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  2. “So… anyone wanna take bets on what our new orders are going to be?” Maurice, the sniper of their insurrectionist team was the first to mercifully break the silence that lingered as they awaited Commander Kal’une Danteur to return from his meeting. It had been hours that they sat in this ruin of a room with Arcwine beside them. He lit a match as he put a cigarette between his lips. "Only if we're not betting coin," Pelande laughed. Her arms were crossed, her body leaned against a wall and her feet were propped up on a table. She looked every bit the laborer she was in moments like this one where they could relax. The only poise she concerned herself with was with her spear. "Not all of us have much to throw around unless you're willing to work on credit." “Yeah, guess the pay isn’t really a perk of the job.” The sniper chuckled back as the smoke spilled from his lips. “At least the wine is good… for however long that lasts.” He fished out one of his cigarettes from its container and offered it to the laborer across from him. “To finding work when this finally blows over?” She held up a hand. "You caught my interest when you said 'bet', so how about this: if I'm right, you roll me a box of those," here she gestured to the cigarettes, "but if you win, I'll make you a new box to keep those in from scratch, complete with hidden chambers for, well," she gestured casually, "whatever you might need them for." The smile upon Maurice’s face grew into a full-on grin, his hand still outstretched in the offering of a sample of what could be Pelande’s prize. “Sounds like we have ourselves a bet then. What’s your call? More guard replacements, or are you thinking of something a bit more exciting?” Since he didn’t relent, she accepted it, looking over it and admiring the craftsmanship. “If it was going to be the usual I don’t think we’d be waiting this long, we’d be sent off by now. Personally? I hope it’s a target elimination. Someone important enough to bother with and well-guarded enough that it’s requiring a pretty extensive plan.” “Assassination? I like the way you think.” Maurice took another drag for his own as he lit a match, offering the flame towards Pelande. “It would be nice to actually shoot something again, rather than just being another set of eyes. Hey, Twitchy, you want one of these too?” “...Huh?” Isabeale halted in her pacing in the dimmer corners of the room, her lavender eyes glancing at the table. “..O-oh. No. My illusions can’t mask smells. Sorry.” Pelande pulled air through the cigarette to light it, leaning back again once she had a steady glow, and exhaled, her gaze moving over to Isabeale. “Twitchier than usual today, aren’t you? Do you know something about what kind of assignment we’re getting?” Pelande was met with a look of confusion for a couple of seconds from the youngest of the Nightborne. She opened her mouth to speak-- only for attention to be diverted away from Isabaele as a telemancy portal lit up the room. “Feet off the table, grab the map.” At last there came the dry voice of the man they long-awaited from what one had to guess was quite the exhaustive meeting. Each step towards the gathered Ebonfeathers burned away at the illusion of the nobleman face for the public, further returning him to his true form. And yet his stride never changed as it always commanded the respect of those within the room. Even as he turned more and more demonic in visage. “We have wasted enough time, there is work to be done.” Pelande held the cigarette between her lips as she rose, taking a large drag of it just in case it would be taken from her--after being scolded, she wasn't sure what he would and wouldn't tolerate. Leaving the map to the others, she asked, only slightly muffled, "I'm all for work being done. What have you got for us today, boss?" “The Dusklilies have made the last of their preparations, they claim they’re finally ready to make their move.” The demonic elf hybrid stood at attention at the front of the table, his burning sockets stared down at those gathered when the twitchy illusionist grabbed the map and unfurled it for their commander. “We approach the apex of the conflict,” his finger pressed into the paper where the Nighthold stood. His finger traced in a straight line outwards to some noble's home. “And we have our part to play.” Peering at the paper closely, Pelande moved the cigarette to her hand and squinted for a few moments before saying, "Oh! I know this place." She seemed to lose herself to memory for a bit. "Don't know why I kept taking jobs there, the owners were picky about the stupidest things and I always had to pester their household staff half to death to get the payments they owed me." “This time you have the chance to finish the job, your expertise will serve the cause well in the coming conflict.” The talon of a finger gently glided on the surface of the map. “Our role is to make as much noise as possible to give those infiltrating the Nighthold some piece. When we capture the manor, we’ll be able to watch from afar in case reinforcements are needed. Your Grand Magistrix’s reign draws near its bloody end.” Nodding and rubbing her hands together, Pelande seems to be hyping herself up for the task at hand. This was going to be cathartic. "Good, good. We raise hell, they split their forces. I put the gates on this place, it should be a rather simple matter to take them off again.” “Good. You take your partner and start at the bottom with some explosives. While they are more for the show we are putting on, do handle them with care still.” His hollow sockets burned as they scanned between the two women. “When you are done with your task, meet up with us at the apex of their building. Maurice will be covering us with his fire as Manuelle and I weave another portal into the city for reinforcements. Should the Dusklillies’ Chosen be as competent as they claim, then they should hold their end of the bargain as the knife to slip into the Grand Magistrix herself as we stand tall as their feint. “If not,” he concluded, “then the night will prove that much more interesting.”
