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  • MONTHLY ROUNDUP - Aug. 2020


    Once a month we host a small writing raffle, just to keep the creative juices flowing! One lucky person each month who submitted a story will be randomly selected to win 5000 gold ingame and be featured here on the front page! To participate, read the prompt below, head over to the Nether Legends part of the forum and start a new topic with ((WR-Month)) before your title and get writing! Please make sure to include at the bottom of your entry the full name (including server!) of the character you would like to have the gold sent to, as well as which faction they belong to. Entries must follow the prompt in some way, be longer than five sentences and follow all the usual rules of the forums.


    PROMPT FOR Aug 2020: Often times characters are formed in tragedy, and we focus on those events which bend or break characters in new ways; but this month, I want to do something a little different. Give us a story from your character's backstory/history that was something positive that shaped them. A kindness they were paid, an opportunity they found, a friend they made as a few examples (it can be sad, or bittersweet, or any emotion).

    Head over here to get started: https://wow-tng.org/forums/forum/7-nether-legends/



    Amalyn take's the prize for this month's raffle for the deep introspection of their Priestess, who takes a quiet, nighttime moment to write in her journal and think about the life she's led through war, motherhood, leadership and ties she's made.

    A few excerpts I enjoyed:

    "The door clicks closed behind her and lamps immediately hum to life, casting the stone walls and marble floor into a cocoon of warmth, the light reflecting off of her skin and giving it a healthy glow that’s been missing from it for the last few weeks."

    "I’ve sat for hours in the infirmary, I’ve healed the hurt and sick, and yet I feel like a transient, a passerby who is merely a useful ghost in a time of need."

    "I’ve tried to protect our daughter from it, but she’s at that age where she’s becoming much more aware of her surroundings, of the world and all of it’s horrors, and I cannot stop it.
    I would never lie to her, I never have, but sometimes I yearn for the days when she was still a sweet little bundle I could so easily hold against my breast. When calming her and making her happy was as easy as humming a soft tune and holding her close."

    Check out A Bygone Lullaby here: https://wow-tng.org/forums/topic/24646-wr-july-a-bygone-lullaby/



    Once a month, a character is randomly selected from the Character Bios section of the forums, and featured here. Characters that have not been updated in a very long time will not be included, so be sure to edit and update your characters every once in awhile!



    Some fun bits about Mardalius:

    "Date of Birth: April 14
    Age: 23
    Race: Half Thalassian, Half Human"

    "Favorite Drinks: Fizzy fruit punch wine, cinnamon whiskey.
    Favorite Colors: Purple and silver."

    "Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent, kind, determined.
    Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, emotional, socially awkward.
    Misc. Quirks: Claustrophobic"

    Check out more about Mardalius here: https://wow-tng.org/forums/topic/23791-mardalius-anterius-battlemage-extraordinaire/