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    ...was I drunk?

    "...was I drunk?" "When aren't you?" "Ummm...."
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    Online gaming enhances leadership skills

    I always thought I was a terrible leader -- I'm not exactly the type that inspires respect. But since I've started playing WoW I've found it easier to organize people into action when otherwise they might dither or argue. I realized that lots of people -want- someone to step up because they don't want to be the one to do it. But it's not so bad, and I enjoy being productive and learning more about how to lead without being demeaning or rash.
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    ...was I drunk?

    Xara's not too curvy... Like me... ;_;
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    ...was I drunk?

    Oh, no, the craziest thing she does when drunk is sleep with pirate admirals. Btw, if you thought that might faze me, I had a year-long tour in Korea. Army + overseas = drinking debacles probably even you wouldn't believe.
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    To Whom it may concern:

    Citadel will miss your presence. Thank you for all you've done and good luck.
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    A True Story of an Ex GM & The Guild Dilemma.

    I'm flattered, someone mentioned Citadel We are nearly through Karazhan and do RP, although to be honest there isn't a whole lot of RP -in- the guild. We just have a lot of role players who end up playing wherever there's playing to be done. So there is RP, just not in a central fashion like say Sanctuary, with their busy IC channel. That said, Ordo has a bunch of wonderful folks as well, and is a little more hardcore raiding, but I have the impression that they don't have as many role players. This could be incorrect, however. But all three of the guilds I have mentioned are awesome, and if you join any of them you'll meet great people (if you don't already know 'em!).
  7. It started out harmlessly enough. We'd heard about these crypts in Auchindoun that may or may not hold some treasures just waitin' around for the pickup. So we decided to check it out, you know, just see what we could see. "What's a kid doin' here?" asked the Admiral. I glanced over at Elrioch, then followed his gaze to the little draenei child who was near the others standing outside the crypts' entrance. My attention had been captured by the rather tall piles of bones... But it was pretty strange to see a child in a place like this. Moreover, he seemed to be following around and watching something. I say "something" because whatever it was wasn't apparent to us normal folk. Elrioch and I exchanged a look, and I shrugged. One of the adult draenei was muttering to himself, too. I started edging away, wonderin' if what they had was contagious, but Elrioch's curiosity was getting the better of him. I sighed as he walked toward the child, thinking about reminding him of that one time in Silithus with the geyser he just had to check out... Oh wait, that was me. "What're ya doin'?" he asked the kid. The kid looked at him and smiled indulgently. "I see dead draenei," he responded. "They're all around us." "No kiddin'?" El rocked back on his heels and studied the kid. "Bah, nobody believes me because I'm a child. Not even my own mommy believes me." "Well, it's kinda hard to believe somethin' like that," I said dryly. "He believes me though..." The kid pointed at the mumbling draenei. "He sees them too. Boy does he get angry about it!" He giggled. "It's kind of funny. I see ghosts and people just smile and pat me on the head, trying to placate me. Ramdor sees ghosts and people label him as crazy. I sure hope I never grow up!" "Yeah kid. Don't we all," Elrioch said. The kid suddenly fixed us with a look that was far too knowing for one his age. "You should probably talk to Ramdor before you go inside. He was once a death priest." I looked over at El again. He shrugged this time. Well, if there was one thing we had learned, it was not to ignore advice in unfamiliar territory, no matter where it came from. The strangest people sometimes had the best ideas. So I walked over to Mr. Mumble. "'Scuse me, I was wondering..." I began. "The child is correct. I was once a 'death priest'." The guy winced. I was taken aback at the intelligence behind his words, but who knows about these crazy types. "Such an unsavory title," he added under his breath. "So, uh..." I said. Ramdor didn't bother waiting for me to start a conversation proper. He clearly knew what we were here for. "Through that corridor lies the Auchenai Crypts," he declared. "Inside you will find the remnants of my priory. They are all mad now, of course. Insane to the last! I suppose I stood out, being the last one among them with any common sense. Of course, I was excommunicated for my beliefs." He was certainly a bitter crazy guy. Elrioch said, "What kinda beliefs get ya excommunicated?" "What are my beliefs you say?" The draenei laughed. The others nearby ranged from irritated to a little frightened as they glanced over at us. "I believe that the dead, which we have been caring for these last 500 odd years, should be left alone. Maladaar has other plans. He has retreated to the Crypt of Remembrance to start his experiments... Necromancy." "Well, that doesn't sound so crazy," I said. "I mean, I wouldn't throw you out for objectin' to that." "I hope you weren't thinking about going in there..." he said suddenly. "Not before helping me out so that these damned spirits will finally leave me alone. I know where they keep their treasures, troll." That was more like it. My interest must have been apparent. "Got your attention, eh?" He grinned. His teeth were kind of blackened. I have to say bad teeth are kinda a turn-off for trolls like me. "Bring me the book of the dead, held by the Aldor, Ezekiel of Shattrath." He waved a hand at us and turned away, back to his mumblin'. I raised my eyebrows at Elrioch. He grinned at me, and as one we turned to walk out of the corridor. Once we were outside, I put my two fingers to my mouth and blew a piercing whistle. El winced as he always did, then looked around suspiciously. But