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  4. Adrenaline will have to keep it at bay. I know I need more time but we can't stop. Those that were able had to leave in the middle of the night to deal with a disastrous summoning coming from the north, and before they could even leave the camp they were split in half to handle another point to the east. Plenty of soldiers survived the crash thankfully but we've still stumbled into the heart of enemy territory and they're having fun stretching us taut already. Honestly, I feel that if the Naga are so plentiful they could have just stormed Newhome and wiped us out by now. We don't have any siege weapons or high-tier magic defending this cave, best we have is a few sea giants and Thalyssra. Instead, they continue about their business as if the combined forces of the two aren't inching towards their throats. Either they're so arrogant that they don't recognize us as a threat, or... I'm not sure. I awoke to insistent prodding today and some excited Gil-...Kelfin, babbling a stream of incomprehensible, excited gibberish in my face. Her named is Iisha and apparently she's going to be our guide down here.... As we scrounge through supplies and salvage what fell off the ships. Felt like Dachi was about to bite off the end of that too long nose of hers but she calmed down. Felt like it's going to be a constant clash of jaded and optimistic with these two but I at least know they'll have my back. Two campaigns of service under my belt and to High command i'm still nothing but a scout. I should have been grateful for light duty honestly, my shoulder is still aching something fierce, my ribs are tender, and my foot is cramping from whatever the medic did to it, but I can't help but feel I drew the shit end of the stick. *The recording cuts out, the next segment picks up soon after.* Turns out most of the shipwrecks' cargo fell into the Northwest corner of this watery canyon, right into a hydra lagoon and some murlocs' village. Haven't seen these things as a threat since before I hit puberty but one thing remains the same. When one makes a fuss and rushes you, there's another half-dozen of the slippery bastards who will hear it and join in. I was wrong, the shoulder isn't just aching, it's so stiff that I can barely use it for anything but a clumsy swing. When there's no grace to the fight, you just have to rely on speed and force. It was messy as hell but it did the job alright. Iisha knows how to use a the spear pretty well and Dachi has come a long ways with using claw and tooth effectively. We held our own and acquired quite a haul from the wreckage, mostly waterlogged weaponry but with these Gilb... Right right, Kelfin, and no way to receive supplies we need to cobble together every piece of scrap that can hold an edge or have a rock tied to it. Wish that wasn't the case because i'm already needing to steal from my own salvage supply to replace something. I put the sword down for two seconds to get a crate open and that's all it needed. Some murloc just ran off with my damn weapon. That stupid blade was nothing special but after over a dozen confirmed witch kills I was growing fond of it; now some red, scaly fuck is going to add it to a shinies hoard. Seems like i'm full of complaints lately but I think with how shit is going i'm allowed to snarl a few times. We armed a few more soldiers and supplied our new friends with crap that they insist they can use, guess that's all I can wring out of the day.
