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  1. Gunheya Darkhowl: Upon selection: Let me handle this Click: You and me, boss Reading you loud and clear Engineered solutions I'm thinking... Distracted Mhm...? We need longer days, man Excessive clicking: Being green is actually easier than people think. Tryng to focus here, boss. Poke the guy with a doomsday device? Let me know how that works out. EVERYTHING needs a big red button Okay fine, you keep annoying me while I win this fight for you, how's that sound? Frantic beeping You pressed the red one huh? Ordered to move: You got it Orders received Blink and i'm there Fast as I can Zug zug Ordered to attack: Lok'tar! Try surviving this! You get a stab wound and YOU get a stab wound! Lotta good that armor will do Strike them down! Taunt: Gunheya pulls out a device and begins fiddling with it " Let me know when you send someone worth fighting." " I prefer a battle of wits... But you're unarmed." " If you're not gonna make this interesting, i'm not going to pay attention." Joke: Gunheya folds his arms, then begins to float off the ground. He starts flailing his arms as he turns upside down before suddenly falling to the ground. He dusts himself off as he mutters. "I reject your reality and substitute my ow-OW! You win THIS time..." "Natural or civil, a law can be brok-DAMMIT!" " I must go now, my planet needs me." Death: The final blow forces Gunheya to take a step back. Sparks begin spraying from his armor as he looks around in a panic before letting out an agonized shout as arcs of electricity race all over his body and he drops to the ground. Rebirth: " Don't look at me..." " I'm not a damsel in need of saving!" " Calling that a set-back sounds cliche." "Few tweaks and i'm back in, promise!" Upon deploying Bob: Offensively: " Go for the eyes!" " Shred 'em!" " Eliminate the target, Bob!" Defensively: " Block them!" " Roll with the blows!" Support: " i put you back together...Time to return the favor."
  2. (( Due to technical difficulties I will not be around to run the cantina tomorrow. I will work to resolve this issue but until I do I have no computer that can run Warcraft))
  3. The Coldstar Cantina is on the move! The Coldstar Cantina has rarely stayed in one spot long enough to gather dust. Familiarity is comforting but variety is the spice of life! As such, we at Coldstar Merchant Company are happy to announce that the Cantina has begun its road trip across the great continent of Kalimdor! Come find us in Gadgetzan in Tanaris during the month of February! Open Sundays at 6:00 P.M. (Server) Come find us in these locations: Month of March: Steam pools resort, Feralas Month of April: To be announced ((Due to my own work schedule and suggestions from others I am open to the ideas or a possible vote on a new day to run Cantina. PM me if you have a request.))
  4. Tahzani had followed the group with a growing sense of unease. They were united in their task but the distance between several of them suggested an amount of distrust that could prove hazardous to the success of this rescue attempt. He was unsure of his place in the ritual, but if Khorvis could be pulled back to the proper plane, he would help in any way he could. He hardly paid attention as the undead began to speak, the area they had been lead to was too distracting. The unnatural formation of mushrooms and the lingering ambience suggested it held great potential. The veil was weaker, and as such, easier to pierce by unblessed amateurs in the art. In time it could develop into a larger problem as this errant weave in reality developed into a full-blown hole. But for the moment, it suited their needs. If the old orc had truly been in those lands for so long, he feared there would be little left to recover. Still, even pulling him back just to kill him here would be a greater mercy than leaving him to expire in the darkened land beyond.
  5. Tahzani ponders the question before answering, " Ah'll be honest. Ah don' know Kerala as well as ah feel ah should. She be one a de few druids who speaks plainly. Sure she got de wisdom of someone who ain't consumed by de petty desires of our societies but she says it flat out and in words jah can undahstand. She ain't even preachy about it!" He lets out a short laugh, " Ah tink ah should probably learn a few tings from her. When she talks, jah should listen."
  6. So it's about how the people have used the artifact appearances and crafted their own lore about them or the significance behind a character's chosen weapon?
