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  1. If I were RP'ing I definitely wouldnt lock myself into a time stop, and would probably use Deus Ex Machina Artifact Weapon excuse such as Truthguard shielded Anastarian from the blast. Now, that said, I've yet to see how it plays out in game but no, not for me. Now, for my alts... That would explain their delayed entry into the expansion.
  2. Celethorn

    Harassment on TNG

    Purge them with fire. Do not allow them to win.
  3. <img src="http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/funny-pictures-kitten-asks-for-water.jpg" alt="funny-pictures-kitten-asks-for-water.jpg" />

  4. Celethorn

    The Official Music Thread~

    How the fuck can I NOT see a Lily Allen Video? The FUCK!? Inspired by a conversation with Lia on MSN. Up and Down by The Vengaboys
  5. Celethorn

    Gorechili Repost

    A Biker Death Knight who caused inadvertantly caused me more issues than he knows. Seems decent enough.
  6. The Blades of Lordaeron is an RP-PvE Guild with a strong focus on loyalty and family. Having been around in several forms since the beginning of the Twisting Nether server we are now looking to find a few people to bridge in some gaps for Ulduar10 and beyond. Having already vendor trashed one Tier eight token; we are looking for the following: - Warrior (Arms / Fury) - Hunter - Shaman (Preferably Restoration) - A healer (Not Druid.) The Blades operates a two night raiding system Wednesdays 8pm and Saturdays 6pm. We also expect people to at least be respectful of role-play, ideally be a role-player for various events. The Guild has a long and proud history and we very much want people to be a part of that. Our RP philosophy is everything has a price, and if that price happens to come while achieving our own goals then all the better. Due to the nature of the Guild we have a firm core of people who hate Varian Wrynn, so hating the King may be benefical. The Guild does not organise PvP regularly, nor does it take a very active interest in Arenas though both do happen. The Guild will take in alts; however, people coming into the Guild with alts should show as much dedication to their alt as their mains. People willing to help themselves will receive the most help. For further information or to discuss joining please contact Celethorn / Aerdir in game and not through the TNG.
  7. Celethorn

    A Frozen Tome

    I have travelled both Azeroth and Outlands and the level of apathy I feel towards anyone and anything astounds even me (Wife, children and three close friends excluded). I find my desire to make new friends, engage in activities or even give a damn about anyone’s problems is nil. This leads me to walk along life, slaying as I go to keep the darker more brooding thoughts at bay. I am still greeted with the looks and the comments about my seeming familiar. I desperately need a hobby. Blacksmithing just will no longer suffice when you’re a Master at it. Maybe hobbies are irrelevant.
  8. Celethorn

    Flyers Posted in the Horde Cities

    Celethorn picked up the flier, giving a glance over. "Always someone wanting to be a pathetic copycat. A bad, pathetic copycat at that." He tossed the flier to the ground and stamped on it, continueing on his journey.
  9. Celethorn

    Celethorn Greyhame

    Full Name: Celethorn Greyhame Nicknames: Cele, Dath'anar. Date of Birth: 9th September Age: One Hundred and Twenty Eight. Race: Human / Quel'dorei. Gender: Male. Hair: White. Skin: Pale white. Eyes: Blue. Height: 6'7" Weight: 293lbs Place of residence: Silvermoon City Place of Birth: Lordaeron Known Relatives: Liadain Greyhame (wife), Aena and Aenarion Greyhame (twin son and daughter), Aidan Greyhame (son), Aenawen Greyhame (sister), Svetlana Greyhame (mother). Religion/Philosophy: Do unto others before they do unto you. Occupation: Mercenary. Group/Guild affiliation: The Blades of Lordaeron Guild Rank: The Boss (Guild Master) Enemies: The Crimson Watch (Specifically Morghoul), Honor of Elune, the human rogue Mayday. Likes: Efficiency, honesty, dry senses of humour, Mulgore, horses. Favorite Foods: Food is food. Favorite Drinks: Strong ales. Favorite Colors: Midnight blue. Weapons of Choice: Anything close to hand works. Dislikes: dishonesty, not being able to take a joke, social functions. Hobbies: Drawing and weapons practice. Physical Features: A strong muscular man usually sporting a grimace, with a tattoo of a phoenix and a moon on his left arm and a wolf running on elven writing on his wrist. Special Abilities: Exceptional Tracker. Positive Personality Traits: Fiercely loyal, prone to acts of heroism. Negative Personality Traits: Can be cold, unforgiving, is always dispassionate. Misc. Quirks: Doesn't like to be touched by people he doesn't know. Enjoys practical jokes on others during field missions. Played by What Famous Person: Daniel Craig. Theme Songs: Ozar Midrashim 1.1 and Ultraviolence. History: To be written.
  10. Celethorn

