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Found 7 results

  1. LF 3s teammates

    Hello: I am Kharthak—a healer shaman in The Grim. I have taken on an active interest in healing for 3s. Right now, I am borderline 1700 rating as of S2 Legion. I was about 50 or so points from 2k in Warlords of Draenor S3 when I started taking on healing. I need 2 dps, preferably from these classes: Hunter/Paladin, Paladin/Rogue, Rogue/Demon Hunter, Paladin/Demon Hunter, Warrior/Demon Hunter, Death Knight/Demon Hunter, Windwalker Monk/Death Knight, Feral/Warlock, Warrior/Warlock, Rogue/Warlock, Rogue/Hunter, Spriest/Warlock, Mage/Warlock (maybe, because I don't understand how MLS is played). All of these are comps that are Resto Shaman viable in at least a tier 3 (T1 is easy, T3 takes a ton of practice, but can be worked out) skill range. That way, you don't have the mentality "Oh, my class sucks; this comp is bad, etc." preventing you from creating a strong personal analysis over your own gameplay. What I am looking for in a player: Willingness to play. If you have any of the aforementioned classes, and you want to improve with it, this is right for you. A fixed time for practice (I have tried just queuing whenever with people, which can still be done even with a fixed time, but it usually causes confusion and wastes a bunch of time). Common goals—I am going for Rival at the end of this season. That will be somewhere flirting with 1700-1900ish. If you have never broken 1550, that's fine. I am going to ask you to read PVP class guides before queue sessions so you can constantly be generating new ideas and keybinds. Contact me in-game and we can get something started. You might also post something here, but I cannot guarantee that I will see it immediately. We will get started as soon as I have two people from these class combos.
  2. Borrowed Time/Sanctuary RBG

    This group will be for coordinating within the Borrowed Time/Sanctuary RBG group. Not only is this where signups will be figured out (and substitutes) but we can talk about strat, class mechanics pertaining to RBGs, and anything else that we may need! Please contact: Amalyn, Faelenor, Nanori, Cobrak, or Xaraphyne/Julilee if you are interested!
  3. [H]Tournament of Champions

    A crisp sheet of parchment is nailed to the common use notification board in many major Horde cities. ((Tentative Date is Sept 17th, 7:30pm Server time. The only rule is NO LEGENDARY RING. Flask, food, and potions are allowed))
  4. Rated BGs

    The rated BG blue post FAQ can be found here: As a new player to Twisting Nether (and now knowing that some of my friends will be coming with me) I'm very interested in networking with other like minded individuals to do rated BGs in cataclysm. I think the easiest way of doing this is to make a channel in game in which players who wish to participate in rated BGs together can join, kind of like the LFG channel, but LFBG. Alliance pvp channel: AlliedDefense I'm sure a lot of folks will be trying to run with their guilds as often as possible but the chances of having 15 members online, in the same bracket, etc. every time you want to do BGs is slim. A network of people who are willing to listen and cooperate in BGs is the best way to find a ringer or a 15th or what have you. I did a lot of organized battle grounds during vanilla wow and I'll be editing this post later with a basic primer for how to succeed in battlegrounds.
  5. PVP Gemming?

    Ergh...I just now realized I misgemmed my Merciless Gladiator's Felshroud pretty badly. Veiled Noble Topaz instead of a +resil gem. What should I be putting in my Felshroud set instead, gem wise? >_< I feel like such an idiot.
  6. It's the Battlegroup that sucks! WTB server battlegroup transfer! I need AB marks!
  7. Epic BGs

    A more focused version of the "Brag" thread. Record your epic BG moments here! Alterac Valley last night. We were up against a Maelstrom premade. It had been premade after premade all night, and the Horde was tired of losing. So we banded together and cooperated. The fight lasted long enough for us to summon Lokholar the Ice Lord, and soon the air was filled with his cries of, "I drink in your suffering, mortal. Let your essence congeal with Lokholar!" While most of the Alliance force tried desperately to cap the Frostwolf towers, the Horde capped enough bunkers and slew enough Alliance so that we won the reinforcement war after 54 minutes, with 178 reinforcements to spare. Premades shmemades.