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  1. Amoola


    I t looks like a large poush to me. Poor guy has to keep his nads somewhere.
  2. Amoola

    Avatar: The Legend of Korra

    As a note, Roku was maried. It's mentioned when he's talking to Anng and telling his side of the love/hate relationship story involving the previous fire lord. It was at the poor guy's wedding party that he was asked to side with the fire nation in the planned war. I don't know if he had any children or not. Seeing Toph still up and kicking (ass) would be amusing. Wonder if she will bee a little off kilter (or seem that way) like Boomy was. But, seeing if she perfected metal bending would rock. Go figure that the kids and I have now started a betting pool of sorts as to what might come up in the series.
  3. Amoola

    Alright, this time it's personal.

    This bunch keep sounding more and more like some real prize winners. Though, as I had to point out in a FB conversation to a friend, the first person/group to shoot or bomb them or hell really start anything serious with them potentially gets them martyred. When possible diffuse them with massive amounts of humor (like at a comic convention) and calmly block or ignore them when they are being idiots like at funerals etc. I'm sure that any group who is targeted (or in some of the examples those who are friends of the targeted group) can think their way through it to end the situation with non violent means. I wonder how the Westboro folks would react to a big group of cross dressers (acting it up to the nines and poking fun of themselves as they go) holding signs that are parodies on the ones that are being carried by the Westboro people just calmly joined the group as if they belonged? If they start protesting any non Christian groups (in my area since I can't really travel too far) And I am so there! I'll have to come up with a good sign or two and some protest phrases in Gaelic, then I'll be good to go and mingle while mocking.
  4. Amoola


    I like that statue. Someday I will own a torc. Until then the ones worth getting cost too much.
  5. Amoola

    Alright, this time it's personal.

    After reading that I suddenly have a Voltaire song stuck in my head. It's good to be evil.
  6. Amoola


    Yup if you look far enough back into any culture's past you find things that will back hand you for nit picking someone else's culture. The Irish took the heads of those they killed in battle. If memory serves they were called called 'Macha's acorns'. When they stopped doing that they turned to stealing each other's cattle for bragging rights.
  7. Amoola


    And like all the best racial groups Maori know how to beat the snot outta people with a stick. Good lord Tydis! That is a strong ass drink!
  8. Amoola


    Sounds like a Scott or Irish guy to me. They don't have to be tall in order to have a big brass pair. My great grandma was all of maybe four feet tall, she could kick your butt though. Hear I had heard that 'black Irish' referred to survivors from wrecked Spanish ships that were found washed up on the Irish shore that lived and stayed. Though I don't know where my mom picked that up from so I have no sources.
  9. Amoola


    Actually Vill I thought it looked good. Not too far off from Colcannon actually. Just change the form the potatoes are in and add cabbage. Good stuff. Also forgot to add that Irish are known for their dirty fighting. (and I am not talking bombs here) Might I introduce Irish stick fighting? Shillelagh is a fun multi purpose item. I'll pull up some video links once my internet isn't screwed. The humidity is eating it alive at the moment though. >.<
  10. Amoola


    Um.... Vil? What is that? And better yet what is in it?
  11. Amoola


    Latkes, lamb and matroska dolls...... Love them! And Rethius, that isn't such a bad thing.
  12. Amoola


    I had a big thing typed out and then the power went out. LOL! Long story short if you are a mutt then you can still be proud of it. There is always something to be proud of and some branch of your heritage will call to you. As it stand I am (in order from freshest to oldest in the bloodline) Swedish, Irish, possibly Welsh, Austrian and German.... With the vague possibility of Jewish (yes I know not a race) in there for flavor. I get teased to no end for my stubborn love of the Irish part of me. Everyone can easily listen to Irish music (if you haven't at some point already), we all know about the abomination that is Riverdance (sorry but there are better ways to see Irish dance seriously!) and there is whiskey and stout for drinks, and I'm well versed in potato jokes that you. ( ) But I would like to toss out a little something from left field for the good old Irish pride. Brehon Law There is always Irish wolfhounds too..... I so want one!
  13. Amoola

    Shake your moneymaker. (New Dances)

    Mental note: Female Tauren no longer have the worst dance..... I will no longer complain. >.< As for the goblin one I think it fits. I like it. Can't wait to see the female goblin and worgen dances.
  14. Amoola

    RealID Update

    Good news is good. I can say that I've let out a sigh of relief. I don't really like being on the fence about things. But I also don't like having choices made for me either. If there are people posting under several character names then those who post/or would post under one name only shouldn't be forced into something. I most likely don't make sense but I am also posting from the equivalent of grand central so..... yeah.
  15. Amoola

    RealID Update

    "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, His name is my name, too." Agnarr I think you are on to something here...... (nope not attacking just playing along for any who don't know the song.)