  5. The Grim are on Grobbulus (horde). There are other TNGers there, but I'll leave it to others to say who their names are. Many TNGers are on Bloodsail Buccaneers with a bunch of them conglomerating into the guild Intrepid (alliance). My main is a troll priest named Tisk on Grobbulus, and I have a little gnome warlock named Ghrinn on BB. Your best bet is to get on Discord (link at the top of the right sidebar, click the "Join Us" button) and ask around there. The forums are kinda dead :(
  6. Is there a list of peoples characters and where they are playing on classic wow? That would be cool, I would love to meet up with old friends!
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  8. Hey there. I think a bunch of us are on Grobbulus, and a bunch of others are on Bloodsail. Have fun!
  9. Just dropping by to say hello! Of course, the return of classic WOW and a new rp-pvp server has me intrigued.
  10. The voice recorder is found in a pile of seaweed within Nazjatar, near the wall of water overlooking the flooded marketplace Everything hurts. I've been in my fair share of crashes but this one was leagues beyond anything i've ever suffered. Speaking of leagues i'm at the bottom of the ocean, though if you're listening to this chances are you know that already. Maybe I should start from the beginning. The Horde needed more technical know-how with what few ships we had left. Starting to think that was all of a ruse because as soon as we saw the fleet, what few forces we had hoisted all sails and flew like bats out of hell. Yet somehow we wound up in just the right area for the Naga's massive magic show, right next to Azshara's old palace. When it comes to Sylvanas and her inner circle I don't believe in coincidence anymore. Nathanos disappearing within the first hour only makes me more suspicious. This isn't the first time we've been in this situation, in fact it seems to be how the Horde thrives. The enemy strips them of most everything, we befriend an oppressed or troubled native and through grit and guerilla tactics we pull through. This time, they call themselves The Unshackled. A race of Kelfin, not gilblin, they don't like that word. But basically, they're aquatic goblins. Sins, webs, gills, you name it. I don't trust them, they ask a lot for our help sure but they also give freely with what little they've got. Might be racist but i've spent too much time among merchants and tradesmen to just accept it at face value. For now, we're settling in and doing what we can as we establish a base and the Kelfin establish a home that's suddenly a lot dryer. We're low on supplies, short on people, have an overabundance of enemies including the Alliance Fleet that fell in after us, but this isn't anything new. First few weeks is going to be us scrambling for supplies, mapping the area, and proving our worth to the locals. Despite the same song being played yet again, i'm on edge. The wall could come crashing down any day now, who knows what's even keeping it up or why the Naga decided to even the playing field like this rather than drag us into the water where we cannot fight nearly as effectively. They're always plotting something, and this close to their Queen's house it's gotta be important. Imagine anyone making record of this is saying the same damn thing I am, trying to write on soggy pages, luckily I grabbed something a big more waterproof. Tomorrow they say i'll be cleared to assist them out in the field, sure as hell doesn't feel like it but we're so understaffed right now they can't afford to wait for everyone to be at 100%. You can walk and swing a blade you better get your ass out there. Selris...Dad... Was always good about keeping the pain down. He tried to show me how but I never had the patience it required like he did. Focus only on breathing, making that one unconscious action something you control. I'm not used to having my ass beat this badly, usually I can avoid the worst hits... But there's not a lot I can do against gravity is there?
  11. Another for Nagoda of the Gold Plain
  12. My first try at a mood board. This one's for Brinnea Velmon.
  13. We got our wish.
  14. Hey now! I kind of like my swamp. If you come back for a visit, please poke me. I like meeting WoW folks, and you sound awesome even if you were a goblin :P I share many of the same views on RP. You can find people still active on Discord. There's a link to it here on the site somewhere.
