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    PROMPT NOVEMBER 2018: In the spirit of Pilgrim's Bounty and feasting with the family, tell us a story about one of your characters spending time with their family.


    On 9/1/2018 at 12:23 AM, Tahzani said:

    In the light of the rising sun, the throne of the Zandalari empire shined like a mountain of gold. A heavenly outline traced the great terraces and tiers of the upper city, culminating in the massive halo at the top that glared down disapprovingly at the chugging, half-dead ship.

    Bringing the goblin ship to Dazar'alor was akin to dropping a dead rat on a palace's rug.

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         [H] SANCTUARY
                         Peace, Justice, Mercy and Sacrifice; these are the oaths that bind us as Sanctuary.

    Dedicated to protecting the innocent and forging a safe future for the peoples of Azeroth above all else, Sanctuary stands as a bastion of hope in the dark tides of war. With a hospital in the Thousand Needles, an embassy in Shattrath, and a defensive position in Razor Hill to protect the peoples of the Horde, Sanctuary spreads its influence and encouragement in wide and varied ways.

    OOCLY, Sanctuary is an old and stable guild which is always seeking new members, please check out their post here!

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    On 9/2/2016 at 1:23 PM, Baern said:

    Full Name: Baern Ashtotem (Formerly Grimtotem)
    Date of Birth: Autumn, The Year before The Dark Portal Opened
    Age: 33
    Race: Grimtotem Tauren
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Black with white frosting

    On 9/2/2016 at 1:23 PM, Baern said:

    Special Abilities: Having spent most of his lifetime doing so, Baern is particularly adept at fighting and killing other Tauren and he has used those same kinds of tactics to great effect against others who share the Tauren's size and strength. From Draenei to Yaungol to Felguards to Dreadlords, toppling those kinds of foes comes naturally to Baern. On the other hand, smaller and more nimble races like Goblins or Gnomes or Imps are harder for Baern to deal with and they typically outpace him. During his time with the Valarjar, Baern was trained in the use of traditional Mountain King abilities such as Thunder Clap, Stormbolt and Avatar. Unlike the stonebirthed dwarves, though, when Baern enters the Avatar state he glows black and white, like the August Celestial, Niuzao.

    On 9/2/2016 at 1:23 PM, Baern said:

    Baern spent six months in prison, and on his release, found a different Sanctuary needing his aid. Now concerned with finding and preserving artifacts of great power across Azeroth, Baern knew that perhaps now was the time to return to Ashtotem. Looking for the Doomstone, an artifact of significant power belonging to the Grimtotem Tribe, Baern instead found his half-brother, Mourne, cavorting with Demons of the Burning Legion. As he reassured the Chieftain that he too would drink of the Demon's Blood and help return the Ashtotem to their former power, he rallied Sanctuary and Borrowed Time to intercept Mourne before he could poison the entirety of the village. In the process, Baern killed his half-brother and the Nathrezim who'd corrupted him. 

    On 9/2/2016 at 1:23 PM, Baern said:

    With the brothers he had bonded with in Skyhold, he rallied the defenders to repel the attack and ultimately drive them all the way back to Darkcloud Pinnacle. 

    There, Baern slew the Grimtotem chieftain for breaking the bonds of their people, and advised that now and forever the Ashtotem tribe would be independent. Symbolically, he adopted the name Baern Ashtotem and invited any who were disgusted and disappointed with the Grimtotem ways to join him in the Eastern Mesas of the great, flooded canyon. Over the next few days, many Grimtotem would take him up on that offer, but Baern was surprised to find that other refugees had also sought Grimtotem as a place for peace and tranquility. A tribe of wandering tauren from the North also found their home here as well as a group of renegade Death Knights. With the treat to Ashtotem Village curbed, Baern now gets to focus inward on the health and structure of the village, as well as the fledgling relationship he's entered into with Arahe...

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