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  1. Maikull

    Monster Hunt

    The Forgotten Crypt lies behind the tower of Karazhan, in the cemetery at Morgan's Plot. The purpose of the crypt was unknown, sealed by a magical portcullis probably by the Guardian Medivh himself. But there was no where the Maleficar could not go, or reach. That’s why he had chosen this spot to hold the beast. She had already attempted to reach the guild hall, and once he identified she served under the "Twilight Empire", he felt it best to keep her at an arms length to prevent any would-be rescue attempts from disturbing the sanctity of the Grim Hall. Boneslave had followed instructions well, he was almost envious of Khorvis for finding competent help. The Undead Death knight was waiting behind the Portcullis for him, giving his customary subservient bow to the Mage. "Where did you put the body?" Mai’kull asked as he looked about the room. "Where instructed my lord, she lies in the pit!" Mai’kull nodded "Good...lets take a look shall we?" Kiannis' instructions were that she was alive and able to speak, but Mai’kull didn’t do it for the gold, he did it for retaliation for the woman’s fool attempt to strike at the Grim. He had been mailed the reward already, after the official notice was sent to the Inquisitor, but he had not personally met with them yet, or furnished the body, he wanted to have his fun first. Standing over the pit he could see Katrynne's broken and charred body. Boneslave had tossed her like a sack of garbage down into the pit where she laid on the ritualistic stone. The Magister took a moment to review his work, mentally replaying the fight in his head. He should have ended it quicker than he did, trying to go toe to toe with a melee fighter was foolish and arrogant, thankfully he had enough precautions in place. However he didn’t want to just capture or kill her, he wanted to break her, he wanted to shatter her will and resolve, to throw everything she had at him and fail, to know the true meaning of defeat. He could see that in her eyes as soon as Reaves was activated, he only wished he could see over the Mechanical Shredders Main Cannon as the life left her eyes. As Mai'kull stepped off the platform looking before the pit, Boneslave took his place there, almost as if he anticipated the Mage's wishes. With a nod from the Executioner, Boneslave reached out with necrotic tendrils, which wrapped itself around the broken Worgen's body, lifting it high into the air. The deathknight began to pour dark energy into the shattered form until finally the breath of life came back into her, most notably her eyes snapped wide as she began choking for air once more. Boneslave let her wiggle there in shock, fear, and agony; savoring the beasts suffering before letting her crash back down into the pit. Her legs, still broken left her crumpled onto the floor as the pain of all her injuries rushed back through her nervous system. Mai’kull watched Kat lay there, whimpering uncontrollably in pain. He was unsure what was going through her mind, but he didn’t care anymore. The game was over, and this was business. He aimed an apparent double barrel rifle at the creature and pulled the trigger. The Gnomish Net Launcher spewed a large net over the Worgen, the small caltrops that lined each notch dug in where flesh was accessible, pinning her to the floor. Mai’kull handed the launcher off to Boneslave behind him, never taking his eyes off his prisoner. "Can you feel it?" The Maleficar said, kneeling close to the edge. "That stone your resting upon holds the essence of over a thousand leeches and mana wyrm's. As your body presses against it, they ever so gently syphon your life, and mana away from you, just enough to keep you weak, but not enough to kill you. That net I hit you with is enchanted to do the same, every time you struggle it saps your energy and becomes that much stronger. So if you had the slightest delusion you were getting out of here, don’t." Mai’kull stood, looking down on his prey, "You angered a lot of people with your little escapades. And they were willing to pay, ALOT of gold to put you down." he said, withdrawing a hefty sack from a portable hole he had summoned. Within it held thousands of golden pieces, ten thousand to be exact. The mage picked one up, and tossed it at Katrynne, then another, then a pinch of coins, a handful, until he eventually upturned the whole bag onto the beast, pelting her with a hail of hard-pressed golden slag. "But your worthless to me..." the mage said, with a look of disgust on his mask-pressed face. "You think a single person could dare challenge the will of the mandate?! You think you could start a revolution by showing others there were no consequence to challenging the Grim?!" The flames grew around the mage as he spoke, but he allowed himself to calm before continuing, "Well look where you are now. You, will be the lesson to all that NO ONE! No one will dare stand in our way, and you will be the shining consequence of what happens when you do..." "Others will learn, not just from what were going to do to you, but what I will do in your stead...." The mage smirked as the Illusionary magic enveloped him, turning into a perfect copy of the Rogue. "I’m going to tear everything you ever were apart, from the inside out. I’m going to hunt, every person you ever knew and loved, and the last face they will see before they die wont be a menacing Orc or Forsaken...but your own, looking back at them as I stab out every one of their hearts. I only hope the Commander leaves you alive long enough for me to drown you in all of them." Immeasurable amount of pain was coursing through her body, but she could hear the Forsaken chastising her. She could only muster a growl as she looked up at the mage, “Why bring me back? You just want to get your kicks” The mage only gleamed at her, once again with a malevolent smile. “Death is a release…not a punishment. And believe me Kitten…your punishment is coming VERY soon.” As Mai’kull turned away from the pit and stepped off the platform, he looked to Boneslave, “Notify the Inquisitors…Their Monster Hunt is over. Ill be opening a Portal from the Guild Hall to this Chamber for…Easy access. I must change and get ready for our Ceremony tonight...with luck, the Lasher will have a hand at her torment."
  2. Maikull

