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  1. "Wow! It feels great and looks even better!" I commented and Saelene smiled. We both loved our new shop attire she had custom made for us. "Thanks. I spent a lot of time designing it." "Really? I didn't realize you could design." "There's a lot of things I can do that you don't know about yet." I smiled. "You are a never ending mystery and joy to me." She laughed. "Haha, thanks. I'll take that as a compliment." We had new shop outfits now and things are going great for Simply Enchanting and my wife and I. I had basically fully recovered from my fel experience and getting back to normal. Business is great and we are happy. Even the Legion seemed to be relatively controlled by Dalaran's mages not to mention the thousands all fighting for the cause of saving Azeroth. "What news from Khadgar? Is he still happy with us and the shop? Or do we need to make changes? The magocracy usually has some sort of opinion of us." I commented to Saelene. "They sure do, there's no doubting that. Overall our reputation has not faltered and the response from customers has been positive. Khadgar still supports our shop and financial support will continue." Saelene said rather proudly of herself. She knew as well as I did that she was the one running the shop, I just provided the magical essence. Well maybe "just" isn't doing it justice, but yeah. "That's great. I feel a sense that something needs to be done though. You know my intuition is rarely wrong." "I have sensed that in you, yes. Let me look into it. I have a few old connections whom I haven't spoken with in a while. These women mages are wise and in the know of current events. They'll definitely have something to say." "Sounds good." Saelene and I were never that idle. Sure we stayed close to our shop all day, but we always wanted new and exciting ways of interacting with our customers and with Dalaran. A shop doesn't remain an integral part of Dalaran by becoming stagnant. I sensed some stagnation and assigned Saelene the task of getting things going again. I knew she would "do things right".
  2. "She learned quickly." I remarked to Saelene. Saelene agreed. "She's a natural. She'll be fine with her new family." "They are a good couple, and seem to have loved the idea of adoption. And appointing Maxim as a teacher for her should prove wise." "I agree." Little Yana was safe now. "It was fun for a time, don't you think, raising a kid?" Saelene chuckled. "Ha! That's not raising a kid that's feeding one for a few weeks. I'm sure raising one for twenty years is a whole nother story." I nodded. "Certainly not something we'd be doing. We've got other concerns in our life." Saelene nodded. "Course. Everyone has their place in life. We know ours." "Indeed."
  3. Saelene looked at me with somewhat concerned eyes. We were realxing in our home above the shop. The shop was closed up, Dalaran was peaceful, and Talia our cat was purring. "Are you ready now?" Saelene questioned. "Ready for what?" "To talk about it... your fel experience." "Oh, that... Maybe... It was... difficult." "Mhmm. Well you tell me when you're ready. We need to talk about it." I gazed down at Talia, still purring. The arcane energy flowing out from her fur. Maybe it was time. "I'm ready. What do you want to know?" "Were you... you? Or was that a demon inside of you, spewing anger?" "It was me. But it was me being tortured into aggression out of necessity of survival. I was in such agony I just wanted it to stop. Letting the fel unleash unto anyone who would anger me was all I could do. I know it wasn't easy for you, for any of us." "No no, you were very good to me Aethere. And Dari and Rhonin. So you weren't all bad. But I saw the way you treated some of our customers, when you were being felled remotely by those demons." I shifted in my chair and sipped my refreshing spring water. "Mhmm. And?" "Well killing a customer for looking at you funny? Maybe taking it a bit far?" "You don't understand... The fel, that's what it does. It has infinite hate, anger, it wants to destroy. It's either going to destroy you or someone else. I made a tough choice. I justified it to myself. I used any possible outlet for my anger. If something so much as hinted at aggressing me, i removed that hint in whatever manner I deemed appropriate." "Mhmm. I know. I could sense it in you. Not only were you angry, but you had this odd... intuition. Did it heighten your senses?" I sipped my water. "Mhmm. It felt good Saelene. A weird kind of good." Saelene looked down at Talia. "I see. So the fel isn't all evil then... is it?" I nodded reluctantly. "There is some sense of good in it. How do you think Demon Hunters wield it to kill demons?" Saelene smiled. "Aethere, you are not a demon hunter my sweety." "I know... but I get it now. I see why those who kill, kill. It made sense to me, for a time. It was a good lesson." "Are you happy it is over then? Or would you go back to it?" "I never enjoyed it to begin with, so yes I'm very happy it's over. But if I was called to battle again, I would unleash my fury again." "Fury? Are you so sure?" "It changed me Saelene. I can never go back to the man I was before." "I see..."
