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  • MONTHLY ROUNDUP - Sept. 2020


    Once a month we host a small writing raffle, just to keep the creative juices flowing! One lucky person each month who submitted a story will be randomly selected to win 5000 gold ingame and be featured here on the front page! To participate, read the prompt below, head over to the Nether Legends part of the forum and start a new topic with ((WR-Month)) before your title and get writing! Please make sure to include at the bottom of your entry the full name (including server!) of the character you would like to have the gold sent to, as well as which faction they belong to. Entries must follow the prompt in some way, be longer than five sentences and follow all the usual rules of the forums.


    PROMPT FOR SEPTEMBER 2020: We all love getting into the headspace of our beloved characters, but what do they look like from an outside view? Write a story where your character is a side or supporting character. This can be a theoretical story, in the far flung future, where they are a mentor or an opposition to the next generation of hero (a boruto story to your naruto, if you will), a story of them now told from an npc/side character's perspective!

    Head over here to get started: https://wow-tng.org/forums/forum/7-nether-legends/



    Draquesha wins this month's raffle for her adorable tale of a little baby troll's first big step as a hunter. Her story has a wonderful mood to it, containing no dialog but a lot of adorable ten-year-old troll.

    A few excerpts I enjoyed:

    "She had stayed up all night, waiting eagerly as the moon came and went. She lay in her little pile of blankets on the ground, staring up at the ceiling of their thatched hut giddily. Father would let her use his bow today! Father would take her out to hunts now! She could stand in the spotlight now, as the only hunter in the family now! The little troll shoots up immediately, blankets tossed aside, pillows thrown asunder, as the light of the sun finally begins to stream into her room."

    "Once she were finally free of the horrid adult's arms, Draquesha ran up to the table that she was finally taller than, and got a good look and smell of what was waiting in her near future: a pie with a pinched crust, filled with a sweet and sticky coconut mix; a warm coconut cake with spices that her mother had gathered the week before; and a sort of sugary sweet, sticky, and coconutty bar that was dyed bright green (the little troll's favorite color!). Excited, wiggly fingers reach out, trying to steal a few of the treats, before being carefully swatted away."

    "She had been given paper and furs, a skull headdress, a necklace made of shells. It was all the same thing every year! Nobody knew her or they would have known she didn't need this!"

    Check out A Dino-Mite Birthday here: https://wow-tng.org/forums/topic/24710-wr-august-a-dino-mite-birthday/


    Once a month, a character is randomly selected from the Character Bios section of the forums, and featured here. Characters that have not been updated in a very long time will not be included, so be sure to edit and update your characters every once in awhile!



    Some fun bits about Myaka:

    "Full Name: Myaka Winterborne
    Nicknames: Mya
    Age: 28"

    "Likes: the smell of lavender. Reading, testing her skills. Creating and researching blacksmithing patterns
    Favorite Foods: Strawberries, chocolate, most fruits and vegetables. Allergic to coconut."

    "Special Abilities: high pain tolerance. Skilled with swords both two handed and one handed.
    Positive Personality Traits: loyal to a fault, stubborn refusal to back down.
    Negative Personality Traits: stubborn, reckless, naïve"

    Check out more about Myaka here:https://wow-tng.org/forums/topic/23367-myaka-winterborne-a/