    Monster Hunt

    “Executioner…” The recent Guild meeting found the Maleficar once again rising in standing among his peers within the Grim. His first promotion from Supplicant to Reaper fueled his desire to prove himself worthy of serving the mandate, and lead to the Grim’s Strengthened Association with the Dread Horde, and the Glorious Incursion on the Alliance Capital Cities. But now, he had another issue to attend to. Katrynne Simms…the young Worgen he had danced with atop Margoss Retreat some weeks back was causing several ripples in the water. Her hit and run tactics along the Broken Isles against his kin was one thing, with rival factions in the same warzone it was a common occurrence. But she had elevated her campaign to attacking the Grim hall itself, killing one of the patrolling guardsmen. An attack on one is an attack on all, and hitting so close to home meant she was turning the fun “Game” they were playing, into something dark and personal, something she would deeply regret. The Maleficar felt need to begin work in his new role within The Grim; Executioner…and he knew just where to start. He would not go into the venture hastening, instead using careful planning and tactics. As much as he wished to be the one to squeeze the last ounce of life from her mangy throat, he knew he must anticipate all outcomes, including his own incapability, to see that the objective overall was achieved. Utilizing his mastery of Alchemy, Magic, and Engineering; Mai’kull ensured he was armed with all the tools necessary for the job. Some items eluded his current skill in shadow magic, thus he reached out to The Grim Reaper Malhavik for assistance. Once all his pieces were delicately positioned on the Chess Board, he initiated his first move. A personally written note in common was delivered to her in Grayfang’s Enclave. A cute little gnome who was running about in the city was to be his messenger, utilizing his Mind Amplification Dish, he was able to make the childling walk right into the Enclave as if nothing were amiss. The girl approached Katrynne with a smile, calling out to her “Here Kitty-Kitty” outstretching the note in her hand. And just as it was taken from her, the gnome collapsed onto the floor, a small trickle of blood oozing out of her ears. She was not dead, but her mind was fried from the manipulation. Katrynne was ready to retire for the night. She was in Dalaran, seeing to some business after a successful hunt in Suramar. She'd found an undead Grim mining in the area. There were other Horde near him, and she knew Horde usually assisted each other against Alliance when one was attacked. For more than a year, she had hunted cautiously, carefully selecting her attacks on the monsters for the greatest chances of success. More recently, she'd become more reckless. She made risky attacks in the field, and she'd even gone so far as to attack at the Grim hall itself. So far, luck had been on her side, and her encounter with the Grim miner in Suramar was no exception. She killed him quickly and moved away, before any other nearby Horde even reacted. Unfortunately, her luck would not hold out forever. As the little messenger collapsed, Katrynne called for help even as she gathered the girl in her arms and headed for the infirmary. Only after she was safely in the care of the healers did Kat read the note. She expected it to be from Baal'themar, because he used a child messenger before. As soon as she opened the note, she saw the "Dear Kitten" and realized who it was from. A feral growl sounded in her human throat, and she quickly scanned the rest of the note before crumpling it angrily and tossing it aside. The beach outside the cave was still and quiet when Kat arrived. She stayed out of sight anyway. She sniffed the air in the direction of the cave, but all she could smell was the breeze coming in from the sea. Cautiously, she entered the cave and was suddenly aware that she'd been lured into a trap as she caught the scent of the Forsaken mage, but also two others: a Pandaren and another undead. She drew her daggers. As she looked around the cave, all her senses on high alert, she looked for both her enemies and an escape route. With three of them there, she was certain she'd have to flee the battle, but maybe she could kill one of them first. A small red light began blinking faintly by the entrance. Mai’kull had placed several Gnomish Alarm-o-Bots at the maw of the cavern, performing his own personal adjustments to the devices to prevent them from creating an audible alarm or bright light. As soon as his pray entered, they triggered alerting him of her presence. It was show time. Maikull stood at the back of the cavern, overseeing the whole vicinity. He had brought with him two other Grim to assist him should the need arise; Somdot the new Pandaran Mistweaver Supplicant, and Boneslave, Inquisitor Khorvis’ now unemployed death knight manservant. As much as his pride wished to deal with her on his own, he knew the importance of this mission was greater than his ego. Both were positioned on the far ends of the cavern, and all three Grim were concealed with Stealthman 52 Devices provided by the Maleficar. A Magical laughter filled the caverns; the acoustics made pinpointing the source of the sound near impossible. “Here Kitty Kitty…” the forsaken mage taunted in basic common as he readied himself under the cloak of his device. He took a nice deep swig from an elixir flask at his hip before tossing it with a shattering clash on the rocks below. “Not so fun when people hide from YOU now is it…” The Mage began stepping forward as the shimmering illusion around him faded away bringing him into view. Mai’Kull; the Maleficar of the Grim appeared in his customary Blackened Bloodmage Regalia. However, his normal Firelord Hood he was always seen sporting was missing, and instead, a pair of Catseye Ultra Goggles were strapped to his head. The lens on his goggles whirled for a moment as they focused, and with the Elixir of the Searching Eye he had just consumed the hidden Rogue came clearly into his view. Behind the mage, his water elemental ominously rose from one of the small pools on the ground, as a Void-caller phased out of the shadows, both looming behind the Mage’s shoulders as he stared down Kat. “No sense in hiding now sweetheart…” he goaded, tapping his goggles. “I…Seee…Youuu….” He said in a sing-song voice, his eyes focused on the rogue’s movements, she was rash, and he would be ready to strike as soon as she flinched. Kat froze as Mai'Kull seemed to focus on her, then she moved again as he spoke, and his gaze followed her. She was a bit disturbed that she was not hidden from him, and she was annoyed with his taunts though she had enough battle experience to know better than to act upon words alone. She knew there were two others in the cave, but they weren't close to her. She decided to take the risk that she could kill the mage before they could stop her. The water elemental and void caller might get in the way, but she could avoid even them for a short time. Silently and without warning, she leaped through the air at him, stretching and twisting into the worgen form in midair. As she landed, her daggers slashed through the air as they sliced toward his stomach, and she was already prepared to dance around his minions. ((written by Maikull and Katrynne))
  3. Maikull

    Wanted! Katrynne Simms

  4. Maikull

    Heart of a Monster

    Mai’kull stood by with Deucus as they mixed various potions. Still hoping to master his craft, the Forsaken Pair had been toying with various recipes, seeing if they could increase potency if their creations. “Pass me the wolf’s bane?” Mai’kull said, as he juggled vials between his fingers. Deucus scanned the mess of a table and took a pinch of the regent to hand to the Archmage. “OH, that reminds me, some hellish mutt came sniffing around in here looking for you. Refused to leave until I told it you come here occasionally. You would do best to keep your personal life out of my lab!” the apothecary snapped. Mai’kull would have reacted to this information had he not been in the mist of mixing volatile substances in his hands. But he knew who the other alchemist was talking about. His friend from the Pond had found him again. After he wrapped up at the Alchemy station, Mai’kull ventured across the street to ‘Like Clockwork’. As he anticipated, both Didi and Hobart had a run in with a Worgen asking about him as well. It looked like Round 2 was going to happen sooner than anticipated. Mai’kull paid both goblins for maintaining their silence to the Worgen and left, heading for the bank. Gazrix and his Bruisers were waiting outside the bank, “Mai’kull, my old friend! How are you doing?!” Gazrix responded, arms open for a hug he knew the forsaken would not reciprocate. Instead, Mai’kull only tossed the Goblin a medium sized bag of gold. “There is a Worgen looking for me…Arrange the meeting.” “SEE?! This is why I love this guy! Always upfront with the gold, and straight to business! Man is a Goblin at heart!” Gaz said as he absentmindedly counted what was in the bag. His next stop was the Black Market. Though The Widow was a Worgen herself, she was one to ask little in questions when gold was flashed. There were no words exchanged between the two, as Mai’kull handed the woman a bag filled with Sightless Eye emblems, and in turn she handed him a contract scroll. Mai’kull reviewed the contract and nodded, heading back into the Underbelly. Looking towards the small tavern where the shopkeeper sits Mai’kull set up his Portable Bullet Dispenser underneath the staircase. A second was set up not far off from the first, and the last was installed inside the pipe exit inside the open arena. All three were calibrated to focus fire on the small tavern, and all three had a Stealthman unit installed, keeping them disguised until activated. Only a few more minor details to be in place…but he was ready to face his Hunter.
  5. Maikull

    RP Storyline Groups

    Yea, if your talking about the "Topics" bar on the side of the webpage that shows the most recent topics made/replied too, then no, your stories are not showing up there, least I haven't seen them. I didn't realize you updated Dark Star Rising on here until I physically when in and looked at them, and I check multiple times a day. Edit: Just figured out what the "Activity" button does...and yes I do see it there, but I've never looked there before, always just used the Recent Topics section to see the most up to date changes/additions to the site. but yea, making a note on Discord after each update might work to get views.
  6. Mai’Kull Fireweaver <The Grim> has been lingering about in Dalaran, mostly between his apartment in the Violet Citadel and the Purple Parlor. He frequently comes down into the city’s market district to work on Engineering or Alchemy related tasks, and has been taking refuse in “One More Glass” away from the bustle and crowds of the taverns or fishing in Margoss’ Pond. (Less so the later as of his recent assassination attempt). His seclusion has been drawing upon deep reflection, once more planting seeds of self-doubt in the Archmage since his last ‘glorious’ campaign. Rokano Dawnblade <Sanctuary> has been hard at work training in the Argent Tournament Grounds. Occasionally visits Argent Crusade Outposts in Northrend, keeping busy as he tries to collect himself for fully rejoining the Horde. Since joining Sanctuary, he occasionally takes scouting missions into Stormheim to familiarize himself with the current battlefield against the Legion.
  7. Maikull

    HAY! You don't belong here!

