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Aleria Fadeleaf

Aleria Fadeleaf

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Full Name: Aleria Fadeleaf

Age: 3,255 years old.

Race: Night Elf (Highborne)

Gender: Female

Hair: A light blue.

Skin: Almost pale white with a light tinge of blue

Eyes: Blue, sometimes very faint, sometimes brilliant, but usually eminating a white-bluish glow

Height: 6 Feet, Four Inches tall.

Weight: 155 lbs.

Place of residence: Stormwind, Mage District.

Place of Birth: Northern Felwood.

Known Relatives: All but one deceased. (Her Grandmother lives alone in Winterspring.) She has however, adopted a blood elven child named Isara.

Religion/Philosophy: Believes in the Holy Light, believing Elune to have either been a Naaru, a prophet, or simply nonexistent.

Occupation: Former Ambassador to Stormwind. (As a result of personal appointment by the late Lord Thomas Cartwell, and later support from Lord Frederick Narrius.) Former proprietor of the Wandering Tavern. She currently works as an independent accountant and auditor, and works on the side as an opinion columnist for a Stormwind newspaper.

Enemies: The Scourge, the Burning Legion.

Likes: Rather hard to discern as Aleria is usually seen doing research, going through obscene amounts of official documents, books, and other papers. When she is not busy however, Aleria likes to play the violin.

Favorite Foods: Fish, apples, oranges, and cheeses

Favorite Drinks: Wine (Very little), Tea.

Favorite Colors: Purple, blue, and red.

Weapons of Choice: In any sort of combat situation, Aleria primarily relies on her bow, and will do anything she can to keep her distance from her opponent.

Dislikes:For fear of persecution, Aleria avoids everything Darnassian, including other Night Elves.

Hobbies: None with the exception of playing the violin, when she finds the time to do so. Auditing

Physical Features: Her skin is paler than most night elves, probably as a result of spending most of her time working. She also has, what looks like the tip of a shard, emerging from her sternum, about two and a half inches below her neck. When asked about it, she quickly changes the subject.

Special Abilities: Aleria has taken the time to acquire a basic understanding of Thallassian, though her dialect is often unrecognizable to a Blood Elf. She also has an addiction to magic, inherited from her highborne lineage, which she has thus far, kept confined to the counsumption of arcane energies. She also has some knowledge of magic, employing it in the use of traps and imbuing shots, though she is fairly conservative about its use.

Positive Personality Traits: Industrious, conservative, hardworking, logical and analytical. Typically accepting of others, employing a diplomatic approach to most situations.

Negative Personality Traits: Typically boring to be around, and inept in most social situations. She has also proven to be somewhat unstable when seperated from a stable source of arcane magic.

Misc. Quirks: : Aleria often wears a strange silver-metallic headdress adorned with a crystal, which is rumored to be a source of magic from which she draws, thought the particulars of its operation are unknown. She sleeps during the night, instead of during the day, and prefers to ride a horse instead of a nightsaber. She is legally a subject of the kingdom of Stormwind, and is very proud of that fact.

History: Aleria was born in a large estate in the northern mountains of what is now Felwood, to a family of Highbourne, who defected from Queen Azshara during the War of the Ancients. After the war, the Fadeleaves kept a low profile to keep from being exiled along with the scores of elves who had once sided with Azshara. Aleria's mother had died when she was young, supposedly mauled by a bear, though the wounds didn't exactly fit the story. She was taught everything she knew from her Great Grandfather, the man who had made a fortune as a weapons merchant. His suicide came as a shock to her, not seeing a reason why anyone would choose to end their life. The only explanation she ever recieved was that immortality was not for everyone. Even more of a blow came when her sister departed to join the Sentinels. She would only hear from sister in letters, until she vanished near broken hill.

Aleria holds a short record of service for the sentinel army during the Third War, including participation in the demon hunter Illidain's short campaign in Felwood. She was also seen during the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and was found after the battle, pinned to the ground by a fallen tree. Aleria had remained in the sentinel army for a while longer, before she was reported as missing and probably dead in Lordearon, during the Kal'dorei pursuit of Illidain Stormrage. She was found several weeks later by dwarves, who held her captive at the Thandol Span before a high elven commander assured the dwarves that there was nothing to fear. Her weapons were confiscated and she was sent to the harbor at Menethil to board a trade vessel bound for Kalimdor. Instead, she stowed away on another ship bound for the human city of Stormwind.

Shortly after arriving in Stormwind, Aleria accepted a job as an assistant to well known petitioner, a man who had made a living by proposing new laws to House of Nobles, and arguing for city aristocrats. There Aleria would eventually draft proposals of her own, and would catch the attention of the aging Lord Thomas Cartwell. Cartwell asked Aleria to be his personal representative during a leave of absence knowing that death was about to take him. Cartwell furthered his act of revenge against his colleagues by attempting to leave her his position in the House of Nobles, which was promptly blocked a few weeks following his death. However, a personal friend of Cartwell's, Lord Frederick Narrius, appointed her as a personal representative of his own, and through manuevers of questionable legality, advanced her to the position of an ambassador.

In the months after the opening of the dark portal, Aleria made heavy use of the position, making several dangerous, and often controversial diplomatic missions, at the request and oversight of Lord Frederick Narrius. However, upon the return of King Varian Wrynn, the string of diplomatic trips abruptly ended, as Aleria delivered to Lord Narrius, a formal letter of resignation.

For a period of several months, Aleria vacated her home in Stormwind, and was reported to have been seen at times in the Swamp of Sorrows working for the controversial Lord Jaster Re-Tasj.

Aleria had also, for over a year, established herself as the proprietor, and the head of reserves management for the Wandering Tavern, a roving establishment which would seek approval to operate in one location or another. While it proudly advertised a policy of neutrality, it became the unfortunate target of numerous attacks from both the Alliance and the Horde, which led to Aleria's eventual decision to close the establishment. Following the closure of the Wandering Tavern, Aleria began to work as an independent auditor and accountant, contracting her services for local companies and others requiring her services.

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She's logical and thorough almost to a fault, and I admire her neutral stance. I'm not quite used to Night Elves not just trying to kill me on sight.

Even though it's hard to keep touch, I've GOT to find her little Tavern again sometime.

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Cytiana smiles, "Aleria? One of the most patient women I know.. Also one of the most generous. If you want a story, or something explained, she's the one to go to- if you need help looking for something, she's also a person to go to. Of the Night Elves, she is one of our finest- truly. The same can be said of the Alliance"

Grinning, she winks at the reporter, "Now, don't forget her Tavern of course. Funnest place to be on a Sunday night."

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Blastbrew crosses his arms, "She's a racialist! A bloody, ignorant racialist! She refused t' serve me mate soley on th' boonds tha' 'e was a diff'rent race!" The dwarf nods at victim of the racial crime, a rather large, black-furred Ice Bear, who responds by crossing his massive arms and sticking his nose up in the air.

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Aleria frowns as the reporter repeats an accusation lodged against her concerning racism toward ice bears, shaking her head.

" I refused to serve the bear for two reasons, the first being the fact that the dwarf he was with threw bottles at one of my employees. The second reason was on account of the bear's safety. I do not pretend to know how alcohol affects bears, but I didn't think it was wise of me to find out. If the bear wanted perhaps, some meat, then I would happily oblige, but so long as it's trying to drink beer, I won't have its death on my conscience."

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