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  1. Allycia Amouria (H)

    "Allycia is an... interesting sort." Sorel huffs. "She basically forced her way into the Vanguard, and given how devoted she claims to be to the Alliance, I felt compelled to let her stay, despite being a full-blooded Thalassian." His eyes narrow a bit. "That said, she doesn't seem like the kind who will ever waver, so we will see how that goes.
  2. Calrin "Cally" Bolfrey (A)

    Full name: Calrin Bolfrey Age: 23 Date of Birth: May 6 Race: Worgen (Gilnean) Gender: Male Hair: Brown Skin color: White Eyes: Emerald (Sky blue Worgen form) Height: 5'10" (7'2" Worgen form upright, 6'5" hunched) Weight: 170 (215 Worgen form) Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: Henry Bolfrey (Father, deceased), Olivia Bolfrey (Mother, human) Birthplace: Stormglen Village, Gilneas, Eastern Kingdoms Languages: Common, Darnassian (learning), Taura'he, Zandali (learning) Occupation: Doctor Likes: Fruity-tasting treats and drinks, children Dislikes: Undead, feral worgen, people dying on his watch Favorite Food: Bacon Favorite Drink: Lemonade Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, hard working, easy to talk to Negative Personality Traits: Scares easily, poor emotional control Hobbies: Hearthstone (the game), reading, flying Weapon of Choice: A simple druidic staff, the head looks like a pine cone. Special abilities: drudic ability to use nature for healing purposes, a deep knowledge of medicine. Physical description: Calrin doesn't look like someone who'd stand out much in a crowd. In human form, he stands at a standard height, and he ties his medium-length brown hair into a ponytail. He inherited his light skin, hair color, and thin figure from his mother, while his eyes are the exact, crisp green color as his fathers'. His worgen form's fur is a light gray, and his eyes turn an icy blue. History: Calrin was born after the wall went up, in the coastal village of Stormglen along the southern edge of the peninsula, and he spent his days with his best friends, who gave him the nickname "Cally", which Calrin only allows certain people to use to this day. His mother, Olivia, was originally born in Strahnbrad, whereas his father Henrey was a Second War veteran, serving as a Rifleman in the Gilneas military. After the war and wall, Henry and Olivia decided to follow in her parents' footsteps, and open a medical practice out of their home, which made it convenient for when Calrin was born. When he became a teenager, Calrin actively started to help his parents out with their patients. By this point, the name "Bolfrey" had become synonymous with the best healthcare south of the city, which made young Calrin beam with pride. To further help out, Calrin looked into magic, originally trying to learn the Light like his mother Olivia. After some initial training, he didn't take to it, turning towards the harvest witches instead. This turned out to be a perfect fit for Calrin, and he learned all about how to heal through nature. The good life did not last much longer. One day, there was a massive attack on Stormglen by a pack of feral, wolf-like creatures. Henry, Calrin's father, was bitten and tended to his wounds, then went back to help Olivia and Calrin tend to the other wounded. After a few hours, Henry doubled over in pain and turned into one of those same creatures right before his family's eyes! The now feral beast lashed out, biting Calrin on his shoulder before Gilnean soldiers burst down the door and managed to kill Henry. Realizing that he would turn too, and not wanting to die, Calrin agreed to let his mother bind him until a cure could be found. The Night Elves were able to restore Calrin to sanity, and he was amazed by their druidic power. After leaving Gilneas, Calrin grew into adulthood living with his mother, now in Stormwind, before leaving to learn more about Druidism. He was worried about joining the Circle for a long while, working on his own. During this time, he found himself on the Jade Lion, finally earning his official medical license from Alliance Command, allowing him to become their medical officer. He left the ship when he decided to accept the Cenarian Circle's invitation, learning traditional druidism from a Tauren teacher, who taught him Taura'he as well. After completing his basic training, Calrin was allowed to return to his previous life... but as before, he followed Margoz Anterius, a man the same age his dead father Henry would have been, wherever he went, eventually joining the Night Vanguard Margoz helped to form with his former shipmate, Sorel Crescentsong.
  3. T'suro Sunspear (H)