    His bout of Alchemical creations done for the day, Mai’kull headed over to the Dalaran’s Merchant Bank. He wasn’t fond of using this one, so close to Graymane’s Enclave, but the Bank of Dalaran he normally used had lines almost out the door, and he didn’t want to wait. Depositing his potions, he left the bank rummaging through his portable holes he stored his goods in, making sure he made plenty of room when he crossed a box he had all but forgotten about. A small True Steel Lockbox sat securely in his possession. He retrieved it and examined the container for a moment. He would need to find a Rogue, they were good with Lockpicking. Maybe they could help him discover what worthless artifacts lay in this nuisance waste of space. He contemplated blasting it open, but on the off chance it contained something remotely valuable, he didn’t want to chance damaging the contents…again.Just in luck, he saw a Rogue dart across the street and run into the “Glorious Goods” shop. ‘That’s convenient’ he thought to himself as he too made his way to the store. He had never been in here before, even back when Dalaran was positioned in Northrend, though he doubted THIS shop was there. So many people and places changed after the Legion assault. Looking around he could see the shopkeeper, and his assistant on the top tier, but no Rogue.“Excuse me…” Mai’kull began to the shopkeeper, “What can I do for you?” Jack Findle asked, in an almost hypnotic tone. “Yes…there was a Rogue who came in here a few moments ago…” Mai’kull began, but once again the shop keeper cut him off “Nope! No Rogues in here man, just me and the little lady.” Mai’kull looked at the human; was he serious, or just stupid? Mai’kull began to argue back but stopped himself, realizing there was probably more going on that the human was not going to volunteer without pain of death. Doing another scan of the shop, he could see the “Shelf” to his left was a fake. The paint, was different from the rest of the walls, and the book case sat inside a clearly crafted stone frame. Tired of the Shopkeepers games, Mai’kull intended to investigate this on his own, and with a grin the mage vanished from view, shimmering left through the wall and into a dark stone hallway.He had cloaked himself in invisibility just to be safe, but he did not make it very far down the stone corridor before feeing the all too familiar sap to the back of his head. He feel to one knee, the world around him in a spinning blur as a foreboding presence hovered over him, where ever this was, he had the feeling he was not welcome; And then the world went dark.Mai’kull awoke a few minutes later in the Legerdemain Lounge sitting at one of the back tables. He could not recall what transpired between the stone corridor and just now, but he could feel no loss of limb or organs, and all his possessions were still accounted for. ‘Odd…’ Whoever was down there clearly didn’t want intruders. Sadly, they drew on the crosshairs of the wrong Archmage.Mai’kull returned to Glorious Goods again, walking in as if nothing had transpired. He began to casualty browse the store, under the scrutinous eye of its shop keeper. He browsed the crates and bags, and various tools of trades they were for sale, striking up casual conversation with the attendant Susana about the savory flavor of Sweetened Goat’s Milk.He made his way downstairs after a good 10 minutes of faffing about and began to look at the farthest bookshelf from Jack, combing over the professional tomes and recipe scrolls that he had to offer. He knew better than to directly interact with the false wall door in front of him, least it or the human trigger another alarm of sorts. No he continues to muddle around, watching gleefully as the human eyed him, and attempted to discreetly watch the bookcase.His patience paid off, as he read an old copy of the Kirin Tor Monthly, there was a loud click, and gear grinding. Jack’s face began to sweat profusely as the bookshelf swung open, and out ran a leather clad rogue, as if nothing was wrong. The rogue didn’t even stop to register Mai’kull was standing there. And as the door closed once again, the Magisters eyes locked with the shop keepers.“Found my Rogue…” Mai’kull venomously exclaimed. He could tell the Human was at a loss for words, but at this point he didn’t care; He found his confirmation. “Let me go have a few words with him…” he stated, giving Jack a small bow before exiting the shop.He didn’t actually leave. As soon as he walked out, Mai’kull slipped into the arcane folds of invisibility and popped back into the shop, settling in the upper steps among the boxes and crates, well out of sight from Jack or his assistant. And there he waited for his next opportunity. He could hear the shop keeper whispering to himself, no-doubt some attempt to warn whoever was behind the wall that their secret had been discovered.Mai’kull spent a good hour behind the shop, watching, calculating. He would see the doorway open ever-so-often, expelling rogues out of its entrance. And a few times he would see rogues come into the shop, and took note of Jack doing something under the counter that would pop open the door. That was going to be his Que.As soon as a Kal’dorei rogue entered the shop, Mai’kull emerged from his hiding place. Susana had her back turned, and he did his best to keep quiet as he summoned his eye of the flame. Just as the door opened and the rogue entered, so too did his magical construct. Doing his best to maintain focus, Mai’kull teleported out of the shop and into his small apartment atop the Archmage’s Spire of the Violet citadel before fully binding his vision to the arcane construct. He had little time, and his powers were strained due to the distance, but at least he would be undisturbed as he channeled the magic.The Magically Cloaked Fire Orb descended down the once inaccessible stone corridor leading into a vaguely familiar archway. Banners hung from the stone arches bearing the mark of the uncrowned, the newly revived coalition of shadowy assassins and spies since the legions invasion, this was the Hall of the Shadows! As Mai’kull beckoned the eye forward, nostalgia filled his mind. He knew EXACTLY where he was now.Cantrips & Crows, the old underbelly tavern. He would frequent this bar when he was alive, back in the Northrend Expedition, he would come down here to escape the aristocracy of the city above. He had marked this area all but destroyed when the city was assaulted by the Legion. Looks like the Rogues here took advantage of the main tunnel collapse and fortified it as their own; Genius, if not selfish as fuck.Everything was still here, the old Circle of Wills was still being used, only now it was to hone the skills of the Uncrowned Rogues. Mai’kull reminisced getting drunk and watching fights, occasionally being intoxicatedly lured into the ring himself a time or two. Good old time…Mai’kull turned the eye down towards the long tunnel that lead to the opening underneath the city. He spent many hours reading at the ledge of that tunnel, poking out of the bottom of the floating city. It offered a beautiful view of Crystalsong Forest when he was younger. It was his main relaxation spot while he lived in Dalaran. The eye attempted to make the trek down the tunnel, but the magic began to dissipate. He had overextended his ability and could no longer channel the magic as the view changed back to his room.Mai’kull walked outside, leaning against the rail and looking down upon the city. This was his new “spot”. He reflected on his discovery as he watched the people below bustle around the city.
  8. Maikull

