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Found 2 results

  1. "The night is darkest before the dawn. I will be the blade that cuts through the night. I will be the shield that guards my home. I will be the arrow that pierces into the Light. Elune, A'dal, Celestials and Holy Light together I will fight for, and secure another dawn for Azeroth." This is the creed spoken by fresh recruits brought into the Night Vanguard, an order formed by Sorel Crescentsong, a night elf with a storied history within the Alliance. Although a new order, Sorel believes that he can affect change in the Alliance with it. He strongly believes that fanaticism and radical extremism will lead to ruin, so he discourages it within his order, and works to bring the short comings of radicals to light. However, that is not to say he is anti-Alliance. The Night Vanguard welcomes all who wish to help protect Azeroth and Alliance lands, fighting all threats: Legion, Void, and aggressive Horde. All races, all walks of life, all are welcome to take up arms under the dark blue banner and fight for the world, and end the dark, symbolic night over Azeroth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC INFO: Who Are We? Night Vanguard is a recently formed guild that encourages working with other guilds and Alliance players to attain goals. While small for now, we have plenty of active members. We're looking to do everything the game has to offer! Yes, that means role play, dungeons, world quests, arenas, battlegrounds, and hopefully raiding one day! Ranks New members start out as Scouts. Upon getting involved with some guild activities, players become Rangers. Dedicated members will eventually be promoted to Vanguard. There are two different officer ranks: The Steward is for Sub-Officers, and full officers are Wardens. Lastly is Commander, the leader of the guild. Role Play Our guild is a primarily open RP guild. We want Role Players as our primary members, and although you don't need to engage all the time, taking time out to make scenes with characters is encouraged. New members will be Roleplayed in to help them feel welcome! Although Party, Instance, and Guild chats are OOC, there is a separate channel for long-range IC communications, think like a radio or, Horde-side, Hearthstone attunement. We will be organizing events, and when we get more members, hope to have a monthly meeting night to discuss guild affairs. We want to re-vitalize Alliance-side community. tl;dr: open RP is encouraged. Playing the Game As mentioned, we will do everything in the game. We don't Raid yet, but our members will do BattleGrounds and Dungeons together, as well as party up for World Quests. If you want to do something, we will do it. As far as world PvP goes, actively attacking the Horde is discouraged. World PvP will happen, but it will be reactionary, not aggressive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you wish to join us, you can contact Shizari-TwistingNether, Margoz-Ravenholdt, Mardalius-Ravenholdt, or Eveste-TwistingNether.
  2. <The following flier is seen in Horde capital cities.> Peace does not come easily, and never of its own accord. It must be fought for, and defended vigilantly once won. Sanctuary fights to create the world we want to see, where those who cannot fight or do not wish to will not suffer. We do not shy away from what it may cost us, and we will do what we must to protect it. Sanctuary is sworn to uphold justice with mercy, and peace with self-sacrifice. We serve the Horde, though never at the cost of innocent lives. If you believe in the same, join us. We currently have need of motivated individuals to join and lead the following teams: Defense Team (( PvP )) Sanctuary stands ready to defend the Horde and its territories, including contested battlegrounds. In addition to being prepared to respond when any Horde settlement comes under attack, we also coordinate with allied guild Borrowed Time to form an elite team for battlegrounds (( RBGs )). Those who wish to defend Horde territories may join our defense team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to oversee these duties and manage a commendation system within the guild. (( PvP Officer )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( PvP Sub-Officer )) Offense Team (( PvE/Raiding )) There are declared enemies of the Horde and even the world to whom we must be prepared to bring the fight. In the past, this has been forces such as the Iron Horde, Deathwing, the Lich King, and more. (( Raids )) We are preparing to create a team composed of members from many allied guilds who are united in this cause. Those who wish to pursue these threats may join our offense team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to organize and lead the team. (( Raid Leader )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( Raid Co-Leader )) Exploration Team (( Adventure Campaigns )) There are times when it is necessary to ferret out secrets or take control of a situation before the threat becomes too great. Small teams may be tasked with hunting down powerful relics, exploring hard-to-reach areas, or negotiating with local powers. (( Invented challenges, achievement hunts, and GM-directed dungeon delves )) Those who wish to seek these challenges may join our exploration team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to determine leads and direct the team in following them. (( Adventure Campaign GM )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( Adventure Campaign Co-GM )) Outreach Team (( Community Get-Togethers & Organized Activities )) It is important to maintain a presence in the public eye to attract new members to our cause, but it is also important to foster a sense of community to prevent unnecessary conflict. We are stronger together, and opportunities to achieve more than we could separately, or even celebrations of our community, reinforce that. Those who wish to help with such activities may join our outreach team. –Officer Position: Be prepared to plan, promote, and coordinate community events and activities. (( Outreach Officer )) –Associate Officer Position: Be prepared to assist with one or more of the coordination duties for this team. (( Outreach Sub-Officer )) For more information, contact Commander Julilee Liene ((Julilee-TwistingNether)) or Marshal Kex'ti Dalendala ((Kexti-Ravenholdt)), or visit one of Sanctuary's locations. <The locations of Sanctuary's establishments in Orgrimmar, Draenor, and Dalaran are listed.> ------------------------------------- (( OOC )) Why join Sanctuary? Sanctuary was founded in 2006 and proudly carries a legacy of roleplay on Twisting Nether and now Ravenholdt. Though the guild was inactive through Cataclysm and Pandaria, it was revived before the launch of Warlords and continues its storied traditions, well-remembered by many. Because we are pushing to grow and develop even further, now is the perfect time to join. You can influence the direction and storyline of a well-known and respected guild with your own unique contributions, and make history that will become a part of server lore. Our storyline itself is out of the ordinary. We embrace peace on a PvP server. This makes our intentions actually a challenge to meet, and when there is justification for action, it is all the more exciting. We back our vows in a way you can't on a plain RP server. We also enjoy a strong, friendly relationship with other RP guilds on TNRH, including on the opposite faction. Numerous cross-guild storylines have taken place in which Sanctuary played a role if not took the lead, and in-character conflict is always handled with open communication and a spirit of willing collaboration OOC. Lastly, Sanctuary itself is a tight-knit yet welcoming group. We are quick to involve newcomers in existing stories and jump into theirs. We are also quality people; we have a well-defined code of conduct and do our best to attract others who will contribute in a positive way to the guild and the community. If that sounds good to you, please send a whisper to Julilee-TwistingNether or Kexti-Ravenholdt, and we'll be glad to bring you in!