  7. The handwriting for the entry is far sloppier than normal and at times repetitive as if he had lost track of what he was writing. More than likely he was inebriated at the time. January 1st: The last line of my entry a few months ago was just a saying… A hyperbole. Apparently the universe took it as a challenge. With so much that has happened where do I even begin? We fended off the initial attack of the Legion, costing us Vol’jin, Wrynn, and the tense ceasefire they had established. Sylvanas is Warchief now and despite the squabbling between her and Greymane it seems a large chunk of adventurers from either side are working together in groups outside the faction dispute. We have gained our foothold and now we are picking up speed. With the Emerald Nightmare pushed back we’ve turned our sights to the Shal’dorei city of Suramar and its traitorous leader, Elisande. Just what we needed, more elves. If I could just focus on the Legion, I would be happy. But instead, I find myself drawn into the conflict between Grim and Sanctuary against my will. I have tried to stay neutral but this time they’ve all but made it impossible. Tensions were building even before the Legion invaded as Sanctuary grew more and more aggressive in response to Syreena. Now they finally did something in response. Apparently paladins have changed since Fordring died, there was no swift death as “justice” would demand, but weeks worth of torture, pinned to the wall by the blade of an enchanted sword. Julilee apparently tried to deal with it properly but was unable to get past the security Cerryan had left. So she decided to call Lilliana for help. Though at this point I’m wondering if it was out of an honest need for assistance or just to kill two birds in a single strike. As soon as she saw what her subordinate had done, she decided the right thing to do would be to slay Syreena and anyone who would have stopped her. I can’t blame Lilly for going, I don’t know what line Julilee used to attract her but she should have known anything that delusional bitch wanted probably would put her at risk. Instead she goes at it with the same devil may care attitude and nearly gets herself killed. Julilee would have slain her, Syreena, and the unborn all to avoid Sanctuary getting its comeuppance when Syreena recovered. Julilee probably didn’t know. Hell it even took me a bit of prying to get it out of her. Lilly is pregnant… And it’s mine. In the midst of a Legion invasion, that’s when it happens. Guess it already has my luck. She’s taken means to hide it, hell we’re basically forced to. Between the Grim’s sense of duty and Sanctuary’s lunacy I can think of several people who would either use it as leverage against her, demand she get rid of it, or try to kill it immediately just for fun. It’s a messed up world when we can’t even have this. Back on track, Julilee failed to kill any of the three and retreated, spouting off some nonsense about justice. For once, Lilly was up front with me about what happened, but then again she was upfront with everyone about it. She’s been trying to be the mediator (Though not being obvious about it) for months but this was the last straw with Sanctuary’s actions. I feel that another civil war between the Grim and Sanctuary will erupt soon. Though now I’m uncertain if it’s a bad feeling or something I want to happen. I mean I did spend all of today plotting when I should have been working on the Cantina’s next location. I’m so scatterbrained I can’t even keep the events in order. When I heard what had happened, I was angry, infuriated even and who could blame me? Julilee, who I have done NOTHING to, endorses my death and then tries to kill my family and my friend. I made the mistake of saying out loud that I would kill her… And Lilly smiled. There was no grim resolve in doing what needed to be done, just a happy smile that she was getting her way. That smile broke me out of my planning at around the seventh hour of coming up with ideas. A notebook full of plots later and I was suddenly struck with an important question, why? Julilee deserves punishment, but just whom am I doing it for? My own preservation through removing an incompetent leader? Revenge for Lilly and Syreena? Protecting the child? If it’s the latter perhaps I should be directing the spell at Lilly too! I suddenly realized the line I had been willing to cross for her, and what it would mean. If I did something that ended up getting Julilee killed, Lilliana would abuse it. The dam finally broke and I started thinking more and more about just where I stood at the moment. I tell her to not step so close to the cliff, and she leans further over it just because she finds my distress amusing. I warn her of what could happen if she takes a solid hit, she denies the fact and laughs at me like I’m a fool. I warn her to be careful and she goes out and gets a talking dagger from a cultist. Not something a pregnant lady should have! Who knows where it has been! Everything that made me love her, every scrap of depth and deeper meaning that she covers up with a sheet of idiocy is gone. When she should be maturing, when she should be thinking about more than just herself she returns to her old, selfish, pleasure seeking ways. So yes, Julilee tried to kill her and the child… But Lilly has been doing the same thing almost every day with her carelessness. Every time I’ve tried to protect her I’m treated with condescension, scorn, or mockery. Then off she goes off to get in over her head and stress me out even more. She picks fights she has no chance of winning, she meddles with things that not even a healthy person should touch, makes a game out of playing with curses and worse, and once she even just stood in a Skrog’s path, grinning at me as if saying ‘You’d better step in!’ Some days, I feel like she would break her own legs just so she could blow a raspberry at my horrified face and say ‘It’s no big deal’. She doesn’t care, and I’m just now realizing that it’s not just in regards to my health or safety or even her own. She doesn’t care about anything, at all. The world is her toy box and it doesn’t matter how many others suffer and die or even how much she is hurt so long as she’s amused by it. It took me until now to realize how low my standards have dropped. I was happy that she told me about the attack. I was happy because unlike the last time, she was forthcoming, she didn’t hide it for weeks and get angry when someone asked about it. How messed up is it that you’re overjoyed when a person tells you the truth for once? So much so that you overlook the horrible things they’ve done otherwise? The pregnancy should have been a turning point… I know such a thing doesn’t make anything easier but I thought that she would change. She would become more responsible and put something else first. If anything she’s worse than before and I feel like I’m starting to strain and snap. When was the last time I said I loved her and truly meant it… Probably the last time we were at the campgrounds. Meanwhile the only time she was able to reply in kind was when she was afraid of losing me and I had no reason to trust her words, I still don’t. That should have been a sign but I deluded myself and tried to mend fences. I would have rather been abused than alone. I was fully willing to kill for her and become just as bad as the worst members of either side. Doing so would invite more pain. It’s no secret that she makes a habit of testing my patience in every way. She prods and prods until I snap and she cowers… Then she does it again. Doing this for her would erase the line she has been toeing for over a year. She would find any reason to get herself in trouble, hurt, or worse and then come whining to me to deal with it. I should have realized when I said those words and she beamed like a giddy girl whelp instead expressing grim resolve that a horrible yet necessary situation warrants that this was a mistake. She was so happy at getting me to finally fall into her world of thinking. Killing Julilee isn’t a necessity to her… It’s just fun. I’ve repeated myself too much in this entry and half of it is complaining about Lilly. I can’t keep my promise for Julilee… But I will find a way to make her pay. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and realize that this is ridiculous. Things will go on as they have been. I will be abused and people will do stupid things while I will try to rationalize why. I will convince myself that they don’t mean it or they have the best intentions. I won’t make any rash decisions and nothing will change. Yet, after writing this I wonder how much more I can take. How much longer will I be the nice troll? The empathetic good guy who tries to help people bent on self or mutual destruction? How long before I stop caring and join the rest of these idiots in the rush for immediate gratification as the world ends? Part of me hopes I break soon… It sounds better than what I’ve been doing. Vendetta List: Sanctuary: Enough said, these idiots have been bellowing about ideals that they’ve done nothing to achieve. I’ve tried to be neutral but now, anything that does them wrong is fine by me. Lilliana: Despite her claims, I know that her own desires will always come before anything else. She has hurt me in every way without a second’s hesitation but will always whine when something happens to her. If she’s not going to be an adult, neither will I. She wants me to loosen up? Let’s see how she likes being with someone just like her. Payback List: Soon to be filled Silver Lining: Our world is ending and people have managed to lodge their heads even further up their own asses. If you can find the bright side to this, let me know.
  8. The Coldstar Cantina is on the move! The Coldstar Cantina has rarely stayed in one spot long enough to gather dust. Familiarity is comforting but variety is the spice of life! As such, we at Coldstar Merchant Company are happy to announce that the Cantina has begun its road trip across the great continent of Kalimdor! Come find us at Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge in Thousand Needles throughout the month of January! Open Sundays at 6:00 P.M. (Server) Come find us in these locations: Month of January: Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge, Thousand Needles Month of February: To be decided
  9. ((The Cantina will be closed tonight, December 25th. Merry Christmas everybody!))
  10. The Coldstar Cantina is on the move! The Coldstar Cantina has rarely stayed in one spot long enough to gather dust. Familiarity is comforting but variety is the spice of life! As such, we at Coldstar Merchant Company are happy to announce that the Cantina has begun its road trip across the great continent of Kalimdor! Come find us in Thunder Bluff throughout December! Open Sundays at 8:00 P.M. (Server) Come find us in these locations: Month of December: Thunder Bluff, Mulgore. Central Bluff Month of January: To be decided ((Still adjusting to the new timezone and living arrangements but I believe I have what I need to start up again.))
  11. ((I'm in the process of settling into a new home while I'm going through job training. For right now I don't have a computer so unfortunately I won't be able to run the cantina until further notice. Bayonii may be on to run it without me but it is not guaranteed. Sorry for the short notice but things have been hectic))
  12. Why is that a thing?
  13. The old fliers promoting the Cantina have been torn down and replaced with a fresh page depicting a white mammoth running across it carrying massive beer kegs on its sides. Below it is a message exclaiming an exciting new turn for the well known business. The Coldstar Cantina is on the move! The Coldstar Cantina has rarely stayed in one spot long enough to gather dust. Familiarity is comforting but variety is the spice of life! As such, we at Coldstar Merchant Company are happy to announce that the Cantina has begun its road trip across the great continent of Kalimdor! Every month we will be packing up and moving our fine wares to a new location. You have all fought for Azeroth, now take a moment to rest and enjoy it! Open Sundays at 8:30 Come find us in these locations: Month of November: The Crossroads, Northern Barrens Month of December: Thunder Bluff, Mulgore Month of January: To be decided ((My apologies to the community, between the Launch of the new expansion and my own issues I have been a bit lax on running the Cantina. I will try to get back into the swing of things and I believe a little bit of variety and exposure can only help.))