he didn't spot Kitty before she bounded down from one of the broken ledges overhead and landed on his back. He let out an oof and staggered while Kitty hit the ground gracefully and padded to my side. "Stupid smelly cat!" the Admiral complained, adjusting his hat. He gave Kitty a glare; she ignored him utterly. On the gray stone of the ruins, my cat's colorless and slightly transparent body blended in almost perfectly. I petted her, but she ignored me too. Who knows how cats think. "Shall we?" I grinned and we went over to our mounts. Still mumbling, El mounted astride his horse. I got on my loyal and patient riding wolf, Kedo. "At least Shattrath is pretty close," I offered. "You know some folks've had us running all over the place just to do their bidding." He turned his horse toward the exit. His gaze was skyward now, checkin' the sky through the shattered dome. I didn't see any signs of nearby Allies, but it never hurt to be careful. "We ride," he grunted, and spurred his mount into a gallop. Kedo needed no urging to follow suit. I can't say the wastelands made especially beautiful scenery, but I loved riding at high speed just the same. There was somethin' exhilarating about the freedom in it, the same thing that had brought the Admiral and me together in the first place. I grinned again. Well, maybe not the first place. The first thing that had brought us together wasn't our shared taste for adventure, more like a shared taste for alcohol. But it was what kept us journeying together ever since. Although sometimes I wondered if there was any other reason he preferred my company to journeying alone. Mostly after said shared taste for alcohol had been indulged. We slowed as we entered the forest and wound our way through the tall trees, oversized spiders, and aggressive wolves. In no time, the eerily beautiful city of Shattrath came into view. The peacekeeping draenei astride hulking elekk eyed us and the Alliance alike as we trotted further into the city. I did my best to ignore the eyeballing several Allies gave me. This was holy ground; I had neither the inclination nor the right to soil it with their dirty blood. Elrioch spit on the ground as a human walked by and I smirked to myself. I hadn't taken to the blood elves at first, once they joined the Horde, but after meetin' the Admiral they tended to amuse me more often than not. It took some asking around, but we finally found the fellow we were supposed to procure the book from. Then he didn't want to tell us anything about said book. With some motivation supplied he admitted that he used to have it, but it'd been stolen. Also said it was useless anyway and he were welcome to it. Can't say I was much of a bookworm myself, but if we could trade it for treasures, I'd gladly accept some scribbles bound in leather. So we went ruffian hunting. Finally we narrowed down possible suspects to a group of three toughs in one corner of Lower City. I eyed them from our vantage point a distance away. "They look like they know how to brawl," I commented. Elrioch cracked his knuckles. He had that look on his face that he got when he was spoiling for a fight and nothing was gonna convince him otherwise. "Then let's give 'em a chance to demonstrate," he said, and started walking forward. "That was all you could come up with?" I remarked, stepping up next to him. "We're about to dive headlong into a fight and you couldn't think of anythin' better than that to say?" He was too intent on the upcoming tussle to give my teasing too much mind. The ruffians took note of us then anyway and started sizin' us up. One of them smirked at me. I smirked back, letting some of my longer teeth show. I didn't have tusks as impressive as some of my brethren, but the rest were pointy enough to unnerve most folks when I smiled a particular way. Like I was now. It helped that Kitty smiled too, and her fangs were definitely more impressive than mine. To be fair, Elrioch all done up in his plate armor and slightly glowing aura was somewhat intimidating as well. To someone who didn't know him. I casually fingered by bow as El walked up to the one we figured was the leader. "Heard ya got yerselves a book," he said. "Dirty" Larry eyed El up and down. He was a thick human guy with an eye patch and no shirt, bald on top. "So what if we do? What's it to ya?" His two cronies chortled as though he'd said somethin' witty. Maybe for him it was. El said, "Not much really... I'm lookin' to make money, not spend it... so if ya could hand it over that'd be great." Larry's face turned even uglier. "No way, pretty boy. We don't hand over nothin' to no one. Ya better skedaddle now b'fore I stop feelin' generous." "My mom says 'skedaddle'," I commented. He gave me an unappreciative look. "And take yer freakish girlfriend with ya," he snarled. At my side, Kitty began growling at his tone. His cronies started reachin' for their weapons. Elrioch sprang into action. He extended a hand and a pillar of light crashed onto Larry, blinding him and stunning him for a brief moment. By the time he could see again, he had El's sword swinging at him. He barely brought up his truncheon in time to block the blow and then the two were trading hits, the truncheon clanging off El's shield with brute force. Meanwhile I was occupied with the cronies. They'd thought to help out their boss, but one of them found a sizable cat launching for his face and the other found an arrow stuck in his leg. The first tried to beat down Kitty while the second came after me, howling in anger. He never saw the ice trap at my feet before it exploded, encasing him in a block of solid ice. I started firing arrows in rapid succession at the first, who realized too late that he couldn't take cat and hunter at once and tried to run. Kitty brought him down and pinned him. It was over in moments. I saw Larry's truncheon fly into the air and El's sword at his neck. "Okay, okay! Don't hurt us. We had the book but we sold it..." Larry cried. "Go on." Elrioch smiled. I laid down another trap and smiled at the frozen ruffian. Kitty smiled into the face of the terrified one she had trapped under her paws. [[ Chapter 2 coming soon! ]]
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    Name That Cat!