  15. When dreams hold more logic than reality, what recourse is there but to sleep? When those leading the charge fail to grasp what is good and what is necessary, what recourse is there but to withdraw support? When their ideas are good but their tactics are so flawed as to be harmful, what good is it to follow them? It is easier to follow a Warchief whose ideas are worthless but whose tactics are strong than the opposite it seems. However this plays out, the throne must give way to someone new in time, either in body or in action. Perhaps when that happens, there will be reason to step back into the fight. The Regent-Lord fails his people and no one has the strength to replace him. The Mandate will continue. For all its many interpretations, it seems immutable at its core and indestructible in its concept. And there is no abandonment this time. I follow no one anywhere else. I follow only myself into the shadows. I will stay close, but I will stay quiet. I am a child of blood and fire, but every fire burns itself out and the sparks must find new tinder before it can blaze again. There is no fuel in Nazjatar. There was a time I would have given everything in my power to walk Her halls in peace that we now walk in violence, and seeing them from this perspective has shattered every hope I once had for us. I remain Grim, but Grim in my dreams, until I can call on my own fire which has been smothered by this failure of a war. I was never suited to this anyway. I was far better than nothing, yes, and I made it my project and priority, but I was never inspired to it. I know what is good and what is right, but if I cannot impart it with words, I have no other way to convey my knowledge. Convey the truth with violence and pain then? No, that is not my way. All that I am capable of conveying with violence is death, and death of our own does nothing for the war. She understands us well enough to keep us strong as long as she has the bodies to guide. And she has fire of her own and a bloodthirst that far outstrips mine in the here and now. I don't know if the Mandate can hold her up. It weakens under Sylvanas' faltering steps. But in the time she has, she will do well. She is inspired to it in ways I never was. If only those the Mandate needs can find it before it's too late. I have someone to hold my truths. They will grow with her until I can put them to use once again. For now, they have no place outside us. Not anymore. Things fall apart.
  16. 7.12.19 Well, the third thing was Baal finding out I had the human girl hurt again. Why the fel would he put her under his protection anyway? He had to know that wouldn’t stop me. He banished me from the cabin and his ship. I’m welcome back at the cabin now after we worked some things out, but not the ship. Things aren’t quite the same between us now, but we’ll get there. I hope. The first of the bounty hunters came for me last night. Some stupid Nightborne mage. A stupid elf ARCANE mage! I still have a few scorch marks, but I cut her up good. She asked AFTER I had beaten her if I was guilty. Like she cares. If she did, she would have bothered to find that out before trying to kill me. I could have killed her. It was so tempting. Instead, I sent her back to Cobrak with a message that the next ones would not get off so easily. I doubt he’ll back off though. I wouldn’t. He’ll probably just send better hunters next time. They’ll have to find me first, and I don’t make it a habit to be out in the open alone. Eventually, he’ll give up on it, and it will fade away. And oddly enough, I still don’t hate him. I haven’t gone after any of his people. I have Ayidda spying on them, but only to try to find out if they plan to pursue the bounty on me. Maybe I should put out a bounty on Cobrak. I’d offer a lot more than 5000. Keep him in a cage for a few days, just to knock him off his high horse for a little while. I’m not even sure how things have gotten THIS BAD between us. Dora’s knee? Burning down that prissy goblin’s house? Attacking Sanctuary traitors? I regret that we can’t be friends--he's a good fighter, and he seems like an honorable orc--but I don’t regret any of my actions. They all deserved what they got.
  17. Hey folks, The Gambler is back! While I no longer play WoW I was hoping to get into contact with some of the former rpers I have wrote with in the past and see if they are interested in working on some projects together again.  Message me if you are interested!