    Mai'Kull Fireweaver

    ((Updated Information as he is starting to light fires across the world))
  9. Blizgroc stood atop the mountain range of Elwynn Forest, overlooking the Old Town of Stormwind City. Not two weeks ago, there was a mass of Horde Radicals who struck the city, rampaging about and causing all sorts of havoc. Now he had to sneak in to retrieve information, knowing damn well the city was on high alert, making his job ten times more difficult. The Shattered Hand had received a contract to Infiltrate SI:7 and the Stormwind Keep Library Records to gather census records on prominent Alliance Guilds. That kind of information could be gathered in so many more, less life-threatening means; but the contractor put down a hefty amount of gold to ensure he got the word “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” so to speak. Had to respect the contractor’s attention to detail at least, even if it was HIS neck on the line, and not theirs… Blizgroc cloaked himself in the shadows as he made his way down the Cliffside into the courtyard of the Alliance Old Barracks. There was a monk in the courtyard pounding away at one of the target dummies, which caused Blizgroc to freeze for a moment before realizing it was too encompassed with its training to notice him. He watched the Guards patrol routine for a moment before slipping past and into the Headquarters of SI:7 Slipping in was easy enough, Renzik was outside also enthralled at the training monk, which made him easy enough to slip by. Bliz was not so worried about the others, and with Shaw out of commission from his recent encounter with the Nathrezim, his mission here was a piece of cake. He scanned the book shelves, noting the catalog cypher order he received from former contacts. They had a hand in here already, but deiced to pull them out after the attacks, which is why he was here now. He ran across a case dedicated to “Enemies of the State”. Several titles stood out, The Defias Brotherhood, the Syndicate, Various Factions within the Horde, one of the most recent books was on The Grim, the same faction that caused all this mess. Within the attic, locked in an old armoire Bliz found his target. It took him several minutes, as he exerted extra caution picking the lock quietly. Inside held several maps and charts noted the typical activity of several factions within the alliance itself all over Azeroth and beyond. There were few notes scribbled on from alliance commanders with mobilization notes; this would help the contractors pinpoint alliance positions. One job down, it was time to tackle the real problem: Stormwind Keep. Guards were going to be crawling everywhere in that place, and Bliz was going to have to act fast to get in and out without being spotted by their patrollers with additional stealth detection training. Staying off the streets was a priority, so he took to the roof tops, timing his Rocket Jump with the gunfire on the training range. He sprinted across the roof tops, as he headed away from Old Town and towards the Keep’s massive walls. He couldn’t call on his Wind Rider as the Alliance were patrolling the skies, of which he was worried they might also spot him with their blasted Hyper-Vision Goggles on. He quickly ascended the wall to the right of the keep, leading to the waterfall. There was no way he was going to make it all the way across the city to the Earthshrine , no that would be too easy. Instead he would have to take an alternate route… Grappling up the waterfall he donned his Deepdive Helmet and swam under the water around to the back of the Keep. He knew underwater the guards would not see him, and he knew that the guards never generally patrolled behind the keep along the mountain range, despite the NUMEROUS attacks the Horde would launch from that very mountain. His patience paid off and he was able to swing around to the eastern side of the Keep without being noticed. Watching the skies, he quickly climbed the stone walls into the Garden Area. Slipping back into the shadows, he surveyed the area and the guard pattern before slipping into the Library. There seemed to be an archology class going on in the library, but it was little concern of his, kept the potential witnesses occupied as he did his job. He had picked up a few names from the maps in SI:7, and began combing the Census Archives, nabbing files and small tomes on related guilds, rosters and achievement records and stowing them away in his bag. Just as he was ready to finish up and head out he heard a tiny “Bark” from behind him. Spinning around he stood face to face with a tiny little pug that was looking dead at him. “SHHHHH” he tried to silence the dog, but it only yipped at him again, causing a guard to poke his head around the corner. “Shit…” Bliz thougt as he took a full step back. “SKWISH” He had been tiptoeing all over the keep, and as the back of his heel hit the ground, he realized his boots were still full of water from his recent swim. But that was a mental anguish for later, as the Guard too heard the wet squish and now was homing in on the Goblins location. “SHIT SHIT SHIT!” he screamed as he bolted around the corner of the Library into the Gardens, Guards, and Crossbow Bolts in HOT pursuit. He attempted to vanish, but they had their sights square on him, tricks were not going to help him escape….all except one! He could feel the arrows and bolts pierce his flesh, the shallow slashes of the guards behind him lashing out with their longswords and pikes. He ignored his pain, tunnel vision on the exit as he jammed his helm on for one last ditch attempt for freedom…. ONE DAY LATER--- Mai’kull sat in the Purple Parlor, high atop the spires of Dalaran sipping on a Glass of Aged Dalaran Red and snacking on a slice of Sour Goat Cheese. Alfred approached the Archmage and handed him a small package, noting that it had just come in via paper zeppelin. The mage thanked the Kirin-Tor Butler and tipped him several gold. As the Human walked away Mai’kull began to flip through the contents of the package… ‘Money well spent’ he thought to himself, as he grinned malevolently at the rosters in his hands. This would prove MOST useful in his future endeavors.
  10. A Grim Purpose The complete destruction of the Alliance is the goal towards which we strive. Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival. Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods. But talk and half-measures are for the weak. It is through our hands that the Horde will become the dominant force on Azeroth and the world beyond. ~The Grim Inquisition Time: 1600 Hours Deep in the heart of the Swamp of Sorrows, Mai’kull beckons his steed along the path towards the now forgotten Horde outpost; Stonard. It was abandoned in the second war, but re-established during the Thrall era to maintain communications in the southern regions of the Eastern Kingdoms. Now people simply use it for quick transport to Karazhan, but it was its original purpose that he choose this location. One of the very first strongholds built by the horde upon their arrival to Azeroth, it was from here they lead some of the most devastating assaults of the First War…and with his help, it would be that again. As he reached the center of Stonard, he was able to evaluate its condition better. A Command Building, An Inn, A Suitable Forge, and a Flight Master. It was not pretty, but it was functional enough for his goals. A little work would be needed to ready it for the forces that were to come, but he had time for that. Dismounting, Mai’kull made his way into the command building, He could see two Sin’Dorei already inside. “Are you hungry? I’m hungry. I just can’t stand the thought of cured ham steak from Thultash again. If only we could get some of that succulent roasted quail!” Cersei Dusksinger stated to her companion before taking notice of the Forsaken. “Glory to the Sin’dorei” she stated, giving a small bow to Mai’kull. “Yes, Im looking for the commander of this outpost, if you please” Mai’kull stated in Thalassian, returning the respectful gesture. He could see the woman’s lip curl hearing her native tongue out of something so hideous, but did well to try and hide her disgust. “Ruag is upstairs…” she answered with a wave. Mai’kull nodded to Cersei and moved past to head up the winding staircase. “Commander Ruag” Mai’kull stated as he saluted the Dispatch commander. “Blood and Thunder! How may I help you Forsaken?” “Light the fires, withdraw your scouts and prepare your men…Stonard re-awakens tonight.” He stated proudly as he handed a sealed scroll to the commander. Curiously, the Orc took the scroll and began to read. His eyes widened with amazement as he looked from the scrolls to Mai’kull. “I wasn’t aware…” “Yes. The details of this assault have been kept close at heart until the proper time. With blessing from the Dark Lady, our forces shall arrive later this evening, I hope you can have the outpost ready.” “You bet your boney ass it will be ready! Ill prepare my men, we shall not let this opportunity go to waste! FOR THE HORDE!” Mai’kull once again bows before the commander “For Dark Lady Sylvanas!” Time: 1800 Hours Mai’kull perched himself atop the Command Building, giving him a full overview of the camp. He watched the Peons and Guards move about shuffling supplies about the Burrows. A few members of the battalion began to file in and check into the Inn, serving the camp before heading back off for final preparations. Thultazor was brewing cauldrons, and Thultash was preparing meat for grand feasts to sate the warriors that were inbound. Karakul was busy hanging more hammocks and setting throw pillows to accommodate the growing number of visitors, Hekkru busied himself cleaning and setting up cages for the Beast Masters companions. The forges in the back burned bright, giving the swamp a wave of warm air, as the Smiths readied their armaments for the battle ahead. Guild Heralds from all over were marching into the camp, The Banner of their respective Guilds who pledged their allegiance to the cause waving in the air as they carried their Guild Chests into the command building for storage. Stonard was alive with activity, and once again becoming the bastion of the Horde Offensive against the Alliance. Everything was falling into place… Time: 2000 Hours Mai’kull had spent many months working out the best way to fulfill the will of the Mandate. Fighting alliance on the battlegrounds about the world was not enough, nor was it going to bring peace. To truly live up to the mandate, he had to spread its will to the minds of others like him, to reach those unknowing or unwilling to face the reality in the world…that they were at war…and make them fight, so show them it was possible. To that end he sought out others who viewed the world as the Grim did, and brought with him the will of the mandate to their ears. And the acolytes of his call answered. Appearing at Stonard to stand with the Grim were members of many banners. The Dread Horde Coalition: Darthtooth Grin, Dark Clan of Fenris, Redwood Tribe, Thunderhoof Clan, and many many others who heard the call of battle stood ready. Mai’kull reveled at the sight of his work, uniting so many under his cause. A force well over 80 strong stood before him; Fed, Hydrated, Rested, and Warded for battle, he was finally ready to unleash the true Will of the Mandate. Mai’kull had exhausted an immeasurable amount of time and effort into this. Using his magic and engineering skills, he had infiltrated each major city one by one. Testing and exploiting every method of weakness within until he solidified the battle plans. For each city he had outlined infiltration, lockdown protocols, engagement rules, and an exit strategy. He did not rally this large of a force with hopes and dreams alone, but with cause and means to perform one of the greatest achievements of their time: FOR THE HORDE! Time: 2030 Deep in the halls leading to Old Ironforge, through a Ritual of Summoning the Battalion stood ready…. Quite…Patient…Eager to shed blood. This specific target was the vex on everyone’s mind, everyone who called the Magister mad for planning the assault for how defended a fortress Ironforge was. And now they stood but a few feet away from their target, the alliance forces none the wiser. This is what was going to make or break the Magisters reputation…should the Raid fail here, it would fall square on his shoulders. All the planning, calculations, and manipulation for nothing… The Battle Horn was blown, and the Raid advanced, directly into the High Seat where the Council of Three Hammers took residence. No one could have anticipated a force of that size and magnitude in the Heart of the City. The Guards were overwhelmed immediately. Per his instructions, a splinter group of the Battalion launched from the High Seat and headed straight for the Hall of Mysteries in the Mystic Ward. Should any Alliance in Dalaran catch wind of their assault and try to use the portals in Grayfang Enclave, they would be in for quite the surprise. Another small force was dispatched to keep eyes in the Deeprun Tram, incase forces attempted to assist from Stormwind. The strike was over far quicker than Mai’kull had anticipated. Just as his plans laid out, Moria fell first, followed by Felstad then Muradin. The Battalion stood in a moment of awe in the High Seat chambers as the bodies laid before them. They were not dead, but mortally wounded and in very bad shape. It would have been so easy to kill them, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything. A new Dwarven Council would be re-elected, and the cycle would continue. No…they would leave them alive, but just barley. To learn, To know their place…To FEAR the might of the Horde that would Overthrow the Council Banners of the attending Guilds were strewn all over the Chamber, Horde Battleflags blocked the entrance doors, even some Soldiers posing amidst the chaos with their S.E.L.F.I.E Cameras. Once pleasantries were completed, the Battalion slipped back into the tunnel from which it came, escaping back to Stonard using their Magisters Portals, leaving devastation in their wake. Time: 2045 The Battalion wasted no time readying the next strike. Adrenalin running through their veins, and the taste of fresh victory on their lips, they hungered to continue their conquest against the alliance. The next target was Darnassus. A warlock was already in place behind the Temple of the Moon. It was frankly the arrogance of the Kal’Dorei to not check their own backyard, for anyone who looked could have seen the force rising. A bit too eager, one half of the battalion began the initial assault into the temple, slaying the Nightelf sentries that stood in their way, and securing the portal zone within the temple. Another faction branched off, cutting a swath of destruction from the Temple of the Moon to the Temple Gardens, securing their exit. They had engaged Tyrande and her companion pet Dori’Thur before the rest of the combatants had completed the Summoning Ritual. But the Might of the Horde sandwiched the Kal’Dorei Priestess atop her own landing, proving once and for all she was Immortal No More. Once the stage was set for the arriving alliance to see the work they had done, the Battalion headed out into the Temple Gardens, utilizing the World Tree’s own transportation to bring them to Rut’theran Village. Clearing the meager port authorities was nothing as the Horde members waited patiently for the Ship that would lead them to Azuremyst Isle to arrive. Taking the ship, it took three port-calls to amass the Battalion at the base of the fallen Draenei Ship. This gave Mai’kull just the pace he needed to slow his warriors. Two targets down did not mean their job was done, and he did not need their heads to fill too quickly that mistakes would be made this close to the end. Their patience tempered the minds of the Battalion, and The Exodar was struck with shocking precision. Spiraling down into the Vault of Lights The Raiding parties knew their jobs. The Guards were dispatched quickly, as a splinter group of members crossed the Vault and secured the portal zone. Velen’s Battle masters were pulled from their posts and dealt with leaving the Dreanei Prophet all to himself, and the Battalion wasted no time Putting out the Light of the already broken people. Time: 2110 The Raiding Battalion regrouped in the Swamp of Sorrows Outpost one last time as they prepared to strike at their last Target…Stormwind City. Given the proximity of their target, some did not even wait for the Ritual of Summoning, but preferred to fly from Stonard to the Burning Steppes themselves, to wait on the adjacent mountain range behind Stormwind Keep. Once everyone was in place, the command was given, and the Wrath of the Horde descended upon the Human Capital. It was a two-pronged attack. Half of the Battalion flew in from the Courtyard, directly engaging the King and his forces in his own Throne room, while the second half entered from the Main Gate, clearing the Keep of any other guards who might get in the way. A small unit was dispatched to the Wizards Sanctum in the Magic Quarter to monitor traffic to and from their Portal Zone, but Mai’kull believed that to no longer be necessary. They wanted the Alliance to try and stop them… So too did the Child-King fall to the might of the Horde; proving once and for all that he, just like his father was unable to prevent the Might of the Horde from Storming Stormwind. Yet this was not the end, the Horde’s Mightiest Warriors wanted to cement their dominance over the arrogant pink-skinned fools, so they set out, on foot, out of the keep into the city itself. Anyone who got in their way was killed. They trampled through the Trade District slaughtering merchants and auctioneers, bankers and shop owners, leaving a burning scar of destruction in their path for any arriving Alliance to follow. Mai’kull could only revel in his success. Here he was, standing in the heart of the Alliance’s Power; He had no protective spells active, he sheathed his own blade, for at this moment Stormwind belonged to the Horde! A Final Gathering was called at the steps of the human’s holeyest of places. Unimpeded, the Horde positioned themselves, raised their banners and smiled for the cameras, cheering on cadence of victory and valor that echoed through every corner of the city. The Mandate’s will was done, and peace for a time was brought to all four corners of the Alliance’s holdings. Mai’kull was no fool, he knew it would not last. The Humans, Dwarves, Kal’Dorei and Dreanei would re-group, heal their wounded leaders and secure their homelands once again. But it was the message delivered that was the true goal. They did it…They won…And they could NOT be stopped. News of this would spread, angering the hippy alliance huggers within his own faction, but also sparking vigor in the hearts of those who thought it impossible. And that is who he would direct to the Grim Inquisition, to bring about a new wave of soldiers to fight for the mandate, their belief that peace can only be achieved through one way, and one way alone…. PEACE THROUGH ANNIHILATION!
  11. Maikull

