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  3. MONTHLY ROUNDUP - April 2021 MONTHLY WRITING RAFFLE Once a month we host a small writing raffle, just to keep the creative juices flowing! One lucky person each month who submitted a story will be randomly selected to win 5000 gold ingame and be featured here on the front page! To participate, read the prompt below, head over to the Nether Legends part of the forum and start a new topic with ((WR-Month)) before your title and get writing! Please make sure to include at the bottom of your entry the full name (including server!) of the character you would like to have the gold sent to, as
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  5. Full Name: Belamara Stormhazard Nicknames: Bela Age: 24 Race: Goblin/Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Azure Skin: Light green with some pinkish tones and freckles Eyes: Violet with flecks of blue Height: Very short, even by Goblin standards Weight: Very throwable Place of residence: None really but usually returns to Everlook after a while Place of Birth: Booty Bay Known Relatives: Felix Stormhazard, Father Occupation: Scout Group/Guild affiliation: Ravenflight/Sanctuary Likes: Animals, new places, weird doo-dads Favorite Foods: Meat, fruit pies Favorite Drinks: Lo
  6. Hey Ugraz!

    I just wanted to let you know, Lixxel, Orgruk, and I created the guild <Horde Brothers> on Wyrmrest Accord as a spiritual successor to the awesome guild you had in Cataclysm. We did it back in October 2019 and we've been going strong since.

    I know it's a long shot you'd check here, but if you ever get the chance, hit me up!

  7. Full Name: Gaspard Gibrillont Nicknames: Gassy Date of Birth: The Seventh Umbral Era Age: Old Soul Race: Elezen Gender: Male Hair: Huge Pompadour Skin: Blemish free, bitch Eyes: Purple Height: Big Boye Weight: But not like that Place of residence: All of Eorzea is his home Place of Birth: The Streets Known Relatives: He's currently in a relationship with your mother Religion/Philosophy: The bigger the pompadour, the stronger you are -Pompadour's Creed Occupation: Warrior of Light Group/Guild affiliation: The Pompadours Guild Rank: Comb Master Enemies: Your dad Likes: Skirts, good hair, good li
  8. Hyuregk Bluard reigns in the fat chocobo, Choccy, that had become such a fast companion in the past few months. The Roegadyn squints, looking up at the glittering city in the middle of the desert before them, her impressive pompadour shielding the worst of the sun from her eyes. "We're almost there." She remarks to the Mi'qote riding beside her. "UwU RaWR XD." He replies in his native tongue. "You're goddamn right G'rehe. It feels too easy." Suddenly screaming sounds from not far off the road. G'rehe's catboy ears perk up and he suddenly urges his much smaller chocobo in the directio
  9. One day, on a crisp Autumn morning, an apple cart bound for Silvermoon detonated. The blast tore the bridge it was crossing over into rubble, killed the driver, obliterated five hundred gold worth of produce, and threw a nearby orc into a tree. "How do ya like dem apples?" The medic had joked when Gunheya awoke. The fact that he could not manage a laugh struck the orc as monumentally wrong. The horrible bruising was easy enough to mend, the damage to his mechano-hog far less so. But in time it could all be fixed, he had mended broken equipment and recovered from a broken body countless times
  10. MONTHLY ROUNDUP - March 2021 MONTHLY WRITING RAFFLE Once a month we host a small writing raffle, just to keep the creative juices flowing! One lucky person each month who submitted a story will be randomly selected to win 5000 gold ingame and be featured here on the front page! To participate, read the prompt below, head over to the Nether Legends part of the forum and start a new topic with ((WR-Month)) before your title and get writing! Please make sure to include at the bottom of your entry the full name (including server!) of the character you would like to have the gold sent to, as wel
  11. I am obsessed with justice. Most would laugh, I think, at the idea that I care one iota what anyone deserves. I am, after all, an agent of chaos in almost any circumstance. But the truth is I feel keenly who deserves what and why. Justice is my guiding force, the path that leads my choices. But I learned early that what I know to be justice is something only I know. I know that those who share this world with me have no sense of real justice, thus nothing will ever be fair. But I will always work to tip the scales toward true justice. The chaos others see in me is only a result
  12. Aaren