  4. Alright, I said I would write down some of Saelene and I's past staffs that we had made, so here's another. Where to begin? Ah yes. It was a usual day at the shop. Good customers, bad customers, annoying customers, and, sadly, some of the usual promiscuous women looking to trade magic for, well, you know. "What's your name? You look cute!" I blushed anyways, but I wasn't about to entertain her. "Aethere. Aethere Galatia. May I help you miss?" She was a demon hunter, I could tell by the horns. Definitely dressed the part of a "promiscuous" women. "Oh maybe, maybe not. I hear you sell... magic." "I do, and what's it to a demon hunter anyways, don't you use fel?" Just then she removed her helmet of horns. "Oh but I am no demon hunter. I am an elf!" I was pretty surprised. Saelene always said I was gullible, just another time she was right. "Well then, elf, if you'd like some magic, we sell it for 2 silver. If not then I can't help you." "Oh that's all fine. But my friend here might like something, now that we can trust you." They had obviously tested if I was just as much of a promiscuous lover as the rest of those women who came in here daily. "You can trust me, if you don't threaten me that is." Saelene could easily tell them that my bad side was the wrong side. Threatening me put people on my bad side. "Very well, Aethere Galatia. Meet Renia." She was a petite elf. Though she looked like she could probably win between me and her in a bar fight. She was wearing a deep reddish purple priest's cloth. "Nice to meet you, Renia." "Mr. Galatia. You sell staves, I hear?" She was to the point. "I do, yes. To those who can handle such an item. My items are... powerful and expensive." She nodded. "You needn't worry about the cost." She held up a rather large sack of gold. Her red hair glowed as she did so. "Gold? Oh you must be mistaken. There are other costs than that of gold I'm afraid." She huffed. "Well whatever it is, Mr. Galatia, I can afford it I assure you. I need a staff. Will you make it or not?" Staffs were works of art to me, not toys or tools. Making one took months, at least, and a lot of dedication of both mine and the user's part. Not to mention the headaches. The user would go through terrible pain as a part of the attuning process. I imbued a lot of magic in the staves and handling power always took work from the user. I looked Renia over a little. "What's it for then, Renia?" "I need more power." Exactly the answer I didn't want to hear. "Power is not a means to an end, Renia. I'm afraid I cannot make one for that purpose." She huffed, again. "Please, I see a lot of battle, I need this." The response seemed genuine, and I had a good feeling about her. "Alright then. Meet me in the Chamber of the Guardian in two hours." She made gesture and was off. I bought a simple staff and began to imbue it. It was a rather aggressive staff compared to what I would usually make, but the staff must suit the user, and she was... assertive. Not long after I entered the Chamber of the Guardian by way of light bridge. I stepped onto the bridge, and up I went, magically teleported into the great Chamber. It's majesty was second to none. I chose the location because she had far too much negative energy surrounding her. I needed something to purify her of her negativity and what better place than this, I thought. Problem was, it was risky. She would either lash out at me, or die, or both. However, she said she could "afford" it, so I took that as meaning she could "risk it" too, her life that is. So I waited. Not long after she arrived. "Mr. Galatia." "Renia. Here, I have your staff. Take it and be on your way." "What? That's it? I'm not paying for this piece of junk. You're a fraud. Go back to the nightmare that brought you into here!" It was as I had feared, the Chamber drove her mad. She lashed out at me, sending void energy coursing out of her fingers into my head. I jolted backwards but stood my ground. "Renia! Stop!" I grabbed her hand. "Listen to me. I am NOT evil! This place makes people crazy. Calm