his hands. Contemplating the information inside he solemnly nods and says a silent prayer to the earthmother. Fading into the nether Grimfury travels to go see how Sakiyah is doing.

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