Kreyen D'aragon

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Full Name: Kreyen D'aragon (Arath'dorei-birth name)


Date of Birth: Sept.12

Age: 80

Race: Sin'dorei

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Skin: Lightly Tanned

Eyes: Dark, emerald green.

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 175 lbs

Place of residence: None

Place of Birth: Quel'thalas

Known Relatives:D'aragon Family (Marriage), Rayfeather Family (Marriage), Arath'dorei Family (Estranged)

Religion/Philosophy: Live each day as it comes

Profession: Mercenary

Weapons of Choice: Sword and shield, Glaive

Physical Features: Kreyen's frame seems much akin to most of his kin, lightly built and compact. He carries himself in a much more relaxed manner however, his confidant swagger more at home in Booty Bay than within the streets of Silvermoon. He is for the most part well groomed and his skin unmarred, save for the notable lack of a flesh right leg. His almost raven black hair is cropped short with sideburns, and remains well kept. His facial hair is kept for the most part well shaved, save for a scraggly goatee he keeps on the tip of his chin.  Despite his rather crude profession, the hunter takes significant effort to keep his person and equipment in exceptional condition.  Though his eyes once took on a faint fel tint, the forced shift to wielding the Light has purged his gaze of the green tint.  Subsequently, his eyes now give off a warm golden glow.

Equipment/Notable Tokens: Kreyen typically garbs himself these days in a set of full plate armor, crafted around and to accommodate for the prosthetic he is required to wear to function in any capacity as a fighter.  Etched with runes, magic augments his movements while armored and smooths its use to be more comfortable and fluid.  A collapsing shield is usually attached to his forearm, and a sheath for a shortsword rests at the small of the armor's back.  When unarmored, he carries no weapons and trades out the heavy combat prosthetic for something markedly more elegant and of Nightborne artifice origin.

Personality: Kreyen has been known to many as somewhat fickle and distant historically.  While not rude and indeed usually quite amicable, he was never particularly close to anyone.  The sin'dorei kept an open ear, and gave easy advice that he seldom followed himself.  Despite his long absence from his former social circles, these traits have changed little.  He has, however, emerged a tougher and more rugged individual.  He speaks less and draws even fewer close enough for council.  He also remains as patient and methodical as he ever was, carrying out what work he takes with a slow perfectionist's touch.

History: Before the excursion into Outland and the alliance between Silvermoon and the Horde, Kreyen worked quietly through the streets of Stormwind and Ironforge, plying his trade as a marksman and information broker in order to put bread on the table and fund a rather expensive lifestyle. Despite the somewhat forced changed in allegiance, the hunter seemed to insist on keeping himself away from Silvermoon and its subsidiary towns until just before the expedition into Northrend.  Whether he was unwilling to ply his trade where people might recognize him, or had other reasons to steer clear of his kin was never truly apparent.  Though this attitude shifted somewhat, and he was slowly beginning to reach back out to old connections during the build up to the offensive, as soon as the opportunity presented itself Kreyen joined the vanguard to establish a beachhead on the northern continent and disappeared.  Such was the case for nearly eight years.

Despite his recent return, he has not deigned to tell anyone about what happened during his absence and indeed has made no effort to reconnect with old acquaintances or familial relations.  Even more of a lone wolf than he had been in the past, whatever occurred during his 'vacation' from the world changed his manner noticeably.  He is exceptionally more cold and calm than he was prior for instance, but the sin'dorei also seems to actually have found a purpose he was sorely lacking in before.  


Updated info: Since the invasion of the Legion Kreyen has undergone a great deal of shifts.  Finishing the adaptations of a sailing vessel into the light airship 'Kingfisher' allows him to move his home wherever it needs to be, and his marriage to Catalinetta D'aragon has seen him settle somewhat.  These developments have not made him more open however, and have for the most part only enabled his reclusive tendencies.  Despite skirmishing alongside his wife occasionally during the recent flare of tension between the Alliance and Horde it is only very recently that he has sought to rejoin the larger Azerothian campaign, journeying into the Shadowlands in search of a departed soul and the wife that flung herself into the conflict headlong.

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"Mm, what can I say about darling Kreyen...well, he is very easy to open up to. Though, he confuses me. More than he should. He leaves me wondering so much. Questioning his motives.

I mean, the motives that do not involve a bed, of course."

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*Janith nibbles her lip and looks away.* I dun know him well... need to spend more time with him... Eh... I dunno what to say about my so called brother, I dunno him well enough. *slinks away*

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*she looks down at the interviewer, a vial with unnatural color in each hand.* Oh, Krey? The lad drives me mad, but he likes to treat me to ice-cream so I forgive him rather quickly for all the trouble. *she grins a little* He's a rascal and I love my cousin dearly. *she looks down at the vials in her hands, her brow furrowed* I wonder if moonberry might make this plaguebloom taste just a bit sweeter...

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