down." She wasn't stopping the attack. And she wasn't responding either. I knew something had to be done or should was going to kill me and then likely die herself. My magic was drained by her void energy, I could do nothing. I thought quickly. I'll play dead! I lied down on the ground and shivered to a dead stop. "There. Killed that monster of an elf. Mockery to our kind." She huffed and walked away. "Why must they always attack ME? Can't they hurt their pet or something?" I thought to myself. Oh well, such is business. It was done, she had the staff now, there was no turning back. "Who are you anyways? Why haven't you killed me yet? And this staff has no power at all. It's useless. You really are a fraud aren't you, Mr. Galatia." "Perhaps. Just finish the attuning like I asked. I promise, the staff will work." We were getting along much better a month later. This wasn't over though, she needed more time with it to really learn how to use *real* power. Not this void stuff she had been attacking me with, powerful though it was. "Here, take this. It's an upgraded version of your current staff. I'll be imbuing more energy into it soon." She smiled. She had come to like me, it seemed. She was still assertive though, and abrupt. "Thanks. I must go. Until next we meet, Mr. Galatia." I nodded and she was off. I spent many evenings after that day working on her staff remotely from my shop. Focusing on the staff, sending the proper mix of magical essence to it and combining it with her shadow skills. If this thing was going to work, it had to have a "bite" to it. The nights were still awful though. Everytime I tried to mix the staff's energy with her shadow skills it just backfired in my own face. "This will work... It has to, or I'll be dead." I thought to myself. She was, ultimately, a good person, so I knew she wouldn't kill me. "Just a few more nights. That's all she needs." Graduation day had come. I had survived, and so had she. "Aethere, you were right. This staff is marvelous. Thank you, Aethere. It was worth every penny. Wait... I haven't even paid you!" She had finally realized that all the while I never asked for payment and she never offered. "I have a friend now. Seems payment enough for me, does it not?" We understood one another well enough now. She nodded. "Aethere. Really. I wanted power but this staff just refined what I already had within me but didn't realize I had. Thank you. I won't forget this, or you." She smiled and was off. Just another day in Dalaran.
  5. "Yana, this is Dari. She's my mom." Dari wasn't my biological mother, she had taken it upon herself to be my guardian while I grew up in Dalaran. Yana didn't need to know that. Yana smiled. "Hello there Yana. I hear your parents aren't here. We are going to find you some parents, young one." Dari's voice was perfectly sweet and loving. "Thank... you." Little Yana seemed equally as polite and sweet. "How old do you think she is Dari?" Her age was difficult to tell. She could be twelve as far as I could tell. "I'd say eight or so. About the age when the magic starts to manifest." "It is as I feared then. Her magic killed her parents and lead her to Dalaran." Dari nodded. She was clearly gifted, and soon to be adopted. "Aethere, you and Saelene found her. This is not a mistake. She was drawn to the shop's magic. I think you are going to have to take care of her and train her for some time." I nodded, reluctantly. Dari meant it, I wasn't going to argue. "Look at it as a challenge, Aethere. You've taught many mages the basics, why should she be any different?" "I know. I will be able to. It's not the training I'm worried about. It's the attachment." Dari nodded. "You're worried about your gravity. Hrmmm." I had a way of pulling things into my circle which would then never leave. "I can't train her forever Dari. She needs to move on from us. The shop is too danger..." "I know. Just trust me. Train her for the next month, and we'll figure it out after that." "Can you be a mother to her? Or find someone who can?" "I know just the woman."
