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Found 1 result

  1. After completing his evening stroll, Khorvis once again ascended the hidden stairs of his chambers. His spirits were high, and despite the tragedy of the circumstances of his birth, the orcish mind can be prone to moments of grandeur. Father Maledictus is alive. Simply assigning verbal form to the prayer gave the thought a power too great to be ignored. It would have been madness to dream it some few days ago, but now... Now was the time to release the hounds. He could waste no time. Every night the trail grew colder, and the Grim could not depend upon the stupid luck that had graced both Reaper Bishoph and Khorvis's big toe. Erect before an ancient standing deck carved of ebony and mahogany, the High Inquisitor let the chaos of the Nether, some few feet outside the enchanted glass of the observatory, roil and thunder over his pen. Reaper Baalthemar, You did be present in body and spirit at the Inquisition, three nights past. We both witnessed the evidence presented before the assembled Grim, from relics unearthed by both my boot and the new Reaper Steele. The tale of the Necromancer is not ended, despite the lore told to us. More still - he sought a greater weapon in the fight against the Alliance! It do be our duty, as those sworn to the Mandate, to follow the trail left by Father Maledictus and win back this weapon for the Horde. "Penumbra" he writes. I do not know this word, and think it likely the object of arcanists or priests. None of our own has made any inquiry into the Archives, as far as the Keepers know, and likely there do be nothing to be found, if our comrades have failed to secure it. The one who may know is this "Payson." I know not whether he or she still draws breath, for many years have passed since the days of the Rat, but it bears the diligence of our scouts. I do task you, rogue, with finding Maledictus's last confidant and evoking from its lips every parcel of information that remains within its skull. Use any means necessary, the full weight of the Inquisition rides behind you. Show us the way. High Inquisitor Bloodstar