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  1. Gall

    Griggs grinned, "Ah, tha Wulf 'imself. Aye, 'e's a good'un ta have 'roond. Good inna fight, an' built Greatwulf fromma groond up, an' all, an' tha lads knoo hoo ta party. Lotta worse sorts ya could wind up wit'. When tha Wulf howls, we come a'ridin', an' fer good reason. Gall's jobs make fuckin' MONEY!" Griggs turned, proudly showing off his Greatwulf M.C. back patch.
  2. "Lady" Jenivyr Vayne

    "Jenny?" Justica said with a smile. "She's brave, and strong, and determined... She's the best part of Night Vanguard. She makes everyone happy when she's around, and she can fit in with the common soldiers or with the officers and lords with ease. I..." Justica blushed, "Oh, I could go on for hours about Jenny, but the best way to know her is to meet her. Just remember, she's off the market."
  3. Julilee Liene

    "The Commander?" Mardalius asked, taking a sip of his Thalassian Red. He paused, considering his next words carefully. "I... would follow Julilee into the pits of any hell you can imagine. She's an exceptional fighter with a good head on her shoulders, and always has words of praise for work well done. She knows where and how to make the best use of strengths, and how to cover weaknesses. Always has a plan, too, even when things look like they're going to shit."
  4. T'suro Sunspear (H)

    Mardalius smirked at the mention of T'suro. "Ah, yes, Sunspear. A good man. Honorable, loyal, and good in a fight. We've always ended in draws in the sparring ring, and he carries his weight on the field. Impressive, really, for someone with his condition. Did you know he's the one who convinced me to join Sanctuary over other groups? I had been looking at Borrowed Time or Rutilus Luna, but something about the way he described Sanctuary pulled me there like a moth to a flame."
  5. Mardalius' Logbook

    The final entry in Mardalius' logbook is different from the others: it is written in the form of a letter. Week Six: Julilee, Instead of tracking my actions against the Legion for this week, I have decided to write my contemplations on the Oaths. This punishment has given me time to reflect on what they mean to me and how to apply them to my life. I will start with peace. Peace: After fighting against the Legion, alongside the Army of the Light and the assorted groups represented on Argus, I see why we cannot be at odds with those under another banner for petty reasons such as land or racial hatreds. Justice: There are few instances where it is appropriate for one to place judgement on another. Personal insults and slights aren't reason to place judgement on others. To censure individuals for their personal beliefs is dangerously close to mind politics. Mercy: Excessive force is never acceptable, especially in the arena of interpersonal conflict. I recognize that my response to Sorel's words and actions were just that - excessive. Words dissipate into the air and can only do the damage we allow. Killing someone, however, is permanent. Sacrifice: Insults are bearable in the face of peace. Anything, no matter how personal, is worth giving if it means peace for the collected peoples of Azeroth. Actions and consequences are real and palpable. I can never take back stabbing Sorel, nor can I give him back the time I took from him. I have learned my lesson, and I will strive to be worthy to wear the Sanctuary tabard going forward. Signed, Mardalius Anterius, Battlemage The page is stamped with the same insignia as all the others, Mardalius' personal seal, a crossed sword and staff, accompanied by the House Anterius sigil, a stylized "A" emblazoned on a shield.