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We once had something special... ((open RP))

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Both Soraxis and Brakogar stood at the center of the once great hall of the Nether Council staring around them silently while trying not to trip on the debri that littered the floor.

"It is almost impossible to believe that this place once served as the center of discussion for all the great leaders of the Horde." Brakogar mentioned with sadness in his voice.

Soraxis simply stared silently at the high center desk where he once served as chamber leader and mediator remembering all the great discussions that he arbitrated between the great Horde guilds and clans. Discussions that once made a great difference in the realm by allowing different Horde guilds to work as one in an ambience of friendship and honor.

Brakogar suddenly kicked the broken leg of a chair accross the room in anger and shouted.

"Damn it , how could this have happened, how can the actions of merely 3 misguided souls have caused the destruction of an alliance of over 10 guilds made up of hundreds of individuals!"

Soraxis continued to stare at the broken remains of his once proud chair. He remembered the day the council was founded on the eve of the Alliance foot race and how all the then young guilds of the Horde got together with such youthful eagerness in order to plan the defense against the alliance and how this ultimately brought us to Victory and great celebrations. He remembered how the guilds organised their raids against the alliance, he remembered how even the smallest of guilds could host friendly events and plan great battles by simply asking the help of fellow council members. He remembered the joyful friendly chatter that was once heard among council members and their guilds, which was now all but dead.

At that point Brakogar was walking towards what little remained of the Frostwolf Brotherhood council sit and without realizing it begun to clean it up.

Soraxis asked,

"Mortal, what are you doing?"

Brakogar realizing what he was doing responded

"I am not sure Soraxis, but there is a voice within my soul that tells me not to allow something with so much greatness and vision die from something so mundane"

Soraxis scratched some of the pealing skin off his bald head and walked towards his center sit and begun to straighten it.

As Brekogar watched the undead mage straightening his seat and cleaning up the dust around it, he whispered to himself

"We once had something special, and we shall have it again"


There will be a new open council meeting this Saturday at 8pm realm time. The meeting is open to all Horde RP guilds (this includes old member guilds) and individuals who wish to take part in the reconstruction of a new council or simply wish to attend for some RP fun.

The New Council will aim at preventing past problems and distance itself from interguild politics by simply serving its original purpose of allowing different guilds to work together for dungeon groupings, RP events and so forth.

Everyone will have the opportunity to have say on the future on the new council during the meeting just as we once did. We will also develop an RP etiquete rule that will prevent unsanctioned RP interference in multi guild events.

The spirit of the original Nether Council was simply to supply each other with numbers in order to form RP dungeon groups, BG/PvP and of course Epic events.

The New Nether council will serve the above purpose and whatever happens between two or more individual guilds will remain an issue for those guilds to resolve by themselves, the council has never and will never condone conspiracies and other agendas.

The council exists to help the Horde RP flourish and provide enjoyment to all. It is merely a tool where several guilds and individuals can work as one large guild in order to have epic battles and events.

It is not the United States congress! :P

I also encourage others to read this OOC definition of the Nether Council for better understanding so that mistakes of the past are not repeated

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However foolish and mortal this weakling is, at least his account of this happening is true.

The Nether Council has fallen without my leadership, it has suffered. I have returned once again to claim my rightful place as the leader of the council. At the moment more pressing matters at hand. The alliance are on the move, the silithids are rising to power.

Under my supreme leadership the horde can succeed and defeat all enemies, without it you shall all fail. I expect many to be present for the meeting this saturday, those who are not...shall never know true power as I do.


Theres not much more to say after what Brakogar said, I just feel it necessary to confirm everything that Brakogar has said here seeing as to how I am the spokesperson of the council and it would seem incomplete if I didn't confirm everything he said here.

If you do come to the meeting, be reminded please that it is an in character event, if you have something regarding something OOC you should try to explain it as best you could in character (I was able to advertise our OOC channel when I felt that we might have use of it fully in character, you can do similar things :)) or begin using double brackets, but regardless keep the OOC to a minimum until strictly necessary. One last thing that brakogar forgot to mention, the meeting will be held at 8:00PM server (already mentioned) in the ring of valor. That is the arena in the valley of honor (orgrimmar), if you still cant find it at the start of the event try shouting in orgrimmar IC for directions (or /whisper me/brakogar) and we'll help you out :)

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The time for discussion of my power is over, I know what is at my command and I will show it to you in the future.

We won't have this oppurtunity to face the Silithids and the Alliance again for a long time, if you serve thrall, if you serve Sylvanus, if you serve Cairne, if you serve the HORDE! You shall rally with us, join us in the nether council and fight with us.

If you refuse to do so because of your differences with me, resolve that with me however. There shall be nothing left to resolve if we don't make the collective effort against this threat. So lay aside your differences as I have and join us in the council....again as I said, the talks begin Saturday, join us for the horde and all of your dreams you may have once had.

*OOC Edit*

I didn't know until just now that people reacted badly OOC to my character and his childish name-calling, he's changing now and will continue to change as much as I can make him so please PLEASE dont refuse to look into the council just because of soraxis, its different now and I can guarantee that :)

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Soraxis, I have always known that you are the organiser and head of the council chamber during meetings.