  18. Hey folks, it’s Gurrah the Gambler here! Those of you who know me or even vaguely recognize my name probably know me best from the “Goblin Interim year 23” started in 2010 as a precursor to the cataclysm release and an introduction to all the Goblins joining in the twisting nether RP community at the time. An epic RP trilogy started by brothers Rikt and Chikt. Over the course of this trilogy I met many amazingly talented writers, some were good from the get go and had the entire story and character development plotted out way in advance (looking at you Rikt and Chikt), others like myself evolved and improved as the stories went on developing both our characters and ourselves as writers. Others swooped in unexpectedly and blew us away with a epic antagonist/protagonist encounters like “Smiles Macblaster” whom to this day has been one of my favorite writers to work with. I remember during the writing of these rp’s I would log in from my trade school when I got out of class every damn day, so excited to see who wrote what and how the story progressed I could barely contain myself. Through these experiences I grew as a writer, I learned where my strengths and weaknesses were and just through working with you was inspired to improve just so I felt worthy playing on the same field as you folks. I realized my strengths were solid in combat scenes and sarcastic humor, I developed ways to show the darker side of my character P.T.S.D, Alcoholism, and haunting memories and regrets from life as an assassin. I learned how to express my character’s point of view in emotional and rational (and occasionally irrational) reactions. Working with you folks helped me develop skills in writing that required more finesse and thoughtfulness than any collegiate writing class had ever taught me. As of now I have long left the depressing swamps of Florida, moved to the Seattle area, and have a beautiful wife whom I get to enjoy the pleasure of writing collaboratively with as a bonding pastime (she’s an absolute bookworm, a status I wouldn’t have been able to impress had it not been for my experiences of writing with you amazing folks.). I still find myself nostalgic and logging back into TNG just to read and re-read the Goblin Rp’s where I got my start writing stories rather than just poetry. To any of the writers I’ve worked with in the past please, reach out to me on here. I would love the opportunity to reconnect and work on more projects together, just send me a message and a link to the story we’ve worked together on and I will get back in touch as soon as possible. I will be logging on to check about once a week, and while I don’t play wow anymore I am working on other non-wow related projects that I would love to work with some folks on. If you have wow stories you’d like help with I can bring in Gurrah the Gambler or other characters for a Cameo or two. To the fellow writers of the Goblin interim stories from 2010, and the others I’ve worked with in the past (looking at you Venedict, also we totally need to meet up again and catch up for old times sake, I haven’t forgotten about you.) Thank you for a fun and memorable experience and helping me evolve as a fantasy writer. if any of you still scout these forums please feel free to PM me. Sincerely, Gurrah the Gambler. Goblin, assasin, smart-ass, and alcoholic.
  19. I found the post looking up to see if I could find where the other Dusk Watch was or if it still existed. Found Urivial. Its a good piece. I liked it. I never got a chance to play Classic. Too poor and lacking the internet back then. Im hoping interesting things happen with classic and the rp community.
  20. I read it on the forums and really wanted to respond, but my account is down and apparently they won't let you post then. I'm very much excited about a possible RP-PvP server. I really hope they make one. If not, I suppose we could have an unofficial RP-PvP server...but it wouldn't be great of course. Hope you're doing well! Sowell
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    Happy Midsummer, citizens of RH-TN! The Rooks cordially invite you to help us celebrate with a Mount Parade around Old Town of Stormwind! Best gear-mount matching set will win a Blizzard Store Mount of their choice! TONIGHT! 7PM CDT! Gear must be equipped (no magic appearance effects)! Second Place: 25k Gold Third Place: 10k Gold! Hope to see you there!