  6. "Aethere... I have news... It's... it's important." Saelene talked just like me, in broken terses. "What is it?" I knew not to be overly concerned, given my wife's tone, but I knew there was something going on. "You remember one of out last few customers? The red haired one?" "We've had several red haired customers. Not to mention white and blue and green." "Aethere stop. You know who I speak of." She was right, I knew. "Fine. Is she okay?" "She is... alone." "Alone?" "She won't talk to her friends. Something's wrong. It's our responsibility Aethere. You know how our magic can do things like this." I nodded. Our staffs and wands were... unique. And when you introduce something unique into a new environment, the energies need settling. "I see. So the energies haven't settled?" "I'm afraid not. I think you need to speak with her... in private." "You know that's against our policy. Once they receive their staff they are beyond our responsibility at that point." "This is different." We always made exceptions when it made sense to. "I agree. But I cannot go chasing after her. Can you speak with her? Perhaps give her comfort?" "I can and I will. But I'm afraid she needs you, not me. You, after all, imbued the staff." "Indeed. Should I summon her?" "No. I will handle that. But when she comes, you must be receptive." "I promise." "Thank you." Anyone listening in could tell that we cared deeply for our customers and our staffs and wands. Magic is something special to Saelene and I. It's not some idle currency to be thrown around. Every drop, to us, is special. When we sell our items it's for the hope that we provide some of that special to others so they gain the same appreciation for what we've come to love in our daily lives. But sometimes discovering that takes time, and if the user doesn't attune to their staff the results are usually upsetting to the user. She needs to learn to attune to her staff or she's not going to be happy. She will get through this. I know her. She's strong.
  7. "Aeton? Are you there?" Capella quickly interjected, "You can't talk to him anymore!" I was quite confused. I had talked to Aeton a long time. Why end it now? Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. "Why Capella? What would be wrong with speaking to him?" Just then Saelene came barging into my private study. "Aethere, you need to hear this!" I was anxious. I had just been interrupted, but nevertheless I knew Saelene didn't get excited often. "What? What Saelene??" She looked me in the eyes. "Aethere, it's your Titans. They spoke with me!" I was surprised. "And you didn't come to harm, like before?" "No not at all. They put me at ease. They told me they had finished with you. That you had "completed what they set out for you to do." " "Really? I mean... I guess that's good?" "Well I would hope so! If a Titan says you've completed something it HAS to be good." It seemed logical. "So then. That must explain why they don't talk to me anymore." "Exactly. Wait what?" "I tried to speak with them. They said no longer." "Oh yes yes, I forgot. They told me that you are ready for the world now. That you have to rely on me now. And that what conversations you had with them, in private, you have to leave up to me, your wife." "Well... I guess that makes sense. But. I talk about some pretty private stuff with them, even private for sharing with you." "I know. But that's what marriage is Aethere. We have to share everything with one another. Our home, our money, our family. That's what being married is!" "Well I suppose that stands to reason. Well then. I guess that's it then. No more Titans. I will miss them. And not even a goodbye..." It was bitter sweet. I could feel confident, with my Titans' blessings, that I can confide in Saelene now. But I will miss them. They are, after all, super powerful beings. But I will always live now in the reassurance that they are out there, helping the world.
  8. To use a rather outdated adage, the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The shop is my passion, through and through. I'm not sure what it is that draws me to stay within its walls helping the patrons. It seems a rather simple thing, magical essence for a bit of gold. But when the Legion's fel is all around us a little bit of pure essence can go a long way. That is my hope at least. But this new found time has granted me more. Time that is. It affords me some time to study. To learn about the history of Dalaran... of Azeroth. I have been living in sheltered rooms all my life. It serves me well however, to be free from the quarrels of the outside. But it has its obvious downfalls too. So I've got to spend some time studying the various details of the outside. Including venturing somewhat outside the city walls from time to time too. It won't be easy for me, but Saelene assures me I'm ready for it. Saelene is, after all, the one who has kept me safe from the outside all my life so it seems right that she would be the one now to pronounce me ready. I look forward to more days among my shop and my studies.
