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Full Name: Zul' Jentha

Nicknames: Rabid

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Troll (half skullsplitter half shadow spear)

Gender: male

Hair: dark purple

Skin: Blue

Eyes: Red

Place of residence: Wanderer

Place of Birth: Stranglethorn vale

Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: Situalationalist

Occupation: Merc

Group/Guild affiliation: The Raven Cross (current employer)

Guild Rank: None

Likes: Unessisary violence

Favorite Foods: due to skullsplitter upbringing "rabid" tends to enjoy eating the remains of fallen enemies/allies thus the nick name

Favorite Drinks: Blood

Favorite Colors: Red

Weapons of Choice: Anything small and sharp

Dislikes: judgementalism and anything mundane

Hobbies: throwing weapons and martial practice

Physical Features: A look of total indifference on the scared face of someone who has seen more than their fair share of battles leaves a lasting impression. Most noticeable of all the damage a huge scar covers most of the neck as though the head was once severed. Troll age wile hard to tell "rabid" looks the oldest of the combat ready of the troll forces. Hair is tied back in a ragged looking pony tail as though the only reason is to keep it out of the eyes. Bloodstains cover battleworn armor semingly deliberatly unwashed as an intimidation factor. An aura of unatural calm seems to follow rabid wherever he goes as though he belongs wherever he stands as part of the surroundings to be undisturbed.

Special Abilities: wile noticeably old "rabid" is quite spry its almost impossible to strike him in melee combat

Positive Personality Traits: An aura of calm seems to follow this old assassin around he speaks little but his presence seems to say it all.

Negative Personality Traits: Quiet "rabid" often does not speak up in time assuming people will do what they should. Even though very wise he often lets things get out of hand by pure apathy

Misc. Quirks: Sadistic anytime "rabid" is given the opiton to act violently he seems to loose all rationality and chose the most violent path.

Theme Songs: Tom Sawyer (Rush)

History: Former shattered hand operative and horde assassin "rabid" proved to be far to unpredictable and out of distain for procedure decided to offer his services to the highest bidder.

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