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Full Name: Mardil Rayfeather

Nicknames: Faelenor (prefers this name over his birth name.) or Fael for short. Wanderer

Age: ((Not even sure anymore!))

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Pale blond

Skin: Fair skin.

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 155

Place of residence: Silvermoon City

Place of Birth: Suncrown Village

Known Relatives: Wife: Amalyn Rayfeather, Daughter: Saturna Rayfeather, "Sister": Ronyo Visca, Half-brother: Aetheril Rayfeather (Missing) Biological mother: Kendra Rayfeather (deceased), Biological Father: Arcturus Rayfeather (estranged)

Religion/Philosophy: "All our paths are predetermined, it is us who choose how we walk them. "

Occupation: Former Lord General of the Order of Eversong. Politician in the Silvermoon government (For now). One of the chiefs of Borrowed Time (Talon King of the Ravensflight.) Information Broker.

Group/Guild affiliation: Formerly the leader of Order of Eversong, now a chief of Borrowed Time

Guild Rank: ((TBD by Cob))

Enemies: Due to his massive involvement in the Isle of Thunder he and a few other Order members have gained some enemies among the Alliance. And although his involvement with the Grim/Sanctuary war has been minimal, it is because of this conflict that he may be a target on Grim's radar as well.

Likes: He likes to converse with everyone, talking in a riddle like manner but saying nothing at all or saying little with a deeper meaning.

Favorite Colors: White

Weapons of Choice: He was considered a weaponmaster among the Order, having trained with bow and blade alike. Currently has prefers the bow as his main weapon of choice. Losing his ability to conjure and control his chi he has laid down the use of any melee waepon. For now.

Dislikes: Those that ask for advice and forgo it.

Hobbies: Upon settling down he has become a collector of spirits. Though he does not wander anymore he still finds a way to visit old taverns and inns he visited and collect bottles of their specialties.

Physical Features: minor scars on his hands from his training. He usually covers them up but even without his gloves they are not apparent unless looked for. A scar on his chest from Fey, his former animal companion.

Special Abilities: His martial prowess can seem supernatural at times. Being locked from the use of his Chi, he has returned to using ranged weapons mastered.

Positive Personality Traits: Loves to talk when engaged in conversation. Listens just as well as he talks. His wandering has given him the opportunity to converse. He is very good with children making a fool of himself to entertain them.

Negative Personality Traits: Outside of the battlefield he is very friendly but once he is placed in a dangerous situation he becomes overly focused on eliminating the threat that he ignores his surroundings and the people that he is protecting.

Misc. Quirks: Some would consider his speech patterns and nature to be rather quirky.

Theme Songs: ((TBA))


Mardil is the child of Arcturus Rayfeather, a member of the Farstriders, and Kendra Rayfeather, little is known about her occupation. He also has a Half brother by the name of Aetheril. Mardil never got along with his half brother. This hatred stemmed from his mothers disdain for Aetheril as he was an illegitimate child.

Later on in Mardil’s life, his father left on a journey which would last him five years. During this time preparation for Mardil’s initiation into the Farstrider rangers where taking place. His mother also had an agenda while her husband was away. After finding out that he had relations with another woman, she could not bear to stay with him, but she did not want to tarnish the Rayfeather name so she hoped he would have either died or never come back. However after the 5 years her hopes where shattered as he returned.

In returning Arcturus decided to teach Aetheril the ways of the Farstrider. Kendra did not like the idea of teaching the ways of the Farstriders to “this child.” Using Arcturus’ own shame against him, there by overruling him, apprenticed Aetheril to a mining guild.

Again Arcturus had left, this time for a matter concerning the women he had relations with and the authorities. This did not upset Mardil, for he no longer felt anything but spite for his father.

Arcturus returned after another few years, only to return to a family that seemed to want nothing to do with him. Even Aetheril, who he had favored, felt betrayed by Arcturus. Seeing this as a chance to finally depart herself from Arcturus, Kendra called the authorities and they made away with him. However his sentence was short and he had returned, once again ruining her chance.

