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A letter posted in Stormwind, Ironfroge, and Darnassus reads:

"Dearest members of the Alliance,

The events of the past month have weighed heavily upon my head, and I feel I must be clear with all of you.

For quite a while, I have been under the thrall of a powerful curse. I am now free of the curse, but while under its influence I committed unspeakable acts against my friends and the Alliance as a whole.

I am honor bound to tell you of my acts, and hope that I can be forgiven.

I watched as Yomi of The Crimson Watch killed a high ranking Alliance member in Old Town, never once attempting to help him, and even laughing at his misfortune. I then attempted to help Yomi escape.

I had relations with several members of The Crimson Watch while my Alliance brethren died around me, and did not offer them my aid as they bled.

I acted in a manner unbecoming a paladin of the light to several of you, including Rhowen, Mayday, Saphine, Kurohane, Xeran, and many others that are too numerous to count.

I attempted to seduce Archbishop Benedict and was thrown out of the Cathedral of Light.

I consorted with demons and undead.

I nearly broke up a marriage.

I consulted with members of the Horde and offered information of Alliance plans.

I had a few members of the Alliance killed because they got on my nerves, paying Horde assassins to take them out.

There are other things as well, but the memories are too much for me to bear, and so I will not list them here.

I offer this confession in hopes that I will be forgiven, or will be punished accordingly. I was under a curse at the time, and had minimal control over my actions, but that still does not make it right. The guilt of what I did weighs heavily upon me, and I die a little every day just thinking about it.

I also wish to offer thanks to those who aided in my rescue. The Tears of Elune, The Swordwaltzers, The Blades of Lordaeran, and many others came to my aid or made it possible for others to aid me. I offer a sincere thanks and apology for my actions.

I have since enlisted in the Alliance Armed Forces, hoping that I can at least make a difference and make amends for some of the atrocities I have committed. Alas, that is not enough to erase my guilt, and I beg humbly for you to do with me what is just.

Light be with you.


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Kurohane sighed heavily as her eyes flew over Lovely's hand writing once more. The bustle of Stormwind around her, too many people pressed in, reading the missive. Why Lovely had felt the need to display her transgressions to the world, Kurohane was not completely sure. She knew the paladin's guilt, understood her need to clear the matter - but this would bring nothing but grief onto her friend's head.

Those who did not know Lovely would now openly judge her, condemn her for acts she had no control over. Those people would bring even more guilt and grief upon the paladin's head, weigh her heart down with such burdens that her friend's fragile mind and heart might not be able to withstand.

Her fingers itched to tear the letter down, to ensure that her friend was protected from such grievances. Yet, she stayed her hand. This was not her call to make - but that did not mean that she would remain silent. Turning away from the parchment and crowd of people, Kurohane melded into the passers-by, moving with the flow down the street.

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Malana looked up at the written letter on the wall. Her eyes wide with shock, she read what the Paladin Lovely had to say.

"If such things could happen to a Paladin as great as Lovely, then what is stopping such things happening to me?" She asked herself as she walked to the Park, where she was meeting Caelyn.

Waving, Caelyn sits down and wiggles her toes in the fresh grass. "Why do you look so troubled now, Mal?"

Quickly and quietly Malana told Caelyn of the message she had just read.

"Poor Lovely, I have never met her, only heard of her. But I know people, this isn't going to be good for her. Curse or not, there will be some people who will blame the paladin for all the recent troubles and some will even brand her as a traitor." With a sigh, Caelyn looked into the distance, her eyes glazed over in thought.

"So, Malana, what are you going to do?" Cae asked a few minutes later.

"What can I do?"

"Well I for one am not going to sit by idle. I will contact Lovely and just give a little encouragement. I'm afraid that she will be needing lots of it in the near future."

Nodding Malana whispered "And I will do the same. If she is as good as you have implied then she will need lots of people to remind her of the fact that not everyone will hate her for the actions she has confessed to."

"I wish you luck, my friend," Caelyn said as she slowly put on her boots and got to her feet. "I wish you the strength of titans and a heart filled with gladness, for this road you are about to walk on will not be an easy one. As for me, I'm off to... well, finally introduce myself to Ms. Lovely the Paladin. Remember Malana, we all do things in our lives that we regret, from those things we hopefully learn. That Lovely is willing to confess them, knowing that she will not be looked upon kindly shows the true character of someone. I wish everyone had that kind of strength, but," Caelyn paused and flashed Malana a ruefull grin, "then I would have to bare my soul and that is something I'm not willing to do."

With a quick hug both women walked in different directions, one to the nearest mailbox and the other to the nearest bar.

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