  9. "Thank the Titans!" They had granted me what I wanted... More time for the shop! Saelene read my journal entry and had talked to some of Dalaran's "richer" mages and somehow convinced them to pay some kind citizens to do a lot of our chores so we could focus on the shop! It was wonderful. It's amazing to see people come together to fight against the Legion. Those vile, evil, demons... creatures... whatever they are. If we don't unite we fall and I wasn't planning on falling anytime soon. I'm glad Dalaran is finally taking notice that the shop is in fact important for the city and that we can help out in meaningful ways. I've always believed that in my heart and I'm glad at least a few others agree. I will be doubling my efforts with the shop!
  10. The books were exhilarating. In a short while I had poured over several magical notebooks, lore books, and several stories, legends even, that the fine library of the Hall of the Guardian held. Finding a book in there was like choosing a piece of candy in a candy shop, it didn't really matter what you chose it was going to be good. But you must choose! And that's where the difficulty begins. You have to narrow down your search to something relevant to you and your life at the time. I try and find books or stories that I can relate to what's going on with me recently. The magical notebooks were highly interesting. I thought I knew a lot about the arcane arts but that was wildly untrue. There is so much to the arts that I don't think anyone could learn it in a lifetime, even an Elf. So the candy shop problem rose its head yet again. I must choose what parts of the arcane I want to learn. I needed something to complement my knowledge of magical essence. In the "corner" of a magical notebook I stumbled across something interesting. It said some masters of magical essence could bring life into their essences. They could create an essence into a more permanent shape and then awaken it. It would become alive, sentient, be able to move and even be able to speak both telepathically and out loud. I reasoned that with my ability to understand my Titans, life forms which I could not see, I could realize the same life into a magical essence ball. I started looking for more info on the subject, for the small sub heading in that book was but a paragraph mentioning it and didn't explain any of the details. I hadn't a clue what the term even was for such a thing. But the idea was especially intriguing to me, it made a lot of sense to me. Then another question rose into my head... what if I could sell these magical lifeforms? Would people buy them? Would it even be a good idea? The idea was exciting. I had something new to learn! Whenever I got the chance I loved learning, and it seemed the next while was going to be a time for learning, much to my pleasure. And then there was the lore and story books. Again, finding a bad one in the Hall of the Guardian wasn't really possible. Learning about the Burning Legion, the Sunwell, Elune, Stormwind, it was all so fascinating. Sadly, I wasn't going to be able to learn it all. I would start with my Elven background and spread out from there. These were exiting days, and nights, for me. Studying and writing by candlelight was something I intently looked forward to each day.
  11. Time. I have so much of it. Blood Elves live a long time, as far as I know. That means I have plenty of years left for me to make my positive difference in these lands. However, as I may have many years left, each day is but 24 hours. And that doesn't change. I have a shop to look after, adventures to partake, chores, and now writing, not to mention meditation and essence gathering and creation. Then I meet a few friends while off adventuring and suddenly time seems miniscule. I make commitments, lots. And I suddenly realize that I'm leaving myself no time left in the day for anything else. Which of course is fine, however I must be wise with my time. When there are only 24 each hour must be spent wisely. Yes, spent. Time is a currency to be bought, traded, and used like any other currency. It is a steady flow, reliable, dependable, and very very valuable. Yet it is rare. Squandered over. Fought over. Battled over. And some die trying to find it. It would seem I need to get organized now. My chores take an enourmous amount of time unfortunately just so that I can afford to keep the shop running. It saddens me to no end, but I must accept the fact that chores are necessary, regardless of what importance Dalaran places upon me. If Dalaran isn't willing to pay someone to do my chores then I have to do them myself and that means less time for Dalaran and the shop. Sad fact of the matter. I must be off now... *Aethere neatly places the writer's quill and glowing violet magical notebook aside. The notebook hovers slightly above its resting place and the writer's quill vanishes into thin air, as though it can only be used by Aethere himself.*