    Full name: T'suro Sunspear Age: 32 Date of Birth: April 10 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Male Hair: Auburn Skin color: White-pink Eyes: Emerald Height: 6'4" Weight: "205" (130 normally) Place of Residence: Sanctuary Guild Hall, Dalaran Known Relatives: Quen'tyn & Rolaana Sunspear (Parents, deceased), Le'sara Sunspear (Sister, Blood Elf) Birthplace: Tranquillian, Ghostlands Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, Common Occupation: Blood Knight, smith Likes: camaraderie, honesty, working for respect Dislikes: Undead, the Legion, racism, unchecked aggression, night elves. Favorite Food: Tiger Burgers Favorite Drink: Hard Apple Cider Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, honest, hard worker Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, not always forward thinking, not very romantic Hobbies: Studying metals and minerals, reading, Weapon of Choice: The Sunspear, a golden-colored spear with a sun-shaped head. Special abilities: Paladin powers Physical description: T'suro has an appearance of physical prowess. While not overly muscular, his body is toned and slender. His auburn-colored hair flows halfway down his body on both sides, framing his head. Without the power of the Sunwell, however, T'suro's body is near painfully thin, barely able to maintain the heavy plate he normally wears. History: T'suro was born into a somewhat-well off family in Tranquillian, one of the southernmost towns of Quel'Thalas. His parents doted on him constantly. but not because he wanted it: he was born with muscular dystrophy, a condition that gave him weakened muscles that would continue to atrophy over time. His parents tried to balance helping him find a way to overcome it, while spoiling his two-years-younger sister Le'sara, a magical prodigy. Nothing worked, and T'suro resigned himself to his life... Everything changed, when the Scourge attacked. Forced to retreat to Silvermoon, T'suro's parents were cut down and eviscerated, leaving the teen-aged T'sruo and Le'sara orphans. On their own, T'suro felt like he needed to do something, but knew he couldn't. Things changed for him when he heard that Prince Kael'Thas had given his people a gift: A Naaru, from which they could draw power, and become priests and paladins. T'suro wanted to join this new paladin order, the "Blood Knights", because he felt that tapping into the power of such a holy creature could help him. However, the Knights refused him admittance, so he sat in front of their headquarters every day and night until they finally gave in and took him in. The instant he placed his hand upon M'uru's body, he was filled with a surge of power that it overwhelmed him and knocked him unconscious. He awoke a few hours later in their barracks... with muscles! For the first time in his life, T'suro could lift a heavy load, fight, and move without feeling winded. He was excited, and gave himself fully to the Blood Knight cause. Even when Kael'Thas betrayed his people, the recruit continued to serve his country, eventually being brought to the Sunwell itself to fight Kil'Jaeden... mostly due to a lack of able bodies. Throughout the years, T'suro proved that his determination was not just stupidity. He was among a group of Blood Knights sent to Northrend by Lor'themar to help pad out the Horde's forces, often disobeying more aggresive commands. During Deathwing's Cataclysm, he was among those on the frontlines against the resurging Zandalari, then the Firelord himself. When the Pandaren campaign started, T'suro was mostly serving as a guard in Silvermoon... until the Purge. He was among the forces Lor'themar sent to rescue the imprisoned Sunreaver and Sin'dorei, which included his own sister Le'sara, who went insane and lost major control of her magic soon after. This event sparked his joining the Sunreaver Onslaught against the Thunder King. While he mostly dedicated himself wholly to a soldiers' life, it was at the start of the Draenor campaign, as entered his 30th year, that he felt like wanting to do more, help out the Horde at large, not just Quel'Thalas. While his initial attempts found him face to face with The Grim, the now Knight Sunspear seemed to hate their company, finding himself more at home among the members of Sanctuary, where, soon after being intiated, he brought his determation to them, proving himself a loyal ally of peace, enough so that when he was minted as a Knight-Lord after the Draenor campaign, he was made liason to Sanctuary by the Blood Knight Masters, allowing him o continue to serve in an official capacity to Silvermoon while continuing to see more of the Horde at large.
  4. Cobrak