    Shnookums! ...Cupcake? PRINCESS.
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    Does your Raid need help?

    Dude. Tusks are hot.
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    Has The Game Changed?

    I uh... I got nothin.
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    Has The Game Changed?

    Well yeah, we reaid without anyone. Me, Empty, whoever's not there misses out. But if you are there, you can get in, silly! Especially this coming week, because Gornash is gonna be... occupied. Heehee. And quit calling me sexy > Back on topic: I'm only just finding out about the arpee community on TN, but I like what I've seen so far. It helps to already be friends with a bunch of these people, because then that camaraderie transfers easily over into arpee. But I still feel like I'm only scraping the surface and I look forward to making a character everyone knows. Or at least I can dream
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    Has The Game Changed?

    I also enjoy helping out lowbies when I'm bored. I've actually made a few friends that way and it just cheers me to know that someone got what they were hoping for because of me, or were delighted by something they weren't even expecting. Although at the same time, I don't want to spoil the lowbies too much, because then they won't even appreciate what they're getting! Also, some of them really are kids and don't know how to feel gratitude. Ah well, they'll grow up someday. It's funny though, I was just thinking about my first days on WoW not that long ago. It was uh this past February (I'm a noooob) but even so I can tell a big difference. I remember when I was questing in the Barrens, I found a way to get on top of those barrier hills, and I ran around on them for hours, just looking at other lands. Then I fell down into Dustwallow Marsh and tried to get to the post there, but I got eaten by an alligator repeatedly and an ally rode by so I figured it was an Alliance post and gave up. But yeah... It was so exciting back then, exploring when everything was so new (and dangerous to a level 16 hunter). Now I'm just like meh, I've seen it all. But the end-game challenges and the friends I've made mean that although solo content and exploring aren't very interesting to me anymore, I still love the game.
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    Elf portrait, with workflow :D

    Very nice, wonderful work!
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    Xara draws!

    I'd say somethin, but... ... I got nothin.
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    Xara draws!

    S'truth. *scoots*
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    Xara draws!

    Yeah, I noticed that today. Luckily her hands aren't what people are probably looking at.