    Aaren always had a very steady warmth to her. It was something that radiated from deep within her core, physically, that was just… something normal to her? Perhaps in reflection she could have sensed it and felt a real purpose, but as things go it was just always there and she never noticed it. She only knew that she usually wasn’t so cold as others were in night breezes. She knew she didn’t need so many layers while on holidays in the mountains. It wasn’t something to think about or argue with, especially when it got the evening’s select someone closer to her at opportune times. Whateve
  13. Don't Get Bit “Zak’s Pack,” as some affectionately referred to the group, were gathered in the brush at the edge of a clearing. They looked across the clearing at an abandoned mine. Abandoned by humans, that is. A handful of worgen could be seen out in front of the mine’s entrance. There were seven worgen hunters on this particular team of volunteers. All were armed and armored. All listened as their captain briefed them on today’s mission. “I have received word that Alpha Prime has been sighted entering the tunnels there,” Zak informed them. The team had hunted here before, outsi
  14. The hot Zuldazar sun beat down on Xiomara's skin, making the little troll smile as she ran around with her friends. She had always been fast and strong, tall and powerful. Xiomara was a monster. She was proud. She heard the boys, her friends, to her left, her head swiveling quickly towards them as she ran in their direction. Nobody could hide from her for long, she had keen eyes like an eagle! It was why she always liked Pa’ku so much. They were the same. The little troll felt discomfort in her stomach; different from the butterflies she felt when she was hungry, but not quite different enou
  15. Love is in the air! To celebrate the loveliest time of year we will be holding a party on February 19th, complete with games and merriment. Bring a date or come solo--who knows what will happen? When: February 19th at 6 PST/9 EST (That's after Blizzcon!) Who: All the lovely members of the Horde are welcome. Where: The Garden of Night in Ardenweald (warlock summons will be available). What: A party! We will be holding the following events during the evening: - Secret Valentines: Send an anonymous message to your valentine, to be read aloud during the party. Or if you're feeling bold, si
  16. Full Name: Gruk Gigglerib Age: Early 40's Race: Orc (original timeline) Gender: Male Physical features: Hair: Bald Skin: Yellow-green Eyes: Dull orange Height: 6'5" Weight: 300+ lbs. Distinguishing features: Facial scars across his lips, a broken and mended right fang bound by an iron ring, and a hevy scar across the top of his scalp leading down to his forehead. He also has a tattoo but refuses to say of what or where. Personal information: Place of residence: Dragonsroost Port Known Relatives: Guron Gigglerib (Location unknown) Occupation: Guardsmen/Amateur builder Group/Guil
  17. "I have notknown her for very long but she is... Ambitious." The tauren rumbled, leaning back in his chair and eyeing the reporter. "She joined the company, immediately began taking on missions and supporting her own projects. She is not like most nobility I have encountered though allegedly she's as short tempered and easily offended. I said allegedly, stop writing. Still, I respect her drive and surprisingly clean vocabulary. I am still not sure what 'Helling' means though."
  18. Mortica drifted on her raft off the west coast of Zandalar, sprawled out under an umbrella with a fishing pole braced to the side of her, her finger laying on the line to feel the fate of her bait in the water below. She could hear nothing but the white noise of the ocean and a few sea birds cawing in the air high above. Life, or whatever undead were supposed to do, was pretty good. Her thoughts drifted slower than the fluffy clouds above her, and the sound of the approaching drone somehow mixed into the sound of the waves lapping against the raft. It was nearly directly overhead before
  19. Henri “Zak! Savas!” Katrynne shrieked. Over and over, she called for the team’s leader and its healer. She was on her knees beside a fallen teammate. Her brother, Henri, had gotten the worse end of a fight with a worgen. The worgen was dead now. Katrynne had helped Henri finish it off, but not in time. Savas and Zak joined them, followed closely by Alain and Phaedra. Savas took one look at Henri, and his hands began glowing softly with the Light. He knelt down beside Henri and hovered his healing hands over the worst of the injuries—a piece of ripped and ragged flesh in Henr
  20. Leaving Home “I won’t have it!” Tadeas Janson raged. “No daughter of mine is going to dress up in armor and go off and play soldier, or hunter, or whatever it is you think you’re going to do!” “I’ve already started training, Father,” Katrynne said in a voice carefully level, taking equal care to keep her expression calm. “I can’t just stand by and do nothing. I want to help.” “You can help by serving the Light in a respectable manner--praying and working at the church!” “Praying won’t keep the city safe from those monster. Captain Zak says—“ “’Captain Zak’,” Tadeas mock