But when were you ever Supreme Leader?

It was agreed by all member guilds that there shall be and will never be a 'sole' leader of the council. People forgeting that is also a contributor on why the previous council fell.

You held the Council together by organising the weekly meetings and encouraging all to attend and you are to be praised for thar. Contact with each other was what made us strong, when we stopped having that things fell.

No Supreme leaders please, no one looks down at anyone just as it was before.

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Riding her raptor across the acrid flats of the Searing Gorge, Lupa caught up to her rading party in the shadows of Blackrock Mountain. Torg was there, as were the others. She took a moment to scan their faces. She recognized Wolfkin and Lanson, those brave souls who recently merged their own clans into the Citadel family, swelling its ranks with battle hardened veterans. The Horde Regiment and Frostmournes Edge were modest in number, but strong in spirit and skill at arms.

"What news Lupa? Are the rumours true?" grumbled the Leader of her clan. Torg was patient for an Orc, but his directness spoke volumes of his present urgency. This was an orc preparing for battle..

Lupa, wasting no time in pleasantries or protocol, made her report.

"Aye, it be true nuff" she said in her unique accent. " The Council be startin up again. Its these clouds of war that I tink be startin the talkin again."

Lupa's unknown father was Darkpear, of that she was certain. But beyond his heritage, her mother Yayo'Jin, shaman and mystic of the Revantusk tribe never spoke more of him. She resembled the Darkspear in look and bearing, but her speech was of the Revantusk trolls of the North East.

She also did not do well in the heat like her southern kin. She wiped the sweat from her brow.

Torg nodded while seeing to his battle gear. He never paused for an instant in his preparations.

"Then you best be present at these talks. Our clan is strong and restless. Long have we been quietly mustering our strength and the time is at hand to test our full measure."

Finishing his preps, Torg mounted his riding wolf and turned towards the mountain.

" But for now, we have some Dark Iron Dwarves to root out of their fiery holes. Lets be off..

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A large thump is heard at the entrance. IT is Brothergrim as he enters with his axe first using it almost as a walking stick. Nice job you have done with the place Zusteakai. I know you did what you felt in our heart ,I have even been in a bad situation. I walked a thin line myself you yourself watched me as i left the brotherhood in exlie playing with the burning blade got me in deep water .You were the first to come to my aid you were the first to come to my place in exlie. We have allways been friends and respected one another. I will be there for you when the time comes. We are brothers you have my respect for trying to rebuild . It takes a large soul to step up for there shortcomings and take the punishment given. This is a good first step to heal some wounds.

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Dreadlords aren't the sort of being that you regularly disturbed. They tend to not appreciate that, and quite often destroy that which disturbs them (or more likely, get someone else to do it for them).

Even knowing this, Darkblade still approached the mighty Varimathras in the Undercity. He had not summoned her, one of his most loyal Deathstalkers, but she had information to relay.

"Deathstalker. I did not summon you, and you are currently not on any task I gave you. What is this interruption?"

The Forsake rogue kneeled before the mighty Dreadlord. "Varimathras, information has come to me about a group within the Horde calling itself the Nether Council."

The Dreadlord looked down upon the small undead female. "Of course I know of them. They seek to control the Horde without directly challenging Thrall. The organization collapsed from in-fighting. Their leaders were weak, allowing their inferiors to run about chaotically. They had no discipline.

"Why do you come asking me of them now?"

Darkblade stood up, facing the demon. "I have heard they are reforming. An open invitation has been made."

Varimathras stroked his chin in thought. "This is an interesting development. Deathstalker, you will be present at this meeting. You will report to me on their actions."

The rogue bowed before Varimathras. "Thy will be done." With that, she turned and left the Dreadlord to his musings.

((though honestly I doubt I'll be able to make it that day, I shall try to))

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The refreshing cool winds of the predawn air blew on Brakogar's face as he slowly made his way through the Drag in Orgrimmar, he was just passed the entrance to the cleft of shadows but Brakogar could barely keep his pace. He was exhausted from all the meetings and discussions that he had held with the leaders of the Horde clans and other mayor figures in an attempt to heal the relations that had strained due to rescent events and make the Horde a united force once again. As he continued his walk, Brakogar's body kept demanding that he should head to his chambers to rest. He had not stoped since his return from Alterac three days ago.

As Brakogar went through the entrance to the Valley of Honor, he begun to think of the accomplishments that had been made in the past three days by the Horde leaders who wielded reason as their greatest weapon and through their words had done much to heal the Horde community. Thanks to these Honorable spirits and their vision for the greater good, the Nether Council was once again been rebuild by volunteers from all over the horde.

Of course there had been a few that did not wish to see reason and wanted to take advantage the current troubles for their own selfish purposes but they were very few and insignificant compared to those that wish to rebuild relations within the Horde or at least maintain an open mind.

It was still the early hours of the morining and most of Orgrimmar was silent with only a few souls to be seen, but as Brakogar walked towards the Nether Council chambers he begun to hear some noise growing. It was the sound of construction with hammering and the sawing of wood.

