Don't even know why I'm doing this...

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So hey you, little journal thingy. The good Lieutenant told me I needed to combat my lonliness. I don't really feel all that lonely, but I like combat, so I figured what the hell, you know? Then he gave you to me and now here I am the next morning with a quill writing in ya. Probably should have done it yesterday but I was too tired, so since it's morning and I haven't actually done anything yet, I'll write about yesterday.

It was actually sorta fun. I had a lot to do. The most interesting thing was probably that guy's academy that he screwed up in and needed me to shut down. It didn't look like that big of a deal at first, but when I used the translocator orb thingy to get up to the place, the first thing I saw after being translocated was the corpse of an elf girl. Not very reassuring, you know? So then I was fighting spirit things, trying to get to the power sources, and what do I do? I fall off.

So a while later I wake up with one helluva headache. I sit for a bit and then go back up to finish the job.

That was really the most interesting thing that happened yesterday. Well, there was the troll that was caged by other trolls and wanted some big troll guy's head, but trolls are weird like that.

Then I went to talk to the Blood Knight guy in Silvermoon because the Blood Knight lady in Falconwing Square told me to. He told me to do something with the Magisters, but I was tired so I decided to do it today.

On a completely different note, this standard-issue chain armor is starting to bug me. It's not doing much against some of the stronger trolls and stuff, so I think I might visit the infamous 'Auction House'. Sounds kinda creepy though.

So yeah, that's it for my first entry thing. I still don't really know why I'm supposed to do this. I mean, just because I don't really know anybody doesn't make me lonely, right? But whatever. I figure it'd be best to keep the Lieutenant happy.

Seeya later.

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Fun stuff!

So a couple days ago I went to the Auction House place and got a new sword and breastplace. Things are so pricey there! It was lucky that I was able to find a couple cheap things. I don't have twenty gold to spend on five pieces of armor.

Not much happened the rest of that day, but last night was interesting.

The Lieutenant told me to go into Silvermoon City at night and watch people. I didn't really know why then, but I understand now. I've been away for so long that I've forgotten how to really talk to people. Giving and recieving orders on the battlefield is completely different from holding a real conversation with a person. I have to get used to talking like myself again.

So I went into the city and looked around, and after a while I found a group of elves and forsaken. I sat on a bench and watched them. One of the forsaken in the group noticed me and talked to me a little. She suggested I die and become forsaken myself so things wouldn't be so dull for me. She seemed rather blunt.

After a while they all just stood there talking to themselves, and I couldn't hear, so I left. I noticed while walking around that there were a lot of people standing or sitting around. It was almost like the little person inside their heads controling them had left for a little bit. I saw an elf lady in a dress sitting by a fountain, so I went to ask her about it.

We talked for a little bit. She was really nice, and didn't mind that I didn't know much about what the city's like now. Another elf woman sat next to us, but she never said anything. Then this guy who was lying down by us got up and started acting crazy and being rude. And he was asking about tea a lot.

So that was pretty much what happened last night, and I'm happy the Lieutenant made me go out and do stuff. It's important to know how to talk to people well. I hope more happens today.


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Last night was fun, sort of like the other night I talked to people. I saw Bir again. I'm not sure if he's insane or just... odd. There was also a woman named Saphiara. I talked to her a lot. I asked her for some information on who's known, so I don't feel so stupid being in the city again, and she told me about The Grim, Sanctuary, and The Raven Cross. The Grim and Sanctuary seem to be the extremes, while the Raven Cross is in the middle. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but that's what it seemed like.

I think the Raven Cross thing seems like it would suit me, so when I get to my twentieth season I'm going to talk to Saphiara again and see what needs to be done. I hope it's what I think it is.

I'm starting to act more like myself around people, and that's a good thing. I noticed last night that I wasn't thinking as much about what to say or how to say it, and more of me was coming out. I'm starting to get a sense of who I am again. I should tell the Lieutenant about that. I'm sure it'll make him happy.

This is random, but I've noticed that there are a lot more elves than any other race. Not just in Silvermoon, because that would be expected; I looked at a census and saw that about a quarter of the advanced sentient races on Azeroth is blood elves. I find this both strange and disturbing. If we are so numerous, why are we in such a position? Shouldn't our enemies have been slaughtered long ago with such a vast population?

Maybe it's not accurate. I hope it's not.

This is sorta random, but killing children is wrong.

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