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    As Theira’s body laid in the ground, the group of elementals who first remained silent, shocked by Mai'kull’s sacrifice, slowly started weeping, tears of sand, lava, vapor and water dropped from each of their faces while they observed the gathered party. Their unified will combined with the powers of The Heart of Azeroth being channeled by Stormsky allowed the bonds they shared with each other and with the shaman to become stronger than they ever were, their tears were Stormsky's tears, they were feeling what he was feeling. In the shaman’s mind the mission could not be counted as a success, yes... Khorvis was safe and sound but two others were lost in the process, one of which was Theira, a really close friend, one who had fought with him and also celebrated by his side. And then in that moment of shared pain they saw it, the mourning glory sprouting out of the matron’s lifeless body, “New life comes forth from death… the never ending cycle continues” the elementals commented before they began to fade away as the shaman could no longer sustain them. In the maelstrom, Stormsky opened his eyes, his body and mind completely exhausted; he looked to the sky and whispered “Theira… old friend… Mai'kull…. may both of your spirits find peace now among the ancestors”
  2. Dark Star Rising

    While Baal’themar stood waiting for the others, a fire pillar suddenly appeared several yards behind the ritual site, illuminating the entire area in the process. Within it a fire elemental could be seen and heard “I am Brazion, let the light of my fire guide you back, as your weapons burn with my power”; fire sparks started flying out of the pillar heading directly to the weaponry of the assembled party quickly igniting flames around them. Daggers, swords, arrows, whatever weapons were present, they were now empowered by a glowing red fire. Just after the fire elemental display, an earth elemental rose from the ground, looking at Theira he spoke “Matron, Petrik of earth stands with you today, your spells will have my blessing”, with these words an earthen shield was formed around the Matron of Rutilus Luna. Finally the rain and wind took shape into two more beings, Venthesh and Hialaq, an air and a water elemental respectively, “tonight, the forces of wind and water will protect those of you entering the shadow realm” they said, while the armor of those empowered by the ice crystal shined with a light blue hue. As the four elementals stood united, another presence made himself known to the party, one that wasn’t there but was watching them from afar, “Good luck” Stormsky whispered.
  3. Dark Star Rising

    In the maelstrom, the heart of Azeroth, Stormsky stood still just a few steps away from the portal that would take him to Dalaran, a portal he needed to use to make his way to the location where the ritual to rescue Khorvis was going to take place. In the eyes of others, it would have seemed like he had spent hours in the exact same spot, taking a few steps back every once in a while before moving forward towards the portal again, but always stopping in the same place, close enough to actually see the other side but far enough to prevent him to use the portal. “Just let me go… I proposed this ritual… I should be there... I must help!” he muttered angrily to himself. For as long as he remembered he could hear and interact with the elements, first through dreams and whispers, later he could feel their presence and speak to them through meditation, now he was able to communicate directly with them, sometimes even when he didn’t want to, it only took a thought, that was the downside of choosing his path as an elemental shaman, he thought sometimes, to never be alone in his mind. Out of all the elemental spirits he had contact with, five always stood out, the first ones he befriended, and the ones who had been with him every moment of his life, good or bad times they were there, in one way or another, each representing a different element, Brazion of fire, Hialaq of water, Venthesh of air, Petrik of earth, and last Vitalon representing the element of life. All of them had fought alongside Stormsky more times he could count, sometimes giving him advice, some others manifesting directly in the physical realm to aid him in combat, or just providing him the power he needed to defeat his enemies or help his allies. These elementals became a second family to Stormsky, a very dysfunctional one due to the conflicting nature of their personalities and elements, but a family nevertheless, and not once they had acted against him until now. “Please release me… I must go” He said, now having an inner conversation with this second family, A resounding answer echoed in his mind “NO!”, out of all the times he wished that the elementals would work together in perfect harmony, this was not one of them. He had been stuck in a combat for control of his body for hours now, and even though the elementals weren’t powerful enough to control him without his permission, they were strong enough to stop him from taking any action. He had tried dozens of times now, always with the same result, every time he approached the portal, the elements stopped him from using it, “It is not easy to move when you have the weight of a mountain in each of your hooves, is it?” Petrik said, laughing at Stormsky, “And even if you could …” Venthesh started saying as Hialaq finished the sentence “Your muscles won’t work at subzero temperatures either”, Brazion spoke next “Try as you might Storm, even you cannot concentrate enough to free yourself without breathing correctly, and tell me how does it feel having an inferno in your lungs?”. Stormsky glared at the four “You…. Cannot do this….let me go help them, I already told you I am willing to take the risks and live with the consequences! I am a Shu’halo... I am part of the Horde… I don’t leave people behind!” Vitalon, who until now had been silent, finally spoke “You have no idea of the mistake you would be making and of the true consequences it would bring, even if you could rescue Khorvis… his soul along with the souls of anyone who goes into that place will be tainted by the shadow, they will NEVER be the same, There is no protection, no spells… NOTHING! That will prevent that from happening… After that… each of them will carry that shadow for the rest of their lives… growing, some… the stronger ones… or the lucky ones will die before it takes control…. The rest… will eventually succumb to it”. Stormsky took a few steps back from the portal, stopping his struggle for a moment, he had done this before to recover his strength in order to try using the portal again, this time was different, Vitalon had spoken… the most common and yet the most difficult spirit to commune with, very few shamans have had the honor of sensing an elemental… a spirit of life, even less have had the opportunity to communicate with one. Stormsky had listened to him before… but only in whispers… or visions, watching Vitalon speak to him so clearly and in such a direct way shocked the shaman to the core. He took a large breath, as the other elementals stopped their attacks, “What am I supposed to do then? Nothing?! That is unacceptable!” Brazion took his turn to speak “You have always fought with the rage and passion of a fire elemental, but you cannot win this fight”, “You are still a mortal… we are eternal… ” said Petrik, “Calm down, breathe... allow yourself to see, to think” Venthesh remarked before Hialaq spoke “Like water… change your ways… adapt… figure out a way to help them without leaving this place, without going into the shadows”. Stormsky finally realized what the elementals were trying to do, they weren’t against rescuing Khorvis, they were just trying to protect the young shaman from going into the Shadowlands and they weren’t going to stop. After a brief moment Stormsky grinned at them “So you do care for this mortal piece of flesh after all”. The elementals awkwardly stared at Stormsky then at each other without responding, always too prideful to admit such a thing. The shaman proceeded to find a place where he could think and after some time he proposed a plan “Alright… since you will not allow me to leave the maelstrom, then I need us all to help the party from here… together… Petrik, nature is born out of the earth, out of your element, empower their nature spells, whatever form they take, either for healing or damage, just empower them with your might. Brazion use your fire as a guiding light for them and bless their blades with your flames. Finally Venthesh and Hialaq, you two are going to work together, merge your elements, air and water to power up the ice crystal even more, do not let it be depleted and strengthen the protective aura it provides. I will be your anchor, so that all of you can manifest in this realm at the same time, do you all agree to this?” and without hesitation all the elementals responded at once with a resounding “Yes, we do”. Stormsky sat down using all of his focus to empower the elementals and project them to the place the ritual is going to be performed “There… I see them… Baal’themar, Edgar, Chaoseater, the others…even that orc hunter… Bager, they're all gathered, it’s time… Brazion, Petrik, Venthesh, Hialaq go now, may the Earth Mother be with us all”
  4. Dark Star Rising

