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Iv'e wandered this realm to long.

Days have passed. My orginal purpose was clear: "Kill the Alliance and send their essence to me." and I did so. Yet I have gotten almost nothing in return? I have shed what dry blood I have left in my veins, what cold air I have left in my lungs and yet my power does not excede anything other priest I have seen. I kill for an entity that promised me salvation, power, and eventually peace, yet I have not heard his voice in weeks.

I did everything he asked me to do. I spent day and night killing Alliance everwhere, sparing not a single one I lay my eyes on JUST like he asked yet I reap no rewards at the cost of my anguish.

I protected the bringer of the soul.

I armed the harvestor of flesh.

I myself am the bringer of the mind.

And all to bring him back into this world yet he has said nothing to me nor rewarded me in any way. I thought I drew my power from him, I thought he was the divine essence from which I call my powers yet... I see other priests weild the same amount of unholy energy that I do!

Iv'e been contemplating whether this God is really just my imagination, mabey some sickness from the grave. Mabey I am just a priest.... mabey I am just a fool without a true purpose...mabey I am fighting for my simple existance and nothing more.

And if that is not enough, I have more problems.

Faelen, the King of the Nightmare has returned, wanting me, urging me to rejoin him at his side yet I have allready pledged my loyalty to other things. The Revenge of the Fallen is what I serve now. I cannot simply abandon one because the other came back without warning.

And now the Scourge, the bane of the world has returned. I am but one priest unable to make any significant mark against them.


I am forced to walk now, unsure what to do. I need answers. I need a goal.... a purpose. Other than bringing Thallis back... I have no true reason.

Perhaps... perhaps I should give myself to oblivion. Perhaps I should.. quit. Mabey I have no purpose. if that is so then.... mabey I should stop living what cursed life I have now. Mabey I should just destroy myself.

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This is more of a plague than the one that turned me into the monster that I am now.

Iv'e none and met so many people in my time of Undeath. More than I had in my true life.

I remember... way back when...

I heard the call of The Nightmare, joined Faelen and his warriors, there I met great ones that would proove themselves as friends.

First Faelen. A great king and leader.

Sepukku was after that. A great companion.

Darkkehoof was the only druid I truely respected. I will continue to honor his memory.


And my new leader, Terich. A great companion along with Togron.

But alas, such a great and noble guild was only to be crushed by a few traitors that value equipment over friendship and honor. I would burn these few before any Alliance if I was allowed. They crushed what was left of Faelens' spirit, what he had worked so hard to achieve and they think they did nothing wrong. Fools.

I also remember when I held the Grim with respect. I still do to this day, but not as much as I did when Maledictus was still present. His voice chilled the souls of those that heard. He was a great leader. I envied him.

I must not let my past plague me as much as it is.... I... I must... maintain.

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I cannot let my troubles destroy me.

I cannot let my anguish control me.

I will not be the puppet anymore.

I will no longer serve some God.

I will continue to exist.

I will create my own purpose.

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I can only kill him one way.

Summon him into the world like he wanted, then defeat him on the very realm he sought to control. This task will be difficult, harder than anything Iv'e ever faced before.

I will need help.

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((in time dears, this questions Shadowspeaks entire existance))

((edit: it will require ALOT of killing... alot of Alliance killing. I will likely be starting it off at the longrifle conflict.))

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((I'll accept all Kai duel requests at the event, if YOU promise to do the same!

And you'll be doing a lot of running >:D))

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