  22. 6.22.19 They say bad things come in three…. 1 - I was fighting naga on the shoreline of one of the nameless islands, and I happened to spy a Twilight Empire warrior who was involved in both the House and the attack on our old guild hall. She taunted me, asking if we’ve found a new place yet. I told her we started clearing out a few places in Stormwind like the orphanage and emissary area, places we’ve attacked most recently. She didn’t like that. We fought. She doesn’t fight fair. That felling shield of hers. I ended up losing an arm--and one of my best swords!--to her attacks, so I retreated. I know just how to get back at her though. 2 - Ayidda returned from an errand at the Port with a letter from Cobrak. That ugly, stubborn, cycloptic, self-righteous kodo’s ass has declared war on me, even though I warned him and assured him I wasn’t looking for trouble with him or his people. He chose this. Anything that happens to his people now was by his choice. “Brought to trial and executed.” I’d like to see him try it! I should warn the others he mentioned in his letter to be on the lookout for his mercs. If he actually posted a copy of that bounty he sent me, it could make things very inconvenient. I’ve dealt with some of them before on various matters. They are not incompetent. I could send Ayidda there more often to see what she might learn. Apparently she got into some shenanigans there with an elf last night. She said Cobrak told her she’s welcome to return. The girl was stupid and frivolous, but her silliness may be the key to getting some information, or at least having eyes there now and then. 3 - ? ? ? If troubles come in threes, what is going to happen next? Things are not good among the Horde right now. Many have turned against the Warchief. Cobrak mentioned her in his letter even. Comparing me to "Sylvanas' madness" and blaming the Grim for Horde turning on itself instead of focusing on fighting the Alliance. The Grim has lost many as well. Many fell in Uldir and then in the defense of Dazar'alor, but did we also lose some to treasonous beliefs about the Warchief? The thought crossed my mind, but in the end, it doesn't matter what caused it. Our assault force numbers are too low to face the next threat. We have a Zandalari among us who stands out. He goes by the name of Zulric. He’s the best fighter The Grim has seen in quite a long time. He also seems to have a talent for diplomacy work. But I wonder--can he be trusted to carry out a sensitive job? Are his stomach and heart hardened enough to do what I have in mind? After all, I can’t let her think I forgot about her. And the timing for another visit couldn’t be more perfect. Yes, I think it’s time I test this witch doctor myself. The only warning sign with him is that Ul'rezaj has him working with him to try to put Wreave back into production. My writing is off. I’ll have to practice with this new hand and arm more. There were RAS representatives at the tournament last night. I spoke to a couple of them about my arm after, and they sent me to one of their fleshcrafters in Tarren Mill. An undead elf. His apprentice was also an undead elf, and his husband. I was suspicious, of course, but they were very professional and not unkind at all. Maybe something about death changes the elves. The undead ones I’ve known have always seemed a bit less arrogant and cruel than the live ones. Too bad I wasn’t sent to them instead of Nathandiel for my last repairs. That reminds me. I promised to send their payment today.
  23. Finally got unbanned and posted:
  24. I was auto-banned on the official blizzard forums when I tried to post there. I'm guessing because it was my first post in years and it had a link?. It was instant, so not because of them disagreeing with my post's content. Dunno. I typed it out, so here it is: Hi, most people know me as Mortica. I’ve run a RP-PVP fansite for the Twisting Nether server (and later the combined Ravenholdt server) since late November of 2005, a few months after the first three RP-PVP servers opened up. It’s called the Twisting Nether Gazette. It was featured on the WoW Community Spotlight a couple of times back in the day (prior to the great worldofwarcraft website purge many years back). While I am now only a “casual” player, over the years I have invested much time, money, and tears in promoting my favorite type of realm in the past, until I, too, had to give in to Blizzard’s disinterest and recognize that TN is now, and forever will be a ghost town. I don’t do Reddit unless someone links me there. These days, I only come to the official forums on rare occasions, usually because someone has linked something here. I may not be the vocal majority, but I kinda like to think I represent a decent-sized chunk of the WoW population that plays RP-PVP who may not be social media banshees. We are adults, with jobs, who like to log in and play for a few hours with friends a few times a week. If I had never played RP-PVP, and as a data-minded person, I looked at the population of the retail RP-PVP servers now, I might be inclined to agree with this Ion person who I hear thinks RP-PVP is a niche too small for Blizzard to cater to. I miss Bashiok, who always seemed a good soul back when I came to these forums more often. With the exception of Emerald Dream, The RP-PVP servers probably do look like a failed experiment. I could probably write a novelette on why they failed, but in the end, the people who wanted 24-7 RP had to move to high-pop servers. Those who wanted to kill dragons FIRST went to competitive PVE servers. And with all of the changes over the years that broke open-world PVP, those who loved that aspect most moved on as well. Don’t even get me started about Blizzard NOT