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Full Name: Artemus Bloodwing

Nicknames: Arte, That Bastard

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Appears in his early 30s, (about 90+ years)

Race: Sin’Dorei

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Skin: Dark Tanned

Eyes: Emerald Green

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 190 lbs

Place of residence: Wandering Vagabond, though he has been recently given a small apartment on the Scryer’s Tier that he rarely uses

Place of Birth: Farstrider Lodge, Eversong Woods

Known Relatives: Sakiyah Sunflare (cousin), Nocturne Bloodwing (Father, unknown), Nova’lynn (mother, deceased), Diirak Sunstrider (fiancé)

Religion/Philosophy: Believes in Luck deified more than a religion. Believes in the strong protecting the weak. Practices a belief in relying on oneself.

Occupation: Ranger, accidental hunter, herbalist, cook and vagabond

Group/Guild affiliation: None

Guild Rank: n/a

Enemies: Nocturne, his father; and various others whom he finds hates him seemingly everyday.

Likes: His cigarettes, the peace of the wilds, the rush of battle and fishing.

Favorite Foods: Spiced bread and Bear Kabobs.

Favorite Drinks: Mead and Cuergo’s Gold with worm.

Favorite Colors: Blue

Weapons of Choice: Rifle and staff

Dislikes: The constant state of trouble he finds himself in whenever he sets foot in Silvermoon to restock on supplies or have a drink. Having his cigarettes taken away or be lectured on the bad habit of smoking.

Hobbies: Fishing

Physical Features: Usually appears scruffy or unkempt, spending most of his time away from cities and not caring how he looks. Usually he has several days or weeks of stubble. The majority of his back and shoulders are covered in swirling pattern of tattoos, while his torso, arms and hands are dotted with scars. His hands are calloused and usually dirty from collecting herbs or bloody from battle. He has the constant signature odor of cigarettes (a tobacco he blends himself) and spices from his cooking.

Special Abilities: He can sing very well but only for very special occasions. He draws but rarely, instead using his talent to keep a record of different herbs he encounters. He is an excellent cook, though it seems his talents are usually put to feeding Boar and Jasper.

Positive Personality Traits: Kind, empathetic, charming and independent.

Negative Personality Traits: Can be dense, hardheaded, stubborn and with a lack of respect for authority and nobility.

Misc Quirks: Chain smoker and with a slight fear of women and their seeming constant attack of his manhood (both literally and figuratively.) Is an emotional drunk but tries not to over indulge anymore due to his past alcoholic nature.

Played by What Famous Person: Dean Martin (Think Rio Bravo)

Theme Songs:

; “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica

Pets: Boar is a large black battle boar that follows him around and is a signature ‘ladies man.’ Jasper is a mangy, ugly, black furred stray kitten with anger issues.

Mounts: Cid, his young male black Hawkstrider with a terrible disposition.


(Arte dislikes speaking of his past and will usually not even admit to his family name)

Artemus was born the bastard son of Blood Magus, Lord Nocturne, and a young ranger named Nova’lynn. Nocturne took Artemus from his mother once he learned he had a son after several years of no contact with Nova’lynn. With plans to raise his only child to be groomed as heir to the Bloodwing household, he regarded Artemus as more of a project than son. He was rigorously educated and trained, with high near impossible standards set by his father. But when Artemus did not show the natural aptitude for the arcane as his father imagined his own blood would, he was tossed aside as a failed project. His younger cousin Sakiyah was then taken in as apprentice and took over his studies; Sakiyah would later be named the new heir.

With his life in his father’s house more like that of an unwanted guest or stray, he sought out apprenticeship that would take him far from his family estate. During his training with the Farstriders as a ranger, Artemus would visit Sakiyah every winter, despite also having to see his father. His father’s ambition and drive for greater influence and power finally drove Artemus away when he was ordered to marry Sakiyah and produce “…offspring befitting the Bloodwing household. With my blood and her strength in the arcane and dark arts.”

Arte then forsake his family name and especially any last shreds of affection for his father. He now only feels ties to Sakiyah, whom he still views as a sister to him. The current whereabouts and status of his father are unknown after a near successful assassination attempt on Arte’s life. Sakiyah was able to save Arte by using a soulstone created with part of Arte’s weakened soul and a small part of Sakiyah’s life essence. He bares a scar over his heart that resembles a demonic rune that is now faded and barely distinguishable from the others.


After Nocturne left to follow Kael’thas to Outland, Arte turned to a life of solitude. Soon his life became that of a drunkard and wandering vagabond with no direction and little means of money. Once Sakiyah was able to track him down after a few years, Arte began to receive weekly letters and a small allowance from her personal account. Filled with self loathing at what he had become, Arte went back into training.

It was then that, while traveling to visit their new allies the Orcs, he happened upon a large black boar in Durotar that followed him all the way back to Silvermoon because of the bread he carried. Unable to get rid of the beast, he finally began to consent to feeding it. When asked its name, Arte would reply, “Since he never introduced himself, he’s just Boar.”

