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Found 6 results

  1. (Under construction. This will be a resource for RPers, possibly linking to existing RP or writing guides and help-sites, as well as maintaining an up-to-date list of add-ons to enhance or aid RP.) RP GUIDES GENERAL ROLE-PLAY GUIDES There are a lot of role-play guides and how-tos on the internet. This is a list of some of the more relevant ones. The RP Survival Guide, part of the RP Made Simple website. Everything you need to know about role-play in WoW. Twisting Nether Role-Play Guide, by TNG's own Viirchi and Izrail. Five Rules of Respect, a concise guide for WoW RP that is forum-based. Short Story Writing and Role Creation, guides posted here by Aiyan. The mall, a compendium of RP clothing, a thread to generate and gather ideas for role-play outfits. GUIDES TO SERVERS/GUILDS I encourage members of Twisting Nether to add their own realm reviews and guild advertisements to these threads, which are helpful resources for RPers who seek a server or guild to join. Which Server? A Guide to RP/RP-PVP Realms, v2 - A simple form to fill out for RP/RP-PvP servers you have experience with. Roleplaying Guilds -- Advertise Yours! - Another form to fill out with information about your role-play guild. ADD-ONS RP DESCRIPTIONS The standard RP add-on is one that lets you flag yourself as a roleplayer, and input a description of your character and any custom titles or names you like. TotalRP - A mod for descriptions, RP items, pet names, and more. Does not use chat channels. Please see Lurile's Guide for more information. FlagRSP2 - Simpler than MyRP; focus is on titles, flags, and descriptions. Includes a searchable database of player descriptions. MyRolePlay - In addition to titles, flags, and descriptions, lets you enter in information such as background, current mood, and so forth. FlagRSP WotLK - An update of the original FlagRSP. Includes a list of friends and enemies. SPEECH/EMOTES Lore - Gives your character the ability to learn and/or speak other languages. Includes fluency and stutter effects. Eloquence - Focuses on cleaning up and organizing communications. Translates poor typing skills into real English, offers miscellaneous display options for chat windows, etc. Emotomania - Customizable emote shortcuts and command aliases. Roleplaying Helper 2 - Allows your character to automatically roleplay to certain events with user-definable phrases and emotes. Also aids in switching to your character's native language. Elephant - Keeps a separate log of any channel. Bit of a memory hog. Chatter - Chatter is a comprehensive, lightweight, mega-configurable chat enhancement addon. Among its many uses is the ability to copy text from a chat frame. RP "props": Arcane Workshop - A custom item/prop/book mod with unlimited space that lets you create props for RP. All items are put in their own inventory and can be given to other people with the mod. Please suggest other RP mods you use.
  2. This is a guide on how to use addons to make your UI work for you, so that you can optimize your gameplay. Now, this is meant to help, not shame. You don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to use addons, even if lots of people say they’re great. If you like these ideas, and the idea of putting in the time to learn them appeals to you, great. If not, don’t let it ruin the fun you’re having. Got it? Then let’s begin! The base UI you’re presented with when you first start the game is... sufficient. You have all the information there that you need. Your health, your target, your buffs and debuffs, members of your group or raid, your action bars, your minimap... And you can customize it to an extent. You can make it show target of target, buffs/debuffs on target or group members, extra action bars, etc. Some people get by just fine using the base UI; some even excel with it. But I am of the strong belief that customizing your UI can give you an edge, and if the huge selection of mods (a.k.a. addons) out there indicates anything, I’m far from the only one! Of course, having your UI altered takes getting used to. You have to unlearn reflexes and train yourself to take input differently. For many people, that’s a turn-off, and something they just don’t want to bother with, though there are rewards in the end. Mods also require learning how to actually implement them – how to install them, what all the terminology means, and how to configure their options. But fear not! I’m here to help! And you can start off small, and add things over time. Or, you can go for a mod pack, which are collections that overhaul the UI entirely for you, and which are designed to take the strain of learning how to configure mods off. Let’s talk about both options. Mod Packs There are several highly recommended mod packs out there. One of the most popular is ElvUI, which several very skilled players I know use (such as my husband, after grudgingly giving up the vanilla UI after some 8 years). Mods packs generally have all the addons preconfigured in a pleasing and helpful way, and some, such as ElvUI, even walk you through a couple of options you can set yourself. If you want to dive right into a fully customized UI, an option that is surprisingly easy and pleasant, I would recommend starting with ElvUI ( Another popular option is SpartanUI ( if you want to check out how both look. Individual Mods Alternatively, you can tweak one thing at a time in your UI. A lot of people like to start out with one change – improved unitframes, for example. Those would be the player icon, target icon, party member icons, etc. You can make them look much cooler, such as with 3D models and nicer borders. Or maybe you want to have more action buttons, and in a more compact style. You can do that with an action bar mod. In this fashion, you can slowly add things to your UI as you get comfortable with them, and build a custom UI exactly to your liking. The rest of this guide will cover individual mods. If something piques your interest, try it out!
  3. So, I found this. This is an addon which apparently allows players on the same side to set up a number of player-made factions, which will display to all people using the mod. Players can flag themselves as members of a faction, and can gain or lose reputation with that and other factions. I believe there is also a functionality to allow gaining reputation with one faction to lower or gain reputation with another linked faction. Alliance and Horde will not be able to see player-made factions on the other side. I haven't tested out the mod itself, but comments on the webpage are from 2009, so even though it was last updated four months ago, the mod still seems to be functional. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– This is a brilliant idea. The possibilities are huge for this, and I'm glad it exists because it can be used for an rp project I may be getting on board for. It also has the capacity to be nearly useless or very confusing if there isn't a coordinated, synchronized effort to utilize this, and agreement on the limitations and factions to be created. I also know I'm not the one who should be setting this up. A major note is that apparently you set up "projects" for people to join, which have the factions listed with them. There can be more than one, but depending on how it works, there should be one "consensus" project per side. Any projects started up independently should eventually be incorporated into the consensus once everyone agrees that the side-factions are important enough to be mainstream, so to speak.
  4. Amoola

    totem caddy

    Are any other shaman using this mod or heard of it? Reading the 'it does this' bit when looking at things doesn't do much for me. All I know is that it is suppose to be new. For those who don't know what it is here is a link. any reviews would be helpful. Thanks.
  5. Akuje

    Reporting plugin?

    Is there a plug in that will streamline the process of reporting names and guild names for being against naming rules? It's kinda frustrating to type it out every time, but I still feel we need to keep the server clean of stupidity.
  6. Kovan

    Arcane Workshop

    I was told about this a few days ago, and under the repeated proddings of a few friends, downloaded the mod and gave it a whirl. So. Much. Fun. having the ability to send each other books, props, custom items that do not actually take up inventory space is.. awesome. It doesn't seem to be a resource whore to boot. 1.50 mb? Way less than auctioneer. I highly reccomend this as a Rp-tool/addon From Cursegaming: