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    [A] Fight Night at Bizmo's Brawl Pub

    (( Bump because this is tomorrow! (or I guess technically today if you're on the east coast).))
  2. <A series of posters have been hung around Alliance cities, all bearing the mark of the Twilight Empire in the bottom right corner.>
  3. Aryanna

    [A] Fight Night at Bizmo's Brawl Pub

    (( Hey, guys! As you can see, the Twilight Empire is hosting a night at Bizmo's Brawlpub Friday, March 17, at 7:30 PM. What better way to blow off steam from time spent fighting the Legion than a good, old-fashioned fight night? Everyone is invited to take part in the fun, bet some of your hard-earned gold on our brave fighters, and drink until Bizmo runs out of booze! For those that still haven't received an invitation to the Brawlpub, Delenay has kindly offered to organize an invitation farming event in the coming days. For an invitation to that event, please send a message to Delenay or myself (Aryänna (Alt+0228)). For a calendar invite to the event, please send me a message in-game either by mail or whisper. If I'm not on my priest, I can usually be found on my Death Knight, Sharifal. We look forward to seeing you all there! ))