    Admiral Liadain Greyhame

    My wife, my partner, and loyal to the end. Having been through so much together I know I will always be able to depend on her, even when I can depend on no-one else.
  11. Celethorn

    A Frozen Tome

    Wily as ever, I find that the ties to my old friends are kept sacred even now. Though he'd say it's after everything we've been through, and, to be fair, it's been a lot. Having both Liadain and Feorn around keep me sane in a way I had not expected and I am deeply comforted by the fact that I can still keep in touch with some Alliance friends too. Only a few are friends though, the rest shall be dealt with as I come across the them. Given my way, I'd march on Varian Wrynn tonight and remove such a volatile leader. Kings Terenas and Dath'remar would be turning in their graves to know that the Humans now have such a weak and emotional leader prone to grievous lapses in judgement. I have contacted an old friend of mine at the request of Maithanet Dawnbringer, who presently has some issues with a rogue Paladin offering threats regarding an old friend of mine. While I could contact them myself I see no reason to instigate the situation further. Besides, it shall be more rewarding to watch the look on the womans face when five very old friends come swarming down to destroy her limb from limb. The children are well and healthy. I do not believe I could ask for more than to see their faces every day, though perhaps my wife giving up this insistence on championing Tirion Fordrings Crusade would be nice. He has named her one of his Argent Champions and while I have known Fordring for many a year I still do not enjoy him using her as a weapon of his retribution. Should the woman I love die because of his inability to make the tough calls then he will have a much larger and more immediate problem than the Lich King to deal with. I have attempted to assist the Cenarion Expedition in the wake of the exodus in Outland. Misere has joined me and I believe that it has helped us both. I will continue to comply with the wishes of the Druids and maybe being close to Nature will help her vent some of the mounting frustration that she has felt. Maybe.
  12. Celethorn

    The Official Appreciation Thread

    I appriciate Liadain dealing with my "are we there yet" attitude and skittish behaviour while making an awesome trip happen. I also appriciate my friends. All of them.
  13. Celethorn

    Down Memory Lane

    Inside Farstrider Lodge Celethorn sighed happily and looked around. He picked up a longbow and pulled back on the string. He smiled happily as he remembered his days back as a ranger, running along the fields of Quel'thalas. Celethorn had been a terrible Ranger to begin with, his aptitude only growing in the arts of the wild after extra lessons. This was before his initiation into the Knights of the Silver Hand and his ordeal leading him to become allergic to his own powers. He put the bow down and watched some of the shooters outside, leaning on the doorframe with arms folded. He pulled himself in for a courteous young man who apologised for making him move. He felt Liadain come behind him, one hand on each shoulder. "Nice people here, for once." He stated as if it were fact.
  14. Celethorn

    A Frozen Tome

    It has been a long number of weeks since I wrote in this. I finally found Liadain in an inn in Silvermoon, transformed to find me and "Bring me back". It sounds more like "Don't go on a rampage" but I am forever grateful to whatever higher being decided to give me this chance to attempt to reclaim what part of my humanity I have left. I have spent the time assessing my options. I can rise and fight with these strange bedfellows or I can sit here and ignore it and watch my children grow. Alas that if their father does not fight, who will? The urge to kill has been much lessened by life with my family again but the coldness in my heart and soul will never leave. I wish to see the streets of Stormwind again, to see the real king. I fear though, his impetuous nature may be the catalyst for something much much worse than the Lich King and the Scourge. We shall see what the morning brings, and hope that it is not a dawn of war.