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  1. August 9 2017 Upgrade

    Thanks for all your efforts, Mortica!
  2. TNG Con 2018: The Poll

    Looks like we're headed to NOLA for 2018!
  3. TNG Con 2018: The Poll

    New Orleans, proposed by Vilmah in this post: New Orleans proposal: Dates: January - March 2018 (not during Mardi Gras) Travel: Louis Armstrong International Airport Home Base: House on Bourbon St. ($ will depend on how many people sign up, $1500 a night) Includes Hot Tub Balcony Kitchen Large Living Space Within Walking Distance (of home base): Day Cemetery Tours $25.00 Steamboat Cruise $32.00 Cocktail History Walking Tour $65.00 Food History Tour $55 - $120 Riverwalk Free Audubon Aquarium $29.95 Cafe Du Monde $5.45. Cafe Du Monde Coffee And Chicory Regular $5.74. Cafe Du Monde Coffee And Chicory Decaf $5.88. Cafe Du Monde French Roast Coffee $23.99. Twelve Cafe Au Lait Pralines $13.99. Six Cafe Au Lait Pralines $23.99. Twelve Creamy Pralines $13.99. Six Creamy Pralines Eat Alligator Voodoo Museum $7.00 Night Karaoke Free Burlesque Show $15 general admission / $25 VIP Live Jazz Free Ghost Tours $15 - $100 Bourbon Street Free Drink Absinthe Varies
  4. TNG Con 2018: The Poll

    Boston, proposed by Yemana in this post: BAHSTAN. PLACES TO STAY (May would probably be our best bet in terms of weather) Here (Big-ass Victorian house at $1500/night) Here (Oceanfront? Oceanfront. $1350/night) Here (Beautiful, ocean view, $750/night) GETTING AROUND Like every city, they've got Uber, but they also have a big ol' subway system. WHAT'S TO DO? Uh, what's NOT to do? Freedom! The Freedom Trail; 16 historic sites that can be walked throughout the city. History, history, and more history. Fishies! New England Aquarium! Because aquariums are fuckin cool Art! Boston Museum of Fine Arts, fourth largest museum in the U.S.! Dude, just click it. SO MANY THINGS. SEAFOOD, for you people who like that kind of thing Anyone want to go to Salem? BECAUSE WE CAN. ON A PUBLIC TRANSIT TRAIN. Whale watching!
  5. TNG Con 2018: The Poll

    Here it is, the poll to determine where TNG Con 2018 will be held! Below I will put full descriptions of the proposals for each location.
  6. Xara sketches

    Kalisto, the vexing demon hunter(?) Pose from a stock photo.
  7. TNG Con... 2018!

    Last day to submit proposals!
  8. TNG Con... 2018!

    Please submit your proposals by the end of this Friday, the 26th! Once we have proposals to look at, I can put up a poll. The proposals will help people figure out which locations they could feasibly attend so they know how to vote. If there only end up being a couple proposals, I'll just do one poll to determine where we're going. Otherwise, if we get multiple more, I'll split it into two polls: one to determine which the most people could attend, then one to determine which of the top results from that poll is the most popular. Thanks in advance for submitting proposals!
  9. TNG Con... 2018!

    As Vilmah and Yemana have done, please include estimated prices with your proposals, so folks can weigh that into their decision-making!
  10. Your Character Chart

  11. Your Character Chart

    There was a discussion at TNG Con about the kinds of characters you play. Although at the time my position was that everyone has a spectrum of personality that they're able to roleplay within, after reflecting on it awhile, I realized that a simple bipolar spectrum wouldn't really encompass, at least for me, the range of characters I play. So I had the idea that there are certain traits I'm capable of portraying in my characters, and that the end result for each character would look like like a unique radar map of those traits. And then it occurred to me that this could be a really fun exercise for everyone to partake in! So if you buy into this theory, what are the major traits that you're able to portray in your characters, and where does each character fall on that chart? I decided to go with five traits, with a value of 0-5 in each trait (half values accepted). It was fun figuring out what five traits could encompass all my characters and where each character registers on each axis. Here is the result! Make your own graph here! https://www.onlinecharttool.com/graph?selected_graph=radar Helpful things to keep in mind: None of the traits need to be opposites of each other. Just because you can play a masochistic character doesn't mean you can play a sadistic one. Pick traits that describe a character's nature, not hobbies or skills. Not all of your characters need to share all the traits. Some can have negligible values in some of the traits. On the chart maker, "items" should be traits, and each "group" should be a character. Change "Show Labels" to "No" to get rid of the number boxes. Values of 0 don't show up very well. If you have to use them, try rearranging the axes to something that shows your values clearly.
  12. TNG Con... 2018!

    Grats on the baby! TE Con hasn't happened yet, as far as I'm aware The Grim camping trip is still forthcoming too!
  13. TNG Con... 2018!

    A little poking around also turned up these two options for Nola: House: 10 Beds, 4 Futons, 2 Lofts. 7 Baths Sleeps 32-Max. 1 Block to Bourbon St. "Excellent for Bachelors parties and Large Groups, 16 separate sleeping spaces. Sleeps 1 to 26, Max of 32 guests. For Ultimate Privacy rent the entire property. You and your group will have the entire property to yourselves, including; Hot Tub, Courtyards, and all other spaces. Great for large groups... wanting privacy & luxury. Furnished with beautiful Antiques, Original Historic Architectural details, stained glass, beamed ceilings plus a 42' Plasma flat screen TV in the Main House & a 32' Plasma flat Screen TV in the Mardi Gras apt. DVD, Stereos and all the conveniences of home & Hot Tub... The Kerlerec House is located one short block from the French Quarter and one block from world famous Bourbon Street. It is located at the center of all that New Orleans has to offer, the local scene on Frenchman Street, as well as all of the amazing tourist attractions. You will be staying just a short walk from some of the most famous restaurants in the world. Experience New Orleans day or night as a local would in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, or enjoy 1 of our 3 Lush Court Yards. You can rent our entire Property for only $1,500.00 to $1,900.00 (depending on season & special events) For the utmost in privacy and comfort." Exclusive Bayou Oaks Plantation "6 Bedrooms, 7.5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 2-30. Stay in this exclusive private Plantation home nestled on award winning Bayou Liberty 30 miles from the Historic French Quarter! .. $1,251/night" (Click on the link to see the pictures, they say more than words possibly could.)
  14. TNG Con... 2018!

    The 25-man Pontchartrain suite appears to be $1060 a night which would be a nice $42/night per person. Notably though, it says it accommodates 25 for hospitality events, not for sleeping. If we got it, most folks would need to get their own accommodations as well.
  15. TNG Con... 2018!

    Haha, with everyone tossing their hometown in the mix, I feel like I should put San Francisco forward! Anyway though, now that we've kicked around ideas and generated enthusiasm, here's what I'd like. Fully fleshed proposals. If there's someplace you'd really like to have the con, go ahead and start looking into it. Figure out an optimal date (or range of dates), research good lodging options, food, and activities. It doesn't have to be perfectly nailed down, but go ahead and put a little time into it and see how feasible it can really be. After that, I'll put together a poll with the most popular options. So far, between posts here and word of mouth I've been around to hear, it sounds like New Orleans and Boston are the biggest contenders, but we'll see!