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  1. I am writing in this simply as an exercise in sanity. While I undergo these trials and other such intrusive inquisitions I require a place to vent. It has been quite some time since I have been relegated to such a lowly role, a peon at best... I endure it, because it suits my goals at this time... their goals currently of course align very well with my own. The acquisition of power, destruction of our enemies. I find one particular female to be quite taxing... yes... very taxing, taxing indeed. I do have a personal matter to tend to before I can fully commit to the trails that certainly lay before me... that Paladin has incurred my wrath for the -final- time... my scouts have located his hovel, he will pay for his... indiscretions. Sir Cavanaugh... is going to be... how would he say it, purged? Yes... yes indeed. Purged. On another note... my lady has returned from her studies, and I do look forward to reuniting with her. It has been many long years, but it shall ever be worth the wait. I would have her join me, but I am not sure if now is the time... I would hope to attain a bit more status. Her seeing me in this particular situation is... not acceptable. Although I doubt she will listen to such a request. She is quite vexing...
  2. Full Name: Tiandron Bloodstrider Titles or Nicknames: Blood Knight Age: 96 Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height: 6'1 Weight: 135 lbs Notable Physical Features: Nothing too extraordinary. Place of residence: Silvermoon City Place of Birth: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: Mother - Coria Dawnstrider ( Ranger, deceased, killed during the Third War ) Father - Magister Matero Bloodhelm ( Magister, deceased, killed at Tempest Keep during the war in Outland ) Religion/Philosophy: He adheres to the philosophy that Silvermoon and the Sunwell are great places of power and will do whatever he must to protect his kin and all that aid them. Occupation: Blood Knight - master Jewel crafter and Enchanter Guild Rank: Supplicant Known Associates: Tialoc and Reimmi, both Sin'dorei who he has fought beside many a time. Known Nemesis: Any and all that threaten Silvermoon and by extension the Horde. Special Skills: Nothing outside of the standard repertoire of a Blood Knight. He is deceptively quick, and relies much more on the speed of his strikes, then overpowering his enemy. Alignment - Lawful Evil Positive Personality Traits: Ambition, understands rank and position, charismatic, will not hesitate to lead or step into a leadership position, even if only temporary, decisive, values learning, cerebral, measured, "knows his audience". Negative Personality Traits: Ambition ( Will do -whatever- is necessary to gain power ) , snarky and arrogant, once he is in a position of power he will make sure his position is noted... and known. Shows -no- mercy or leniency, will prefer a harsher punishment over mercy, vindictive, does not trust anyone, even if they have fought beside him for many years. History Before The Grim: A veteran of the Second and Third Wars, he has a long service record that he will be happy to explain to anyone that will listen. He seeks now mastery of the Light, either by draining its power from the Naaru ( he still believes it was foolish to give up such a source of power ) , or focusing it through the Sunwell. History In The Grim: This is underway...

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