With Boar at his side, he began his accidental path of the hunter. Arte claims not to have any bond with Boar, but the two share an uncanny ability to read one another instantly in battle. Plus there’s the fact the two seem to mirror a bit in personality; both being very stubborn, crude, and charming despite.

Arte then was able to join the mercenary troop for the Warsong Outriders, giving his life meaning for some time. After feeling he had come back to form, he ended his contract with the Outriders to return to his training full time. At about this time he met a warlock by the name of Diirak and the two started a passionate affair. The young man captured Arte’s attention and heart, though he seems to also drive him mad with all the troubles that he thought followed soon after. The two are now engaged, though obstacle after obstacle seems to block their path to marriage.

After another fight with Diirak that led to drinking, Arte awoke with a hangover in the street of Murder Row. It was there he was found by Jasper, a stray black kitten. The stray was mangy with coarse black fur that stood out like dried grass and skinny to the point of emaciation. Jasper then adopted Arte, and soon began to show his distrust of everyone and thing that wasn’t Arte or Boar by hissing and yowling. As a sign of affection, Jasper can usually be seen scratching and biting Arte bloody, while purring and/or growling. The only other two people he seems to show any tolerance to are Diirak and Carmensita. It seems Jasper knows of Diirak’s feline allergies and has been known to rub up against and purr at Arte’s distressed fiancé.

Not too long ago Arte met a young elf maid named Carmensita by a chance meeting in Thunderbluff. Intrigued by her foreign accent and demeanor, the two became fast friends. After discovering how often Carmensita was being taken advantage of, he took it upon himself to protect and advise her as often as he could. He recently has become aware of the rumors surrounding the two, to his dismay.


(First sketch of Arte)

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I met him once, he was talking to his cousin or something. I felt like I was interrupting so James and I went away. I think he was there yesterday too but I was busy.

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She stands atop the cascading tower of rock called Thunder Bluff, the wind howls as it blows

through her hair, causing the metallic coppery strands to dance about her face and neck.

" It was here"

She murmurs softly, pulling a few locks of hair from her eyes, though not putting much effort into it.

" I met him here...."

She seems to gaze out off the earthen pillar, deep in thought. Her eyes close softly as a wayward

tear escapes her. Her small bow shaped mouth opens as she mouths a few words, daring not to let

them escape her throat. She takes in a deep breath, opening her eyes again slowly with a shudder.

She reaches upwards to her ornate finely crafted headdress pulling one of it's golden feathers from

it, and releasing it into the wind, watching as it carries it far from her and disappears.

" May the winds guide and protect beloved" she whispers.

"...Wherever you may be..."

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"Hmm.. havn't had many run-ins with him... last one didn't end so well."

<Aderas sighs, rubbing his scalp.>

"He's got a good head on his shoulders, even if he doesn't quite use it right... could be a small bit of spite talking there."

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Arte! Yes I know Arte. I know him well. He's the reason I'm not married to Diirak anymore.

-She gave a firm nod. Fingers plucking at listless strands on her robes as she spoke almost nonchalantly about her knowledge of the hunter.-

Yeah, so Diirak feel in love with him while we were married. It's okay, Arte's a nice guy. He seems to think I am going to rip off his "goods" though. Then again I do threaten it a lot. Maybe I should stop. Boar. Boar loves me. Maybe a bit too much. He is always rubbing on me, and trying to do bad things to me. Just like Fred. What is it with non-humanoid companions and me?! Do I have some sort of creepy beacon on me?! Oh...I DO DON'T I!

-She fidgets and stands up, moving away rather quickly from the interrogator type person.-

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"HAH!" She grins, her hands on her hips. "Arte? I've known the man forever it seems. Not sure I'm impressed by his taste in partners," she admits with a little rueful smile, "But I'm not really one to talk. He's charming, very fun to talk to, and always delightful company. Very fun to tease," she winks.

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*Struts in, not bothering to care when he interrupts the current conversation. Eyes dashing to his beloved in a wild manner, he softly hisses out, "You are all just jealous he's mine."

He tosses off this shoulder armor which nearly hits a petite elven girl eating her supper in peace. Aezrida, his live-in-maid succubus, busies herself picking up after Diirak and smiling seductively at the angered girl.

Glancing at the crowd, only to pause for a loving embrace with Vyndette, he's already leading Arte upstairs. "See you suckers come morning!"

With a flick of his overly feminine wrist, he waves off his fiance's admirers.

(( Here's The Dii-a-la-Conan, Arte!



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[Kallikrates IC]

Yeah...Arte. Umm...I'm not sure what to say about him. When we first met each other, I could definitely tell he was an asshole. I think it's because I'm with...errrr...hangin' around his cousin. I've been trying really hard to show him I'm not some jerkoff trying to sleep with whomever. I think I've only recently started to get through to him a little. I have to keep trying though, you know? Nothing is written in stone, but I would hate to have Arte always hatin' on me if I were to ever become his cousin-in-law some day...


I think I'm thinking waaaay too far into the future...just...scratch that last part, will ya?

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