opening up fresh non-RP PVP servers on the same day to filter out the people who just wanted to level race on a brand new shiny server and could give two hoots about RP. I still want to bonk whoever made that decision’s head. Gently, of course. Classic could/should/might alleviate most of these problems, -->IF<-- you make a single RP-PVP server from the get-go. Let people pick the server type that is best for them. Don’t make people re-roll a few months down the line. Don’t make people have to check forums and Reddits and Ouji boards to figure out which server is going to give them the best approximation of the RP-PVP experience. Label things properly, and the people who want RP-PVP can settle on the correct one. If Classic, as a whole, succeeds, RP-PVP may actually be one of the more stable versions, as the kind of people who’d want to play Classic probably venn-diagram well with the kind of people who like RP-PVP servers. The unique thing I can add to this discussion is numbers about RP. The number of stories created on the Twisting Nether server on the Gazette fansite are as follows: Counting only threads started in the written RP section of the forums (so no journals, biographies, art posts, or general chit-chat) we had 828 stories written between 11/29/2005 and 1/17/2007 (when BC started) with an average of 11 posts per story. Which works out to roughly 2 stories started every day during Classic. Which may not sound like much, but that’s just people who bothered to write out their RP onto a forum. This doesn’t count in-game only RP, or RP that happened on guild forums, blogs, or other format. These were created by 576 active members (accounts created who posted at least once). That’s just on TN. There were 5 other North American RP-PVP servers, and even if you assume that TN was the most prolific RPing realm of the group (humble*brag), that’s a lot of RP. People play the game for different reasons. People have nostalgia about Classic for different reasons. For some of us, writing stories about conflict with the enemy out in the world gives the game meaning. Here is a link to just ONE of the many stories that couldn’t have happened as emersively on a PVE server (alas, none of the image or video links in the story work anymore). You are welcome to browse around. Yes, the forum, like the server, is a bit of a ghost-town now.
  25. Good morning folks. This is a long shot, but it's about the only one I've got. I used to play on Twisting Nether back in classic and Burning Crusade and I was hoping to maybe reconnect with any old players from back then. Was a gnome warrior in Legends, then Micro, then First Legion, and I had a lot of friends in Riders of the Red Dawn,(and other smaller guilds). Seeing as WoW classic is on the Horizon, I'm kinda looking for a shot of nostalgia and thinking about picking the game back up.
  26. What am I doing? What am I... There aren't regrets. Not per se. There was never enough there to make it worth questioning the decisions I made. It's not about what's right. It's not about morality. What do I care about doing the right thing? It's about the value of what I have. It's worth too much to put at risk, so I draw my lines where I need them drawn. I can't help but wonder, though, if I'm falling apart. If the lessons the Bronze imparted have not stuck. I am weak and vulnerable, and I have been preyed on yet again. Have I? I question myself more since then, since everything. It makes me more honest, oddly enough. Still, no one should believe anything I say. They should know better. They should always know better. I've never been comfortable with this, but who else can do it correctly? If someone else tried, I would chafe and want it fixed, want it done my way, so perhaps I need to simply stop fighting. I am more stable when I'm lying. When I'm honest, I am crumbling. Be wary when my words ring true. Falsehood should be reassuring. She wants what she cannot have. We always do, don't we? I don't even know what I want anymore. I want quiet, and that is unlike me. I don't have friends, nor do I want them. Strange things happen when people call themselves my friends if I fail to disagree. Keep them all at arms' length. Am I proud? Beyond narcissism, at least? I take pride where it's earned, but it seems earned so rarely. I think I expressed my ambivalence. I am proud of who we were. I am proud of what we are capable of, should we actually make the effort. But am I proud of who we are at the moment? I don't know about that. All the best of us died to the Scourge. Those of us who were passable then followed Kael'thas and died with him. Only the idiots who left him for the Scryers survived. The idiots and the double agents. Dar'khan steals from us to this day, long after returning to ash. The sin'dorei I don't find vastly unimpressive are few and far between. Lor'themar has so little ambition he hardly deserves to be called a regent. The Windrunners all chose the humans over their own people long ago. Only Rommath keeps me from giving up on us entirely. If she needs pride to see her through, I hope she finds it stronger than mine. Given what she's said of the situation, I doubt there's anything in it to be proud of, but I wouldn't put it past whatever serves for justice in Silvermoon today to fail me utterly and give mercy where it's undeserved. Our nation is ruled by the pathetic. But I've never been a good example. Even when I had the pride, I toyed with it in others to get my own way. I have always put my self above everyone and everything else. I still do, though my methods have taken on different subtleties. And still I wonder. Have I squandered the gift of the Bronze? Have I fallen too far to avoid drowning? Is that why I'm so tired?