  12. "More... I need to learn more... and fast!" I proclaimed to Saelene. "I'm behind on my reading. Far behind. It's becoming a problem." "I know Aethere, patience. You must use your patience, as you always have." I seemed to relax a little. "There's been a lot going on with you lately, you're picking up too much baggage. It's time to cull a little bit and regain your clarity." She was right, as always. "Thank you Saelene. You always have a way of gently calming me." "Of course love. That is part of my responsibility with you." She talked as though I was an important responsibility not to be taken lightly. I suppose there was some truth to that. Simply Enchanting was held in high esteem in Dalaran and I kept things humming along nicely. It wasn't easy work, contrary to the look of it. "What now then? I've got so much to learn! I ventured outside the walls again, only just a little. But I learned so much in such a short time. I feel there is so much for me to learn, and that I need to learn." "There is love... But in time. This is new territory for you." I nodded. She was right. I was eager to learn a years worth of study in a week. It's just not possible. I tried to breathe deeply. "You're right." "I know. So use that patience you've earned. That should help." I nodded. It's moments like those that I remember why Saelene and I were together. It was odd... somehow she was my rock and I was hers. She needed that someone to guide, to coach, to protect. It was what kept her sane. Well I provided no shortage of sanity to her. She knew much more than I did about the Kirin Tor, about Dalaran, and about the outside world. I'm a specialist. I can harness the power of the arcane to produce some of the best magical essence in all of Dalaran, but I can hardly hold a conversation with our customers. Handling the flow of arcane energy throughout Dalaran takes a lot of focus... a lot of patience. Settling energies is like... watching a pot boil. It's tiresome, annoying, sometimes even painful. And it takes time. Yet, you need to eat, you need to cook, but you have to wait for the pot to boil. There is no work that can be done until that happens. And so it is for me, that is the work I do. However, I really enjoyed that work because I am so good at it. Most people would find it insufferable. But now I have a taste of something new. More of the arcane arts. And I wanted to learn it now. I was going to have to spend the next year pouring over books, scrolls, talking to the other Archmages, and even venturing outside Dalaran a little more. It is a very exciting time for me. I had mastered my art, perfected it even. But there are other arts out there to learn and I am finally ready to learn them. Every Archmage didn't know all the arts. That is impossible and foolish. Having us specialize is where we get our strength. I am a specialist of magical essence. The flow of the arcane energies. I sense it, I feel it, and I can work with it. I can even hear it. My mind is attuned to it, while others have skills and know how that I could never achieve. That is the nature of things, we are all different. I do not try to be them, nor they me. However, I was finding a new art that I could do well at. But the question is, will I have time for it?? I hope so, because I am very eager to learn it. Regardless of whether I will spend more time practicing a new art or not is irrelevant, my guidance is urging me to learn this new form of the arcane and so I shall. A wise practicer of magic never turns down a chance to learn something new.
  13. I lit a candle... It was the time of night to write a journal entry. For all the same reasons I mentioned earlier. It's so I may learn to write, so that I may hopefully make something of this writing thing and improve the lives of some of Azeroth's great leaders. I had recovered from the burns. It didn't take long, although the burns were very painful fortunately they didn't last long and no major damage was done. Why did the demons attack, and why on that night? I think often groups will make a statement to draw attention to themselves. To try and create advertising. There's big business in advertising and simply having your name heard among Dalaran can prove valuable. And the demons had said a few things to me before they attacked. I will not utter their words here. Their attempt had failed. They attacked me, without any real reason, other than to have their group known. So that I would bring their groups name to the Council and make them a known enemy. But I did not do so. I simply said I was attacked and that whomever organized this needed to be dealt with. In hushed corners, Khadgar and the Council protected me, saught out those who saught to destory me, and we dealt with the problem. We do not entertain attackers, we destroy them. And that is what will happen to them, for better or worse. It is sad that a few unlucky individuals simply trying to earn a quick buck are going to suffer and possibly die. But they knew the stakes. They knew what they were signing up for. They understood the risks. And so, I'm guessing, they knew the consequences too. Sad but true.