  21. Know Your Enemy Katrynne, with the rest of “Zak’s Pack”, minus Zak himself who had stayed outside to go for a walk, was in the Jolly Frog Pub. They’d just finished their third successful worgen hunt in a less populated neighborhood nearby, and they were feeling good. After a few drinks in them, they were feeling really good. Some of the other regular patrons of the bar were feeling good too. One of them was feeling so good that he reached out and pinched Phaedra’s backside as she walked past. “Hey!” she yelped, swatting at the man’s hand. “Hey, lovely, nice walking stick,
  22. Sneaking Out Katrynne hurried through town on her way to Zak’s. The moonlight shimmered off the wet cobblestone streets, and her footsteps echoed softly through the sleeping town. Morning training started at six o’clock. Breakfast was at five-thirty. Zak didn’t believe in working his team on an empty stomach, and he knew most of them weren’t likely to fix a hearty breakfast for themselves that early. So each morning, he cooked for them, and they took turns doing the washing up. Katrynne’s father thought she was going out early to do the Light’s work. She believed she was doin
  23. The Old Argument Katrynne was running along the riverbank with her fist clenched in her skirts to keep from tripping on them. Her breath came in gasps, and she risked a quick look over her shoulder to check for her pursuer. As she looked at the path in front of her again, she nearly collided with a man dressed in dark leathers. Muscular arms encircled her waist, lifting her off her feet as her momentum tried to carry her forward. She gave a short scream, startled, and she slapped at his shoulder. As her captor’s head nuzzled her hair, she broke down into laughter and threw her arms
  24. The Patient When she was fifteen years old, Katrynne worked as a volunteer in the infirmary tent that had been setup outside the healers’ office to shelter the overflow of patients. The civil war of Gilneas took its toll as neighbors turned against each other, creating a battlefield out of a city. Every able-bodied citizen was expected to aid in some way. Katrynne was no exception. How stupid it was! A kingdom fighting itself, when there were so many other evils in the world to fight. But we didn’t know of those other evils back then. We were hidden away from them, kept safe f
  25. Flashes of Life the History of Katrynne Simms They say that you see your life flash before your eyes just before you die. What will I see as the last breath leaves me? More importantly, what would I see after? Would the Light welcome me, or would I face endless darkness and torment? I wonder if I have done enough good to atone for the evils I have done. At the same time, I know that’s just not possible. It wasn’t a glass of milk spilled, that I can clean up and refill. It wasn’t a vase I had broken, that I can glue the pieces back together. What I have done cannot be forg
  26. Growing up, Halime had always known it would one day be her responsibility to watch over her caravan. She the granddaughter of the caravan leader, after all, and with the ever present and tragic reality that she had lost her parents, she was the only one in the line to watch the caravan. It was a responsibility she shouldered with pride from a young age. She learned how to call upon the rains with Dede, she learned about what little politics existed within her caravan from Nene. She learned how to speak and hold herself with confidence and poise and yet, none of it mattered. It was all gone, d
  27. Oribos was odd, a sterile city that clearly hadn’t been built for mortals. Libelle had entered the Shadowlands in an effort to prove that she was useful to Sanctuary, but it was taking some getting used to. Staying a night in Oribos gave her some time to think and collect herself, or at least grow somewhat accustomed to the strangeness of being a mortal among spirits. Oribos was not well prepared for an influx of mortal visitors, but a back room of the inn had been stuffed full of cots which could be rented for an entirely unreasonable fee. Libelle didn’t have much money to her name, but she d
  28. "So what brings you here?" The fairy asked cheerfully, fluttering far too close to the orc's face for comfort. All but restrained by the bandages that the fairy had stolen from his pack to bind his wounds and then his limbs in, he could do little but lean away from those too large eyes staring at him with interest. "I dunno." He answered truthfully. "I passed out and woke up like this." "Oh that was the Hunt! They found you passed out in the woods and dragged you here!" "Well then I guess you know why." "No, silly! I know why you're HERE here but not why you're here HERE!" The pitch was re
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