  27. Full Name: Renka Glittersnap Nicknames: — Date of Birth: Year 5, After the Fall of Stormwind, before the start of the Second War Age: 26 Race: Goblin Gender: Female Hair: Pink Skin: Chartreuse Eyes: Gold Height: 3'1" Weight: Medium (slim but curvy) Place of residence: Travels a lot for business, recently acquired a beachfront property in Gadgetzan. Place of Birth: Booty Bay Known Relatives: Sold by bio-parents to her "Auntie" around age 5. Parents identities unknown. Religion/Philosophy: Renka personally perceives the Light as something of a contemplative guide. In her early life, she saw it as an actual force that exists and can actively help her achieve her goals. She doesn't especially worship the Light as a god entity but thinks that there is a driving force behind her decisions and intuition that always provides. Sort of like Lady Luck. Occupation: Entrepreneur. (Mainly jewellery and furs. Has a mining/hunting operation currently active in Stranglethorn Vale, a shop open in Gadgetzan and looking to expand into both Horde and Alliance cities.) Group/Guild affiliation: Guild Rank: Enemies: Venture Co., Bloodsail Pirates Likes: Travelling, gold, bling, acquiring assets, making new business partners Dislikes: Losing, Manual labour, indecisiveness, fake jewellery/furs/luxuries Favourite Foods: Rare steak (any), never turns down a good barbecue Favourite Drinks: Darkmoon Special Reserve, Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits, Anything Elven Favourite Colors: Pink, Gold Weapons of Choice: Not big on melee. Can whack someone real good with a mace if she has to. Hobbies: Gambling, Reading, Buying useless crap at Auction Houses (it’s not a “PROBLEM” she can stop whenever she wants) Physical Features: Small of stature but loud of mouth. Ostentatious pink hair pulled into two pigtails, wears a moderate amount of bling (goggles, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and rings) Special Abilities: Perceptive as all heck Positive Personality Traits: Open minded, confident, a “doer” Negative Personality Traits: Calculating, Holds grudges, Can be patronizing Misc. Quirks: Can’t resist a mystery, Is more charitable than she likes to admit, Never actually puts on the goggles she has strapped on. History: Renka is a smalltime cartel owner who wants to grow a legitimate business empire. She is like most goblins money oriented, but she's more of an entrepreneur than an engineer or tinkerer. She was sold as a kid to her “Auntie”, a Steamwheedle goblin who put her to work on a trade ship as a deckhand. As a neutral cartel, Steamwheedle ships went all over Azeroth and Renka got a taste for travel. She rose up through the ranks on the ship by making her own deals on the side, and eventually skimmed enough money from this to put together a small crew and acquire her first mine at a good price from some contacts in Booty Bay; an investment that panned out and earned her enough to set up a hunting operation for exotic furs. She is striking out independently and starting her own business under the Neutral banner of the Glittersnap Cartel. Ultimately her goal is to become a big name in goblin society. They say dream big, and Renka dreams of becoming a Trade Prince- and living long enough to enjoy it.
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