Cabriel Lockvictor

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Full Name: Cabriel Lockvictor

Nicknames: Cab, Cabby, Cabamuffin, Cabbers, The Body, Potionmaker

Date of Birth: Midsummer Fire Festival

Age: 27 (Level 80)

Race: Sin'Dorei

Gender: Male, and a rare specimen at that

Hair: Blue/black, tossled and messy

Skin: Bronze glow, with a hint of red

Eyes: Green with gold rings

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165 lbs


Place of residence: Sanctuary guildhall, Orgrimmar

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: Alfonso Lockvictor (father), Chief Executive Lockvictor Exports, Ltd; Sebastian Lockvictor (brother), acting head LE, Ltd; Valen Lockvictor (brother); Darshia Lockvictor (sister), deceased

Religion/Philosophy: You don't get the whole path -- you get one step at a time

Occupation: freelance potions dealer, 'Lock-for-Hire, event planner

Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary

Guild Rank: Emissary; former apprentice of Ninorra Bloodstone

Enemies: Sebastian Lockvictor

Likes: Cliff-diving, cooking, playing dice, well-tailored clothing, shiny objects, money, trying new things, drinking

Favorite Foods: all cheese, especially Darnassian Bleu


Favorite Drinks: Ale, melon juice, melon juice spiked with ale

Favorite Colors: Black, orange, turquoise

Weapons of Choice: wands, staves, and big swords (it's a phallus thing)

Dislikes: Forsaken who neglect personal hygiene, mushrooms, rogues

Hobbies: cooking, herbalism, travel,


Physical Features: Cabriel inherited all the good genes his brother Valen did not: broad shoulders, narrow waist, slender fingers. His lips are full, his nose is slightly crooked due to a fracture from childhood. Very angular bone structure and lithely-muscled, his eyebrows are extremely expressive. It's nearly impossible for his emotions to not be written all over his face.

Special Abilities: Charismatic, Cabriel can talk his way in and out of many situations; good at getting what he wants; excellent cook; demonologist;

Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, outgoing, an extremely fast learner, welcomes change, plays coy, thinks outside the box, very adept at problem-solving, always willing to help

Negative Personality Traits: Selfish, manipulative, lets his fears control him, absent-minded, tends to have too many irons in the fire, absent-minded

Misc. Quirks: raises his left eyebrow when he finds something tasteful; raises his right eyebrow when he finds something distasteful; cleans his fingernails when he's nervous; rolls two dice carved from charged soulstones when bored

A Brief Spectator's History of Cabriel Lockvictor (RP compilation from TNG)


History: Cabriel was the only one who knew his sister had fallen to the Scourge. She disappeared after the ravaging of Silvermoon, only to return to the Lockvictor House months later and continue in her administrative duties to her father's business. Cabriel was always a snoop, and learned that this imposter was no longer Darshia, but a perfectly-preserved version of her, sent back to begin the extortion of the rare herbs and black market items that Alfonso Lockvictor's business specialized in shipping.

Unfortunately, Cabriel was already extorting those items. Rather, he had begun moving small amounts of money into a private account for his own use shortly after his father began exhibiting signs of mania stemming from his intense phobia of the plague. Cabriel knew that, as a Lockvictor, his life would be directed for him according to the various needs of the family business. He had been trained since childhood in the arts of the thief, a remnant from the "business" his family had been in prior to Alfonso's entrepreneurial endeavour in the years following the Second War. In short -- to leave the Lockvictor family was to, in essence, steal many secrets. He had to be prepared when the day came for him to exit.

Darshia became aware of her brother's dealings, though the constraints on her mind as a denizen of her Bone-Captain (and thereby the Master) kept her focused on her task. She was never as smart or clever, as talented as her brothers, so in life, Darshia had dabbled in arcane studies, resulting in a hastily collected personal grimoire of knowledge that she stashed in the guise of The Turgid Love Affairs of Lady Anitra. Cabriel, of course, was aware of all this, so the two were pitted behind the scenes against one another to protect their own secrets.

Cabriel searched for some way to rid himself of both his sister and his family, and in that search he began utilizing his training as a sneak and his hobby of creating elixirs and potions to drug Darshia. He gained entry to her grimoire and copied her notes on the blood pact, the sacrosanct method by which she gained control of her imp, Abanip.

The ultimate confrontation came, wherein Cabriel was forced to kill his sister, then mixed the remnants of her own blood with his. Her second and final death should have released Abanip from his bondage, but Cabriel's blood now ran with the fel magics formerly belonging to Darshia, so Abanip became Cabriel's reluctant minion.

He fled the following night, an unexpected "business trip", with Darshia's grimoire, taking refuge in the ruins of Silvermoon. The book had mentioned a gnome ex-patriate named Si'Ma as Darshia's "mentor", so Cabriel located her. He began training with the warlock in exchange for rare herbs and materials for her strange experimentation involving engineering and alchemy, having knowledge of his father's warehouses and their various protections. He was eventually sent to Alamma of Murder Row for further training with Abanip, though he moved in Silvermoon only at night to avoid his brother Sebastian's search for him. Alamma instructed Cabriel to contact a powerful warlock by the name of Ninorra Bloodstone so he might distance himself more readily from Silvermoon and deepen his understanding of the dark magics he now wielded.

Currently, Cabriel has exited Silvermoon and is being hunted by his brothers through their network of business clients and hired spies. His travel through the world have made Cabriel more innocent and naive, and he only seeks to gain power so he can stop hiding. Ultimately, Cabriel is in search of his life's new purpose, and just wants to look pretty in the meantime.

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Cabriel is a wonderful student. He is studious and attentive. I enjoy my time spent with him, although it certainly isn't enough for all of the things I'd like to show him.

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I've spoken to Cabriel, a few times. He seems like a nice guy! Only thing is, he's a little.. you know.. prissy. But he's a blood elf, so I figure that's pretty standard.

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Hmm... I do believe I recall having met this individual. Another of my idiot nephew's horrendous "conquests." I cannot say I appreciate or agree with his kind, particularly in association with members of my family.

However, I will allow him the credit that his potions of swim speed perform adequately.

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"The life of the party, this one." She snickers. "He was the biggest momentum present at the Soiree."

"If he's affiliated with Sanctuary, he already has my approval."

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Share on other sites far I've really only seen him getting yelled at by Uncle and running around drunk in a red winter outfit kissing men in the snow. I think he's one of Exanimo's boyfriends.

He's in Sanctuary so I guess I'll be getting to know him better.

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Athin stumbles out from Blackrock Depths, charred and smelling heavily of sulfur. "Cabriel? I always seem to bump into him at oppurtune times...he's helped rekindle my interest in exploring these dungeons and various ruins. I'd love to go back with him to Dire Maul and take a good through look at those Highborne ruins. Yes....explore." Athin rambles, blushing a bit towards the end.

The goblin asks another question as Athin turns to walk away.

"Oh...I...uh...took a bath in the lava."

The goblin makes another remark.

"I GOT BETTER! GOOD DAY" and Athin scurries off.

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