Zorael Merinicus Omigatu

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Full Name: Zorael Merinicus Omigatu

Nicknames: Gory, Gorymoru

Date of Birth: Unknown, ((Undecided))

Age: Unknown, ((undecided))

Race: Undead-Originally a half breed human/Quel'dorei

Gender: Male

Hair: Blue-green

Skin: Pasty

Eyes: Eyeballs no longer exist. The Shadow flowing through his body has burnt out his eyes.

Height: About 5'10"

Weight: 120 lbs

Place of residence: None.

Place of Birth: Elwynn Forest

Known Relatives: Father-Sub-vassal under Varian Wrynn, minor noble; Dead. Mother-Father's

Quel'dorei slave, Dead. Sister-Young mage, hated Zorael, Dead.

Religion/Philosophy: Zorael believes the Shadow to be an entity. It breathes, it pains. It feels joy, loss, hatred, rage, depression. The full spectrum of emotions for any other sentient being. He believes that with the proper will power, one can morph the entity into what one desires. With this in mind, he has found many other useful ways to use the Shadow, instead of the usual.

Occupation: Necromancer

Group/Guild affiliation: Warsong Liberators

Guild Rank: Liberator

Enemies: Enemies and friends alike abound. Mainly anyone who attempts to harm any of his charges become quick enemies.

Likes: Silence, yet he also enjoys companionship. Shadow, Fire, Killing rabbits, Helping people in....questionable ways.

Favorite Foods: None.

Favorite Drinks: Anything strong enough to knock you off your feet.

Favorite Colors: Black, purple, red, blue.

Weapons of Choice: Swords

Dislikes: Sluts, the Light, self-righteous druids, Most of the Living in general.

Hobbies: Attempting to solve the riddles of the Shadow.

Physical Features: An X shaped scar is cut into his face, from the blades of the assassin that killed him.

Special Abilities: Slight skill in necromancy.

Positive Personality Traits: An open mind, easy-going, yet strong willed. Maybe overly trusting.

Negative Personality Traits: Hates too easily, yet also loves too easily. Interested in torturing those he hates...brutally, and delicately.

Misc. Quirks: Whithering sarcasm. Some might call it wit, others will call it arrogance or impudence.

Played by What Famous Person: None.

Theme Songs: The Red-Chevelle

History: ((TBA. Ret-conning almost his entire story. Might be better to rename him...but whatever.))

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-Bows her head towards the one asking the questions. She offers a soft smiles and responds quite pleasantly.-

I do not know much of him. I do know that when I seemed to have problems he offered his help. He is kind, at least he has been to me. For that I offer him my thanks.

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Lounged against a light post in Murder Row, she gives the interviewer a quirked brow while she rummages through the front pocket of her bag. She doesn't carry herself like the beautiful women of Silvermoon, nor does she dress as such. Her shirt and pants are clean, though wrinkled. There is a carelessness about her posture as she runs her fingers through her shoulder length raven hair with the hand not currently digging through the front pocket.

"What, Zo?" she asks distractedly, "Sure I know Zo. He's...interestin'." Her mouth flickers into a half-smile as she pulls out a stick of something...gum? She pops it into her mouth as she slouches against the post, giving the interviewer a smirk. "Never met a guy who had such a unique problem. Not that it gives him the excuse to be the bastard that he is," she mutters, "but he doesn't have it easy, tha's for damn sure. I'll keep watch on him," she taps to the corner of her eye with a dirty, chewed on fingernail. "He needs all the help he can get."

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An ominous voice ripples, echoing to and fro, an amused, sinister laughter erupting seconds after.

"Just like the rest. Fooled. This one took a bit more work, however, due to his and Videlle's close ties. Nevertheless, none has broken through the facade, and I shall return to Mother soon.."

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"A vile old fool. If he is to ever threaten Miss Faynt or Miss Mirakaeo in that manner again..." Ariavan stares at the interviewer with a cold, wrathful stare. "By my honor he will lose his life."

"I have his hug right here."

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