    "I only know two Orcs incredibly well." T'suro stated, "Compared to Shokkra, Cobrak is downright gentle." He shrugged. "I don't agree with what Borrowed Time does all the time, and he's still an orc through and through, but you can at least have conversations with him."
  5. Sorel Crescentsong (A)

    Full name: Sorel Crescentsong Age: 10,041 Date of Birth: March 8 Race: Night Elf Gender: Male Hair: Dark Blue Skin color: Light blue Eyes: Amber Height: 7'0 Weight: 235 Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: Elan & Alyssia Crescentsong (Parents, deceased), Kurellian Crescentsong (Brother, reanimated by Azshara), Meria & Jeandle "Jean" Crescentsong (Grandparents, Nightborne) Birthplace: Zin'Azshari, Ancient Kalimdor Languages: Common, Darnassian, Draconic Occupation: Leader Likes: History, honesty, cultures similar to his own Dislikes: Thalassians, Undead, Orcs, Trolls, Gnomes, radical extremist ideals, demons, the void, arcane Favorite Food: Venison steaks Favorite Drink: Darnassian Red wine (non-alcoholic) Positive Personality Traits: Determined, always honest. Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, racist, emotionally stunted Hobbies: Studying new fighting styles, practicing rune calligraphy Weapon of Choice: Pandaren-forged pair of two-handed katanas he dual wields. Special abilities: Heightened sight and musclar longevity. Physical description: Sorel Crescentsong is a tall, physical specimen of a Kaldorei. His well toned body is covered in a pale blue skin, with a full, wild head of dark blue hair atop his head. The body, however, is riddled with various forms of scar, most visibly an impact scar on his forehead. History: Sorel is the perfect example of childhood trauma mixing with a culture unable to properly deal with it. Born in the last generation of Kaldorei to remember the ancient capital, Sorel was the second son of Elan and Alyssia, his older brother Kurellian being double his age. Sorel always admired the culture of the neighboring Pandaren Empire, wanting to become a monk, while his brother trained to be a mage. When was was 8 years old, the War of the Ancients started and tore the world apart. Sorel watched his mother get crushed under collapsing rubble, and the last memory of his father involves him pushing him and his brother Kurellian through a portal to safety... Sorel and Kurellian grew up in a changed world. Now immortal, they wound up fighting in a few conflicts together, including smaller skirmishes in the War of the Spider. They made a home for themselves in Astranaar, learning the new world together in their own way, with Kurellian becoming a ranger, and Sorel demanding the Sentinels train him until they finally gave in to silence him. This all crashed to an end when the Burning Legion invaded again. Fighting off Archimonde's army atop Mount Hyjal, Kurellian was struck down. Losing his last family member and his peoples' immortality broke Sorel, and he tried to reinvent himself, giving himself the draconic name "Shizari", meaning "One to fall back on". He kept this name even as he marched south to Ahn'Qiraj, where he was taken out of action before the gates opened due to poisoning. He kept this name when the Dark Portal opened and he fought to slay Lady Vashj, when he worked with the Wyrmrest Accord to defeat Malygos. When Deathwing came back, he joined an Alliance military regiment lead by the fierce kaldorei Sakainu Redmoon. With Redmoon's blessing, he stayed on Mount Hyjal, fighting in the Molten Front, and eventually marched against Deathwing himself. For his staunch loyalty to the dragons, Alexstrazsa and Ysera blessed him and several others with the ability to understand and speak their tongue. "Shizari" eventually, after spending most of the Pandaren campaign helping to clean up Deathwing's destruction, rejoined Redmoon's regiment as hostilities in the army against Garrosh continued to spread. Horrified by the Marshall's genocidal tendencies, he deserted and testified to get him court martialed in exchange for being removed from Pandaria instead of executed. When the Iron Horde appeared, he met up with a Light-based group to join in the Draenor campaign. However, many of them were lost to the Iron Horde, leaving him without an order. He eventually found himself joining the Knights of Dusk, where he met many of the friends that would eventually break off and form the Jade Lion. After Kurellian returned and revealed himself as a soldier of Queen Azshara, attempting to kill Captain Danariel Bishara in the process, Sorel put in a letter of resignation in despair. When the final Legion invasion began, Sorel joined an order of Lordaeronian survivors with his long-time human friend, Margoz Anterius. Their eviction galvanized him to reject all forms of extremist thinking, and form a new order that would protect the Alliance, take in all its races, and weed out the extremist elements: The Night Vanguard. After a good start, Sorel's inadequacies as an adult became revealed in quick order, driving Margoz, his son Mardalius, and new wife Dailan to abandon the Vanguard. Many others now see him as not emotionally grown enough to cope with the world as well now, but it seems that events are finally acting to mature him... slowly.
  6. Siané Dawnlight