    Lonely RPer Personals

    Character: Mai’Kull Fireweaver I am a: Male Undead Sin’Dorei Archmage (Evil Neutral Alignment) Seeking: Casual RP Storyline, Chance RP Encounters, A Nemesis More about me: A High Functioning Megalomaniac, with a soft spot for children (And not as a food group). Fiercely Loyal to Sylvanas, The Grim, And the Horde (IN.THAT.ORDER.) Not a strong fighter, but excellent tactician, ambassador of war, and saboteur. Has a very bad habit of getting into places he doesn’t belong , be it by chance or dare. Will not think twice to feed you a Water Walking potion and push you off the edge of Dalaran. Misc. notes: Has made his IC home in Archmage Vargoth’s Spire, since the Archmage has relocated to the Mage Guild Hall. Anyone who has the toy from the Higher Learning Achievement can teleport there. I prefer a nice hybrid of In-Game and Forum RP ((Such as shown here)). Mostly active late night (11p-3a Server) but very active within Emails at various times. Detest Tavern Style RP, and prefer one on one or small groups. Unless it is in the Purple Parlor (Which I frequent when I que for BGs or something) Contact me through: In Game Whisper or Mail. You –CAN- PM me here on the forums ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character: Rokano Dawnblade I am a: Undead Quel’Dorei Deathknight (Lawfully Good Alignment) Seeking: Casual RP Storyline, Chance RP Encounters More about me: A Death Knight wishing to be a Paladin, is very kind, trusting, and willing to lend aid to any and all who need it (Despite affiliation) Very naive, and a bit self-obsessed. To be honest, think Choir Boy/Boy Scout undergoing puberty. However will go through great lengths to cheer someone up. Is passionate about Defending the Innocent. Misc. notes: Just started working on him, so consider him still wet clay. Still not a fan of Tavern RP (personal preference, too much text going on for me to focus) Contact me through: In Game Whisper or Mail. You –CAN- PM me here on the forums
  12. Mai'Kull Fireweaver: (The Grim) Maikull has been spending ALOT of time between Dalaran and Undercity Libraries working on some nefarious plot. Chance encounters are welcome to anyone who has Higher Learning, as Maikull has taken the former Chambers of Archmage Vargoth as his own ((NO ONE is up there...Dibs)).
  13. Maikull

