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  1. TNG Con... 2018! - for weather references - All about the Franklin Zoo - All about the New England Aquarium (with whale watching!) - lots of different history, hotels, and attractions - more attractions
  2. TNG Con... 2018!

    BAHSTAN. PLACES TO STAY (May would probably be our best bet in terms of weather) Here (Big-ass Victorian house at $1500/night) Here (Oceanfront? Oceanfront. $1350/night) Here (Beautiful, ocean view, $750/night) GETTING AROUND Like every city, they've got Uber, but they also have a big ol' subway system. WHAT'S TO DO? Uh, what's NOT to do? Freedom! The Freedom Trail; 16 historic sites that can be walked throughout the city. History, history, and more history. Fishies! New England Aquarium! Because aquariums are fuckin cool Art! Boston Museum of Fine Arts, fourth largest museum in the U.S.! Dude, just click it. SO MANY THINGS. SEAFOOD, for you people who like that kind of thing Anyone want to go to Salem? BECAUSE WE CAN. ON A PUBLIC TRANSIT TRAIN. Whale watching!
  3. Yemana: Chillin. Acherontia: Chillin.
  4. Half dragon half elf half human half bear with tentacles. Also, he makes all the ladies and more than a few men swoon.
  5. The Mood Board Thread

  6. To put it politely, I am not a fan. I don't know if this is just someone trying something out or if we're seeing how things go for a while, but I cast my vote firmly in the nay column. If there are columns. Are there columns? Fuck it, I'm making columns. NAY, I SAY. Rawr.
  7. A Rogue's Diary

  8. <p>Tahzani, if you don't start scratching that itch that Lilly, as a healthy, sensual troll female has, I'm gonna come and punch yo face clean off.</p>

  9. <p>I find your page!!!! <3</p>

  10. How/Why You Choose Your Characters Name?

    Yemana is a variation on Yemaya, a Yoruba mother goddess. Her tribes are the Runetotem (mother's side) and Grimtotem (father's side), but she doesn't really claim them as part of her name.
  11. Yemana would have Pikatron, Chanseybulbazard, and Blastohooh.
  12. Just throwing this out here, but if there's no max bid limit on auctions, isn't it more likely that the auctions themselves will be shorter? Maybe by...a few seconds. >.>