Anias Barov

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Full Name: Anias Barov

Nicknames: Anias

Date of Birth: N/A

Age: N/A

Race: None

Gender: None, shows itself as female

Anias lacks any real body, but portrays herself as thus

Hair: Stringy, green

Skin: Grey

Eyes: None

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 70, without Armor

Place of residence: Scholomance, Brill

Place of Birth: Shigana's Mind

Known Relatives: Shigana Anias Barov

Religion/Philosophy: Killing everything

Occupation: Death Knight, Tank

Group/Guild affiliation: Infection

Guild Rank:

Enemies: All Living Sentient

Likes: Killing, Corrupting

Favorite Foods: Flesh

Favorite Drinks: Blood

Favorite Colors: Red, Black

Weapons of Choice: axes, swords

Dislikes: The Living, peaceful

Hobbies: Killing

Physical Features: None

Special Abilities: She, being incorporeal, can possess weak minded individuals, either directly controlling them, or using them as flesh dolls

Positive Personality Traits: Ridiculously hard to kill

Negative Personality Traits: Evil, twisted, Sadist

Misc. Quirks: She freaks out around any one she has known form her time together with Shigana

Played by What Famous Person:

Theme Songs: Fucking Hostile


She was once the darkest half of Shigana’s mind. She was only separated during a bout of punishment the warlock received. She has left the immediate world, only being brought back by the recent scourge activity, drawn to a nearly defeated Death Knight, stealing her body, tearing the soul out. She lives only to bring ruin to the scourge, then to the Alliance. And finally, to all those still alive


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((Only for Dramatic effect. An I have a feeling there will be a similar designed released as one handers. And it looks badass. Also, Sea turtles))

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