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  1. (Under construction. This will be a resource for RPers, possibly linking to existing RP or writing guides and help-sites, as well as maintaining an up-to-date list of add-ons to enhance or aid RP.) RP GUIDES GENERAL ROLE-PLAY GUIDES There are a lot of role-play guides and how-tos on the internet. This is a list of some of the more relevant ones. The RP Survival Guide, part of the RP Made Simple website. Everything you need to know about role-play in WoW. Twisting Nether Role-Play Guide, by TNG's own Viirchi and Izrail. Five Rules of Respect, a concise guide for WoW RP that is forum-based. Short Story Writing and Role Creation, guides posted here by Aiyan. The mall, a compendium of RP clothing, a thread to generate and gather ideas for role-play outfits. GUIDES TO SERVERS/GUILDS I encourage members of Twisting Nether to add their own realm reviews and guild advertisements to these threads, which are helpful resources for RPers who seek a server or guild to join. Which Server? A Guide to RP/RP-PVP Realms, v2 - A simple form to fill out for RP/RP-PvP servers you have experience with. Roleplaying Guilds -- Advertise Yours! - Another form to fill out with information about your role-play guild. ADD-ONS RP DESCRIPTIONS The standard RP add-on is one that lets you flag yourself as a roleplayer, and input a description of your character and any custom titles or names you like. TotalRP - A mod for descriptions, RP items, pet names, and more. Does not use chat channels. Please see Lurile's Guide for more information. FlagRSP2 - Simpler than MyRP; focus is on titles, flags, and descriptions. Includes a searchable database of player descriptions. MyRolePlay - In addition to titles, flags, and descriptions, lets you enter in information such as background, current mood, and so forth. FlagRSP WotLK - An update of the original FlagRSP. Includes a list of friends and enemies. SPEECH/EMOTES Lore - Gives your character the ability to learn and/or speak other languages. Includes fluency and stutter effects. Eloquence - Focuses on cleaning up and organizing communications. Translates poor typing skills into real English, offers miscellaneous display options for chat windows, etc. Emotomania - Customizable emote shortcuts and command aliases. Roleplaying Helper 2 - Allows your character to automatically roleplay to certain events with user-definable phrases and emotes. Also aids in switching to your character's native language. Elephant - Keeps a separate log of any channel. Bit of a memory hog. Chatter - Chatter is a comprehensive, lightweight, mega-configurable chat enhancement addon. Among its many uses is the ability to copy text from a chat frame. RP "props": Arcane Workshop - A custom item/prop/book mod with unlimited space that lets you create props for RP. All items are put in their own inventory and can be given to other people with the mod. Please suggest other RP mods you use.
  2. Desperately seeking casual role-play encounters, without the commitment of a storyline? This is the thread for you. Here is the template: [b]Character:[/b] [url=link to bio here if available]Character Name[/url] [b]I am a:[/b] [b]Seeking:[/b] [b]More about me:[/b] [b]Misc. notes:[/b] [b]Contact me through:[/b] And an example: Note the structure. The intent is to give the most basic information first, for optimum browsing. Much like the real world, race and class play a factor in who is willing to associate with who. Feel free to play around with the template if it doesn't work for you. This thread is an experiment, since many have come to the forum to find encounters as opposed to storylines, and I would rather have them all in one place. Remember that if someone posts their preferred method of contact, that means they want you to initiate the contact, not reply in this thread with, "This sounds interesting. You should PM me."
  3. Izrail

    Satoshi Kon!?

    Thanks for the link. I know someone who adores Kon's work and was saddened by his death; will pass this blog post on.
  4. <p>I used the same pic by Sandara as my profile picture for a short while, a long time ago, so when a blog by you pops up I get a bit of a mind flip.</p>

  5. Izrail

    A Thought on RP

    Thread moved in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines of the RP Help and Networking Forum. Carry on here, thank you.
  6. Izrail

    Lurile's Guide to TotalRP Addon

    There is a preexisting stickied thread for addons. I have added a link to the TotalRP site you linked to, as well as a link to this guide, to the Role-Play Guides and Add-Ons thread.
  7. <p>You have a pretty cool in-character bio.</p>