    "Siané seems nice enough..." Sorel states, trailing off a bit, "I find it a bit... quizzical that she's half Kaldorei and half Thalassian, but I don't count that against her. She seems a bit naive about the world still, but it's clear she has a good heart."
  7. Mardalius Anterius, Battlemage Extraordinaire

    "Mardalius..." Sorel growls a little at the mention of the name. "I hated him intensely once. He prided himself on his Thalassian blood, spending literal hours on end primping himself, with an ego bigger than Deathwing's metal jaw. I am no fan of Thalassians, and he seemed to delight rubbing that part of him in my face." He closed his eyes. "But now I understand that he was acting on how he thought they were, and all he sought was approval. I'm still not a fan of his more... Thalassian aspects, but I would treat him a lo-... a bit better if I met him now." ---------------------------------------------------------------- "I feel bad for him, honestly." T'suro shrugged. "Half-blood, just wants to feel like he matters, acts all haughty to hide that. I understand his position, wanting to belong... I'm glad he got out of that toxic environment the Vanguard put him in... being around us Sin'dorei might be a big help for him, and I plan to help every way I can."
  8. Baern Ashtotem

    "Grimtotem." T'suro nods sagely. "A name that normally would make my blood boil. But Baern is a different sort. Legitimately kind and helpful, he wants to redeem himself in the eyes of the Horde. He's a wise one, and I hope to see his Ashtotem become a powerful tribe one day."
  9. Syreena

    "Death definitely rotted her brain a bit." T'suro closes his eyes, annoyed, "Not to mention her unrelenting hatred of elves. Thalassian elves. Her allies." He rolled his shoulder. "But then, she's Grim, isn't she? They're all kind of crazy. ...please, Le'sara, still have your ears..."
  10. Kex'ti Dalendala [H]

    "Ah, the Commander's husband." T;suro nodded. "A fine man, always greeting people with a smile, isn't afraid to speak his mind... not much of a pet person though." T'suro shrugged. "His loss. Besides that, though, it takes a lot to get him pissed. But when he is? Run."
  11. Julilee Liene

    "Commander Liene has more than earned my respect." T'suro explains. "She instills such a loyalty and openness with Sanctuary, and I pray the day never comes that she is seen as an enemy of Quel'Thalas. I don't rightly know if I could bring myself to fight her, even if it meant getting kicked out of the Blood Knights." He stops for a brief moment. "Ok, that's not true, but I'd still lose that battle even going all out on her." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Julilee Liene, one of the few Thalassians I can stomach the presence of." Sorel states. "Having worked alongside her a few times now due to overlapping interests, I've noticed how even savage orcs willingly fight under her banner. But that isn't to say I'd willingly trust her blindly. Partnerships are a two-way street, and I've done more than my fair share, I trust she never stops doing hers."
  12. Tahzani Tallfisher (H)

