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(( Please respond to this post if you want to play))

Cristok’s Claim: The Rod of Many Parts

Long ago a great weapon called the Atlas Scepter was recovered. The item escaped recognition by its finders and eventually went on display in Ironforge. While searching Ironforge for the legendary item, Cristok discovered that most of the Scepter was missing. Clearly someone had robbed the item in haste as only one small piece remained. The great weapon was split with only a piece remaining. The Druid took this, and in his own haste, fled the Dwarven city.

Recently priests of the Grim aided by Cristok and his clan have found out the true power of the Atlas Scepter and have sent out a call to find where the rest of it is. Cristok has offered much gold for who ever acquires the item for the Grim. Many bounty hunters have heeded the call and vie for possession of the item so that they may claim Cristoks prize…indeed some may want a different prize all together…

Are you prepared to join them?

On Your Guildhall Door a Scroll is nailed

I call out to each and all to help me find something lost to me. A great weapon of awesome power has been recently discovered. Thought lost to time, rumors of the…item, have come to my attention. I seek aid in finding what was lost. You can expect gold and honor for your endeavors.

Cristok the Hand of the Grim

(((IC) he seeks aid in finding the Rod of Many Parts or the Atlas Scepter. Upon accepting the mission you receive ((an OOC in game mail that gives you your RP)) a part of the Rod ((either through chance, or scouting a cave, or slaying an Ally, ext.)) and a clue as to where the next piece is. Cristok will only accept the entire Rod for which he holds the final part. You must find all the pieces and then return them to Cristok in order to receive the prize…

((OOC) Cristok calls out for participation in a game of Assassins, WoW style. This is a PVP-RP Event that has a set, interactive storyline. This RP is just one of many ways to play Assassins WoW style. Each “Clue” is simply the other player that is your target.

This is to be loosely based on the game Assassins in concept.

This is a role play game involving an interactive event and plot line. Everyone that participates in the game will have to “give themselves” to the RP. There are some symbolic things, such as duel flags, that represent “over powering” your opponent. They are not meant as a literal duel, only a mechanism. If your super powerful Mage has a level 50 warlock “kill/get” you then figure out an RP to explain it. Rogues can “pick pocket” maybe the Lock can ‘talk you out of it’ Engage in whatever RP the two of you would like with the understanding that the 41 did just find you and take you out so…It will be a voluntary game and all participants will be known to each other. It is expected that you behave accordingly if you are caught and a screen shot is only there to serve as proof. Once “caught” you give your opponent your object, and they therefore have their new “target”.

The ‘Objects” you hold will be in game mail that has both your objects name, your Targets name, and their objects name. You are to carry a hard copy of the letter around as your object. When you are “caught” you give your opponent your object. You are now out of the game.

The game will involve everyone knowing their targets but no one knowing who is after them. Thus a circle of death that ends with only one. You must attempt to get your target out of a “safe zone” in order to “get” the object they hold. Why have safe zones? Cause it wouldn’t be very fun if you could just /who, Isendur walk up to him at the BG Q and boom I win. You have to wait until he’s out of a city…maybe doing his dailies. You then have to find him in the zone. You could say “Hey Isen, where are you buddy?” But then he knows someone is after him so…Obviously if you tip your hand to your target you lose a huge advantage over them. If Isen now knows that Ellsbeth is after him he can simply RUN from her. She needs to be able to plant a duel flag on him, which requires an approximation to his exact local…”Safe zones” are anywhere that a duel flag can’t be placed…So the chase is on…

When you find your target player you cannot simply walk up to them and demand the object they hold. You must be able to plant a duel flag before them, then ask in /say that they hand you the correct object. I would suggest a screen shot in order to prevent disagreements. You do not have to duel. The duel flag is simply a means to ensure that you are not in a ‘safe zone’. If they do choose to duel you then fun fun, but remember This is a roleplay and you MUST give them the object if they find you. Figure out a way to do it RP style. If the two of you end up dueling and you lose, then sweet, you have your RP. If you win, perhaps you can offer peace by giving them the object they desire anyway. Maybe even throw the duel to ensure they win?

The winner will likely be patient and observant. One player could gather up all the objects and when it comes down to two simply lose out of dumb luck. It will be public, who all is playing, so the final two targets will know who each other are, and it will simply come down to who has the quickest draw on planting that duel flag. Screenshot it, and you win!