Mardil had completed his farstrider training and was ready to ascend the ranking ladder. The day the scourge assualted, Mardil was stationed within the walls of Silvermoon. Upon hearing the news he deserted his post and ran back to his village encountering scourge troops that had aimlessly wandered from the group. He ignored their mindless slaughter and the cries for help from the villagers rushing to get home. When he arrived he had found his father gone, which was no surprise to him, his brother, barricaded in the house, and his mother, limp and lifeless. In rage he blamed her death, unaware that his mother foolishly ran into the open while the attack was taking place, on his brother. Seeing this and knowing that Mardil was capable of killing him Aetheril fled into the woods.

Upon catching up to Aetheril, Mardil gave him a chance to tell his side of the story. Upon becoming more level headed they decided to cooperate with each other. They traveled for many days in search of any remaining survivors in other villages but none were found. They did not fight much in their journey, but they saw all the horrible things that came with war.

They managed to hook up with a small band of remnants of the splintered forces of Silvermoon, and for weeks made camp in a distant corner of the Eversong Woods. The company eventually made their way to Sunstrider Isle, with other refugees. Aetheril decided to stay there. Mardil however could not remain in Sunstrider Isle knowing that there was nothing left for him. He had lost the only person he cared for. With only his half brother, his tarnished name, and a village that now lay in ruins left for him he decided to leave Silvermoon.

Stranglethorn Vale: The thrill of the hunt became his life. He used his skills to impress a band of Dwarves in competition with Nesingwary's crew and joined up with them. It is here that he acquired the dwarvish accent to his common and a taste for the bitter ales of the harsher lands. Finding his way to Stranglethorn was merely the start of his wandering. It was upon leaving the Vale that he decided to look back to his past and return to his homeland.

Life in the Undercity: Once Nesingwary moved to Nagrand, Faelenor relocated to the Undercity. It was a small step in the right direction. There he did small jobs for all the citizens, acting not only as a mercenary, but trying to gain trust from them. It is in the Undercity that he met an up and coming entrepreneur by the name of The Scorpion. He worked jobs that The Scorpion could not and was eventually hired on as a full time mercenary. To this day Faelenor still has ties to The Scorpion and eventually does odd jobs with him. Thanks in part due to the forsakens training he learned about the market of information.

Silvermoon Bound: This is where the tale started... and has continued for years now. What happens in this chapter is still being written and will continue until the monk dies or Azeroth comes to an end!

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Sometimes I think it would be better if the past stayed buried. This little family reunion is making things complicated...Mardil, what the hell are you up to now? Why did you come back when you were least wanted?

*sigh* I suppose he'll have to be filled in on what's gone on while he was away. The balance of power is shifting, and I'm not sure how he's going to react.

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"I met this one but a few days past." Sophithia smiled at the goblin as he quickly jotted on his notepad. "He seemed a bit quiet but that's okay. I think he's quite alright."

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"Interesting sort," Sin tapped a finger to her lips as she thought of how to answer. "He's curious and he has stories to tell. I don't care for his cat," she murmurs, "but he's fairly laid-back and easy to converse with, and I appreciate that I work beside someone with a calm temperament."

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"He's the first member of that guild I've really talked to at all, which I guess makes sense since he's the ambassador they chose."

She smiles slightly, but looks a bit puzzled.

"He says unusual things."

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Cobrak bellows in a laugh, "Oi Fael? Right good lad that one, notta snobby prick an' is good wit 'is bow..." Cobrak chuckles, before returning to his pipe and blowing a stream of smoke. "Kinda guy ya know ya kin rust at yer back...an' stab anyone who tries ta stab yers."

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"Fael and I go way back. We've had our disagreements over methods, words and women, but all the same, he's an honorable man and as fine of a Farstrider as you'll ever get the chance to meet." Pausing to take a drag from his cigarette. "Now if only he'd just stop trying the 'cunning linguist' bit..."

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