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Full Name: Akaras

Nicknames: Akky

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Troll

Gender: Male

Hair: Red

Skin: Green

Eyes: Brown



Place of residence: Sen'Jin Village

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Relatives: Sa'na (wife), Meki (oldest daughter), Zawa (oldest son),

Kimi (daughter), Nufa (Son), Juwa (youngest son), Kamini (youngest daughter), Legs (the family snake)

Religion/Philosophy: Family comes first.

Occupation: Mercenary, Fisher

Group/Guild affiliation:

Guild Rank:

Enemies: His target, Elak

Likes: Being with his family, Hunting a target, The night sky,

Favorite Foods: Unpoped Spider eyes, Any kind of meat

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Colors:

Weapons of Choice: Daggers



Physical Features:

Special Abilities:

Positive Personality Traits:

Negative Personality Traits:

Misc. Quirks:

Played by What Famous Person:

Theme Songs:

History: ... given away before birth.

The morning he was born he was taken away from his mother so he would have no memory of her ...




... it was then that he found ... taken away from him, body and sprit.

Akaras locked the memories of the rainy after noon away and returned the the only home he knew.

(Gahh! I ran out of time will post more later)

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(( ZOMG AKKKEH! *dances*))

Samhaine- *smirks at the name mentioned* Best blade in Ignis... was... Mm he is a good man in a fight. I think he might be a bit more than mad though? Either way. I trust him with my life. *fluffs her hair and vanishes*

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Feralmoon actually smiles, and broadly, hefting a weapon onto one shoulder before letting out a mad cackle! "Akaras! That red-headed bastard! He's brilliantly and lovably insane. Now there is a good troll!"

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