    His First Hallows End

    Mai’kull had been working hard ever since his ascension to Reaper for The Grim. He had already filled the book shelves next to him with documents on The Twisting Nether, Old Gods, The Legion, as well as countless maps of Battlegrounds across Azeroth and beyond. He felt that despite completing his supplicant trials, he still needed to prove his worth amongst his new brethren, still feeling as if he was nothing but a shadow on a wall to them. But constant work was numbing his hands, he could no longer tell where the Ink stopped and the blood began as he penned notes and reports on various topics. His mind too was turning to mush, he had to get his head out of the books and doing something refreshing. As he passed through the Halls of the Grim’s Fortress, he noticed a sign posted on the bulletin: Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. Mai'kull had always maintained his free-will, then again he was not one of the former scourge under the Lich King. Former Sin’Dorei Magi; He offered his life to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner after the fall of the Lich King, and was one of the first test subjects to be risen as the new Forsaken through the Val'kyr. To be honest, he never truly recovered from the cultural shock; the change from Quel’Dorei to Sin’Dorei was damming enough to him as a child, but to be stripped of his natural grace. His own people and friends looking down upon him, despite still being the same person he was. I guess now he understood more how the Forsaken felt, being former Quel’Dorei and Humans, adapting to a world who now despised or distrusted them. There had been many conversations among his own Guild members, about Mai’kulls obsession with his culture. Still choosing Thalassian over Gutterspeak, hiding his decaying face behind a mask, even clutching to his Orb of the Sin'dorei for moments of normality. Maybe it was time he embrace his newfound heritage. Leaving the Guild Hall, he set off to the Ruins of Lordaeron, where the final day of Wickerman Festival was taking place. He was sure that would be a good place to start...better late than never at least. The Scryer’s taught him that it was always important to go out and live in the world, rather than just protect it; else you forget why you devote yourself. Several little shops and stands were set up about the courtyard. Mai’kull mindlessly wandered between them, unsure of what to do or start. It wasn’t until he was called over by a Forsaken woman “Since your clearly not doing anything, how about giving me a hand?” she called out. He was to say, a little taken by her outburst, “Excuse me?” “Honey…you have been pacing the courtyard for 15 minutes, if you need to find something to do, get your bony keester over here and give me a hand!” Mai’kull felt a bit ashamed, she was right, he was at the point of contemplating finding an excuse to get back to his work before she called out to him. He begrudgingly approached her little tent and looked around, “So what is it you need help with?” he asked. “Candace Fenlow by the way, and glad you asked. The foolish Alliance have employed hags to fuel an attack on our city. Well, as my sister once told me, "Turnabout is fair play." We will gladly return the favor. Speak with my sister, and she will provide you with a broomstick flight over Stormwind. While over Stormwind, drop stink bombs on the city and on the people. Make them suffer! We will show those hags in Stormwind who is the most powerful.” “Stormwind…You want me to fly over Stormwind…and drop stink bombs over their city?” He asked, a tone of disbelief in his voice. Candace simply tossed a makeshift grenade in her hand and grinned “Bombs away, am I right?” ‘This is some bullshit…’ he thought to himself, but then considered this was probably part of the act. They probably have a small straw maze set up to resemble Stormwind, plenty of kids here to get them in on the spirit. He threw his hands up in mental defeat “Oh what the hell…Lets go!” He approached the sister and watched as she summoned up her Magical Broom. Mai’kull was handed a large sack of Stinkbombs as the Forsaken Witch tossed an unknown magical potion in the air which fell back down coating the two undead and the broom. “Hop on, This is going to be one wild ride!” she said. Mai’kull did as instructed and hopped onto the back of the broom, and quickly grabbed for support as the Witch blasted off into the air. ‘Kinda fast for a kids ride?’ he thought to himself as he rocketed for the clouds. Just then a portal opened up before them and without a chance to speak or react, the pair disappeared from the sky. ‘HOLY SHIT!’ he mentally screamed as the rooftops of the Human Capital zoomed under his feet. “Wait…Were…WHAT?!” he began, but the witch only laughed as Mai’kull was clearly losing his mind. “Relax Kiddo, were safe! I’m maintaining the Invisibility Potion, so they can’t see us. As long as you don’t cast magic, and just chunk the bombs over that I gave you, we will be fine!” The realization became apparent as they whizzed past an unsuspecting Flying Griffon Rider. “They stink up their city, we repay the favor in kind, So common Cadaver, and fling those foul fumes!” After the first pass, Mai’kull calmed down. Once again he was embarrassed by his disbelief, he could think of a million things he could be doing with this opportunity had he been given proper warning, but the time for debating was over. He was out here to stop thinking and just do, and that he did. Reaching into his pack he cast out the first few bombs, landing in various places. The Witch scoffed “My Grandmother throws better than that, and she’s cremated!” ‘Oh Really?’ he thought, taking up the Witches Challenge. Lions Rest, The Cathedral of Light, The Orphanage, The Market House, Even an unsuspecting baker standing outside selling his wears, none were safe from the Archmage’s Oder Onslaught. The pair of them laughed as another Stink Bomb fell amongst a squadron of soldiers in formation, causing them to break ranks and hold their noses. “OH YOU GOTTEM THERE BOY!” “Oh, I think that one puked in his helm!” Mai’kull laughed, watching a human soldier rush for the waters edge. Deciding not to press their luck, the Witch opened a portal outside the Stormwind Harbor and the two set back down in the Ruins of Lordaeron a minute later. Dismounting, and almost collapsing to the ground in laughter, they were met by Candace. “How did it go?.” She smirked. The sister was caught up on the details of their escapades, and too joined in the laughter “That baker looked like a Griffon shit on his head, it was PRICELESS!” The witch cackled. Once Candace settled her lungs, she withdrew a small crystal from her robes. “Well It seems that in response to our stink bombing Stormwind, the Alliance has decided to stink bomb our city. Fortunately, we have magics that can handle the stink the Alliance bring us. Mai’kull, can you use this Arcane Cleanser to remove the stink fumes from the sewers. Honestly the potency from the alliance is nothing compared to our own, but out-of-town visitors have been complaining to the guards.” Mai’kull took the item from her without hesitation and nodded. “Ill take care of it.” ’That was fun’ he thought to himself as he descended the elevators from the Throne Room to the Sewers. He was glad he got out and did this. Sin’Dorei were always so stuck up and proper, you could barley find one to actually loosen up around. The Scryers were never like that, he felt it almost disappointing when the Dark Portal opened up and he came back home, full of aristocratic, judgmental, holier-than-tho assholes, the damn lot of them. Though crude and a bit more vile than he was accustom too, the Forsaken were allright. Taking a trip around the inner and outer rings of the Undercity, Mai’kull was able to clean up the fumes left behind by the Alliance Hags. The Arcane Cleanser efficiently caused a wind vacuum that dissipated each stink cloud within seconds. He returned topside to meet up with Candace again and let her know the task was complete, for now. “Oh im glad you’re here. There's something wrong with my friend, Edgar. Normally, he loves the Hallow's End festivities, but he's been sullen and reclusive lately. He spends all his time in the Broken Tusk in Orgrimmar drinking with the orcs. Would you mind stopping by and seeing if there's anything you can do to cheer him up? If you’re not too busy that is, I know how quickly you Mages can pop too and from as you do.” Mai’kull felt it was only fair to aid the Forsaken, as she had given him the best time of his undead life in quite some time. He agreed to find this Edgar and see what he could do. Mai’kull wasn’t much of a people person, but if the guy was drunk and depressed, he didn’t feel he could do much more damage. With a quick port, Mai’kull began the accent from the Cleft of Shadows into the Valley of Strenght. Edgar was literally the only other Undead in the bar, so he wasn’t hard to find. Just as Mai’kull went to approach him, the Forsaken took a swig of his drink and belched out, “Candace sent you? She knows me too well. I've hit a rut in my research and I've been waiting for a very important delivery, but the courier's late...” “Well, you want me to tell Candace not to worry?” Mai’kull asked, thinking to himself for a moment ‘Well that was easy…’ “No…See. The delivery is here in Orgrimmar, somewhere. I told that courier to take the zeppelin, but no, he had to use the goblin ship! Well, now he's late and my precious family heirlooms are with him. If you're willing to help, would you go down to the docks east of Orgrimmar, and see what's keeping him?” ‘Nevermind…’ Sometimes, you have to admire Goblin Engineering. The technology in Area 52, Horde Gunships, The Goblin Submarines …Then the build shit like this, and it makes you realize, Goblin Engineering is REALLY hit and miss. Mai’kull quickly boarded the scrapheap—I mean ship, and looked around. A lower cartel with precious little funds must have constructed this monstrosity. And as where it was sea-worthy at least, it was probably due to the fact the sea floor didn’t want to be littered with it. He approached one of the deckhands, “Excuse me, Im looking for an Orc Currier who booked passage on this ship…know where he might be?” The tiny goblin looked at Mai’kull for a second before grinning. “I dunno…depends on who’s askin!” it smirked. ‘Great…hes one of THOES goblins…’ the Mage thought before engulfing himself in Combusting flames. He did NOT have the time or patience for this kind of crap, and he wasn’t going to let this little green shit-stain ruin his good mood. Taking the hint, the deckhand quickly jumped back, “OK OK, I aint paid to keep secrets, He’s up there!” he screeched, pointing towards the cabins. Mai’kull shook his hands out, extinguishing the flames before smiling and giving a thankful bow to the little creature. Mai’kull found the room all right, and the Courier, and the knife sticking out of his back. ‘Well this just keeps getting better and better…’ he thought to himself as he examined the room. It did not appear to be a struggle, no signs or clues of who or what attacked the Orc. And no sign of the package to be delivered. Possibly a robbery. He contemplated the crew, but then again they would have dumped the body overboard…assuming they were that intelligent. But as he reached down to examine the body, a swarm of minute little spiderlings came bursting forth out of the Orc’s body. Mai’kull retracted quickly, but it was apparent they were not attacking, more so leaving the ship, in a nice and neat little line. Mai’kull left the room and watched as the scores of insects poured from the room onto the ship and then then leaped to the dock. What was a bit more suppressing was that no one was paying them any mind. ‘Am I going crazy?’ he considered, before quickly giving chase to the conga line of critters. Down the docks, and all the way across Bladefist Bay, Mai’kull chased the never ending stream of skitters, who were filing in order down the path. As he ran, he could almost feel them passing through his feet. Curiosity tempted him and he stepped down on one, only to find it phased through him and continued to march on. ‘Well at least that explains a few things…’ he considered. The line had finally reached the gates of Orgrimmar, making a neat turn into the city. Once again no one else paid mind to the spider stream scuttling into the city, so Mai’kull slowed to a brisk pace. It probably had something to do with the corpse he touched, which attuned him to whatever realm these spiders were from, and he was certain they were leading him down the path of whom ever had killed him and taken the package meant for Edgar. Past the bar and straight into the Auction House, the spiders continued their march, but Mai’kull could tell they were getting fewer in number. Perhaps the magic was fading away. But not before leading them straight to a particular culprit. The Goblin Auctioneer Drezmit stood in his perch, and Mai’kull could tell he was unnerved, perhaps he could see the spiders too. “Have I got a deal for you! Can I interest you in a payment plan?!” Drezmit asked in a forced cheery voice, as Mai’kull approached his perch. “No, but I would be delighted to hear of some questionable merchandise of a now dead courier and some spectral spiders…” the Archmage said coldly. “Keep your voice down and don't let word of this get out or I'm finished as an auctioneer!!” the goblin hissed. He bent down, nervously glancing at his other co-workers before continuing in a hushed voice, “Look, I told that shady character that there might be a shop more open to his, uh, wares in the Drag. Droffer's and Son Salvage is the name of the place. Look for Dran Droffers. He oversees the 'salvage' of rare and valuable objects from all over Azeroth. That’s all I did, I didn’t take nothin, we run a legit business here.” “Oh, and I’m sure I wont find that Mr. Droffer wont have a percentage of the ‘Finders Fee’ waiting for you as well?” Mai’kull snapped. “Hay, half the gold that funnels through these auction houses are taken off the corpses of your enemies out there. I don’t ask where it comes from from you, nor would I from…charitable donations. Guy’s gatta make a livin ya know!” Shady, yes…almost all Goblins were; but Guilty? No…This one was just the contact point. The spectral spiders had all but disappeared by this point so Mai’kull continued on with his lead, Droffer's and Son Salvage. It was a little hut right before the Valley of Honor. He remembered passing it several times while in the city, but never paid it any attention. Guess that’s what a good smuggling business counted on. It had appeared as if he arrived just in time, both Shop keepers Dran and Malton Droffers were in, and arguing with a Blood Elf. Mai’kull stood by the doorway listening in for a few minutes to assess the situation. Delian Sunshade says: “There's no point in denying it, Dran! That thief knew exactly where to bring his stolen goods. Dran Droffers says: “I don't know what you're talking about, elf, and I don't appreciate you pokin' around in my business! Dran Droffers says: “I do seem to have mistakenly come into possession of some artifacts from Uldum. Perhaps the Reliquary is interested in those? Delian Sunshade says: “Shall we see what the grunts have to say about your stolen antiquities? Dran Droffers says: “Fine, Fine. I may have helped him contact an interested buyer. But keep your voice down! You'll scare away my customers. Delian Sunshade says: “Now we're getting somewhere... Delian turns to face Mai’kull and says: “And you, what's your interest” “I was coming to ask them the same questions…” Maikull replied, in Thalassian . The Elf was a bit taken from hearing its native language out of the mouth of the Undead, most were at first, but quickly regained composure, a bit relived to be able to hold a conversation the Orcs could not follow. “You look like you know something about these missing goods.” “I was asked by an interested party to investigate what happened to their delivery, Tried to talk to the courier, but he’s dead, and I’m not a warlock.” The Sin’Dorei laughed a bit, “So someone else hired you to retrieve this crate? I don't like the sound of that. That crate's contents belong in the care of the Reliquary. The items it holds are very powerful and very dangerous. We have to find the meeting that Dran set up between the thief and the collector, but first, we'll need to protect ourselves from the effects of handling that crate. Ill buy some arcane powder from a reagent merchant, and get vials from an alchemy merchant, if you can pick some blood nettle in the Valley of Wisdom. With that I can whip up a concoction that should protect us from the worst effects of carrying or handling the crate. We can work out who owns what as soon as we have it back out of thieves hands.” A sound plan, Mai’kull set out to the valley to the west of the little shop and took little to no time finding the right plant. Thankfully he had just begun to study alchemy, or else he would have no idea what he was looking for. Gathering the herbs gave him time to think. ‘Edgar was either lying to me about owning that package, or was unaware it was stolen. Either way this is turning into a nice little clusterfuck.’ Once he had all the ingrediants, he met up with the Elf back at the shop. The Orcs seemed displeased he was still there, but his threats to go to the guards kept them in line. After a small bout of trial and error, only enough potion remained for one protection spell. The two looked at one another, and the Elf’s eyes fell onto Mai’Kulls blade. “Is that Felo’melorn?!” he asked. “Yes, I claimed it from Lyandra Sunstrider in Icecrown Citadel not long ago.” “Then perhaps you can be trusted, here, take this. According to Dran, the "collector" who wants the crate is none other than the insane Archmage Xylem of Azshara. The archmage's faithful servant is to meet with the man who has the crate in a secluded corner of the courtyard in the Ruins of Lordaeron. You must get there in time to intercept the exchange and retrieve the crate before Xylem gets his hands on it. If you can get the crate, meet me at the Wyvern's Tail in the Valley of Honor.” Mai’kull wasted no time summoning a portal back to the Undercity. Mai’kull quickly met up with Candace to update her on her friend’s condition. Then he headed up the stairs from the Courtyard to finish this trivial quest. But as he past the landing, he stumbled across a solemn sight. Laying on the pavement was the body of a fallen forsaken. His eyes black as coal, his body once more cold, the second life that once breathed through this body was gone. “What the hell?!” Mai’kull could once again see several spectral spiders crawling around on the ground amongst the corpse. The same foul magic that accursed him on the boat had returned. Taking his que he took the potion given to him by Delian, which did little to lessen the effects. ‘Wonderful…’ As Mai’kull continued down the path, the magic in the air grew thicker, and so did the body count. “How the HELL are the abominations not noticing this!?” just as his words rang out, a crackle of void energy struck the ground next to him, damn near causing him to jump out of his skin. He grasped his blade for a moment, but there was no enemy in sight, just the energy in the air reacting upon itself. He could see surges of power in the mists around him, whatever was causing all this was getting close. There, standing over another Forsaken was a Sin’Dorei. Dark energy surging from its hands into the lifeless corpse before him, and right in-between the two was a mysterious crate. “Archmage Xylem does not bargain with the likes of you, ruffian. There shall be no payment!” the Blood Elf cackled at his victim. Filled with remorse and rage for his fallen people, Mai’kull burst into flames, roaring in anger he called out to the Elf, “HAY GOLDILOCKS! TRY THAT SHIT WITH ME!” The elf turned his attention to Mai’kull and only chuckled at his display of power, “What's this, an intruder? Let's see what the artifacts inside this box can do, shall we?” The elf hopped to the back side of the crate and kicked it over. Dark magic oozed out of the cracks in the crate, and slowly formed a giant void walker which stood before Mai’kull. The Sin’Dorei Magister couldn’t look more smug as the Void walker descended upon Mai’kull. Unfortunate for him, Mai’kull had previously mastered the Manual of Void-Calling granting him the power of dominion over Void walkers, and with but a snap of his fingers, the creature was banished back into the nether. “This isn't supposed to happen!” the elf cried out, now nothing standing between him and the extremely pissed off Forsaken Mage. The look of shock and horror now painted on his face bought joy to the undead’s heart, he always loved it when smug bastards got their just deserves. The elf jumped back and prepared a spell in his hands. Mai’kull allowed him, he could feel his power from here, and it was NOTHING compaired to his own, it was the magic from the crate that was filling the air around him, not the Elf. However he realized his lapse in judgement all but too late. The -attack- he was anticipating from the elf, was in fact a teleport spell masked in an arcane fold. “NO!” Mai’kull roared, reaching out with his hands and spewing Dragons Breath across the courtyard. It was too late however, as the blasted mage had escaped him, teleporting away to safety. It would have been too much of a hassle to tap into the lay-line flows and try and follow him now. Mai’kull cursed himself as he stood alone in the Ruins, the bodies of his people laying all around. He had informed the Deathguards, who quickly quarantined off the area and began clean up. The crate was secured in Mai’kulls pack before they got there. He explained everything he saw, and gave them the information he knew about Sanath Lim-yo before he was released. They were going to do what they could to keep this “incident” from spreading to the festivities, as to not dampen the mood, and Mai’kull understood. As he walked the path back in Ogrimmar, he reflected on what all had occurred. Though his expedition outside had been quite fun in the beginning, it quickly went sour fast, and he could not wait to be through so he could return to his work. Crate in hand, Mai’kull stood outside the Wyvern's Tail in the Valley of Honor, where he was to meet the Sin’Dorei. He withdrew his Orb of Sin’Dorei from his pocket, intent on meeting the other Magister face-to-face so to speak, but stopped. Why…What did that Sin’Dorei mean to him, that he would hand over the crate so easily? What of Edgar…and the Forsaken who died because of this package. Why continue to masquerade himself just to feel like he fit in. Oddly enough his current choice mocked his mental struggle….to choose between the Sin’Dorei or the Forsaken. Candace welcomed him with open arms, without a thought, her sister brought him laughter, despite how he looked, they didn’t judge…maybe it was time he started to let go of his former life. Nothing was going to bring him back to the way he was…his death was his choice, and he had to live with that now, with his own people…and with that, he put the orb back in his pocket. Back in the Broken Tusk bar, Mai’kull handed Edgar the package. “Fuck you by the way…you could have given me all the details on this…” Edgar laughed, “Sorry friend, didn’t realize the seal had cracked on it…never send an Orc to perform a delicate operation that’s for sure. I trust it didn’t cause you too much trouble? Candace told me about the deaths…I had no idea.” Mai’kull nodded and took a drink from the table, “It’s fine… they took the fallen to the Val'kyr, in hopes of bringing them back. Mostly going to hunt down that low-born slave who caused all of this…hope it was worth it at least.” “To be honest, I never thought you'd be able to recover it. Well, let's see it!” Edgar exclaimed, his mood generally uplifted. He traced a magical rune over the top of the crate which seemed to sedate whatever was inside. Opening the lid, it looked as if it were filled to the brim with black oil like gas. Edgar reached in and withdrew a relic inside and closed the lid again. As soon as the lid closed, the crate began to rumble. “It should be fine now, a simple void guardian however it was feeding on this, which increased its strength and caused all that havoc.” Edgar explained. ”You can keep it if you like, as a token of my thanks. They are very helpful in protecting valuables, and even feast on common critters.” Mai’kull lifted the box and examined it. The lid creaked open a bit, showing the shadowy darkness within and a pair of red glowing eyes. This Spooky little box was a perfect token for his first true Hallows End celebration. “Thank you.” Mai’kull said, nodding to Edgar. “Victory for Sylvanas!” “Happy Hollows End!” After summoning another portal, Mai’kull walked out of the gates of Lordaeron back towards The Grim’s Guild Hall. He sat back down at his desk and looked at the paperwork before him. In his lap lay the slightly rumbling little crate he had received. It was moments like this that renewed his lust to annihilate all enemies of the Horde so that they could live in peace, such as this night, every night. “Peace through annihilation….Victory for Sylvanas” he whispered into the night and grabbed a new scroll off his shelf.
  14. Maikull