    Almost a week had passed since the meeting in the Cantina took place, almost a week since Rutilus and some of The Grim entrusted him with finding out how to send a group into the world of shadow… the shadowlands to rescue Khorvis, and yet Stormsky was no closer to finding out the information required to successfully do the ritual. His memories betrayed him; “three crystals… gems, one filled with the essence of frost, one with the essence of blood and one with the essence of undeath” was all he remembered. Two of the gems had already been obtained, Baal’themar had the blood one, “Earth Mother only knows what he killed to fill it” Storm thought, and he had filled the frost gem which was filled with the assistance of Northrend elementals. As he placed the object on his desk he angrily muttered “At least the trip to Northrend was not a complete waste of time… those Knights of the Ebon Blade could not be more secretive if they wanted to”. He took a long breath and proceeded to read his mail, he hoped that maybe his former mentor Doomcrusher, a shaman turned death knight, might have answered his request for information. Soon enough his hopes were rewarded, there it was, a letter with a compendium of runes and protection spells attached to it, he slowly read over it. “Greetings Storm. I apologize for the late response; I hope that by the time this letter reaches you, you had already changed your mind about performing this ritual, but after knowing your stubborn being for so many years, I highly doubt it. Therefore I will give you all the instructions you need to do this as safe as it can possibly be. Even though this ritual has the same bases as the one you mention, it is different than the one you and so many adventurers went through on Northrend, Koltira phased you into the shadowlands just enough for you to be able to kill his tormentors, for you to actually rescue someone from there you will need to physically enter that realm using a portal. The ingredients are the same, gems filled with every aspect of a death knight’s power... that you already know; you will also need the help of a death knight to perform the ritual. When you select the members of the party that will go into the shadowlands, do NOT include anyone who wields or has wielded dark magic, this includes death knights, warlocks, shadow priests, necromancers… since their soul has already been touched by the darkness, they will act as a magnet when you go in, attracting every twisted being of that realm to your party. Also do not bring any one who wields fel magic… the investigations after the being Xhul'horac was destroyed, showed that the shadow beings can absorb the fel and become stronger and more chaotic. It’s safe if the party is made of users of elemental energy, nature, arcane, and holy based magic, these beings are not affected by physical attacks so make sure you enchant the weapons of those who cannot wield magic. Once the party has been selected, have the death knight link you all first to the blood gem, this will act as your safety net, a link to the mortal world, this will allow the death knight to quickly extract you out of the shadowlands if the need arises, it will also help each of the party members sense one another… remember in the shadowlands nothing is as it seems, you may be one feet away from someone and not even realize that person is there. Afterwards, have the death knight attune you to the frost gem; this will give you a protective aura that will hide you from the shadow beings. The third step is to cast protection and containment runes all around the place where the portal is going to be located, because this portal can also be used by the shadow to enter the physical world, I attached some spells that will help you keep them contained. The next and final step is the opening of the portal, the death knight will channel the energy of the undeath filled gem to open it, once opened it can only be closed AFTER the party has returned, if it closes with people inside, their links to the to the other crystals will be shattered, and they will be as lost as the person you are trying to rescue. Once you are inside, do not stray too far away from the portal, the benefits the crystals give you will diminish the farther away you are from them, so make sure you cast the portal close to where you think your friend is being captive. If you go too far, the protections will be gone. Also remember the protections and the portal will not last forever, and the larger the party that goes in, the less time you will have for the search. Try to avoid any kind of confrontation or interaction with the shadow beings, you cannot win and if by any chance the protections fail… run, you will be in their world and they will overwhelm and consume you if you do not escape. This is all the information I can give you… again… I hope that you change your mind, but in the case that you do not, I wish you the best of luck, you are going to need it. May the Earth Mother be with you son. Doomcrusher.” A chill went down Stormsky’s spine, even if he was just phased into that realm, he was able to feel the sickly cold of the darkness crawling ever closer to him… waiting just an opportunity to grab him, But Khorvis was a friend of the people close to him, and if they wanted to try the rescue he would help them. With a renewed resolve Stormsky stood up heading out to relay this information to Rutilus Luna.