  14. They stuck again. Demons... in our shop. Saelene was ready for them, hearing word of the impending attack she prepared the mages to defend us. It was late, the store was very quiet. Suddenly three demon embodied people marched in. It was obvious right from the start why they were here. They wanted me dead. They could care less about Saelene, she wasn't gathering essence to serve Dalaran's most powerful. No, they wanted me. I can't remember if words were even exchanged before the barrage hit me. All three firing in rapid succession. One held me down using a freeze spell while the other two blasted me with fire damage. To say it was painful would be a massive understatement. But Saelene, the lovely wife that she is, immediately healed me and summoned the mages which were not far by. After healing me Saelene fired her first shot back, using Grimoire of Supremacy to summon an Infernal. The one holding me down got shook up but the fire damage was still hitting me hard. I'm useless when taking damage so all I could do was yell to Saelene how they were hitting me and hope she retaliated fast enough. Thankfully, she did. I yelled "I'm not being held down any longer!". She quickly focused all her power on the two assailants and just then three Kirin Tor showed up and poured on the damage. Saelene then hit the one holding me down with a knock back spell and the person ran off. I was free of my shackles and able to run clear of the fire. But I was still taking residual fire damage and it hurt like hell. There was no escaping the pain, fire burns and that's simple physics. I screamed in agony but Saelene didn't have time to heal me she needed the two assailants dead. We aren't sure whether their souls escaped but the bodies of the two attackers were arcane blasted to oblivion and their hearts came to a stop in what seemed like simultaneously for the both of them. Saelene put out my flames and i fell to the ground suffering in pain. Shortly there after we all rested in the Violet Citadel and regained our strength while explaining the matter to the Council. They knew who attacked us, why, and what we were going to do about it. I knew the fire burned me badly, but I will recover from that. What will happen to the ones who organized this attack, I'd rather not guess.
  15. "Prissy? Of course you are! Pssh. Just because you have a deadly staff and can survive a massive attack of fel energy doesn't mean you aren't prissy!" Saelene was right. Yet again I had misinterpreted myself. Oh well, I'm used to it. On the bright side I'm glad I'm prissy. It suits me much better. Being a deadly killer drug lord isn't really my thing. Nevertheless, thankfully I *can* survive a ton of fel energy and I *can* kill and defend myself if need be. And what's more is I am still Kirin Tor, which means if need be I can beckon many mages to my aid, Saelene included. So this realization is much more positive for me and much more realistic. I hate pretending to be someone I'm not. So what does this really mean for me then? It means I can stay safe in Simply Enchanting all day and not feel bad about it. The Kirin Tor, and even Khadgar himself has told me "You're responsible for gathering magical essence into Dalaran. I do not need any offensive or even defensive support from you Aethere. To have you run Simply Enchanting is what you're best at and it's what helps us the most. We don't need you to be political and we don't need you to help us fight this war. You're very valuable as you are and we will see to it that you are well protected." It was a major relief for me. The Kirin Tor trials had confused me. They had put me into so many battles and trials that I thought that was my purpose now. Turns out they were just a way of ensuring I was deserving and able to handle being a Kirin Tor. "You can protect and defend yourself now Aethere. That was the purpose of your trials. Let us hope you never need to." Khadgar is a great leader. I trust him and I will continue to follow him. I was slowly piecing together what had happened to me. The fel attacks were severe and I barely remembered it. It seems a demon, or worse, had gotten a hold of me. It was, in some ways, controlling me and somehow convincing me that I was leader of the Kirin Tor. Khadgar tells me that the Kirin Tor were also playing on that and had given me some of those powers in an attempt to save my life and it also proved as a final trial into my Archmage recognition. Thankfully, the Kirin Tor did save my life and the demon who was controlling me is now dead or in seclusion and I am an Archmage. So a lot of good came out of it but it was horribly difficult on me and I am lucky to have survived at all. I owe the Kirin Tor with my life and I will not forget what they did for me. Now I am to do my part of ridding Azeroth of these awful demons once and for all.

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