    This is awkward... So I met a few people In Game (Blame Lilliana), and many of you mentioned Twisting Nether Gazette. I however dismissed it as some IC BS newspaper that everyone but me received. Well...I was wrong about the BS part I guess, because HERE I AM...(Thanks to Khorvis for the Invite) Played from mid Vanilla-BS to around the start of Litch King, then was on again off again till Cata. Came back strong on the same character till half way through know...LIFE happens and you gotta put the keyboard down. Well im back AGAIN, playing the same "Character" but I had to remake it because I lost old Authenticatior and Email, didn't want to go through the hassle of Support. ((100 Boos FTW!)) I like to Roleplay, I like to tell stories, and I like to Play the game in general. Lets see where this thing here gets me.
  15. Maikull

    Mai'Kull Fireweaver

    |Full Name:| Mai’Kull, Unknown Sin’Dorei Surname, “Fireweaver” Adopted Surname |Nicknames:| The Maleficar |Date of Birth:| 20 Years Before the Sacking of Silvermoon |Age:| Unknown (Old Enough if you ask him) |Race:| Undead Sin’Dorei |Gender:| Male |Hair:| None |Skin:| Pale Gray |Eyes:| Fel Yellow (Still a touch of green) |Height:| 5’7” |Weight:| 168, Skin and Bone |Place of residence:| Archmage Vargoth’s Retreat |Place of Birth:| Quel'Thalas |Known Relatives:| None |Religion/Philosophy:| Peace through Annihilation |Occupation:| Archmage, Legionnaire Engineer, Master Tactician, Emissary |Group/Guild affiliation:| The Grim |Guild Rank:| Reaper |Enemies:| [Please take a number and wait in line] |Likes:| Recognition, Knowledge of Forbidden Arts, |Favorite Foods:| Cheese |Favorite Drinks:| Aged Wine, Apple Cider |Favorite Colors:| Black, Red, Purple, Blue (In that Order) |Weapons of Choice:| Felo’Melorn |Dislikes:| Aristocratic/Snooty Personalities, Personal Shortcomings, Personal Failure |Hobbies:| Reading, Cartography, Tactical Coordination, Engineering, Tinkering |Physical Features:| Maintains pristine condition of his armor, and attempts to hide his “Undead Features” as much as he can. |Special Abilities:| Infiltration, Coordination, Adaptability |Positive Personality Traits:| Loyal, Straight Forward, Direct, Respectful |Negative Personality Traits:| Spiteful, Self-Loathing, Withdrawn, Defensive |Misc. Quirks:| Tends to stay away from the crowd, and “Zone Out” from time to time, becomes unhealthily focused on specific tasks or daydreams. |Played by What Famous Person:| His name is a play on my own, “Michael” |History:| Ask and you may find out. A good question to start with, is how he died...