    "Ya know, it's funny." T'suro chuckles. "He's a warlock of all things, but by the Light, he is an incredibly friendly and approachable person." The blood elf gives a shrug. "Ya have good people skills if you can contain all the various... colorful personalities of the Horde and have them willingly come back."
  13. "Lady" Jenivyr Vayne

    "Jenivyr is a bit too flirtatious, it feels heavy handed." Sorel explained, "That said though, everyone enjoys her company, and she's proven time and time again to be a very capable person and leader. I'm glad to have her."
  14. Community Outreach

    Hello everyone! Dusting off my TNG account here XD; I'm Shizari, for those that don't know, leader of the Night Vanguard guild on the Alliance side. And it's becoming quite clear I have no idea what I'm doing XD; As such, I'm finally making an open outreach to the community in full force. I wanna know what I can do to help make an impact and get involved in the community, as well as help my members feel like they aren't wasting their time being a part of my guild. I've thought of making open-to-all events during the guild's Sunday RP Night. I believe this is a good step forward. But I've never run a guild before, so... XD; I'll be taking all comments, suggestions, and whatnot that come my way. Help me help you help everyone!
  15. Community Outreach

  16. "The night is darkest before the dawn. I will be the blade that cuts through the night. I will be the shield that guards my home. I will be the arrow that pierces into the Light. Elune, A'dal, Celestials and Holy Light together I will fight for, and secure another dawn for Azeroth." This is the creed spoken by fresh recruits brought into the Night Vanguard, an order formed by Sorel Crescentsong, a night elf with a storied history within the Alliance. Although a new order, Sorel believes that he can affect change in the Alliance with it. He strongly believes that fanaticism and radical extremism will lead to ruin, so he discourages it within his order, and works to bring the short comings of radicals to light. However, that is not to say he is anti-Alliance. The Night Vanguard welcomes all who wish to help protect Azeroth and Alliance lands, fighting all threats: Legion, Void, and aggressive Horde. All races, all walks of life, all are welcome to take up arms under the dark blue banner and fight for the world, and end the dark, symbolic night over Azeroth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC INFO: Who Are We? Night Vanguard is a recently formed guild that encourages working with other guilds and Alliance players to attain goals. While small for now, we have plenty of active members. We're looking to do everything the game has to offer! Yes, that means role play, dungeons, world quests, arenas, battlegrounds, and hopefully raiding one day! Ranks New members start out as Scouts. Upon getting involved with some guild activities, players become Rangers. Dedicated members will eventually be promoted to Vanguard. There are three different officer ranks: The Nightblade for PvP, the Lightbearer for PvE, and the Warder for Recruitment. Lastly is Commander, the leader of the guild. Role Play Our guild is a primarily open RP guild. We want Role Players as our primary members, and although you don't need to engage all the time, taking time out to make scenes with characters is encouraged. New members will be Roleplayed in to help them feel welcome! Although Party, Instance, and Guild chats are OOC, there is a separate channel for long-range IC communications, think like a radio or, Horde-side, Hearthstone attunement. We will be organizing events, and when we get more members, hope to have a monthly meeting night to discuss guild affairs. We want to re-vitalize Alliance-side community. tl;dr: open RP is encouraged. Playing the Game As mentioned, we will do everything in the game. We don't Raid yet, but our members will do BattleGrounds and Dungeons together, as well as party up for World Quests. If you want to do something, we will do it. As far as world PvP goes, actively attacking the Horde is discouraged. World PvP will happen, but it will be reactionary, not aggressive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you wish to join us, you can contact Shizari-TwistingNether, Margoz-Ravenholdt, Mardalius-Ravenholdt, or Eveste-TwistingNether.
  17. Hihi!

    uhhh... so I'm new here. I'm Shizari, Calrun, Kurellian, Tsuro, and Lesara on Twisting Nether... I never used this before, becuase i never thought i had to for RP. But I'm starting to miss Ally side RP, so I hope this will help me find the actual Alliance RPers again... and also to see whats all going on across boh factions i guess so... yeah. What do i do? XD;