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  1. Anaie

    Cessily's War Against Art II

    Well someone who looks like Syreena at least.... *cackles* Welcome back Cess! Great picture!
  2. Anaie

    Raiders Needed Hordeside

    We are currently doing Normal Mannaroth and Archimonde, and Heroic everything. We have killed the first few bosses on Heroic, but since then have had some attendance drops and are pretty much back to a reset for starting Heroic Hellfire. Healers are welcome as well, but if you also have a DPS spec, it is appreciated. If interested, let me know. In game mail to Anaie is best, or you can get me on the Grim boards as well. I haven't check here in a long while, but will try to do so more often!
  3. Anaie

    Twisting Nether Roleplayer Screenshot Event

    Kicks Lilly in the shins. Now you know!!!! Also, I will try to make it!
  4. Anaie

    Blood of the Mountain

    If anyone has any Blood of the Mountain they are willing to part with, please send me an in-game mail (to Anaie) with your terms. They are proving to be a pain to farm up...
  5. Anaie

    Heart of the Mountain

    If anyone has any Heart of the Mountain they are willing to part with, please send me an in-game mail (to Anaie) with your terms. They are proving to be a pain to farm up...
  6. <p>HEY ANAIE! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  7. Anaie

    Paying 10g per...

    Disregard. I am done, and quite insane.
  8. Anaie

    A sign posted in Horde cities and towns

    *The signs have all been torn down and shredded*
  9. Wanted: Heavy Junkboxes!!! Reward: 10 gold per box I be payin' the resourceful pickpockets of da world 10 gold per Heavy Junkbox ya send ta me via gobbo post. Cash on Delivery. No questions. Many needed. Dese can be found in many places, but I tink the Blackrock Spires lower reaches is one of the best areas. -Anaie
  10. Anaie

    Paying 10g per...

    Just a bump. On the last step, but junkboxes come in at about 1 per minute... so that is about 10 more hours of work. 10g per Box, COD to Anaie directly.
  11. Anaie

    Starcraft 2

    Yeah im holding for the battlechest, since I only like online vs my friends, and even then it's kind of meh.
  12. Anaie

    Paying 10g per...

    I am in the end stages of the looooooong Steamwheedle grind, and I 1) wanted to get a bit of a jump on the boxes, if I could and 2) I dont make any money grinding the boxes. It is inefficient to kill the targets. I go in BRD, I pickpocket about 1/3 of it that gives the boxes I need, I exit and reset. I will be grinding them as much as needed, but if I can pick up a few hundred for some gold, it would be nice. Plus. They don't stack, and Moll-E has a long cooldown. And if someone CODs to me, I can just go right to Ravenholdt and turn them in out of Moll-E there, no need to get them, mail them to my banker, and return them. Plus, boxes are my last step for the achieve.
  13. Anaie

    Paying 10g per...

    Heavy Junkbox. COD to Anaie. Paying for as long as I need them, which will be a little while at least (I think I need 1300 more?).
  14. Anaie

    Rogue PVP assistance

    Meh, too much real life for another hour for this game heh. I usually pvp in my pve gear, as it is good, and use my standard Mutilate spec. I'm a glass cannon. I do pretty well, just have to choose my battles. Was just looking for some tips to move along more towards actual pvp gear to live a bit longer here and there.
  15. Anaie

    Rogue PVP assistance

    good stuff to know about the arena items, but I don't really have time/desire for that... more world pvp, bg's and WG.