Assassins: World of Warcraft Edition

Since this game is repeatable you can insert whatever storyline you like into it such as Gathering the Rod of Many Parts or the Buried Treasure of Captain Goldbeard. The following is what I envision as a good, simple, kick off game.

Cristok’s Claim

The game involves hunting and stalking your targets until none remain. There can be only one. Each player will be numbered, 1-10 for example, and be assigned targets. Player 1 will target player 2 ext. Player 10 targets player 1. Once you ‘kill’ or ‘get’ a player you adopt their target. One may only “kill” their target and may not attempt the wrong player. You will notify, in game, a Judge who is not playing, of the “kill”.

Player: someone playing Assassins

Judge: Someone managing the game but is not playing

Target: The players target is another player in the game named by an in game mail. A player may only have one of these.

Target Recite: This is a hard copy of the in game mail that names your target.

• The goal of the game it to “kill” all the other players.

• You must carry your “target recite” with you at all times (This is the In Game mail that names your target. It will also contain the RP plot and used at times as a prop)

• You may only “kill” your target.

• To “kill” your target you will have to challenge them to a duel. You do not have to engage in a duel, only challenge them to one. This is only used as an in game mechanism and not intended to be related to duels in anyway.

• When you “kill” someone you then adopt their target

• If you “kill” someone whose target is you, you have won (as all the other players have been eliminated in the circle)

• If you “kill” the wrong target (someone who is playing but is not your target) you are disqualified from the game. (This is because your target cannot verify if you are in fact their assassin and thus if they give you their target just because you don’t know what you are doing/are cheating, it breaks the chain/circle of death)

• When you “kill” someone you may immediately start on the next target but you must send an in game mail to the Judge stating your kill.

• Screenshots will be used to verify any disputes and need to contain any information the rules cite.

• After one week of play the Judge will begin to ‘speed up’ play based on a number of factors such as required meetings of players in safe zones or the requirements of having made a ‘kill’ recently, ext. The judge will notify all players of ‘speed up’ rules with in game posts.

• The Judge has sole discretion to enforce or modify all of the above in an effort to realize the Roleplay objective and ensure a conclusion to the game.

Here are some example “objects” or the in game mail.



“You scan the parchment realizing that what you hold is a piece of a map. While crucial parts are missing you see some writing on it that is clearly not part of the original text. Perhaps this clue will lead to the other portion of the map…”

((You are in possession of Map Fragment One. Your target, Ellsbeth, has Map Fragment Two. ))



“What is clearly a part of map arrives to you in the mail. While the land depicted and how to get there is indecipherable, it does indicate that a Key is required for what the map leads to.”

((You are in possession of Map Fragment Two. Your target, Abric, has Key Fragment One))


“Part of a small ornate key on a chain arrives wrapped in parchment. It looks very similar to a key you have seen before…”

((You are in possession of Key Fragment One. Your target, Qabian, has Key Fragment Two.))


“After slaying a dwarf with a massive fireball you find a shining key gleaming in his ashen remains. Part of an ornate key is drapped around its next and remains unharmed. Perhaps this will lead to the Rod.”

((You are in possession of key frag 2. you target Duranor has an Ornate Box))

Players Out:





















Players In: (in no particular order)




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One does not need to be alone of course not. You need only plant the duel flag and say to them what object they hold. This way they know they are caught and lose...

As for Raid groups: You cannot duel inside instances. The Rules for Cristoks Claim have already been posted and will be honored as is until the copletion of this game.

Am updating this list of players shortly. Sorry I thought I had already...

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yeah, probably should pull Mortica from this, since I rarely play her anymore (she's just my herb/alchemy/counter-gankage of my alt-gankers) and the next couple weeks are gonna be hit and miss on any of my alts.

I was really just throwing in my support of the idea rather than actually signing up for it :)

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(( Speed up rules going into effect at Midnight tonight.

They will involve several things that you will get in the mail.

They will be in effect until midnight of the following Wednesday

they will most likely involve things like " Do one of the follwing by next Wed or be disqualified: 1.) Make a Kill 2.) Attend one of Cristoks Events 3.) Meet with Cristok in person at X time and date in the open

These rules are there to see if people are still active and playing. It is not fair for those playing to have come up against an alt you have no intention of breaking out until the end ))

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