As Brakogar reached the Council entrance he was amazed that several Peons had been working throughout the night and were still at it, but what lifted his spirit higher was the volunteers that had been working selflessly among the peons helping in the restoration. Brakogar was also very proud to see some of his own guild mates helping in the effort.

Zusteakai saw Brakogar approaching and with much eagerness begun to urge Brakogar to come inside.

"Brakogar, you must come inside, you must see this!"

Brakogar followed after Zusteakai and upon entering his jaw almost hit the floor in surprise.

The Council chambers had almost been completly restored and if anything it looked better than ever. Brakogar noticed the great carpet on the center floor with the Horde shield and all the emblems of all the different guilds and clans. As Brakogar looked about he noticed Brothergrim directing some peons while straightening the Guild emblems on the sits of those who had accepted the invitation to the open meeting. He also noticed the equaly proud new sits that had been made for the non guilded individuals that wish to attend.

As he looked at the newly build Nether Council chambers there was now no doubt in Brakogar's mind that the Horde community will once again reclaim all its greatness and perhaps become stronger than ever.

Brakogar then noticed some wooden floor boards that had formed gaps between them making the floor unstable so he grabbed a nearby hammer and some nails ands started to hammer them back together and making the floor strong once again.

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Brothergrim walked over to brakogar its good to see you return i have felt a bit lost these past few weeks . Brothergrim screams "peon get over here this is no place for a leader on the floor cramped and hammering on boards." Brakogar looked up in silence then spoke"send them away to rebuild a foundation a leader is needed this is no work for a peon." Brothergrim yells"NO NO NO! dont put red on the walls paint it brown red brings out anger in people". "We will have many different guilds, clans ,and tribes here we do not want them coming in angry we want a clam tone to reslove things." There is great work being done here we will be strong again.

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Just a little closer , thought Lupa. She studied the courser with practiced eyes. Yes, this one appeared to sport a perfect set of antlers. So many before were damaged or misshapen, not good enough for that Timbermaw master hunter who had tasked her with this test. The great deer, munching on the sweet grass of the Azshara hills, made its way ever so slowly into range of her bow.

While Lupa cherished the times spent in the company of her Citadel brother and sisters, these solitary hunts were a luxury she engaged in as often as her duties allowed. Solitary, but not alone. For nearby, hidden in a dense patch of foliage was the midnight black hulk of her hunting worg, Tempest, ever alert for her signals. It seemed ages ago when Lupa rescued the beast, who was little more than a half-starved chained whelp, from the inner recesses of Shadowfang Keep. Since then he grew and matured into the imposing mass of lupine wrath her friend Swifthoof the druid dubbed "her pet monster".

As she waited for the courser to enter range, Lupa reflected on the upcoming meeting she was to attend, and the path that brought her there. It was shortly before the Feast of Winter Veil when Lupa first heard of the Nether Council. On the advice of Torg, the Citadel leader, she had made preliminary contact with some of the prime members of the Council. Citadel was ready, it was felt, to offer mercenary services to the greater good of the Horde, and the Council seemed the best place to make this known.

For a time, all was well, and she was to present Citadel's petition at an upcoming meeting. Thats when things went awry. Meetings were cancelled, couriers went unanswered. Then a short while ago, all rumour spoke of the Council's demise. Due some internal misunderstandings of which Citadel had no knowledge nor interest. All seemed for naught, until Lupa learned through her sources in Orgrimmar that certain key members of the Nether Council were putting out notices of an upcoming meeting to restore the Council to its former status.

Armed with that knowledge, Lupa made her report to Torg just before their assault on the Dark Iron stronghold of Blackrock Depths. She remembered well that meeting and Torgs instructions for her to attend as Citadel ambassador. After the assault, the Officers of Citadel met to further discuss the matter. Torg was quite clear in his position. "We will make our services available, and they are considerable. But one thing we will NOT allow is for Citadel to become a pawn in clan politics."

He went on to say, "You are a hunter Lupa, and as such you will use your eyes, ears and nose to their greatest effect. Study those in attendance. Who is there and whom do they represent? Look for signs of distress or discomfort. Listen to what is being said, filter what is of benefit for Citadel and the Horde, and discard what is not. Do their voices ring clear and true, or do they stammer with uncertainty? Smell out the mood of the chamber, is it hostile or open? Is the air rich with promise, or is it thick with intrigue?"

Lupa was not a seasoned diplomat, preferring plain speak and open hearts. In the end she liked to get in the last word whenever she could. At times that word was the singing of her bowstring, when speech was of no avail. But even she realized that this was an opportunity that the Horde and her clan could not miss. So long as there was a chance of meaningful relations between the clans, all would benefit. She would go, hold her tongue in check, and look, listen, smell as Torg advised.

The courser was in range. Lupa cleared her mind, removing all outside thoughts and memories. All that mattered now was the deer. Raising her bow, arrow to cheek, Lupa aimed her shot.

Her bowstring singing, Lupa got in the last word this time.

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