  8. Done. If I missed anything, let me know.
  9. Like the look of TNG 3.0. Showcasing the artistic side of the TNG on the front page is especially neat. I look forward to seeing it implemented. Also like the suggestion of a forum for introductions. Would be good in the Visitor's Center. As for blogs, I would prefer them to stay. They enable discussions that are of a more personal or transient nature than the rest of the forums allow for. Problems only arise when users forget the purpose of the TNG (to promote the role-playing community of Twisting Nether) and indulge in drama, lulz, or other thoughtless behavior. If it didn't happen on the blogs, it would still happen elsewhere. It always has. It's part of the price of having a community that is as lenient as the TNG, and the solution will not be to nuke this or that part of the site. Unfortunately, it's up to individual members to man up and treat the site with respect. Until they are motivated to do so, it is my opinion that no structural change to the site will change the frequency of disruptive behavior. Just the location. The idea of forcing blog users to approve individual comments may help curb the spam and trolling. Self-moderation is something users should do anyway, but unless a blogger has access to the TNG 24/7, expecting them to catch all the crap is probably unrealistic. Whatever happens to the blogs, though, I will support. They are a nonessential part of the site. A nice bonus, and something I like to have around, but not what the site is here for. My only request, if the current blogs are to stay nuked until 3.0, is that users will be able to see their own blogs for a while so that they can save any content they would like to keep. This was done for the Adult Tales and Art section, giving time for authors and artists to copy any of their work or comments received before the section was deleted. Not much of the blogs may be worthy of saving, but I know, from going back multiple times to delete scores of my entries, that there was content and responses that I would like to hang on to for future reference. My other suggestion, which I am tired of repeating (and feel it is no longer my place to insist on), is about this: It baffles me that no one will step up and promote Twisting Nether on the forums at all. It has baffled me since I was hard-core crusading for the TNG a couple years ago. Is the TNG that much of a joke in the eyes of the rest of the WoW community now? Twisting Nether is the only server with a resource like the TNG. Villayna's vision of the TNG would be epic if it could be actualized. I don't get why many folks aren't interested in exploring that untapped, transformative potential.
  10. Thanks for explaining your rationale behind this. It makes sense.
  11. Izrail

    Cute Baby Animals Thread

    This is not a discussion and thus does not belong in the Discussion forum. Instead, please take your pictures to the blogs or to the preexisting Cute Animal Pictures social group.
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    I Was Bored

    I like your style. Good structure/attention to detail.
  13. <p>Hello Maerus. I moved "The Chronicle of Maerus Talryn" to the Nether Legends section. The Journals section is for in-character journals, things written by the character. A story such as yours is more at home in the Nether Legends section.</p>

  14. <p>Hello again Tarrus. I moved "Day of Training" to the Nether Legends section. The Journals section is for in-character journals, things written by the character. A story such as yours is more at home in the Nether Legends section.</p>

  15. <p>The hell you doing on so late.</p>

  16. Infectious fun, thanks for sharing. Where does the title phrase come from?
  17. <p>Mm, tasty.</p>

  18. <p>Could've been worse. I could've gotten stuck in TV Tropes.</p>

    <p>Not all who enter that site can exit again.</p>

  19. <p>Help, I'm stuck in the TNG! *tries to scramble out*</p>

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    Posting Guidelines

    It's for in-character journals. As a subset of the Nether Legends section, the same rules that apply to the Nether Legends apply here.
  21. TNGers are welcome to start their own threads if they seek a specific kind of relationship for their storyline. If you'd like to start an IC dating service, Terraya, that could be interesting, and this would be the place to advertise. But I discourage catch-all threads like this, because "hop[ing] for the best" (especially for something as important as a partner) is not the purpose of the forum. Constructive, assertive networking is. Just a reminder, rules and guidelines, as well as sample templates for starting your own threads for specific role-play networking, can be found here.
  22. Izrail

    Sunday Blombergh

    Hope she's found soon.
  23. Maybe you would be interested in contributing to the threads linked to in my signature trying out one of the ideas here relaxing a bit. Like others have said, this is a lull between expansions. Folks will be more excited to explore content once Cataclysm is out. Once Alliance has Worgen there will be RP everywhere. TN is a low-effort server. That could be changed but it would have to involve cattle prods. Keep leading by example and you might pick up a few followers, but it is not in the nature of most players here to take and sustain initiative to implement change. At least we'll always have the TNG.
  24. Izrail

    Age to Generation

    Same. Here's a relevant quote from the Order of the Stick book Origins of the PCs.
  25. Had I the time lately, I would have covered the Suvudu cage match from start to finish. As it is, I have a roommate giving me meaningful looks (meaning being: get off the damn computer, jackass), so this will be quick. If you've wondered recently what George R. R. Martin has been writing, the answer is "multiverse fanfiction in which Jaime and friends slaughter things." Martin's involvement in the Suvudu Cage Match fan polls has catapulted the Kingslayer to the final round, where he faces the Dragon Reborn. So far he's bashed Hermione Granger's face in, used knowledge of Cthulhu gaming systems to prevent the Elder God from even showing up for the match, engaged in a LiveJournal-based battle with dragon Temeraire's author (who explicitly called her write-up a "crackfic" and requested fan art of it), and killed the Kingkiller Kvothe (whose author also contributed a write-up for the match). Now it's Jaime versus Rand. Martin, feeling cheeky, asked for it to be a Trial of Seven, which has precedent in his writing of Westeros. Suvudu conceded, so it's not just Jaime against Rand. They can bring friends. Check it out. Don't bother reading Suvudu's write-up; the links to Martin and Brandon Sanderson's write-ups of why their respective characters should win are better. Both authors gave respectful nods to the late Robert Jordan ("Lord Jordayne" in Martin's). Fan temper and enthusiasm are high and the voting is split 50/50. Each fanbase is ready to rip out the throat of the opposing side. Lot of beautiful conflict. Excited to see how it ends. Each author bears more serious writing responsibilities (one, to finish a beloved dead man's work; the other, to finish Dance with Dragons before he's out of even Neil Gaiman's protective reach), so it's interesting to wonder what effect their involvement in the Suvudu cage match will have on their real work.