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    This late at night the graveyard was quiet beyond the chirping of the night insects. This was fine as far as the drenched figure was concerned, he didn't need anyone thinking he was any crazier than he thought he was. Stepping off of the beaten path Dustin made his way towards the small fenced section bearing the Stonefield name and paused outside the gates. It had been a while since he visited, probably too long. Exhaling slowly the paladin pushed open the creaky gate and made his way inside pausing to pay respects the the various family members interred here and then finally to a wall bearing the names of those kin who either could not be buried or were in the family graves left behind. That duty done he finally let himself make his way to the two newest graves. Reaching out a hand he slowly rested it on the top of the larger stone before finally sliding down it, he didn't need to see the inscriptions to know what they said. ~ Caroline Stonefield, Lily Stonefield beloved wife and mother beloved daughter. ~ Tilting his head back Dustin let the rain wash over his face for what felt like an age before finally speaking quietly. “I still miss you two. When I lost you, I formed a group to try and fill the hole left behind made of people who had likewise lost those they held dear. I was an idiot.” Brushing a bit of hair back out of his eyes the paladin finally closed them. Even so many years later the memory of the last time he saw them came as clear as if it had been yesterday. ~ “Papa!” The shrill squeal of his five year old daughter caused the paladin to pause and turn in amusement so he could catch her as she predictably flung herself into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Don't go papa, you just got home!” Giving her a tight squeeze Dustin gave her forehead a kiss and set her back down on the ground. “I have to go but I promise I will be back before you even know it alright?” Lily's pout stated without words that she very much felt it wasn't alright. She was her father's daughter though and she finally gave a begrudging nods. “Okay. Can I have a pony when you come back??” Laughing the man picked her up again and headed back towards their home. “Your mother and I will talk about it alright?” As another pout started he gave her a sly look “I hear the horse fair is coming around soon, maybe we will discuss it there.” He was rewarded with a shriek of happiness and a fierce neck hug. Reaching the door he finally passed the girl over to her bemused mother and kissed both of their cheeks. “Keep your mother in line Lily, I love you both.” ~ The news had come the next week. War had come to his home and none in their town had survived. Rubbing his face rapidly Dustin finally reached into a pocket and pulled out a small intricate pony figurine. Giving it a long look he simply placed it on the smaller grave and stood to walk away. Even now he couldn't bring himself to say goodbye.
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    Smoke Dreams

    “…can sneak up and be in place to support the injured falling…back. Sir?” Blinking once Sol shook his head and glanced around with a somewhat confused look. This had already happened hadn’t it? “Sir are you alright?” Apparently not. Rubbing his face roughly the paladin turned to the man who was talking. One of his assistants, what were they talking about? “Fine, sorry simply tired. Go over that once more?” The man gave him a concerned look but turned back to the notes on the table between them “I was saying that if we fall out now and shift our position we can be in place when the inevitable wounded start arriving.” Nodding the paladin stood and waved a hand “See to it then.” The priest saluted and slipped out of the tent leaving Sol to stare at the canvas wall with a frown. He wasn’t left to his thoughts long as a scratch at the flap announced the arrival of his squire. “Dalithen. Anything to report?” “Nothing of interest. Horde is stalled so we’ve been tending to the scrapes that get filtered back to us.” Sinking down on his cot Dal shot Sol a look”This is gonna be bad isn’t it dad?” Sinking onto his own Sol just gave his son a tight lipped smile in return “We knew it was going to be with that right turn.” ——————- “Commander! We’re under attack, left flank!” Letting out an oath Sol kicked his horse into a gallop “On it. Get the injured and priests to the center!” As his men scrambled to follow his orders the paladin lunged off of his charger letting it dissipate back into the light and took a quick look around. Kaldorei? Here? No, this was wrong. The faces were wrong, he was wrong. Giving his head another shake Sol shook out his flail then took a defensive stance. If need be he would defend those they were protecting with his life but he really really hoped it would come to that. “Stand ready, here they come!” The night elven charge was strange to behold, the normally graceful movements were broken and disjointed as if they themselves had too many joints. It was only when they got closer that Sol realized this was because to a man the force was made of walking corpses. Inhaling sharply the paladin moved to consecrate the ground under his feet only to scream in pain as the light itself turned against him. Undeterred by the show of light the night elven corpses marched through the Sin'dorei forces knocking aside any they cam in contact with till they stood surrounding Sol. Twisting in place the paladin gave them a pained look “What are you doing? Why are you doing this? We are not part of the slaughter!” If the corpses cared for his words they did not show it. As one the group closed in reaching out to drag the paladin down into darkness. ——————- Sitting up with a gasp Sol let out a groan as his arm and ribs protested the movement. Looking around groggily he did his best to figure out where he was before finally sinking back down. He was at the hospital with Dustin. There had been no night elves, no ambush aside from the one Dustin’s mercenaries had set and most importantly no light turning against him. Pushing the sweat soaked hair back from his eyes Sol stared up at the ceiling. Strange dreams indeed.