  14. Those eyes though
  15. Trolls could be poisoned; they could get diseases and infected wounds. Despite how often people over-exaggerated the strength of their regeneration, trolls could become unwell though it would take a great deal to do so. So what had happened to leave Lilliana in such a state? The barkeep’s lips were twisted into a permanent frown of concern as he watched the Sandfury toss and turn. She somehow managed to keep quiet but she could not hide was how obvious the pain and discomfort was. She had voided her stomach several times on the way to Bilgewater alone yet she still put on the usual ditzy smile and pretended like nothing was wrong, going so far as to throw old underwear left behind by a previous tenant at him for a laugh. Yet now, several hours later, she was still writhing in pain and at times even trying to rush outside as the urge to vomit rose. For the first hour, he had rushed to her side to lead her out, though he had quickly stopped bothering and let her roll to the side of the bed at the feeling of illness, nothing came out anyway. She was violently ill, yet there were no outward signs. She felt slightly warm to the touch but there was no fever. He had suspected poison but there were no traces that he could see. Per her protests when he suggested getting a healer, he had waited and helped her as he could. Yet as the hours rolled on and the symptoms seemed to only be getting worse his patience for Lilly’s antics wore thin. She hated feeling weak, but she hated displaying it even more. Every injury was met with a grin and a joke and outwardly she never took anything seriously. She was a deceiver at heart, but even she could not fake her way out of the current situation. The clock struck two when he finally made up his mind and left her alone. She was talking incoherently as he shut the door behind him and set off at a sprint towards the business district of Bilgewater. If anything, the Bay was even busier at night. The bars were still open and several inebriated patrons stumbled from one to the other, the vendors were still hocking wares and gouging potential customers with insane prices while they concocted award winning lies to tell about its worth. The storefronts that were barred up and darkened were in the minority there, yet sadly, the businesses advertising healers and medical experts were among that minority. The sign of a grinning goblin holding a giant needle would deter most clients almost as much as the slogan ‘No questions asked’ would attract them. Ignoring the darkened windows and all the other signs that the clinic was closed, Tahzani pounded on the door urgently. He would not make friends this way, but neither would he be ignored as he beat the door at a steady, determined tempo. His fist was going numb by the time a little light could be seen through the front window and the door was flung open to reveal a dark green goblin with a nose ring and a night gown complete with matching cap and puff-ball. “What the hell do you want? Do you have any idea what time it is?” the irate healer shouted at him angrily, “ Can’t you read? We’re closed!” “It be an emergen-“ “ Kid, everything is an emergency to you idiots! I’m losing beauty sleep arguing with a hypochondriac. Just push some fluids and go to bed!” the goblin growled as he moved to slam the door. His body acted faster than his mind as he shoved his foot into the doorway to prevent it from shutting. Regret flooded him as he paid the cost for succeeding. “ Mah girl is sick! She puked until dere notin’ left!” “ That’s magical, good for you. Move your foot ya mook!” “ Ah’m tinkin’ she be cursed! “ Well that’s what she gets for getting the voodoo. Kid, move.” “ …Ah got money!” He wasn’t sure when it happened, but suddenly the door was shut, his foot was out of the way, and the goblin had become fully dressed. Now clad in a white robe with a black leather satchel and a golden chain bearing the symbol of what he could only assume was the local mega church, the goblin struck a rather professional looking figure. “ Well we can’t just leave a poor soul to suffer can we? Hurry friend, lead the way!” “ Muddafucka…” Tahzani muttered as he limped towards the rented room, ignoring the incredible, limited time offer for bone setting that his new companion tried to push. *** He could only assume that the goblin was efficient. The alternative was that he had a very short attention span. Upon entering the rented room he had dropped his satchel and pulled out a variety of tools. Odd hoses attached to a metal disc and buds that he stuck in his ear, a hose attached to an inflating pad which he quickly wrapped around Lilly’s arm and inflated to a painful degree of pressure as he held her wrist, and a jar of thin sticks which apparently were necessary to examine the inside of the priest’s mouth. If Lilliana had been aware she probably would have strangled him. “ Well I got good news and I got bad news?” the healer finally said after a few minutes of poking, prodding and touching the priest with the assortment of equipment, “ This is probably gonna cost a bit more than you’d like.” “Well… What’s de good news?” “ That is the good news. I’d hate to get out of bed for copper! The bad news is she isn’t showing many physical signs. Sure she’s in pain and dry heaving but for the show she’s putting on everything should be a lot worse than I’ve seen. Think you’re on the right track when you called it a curse. Well, guess this is why I make the heavy purses. Now…” He pulled out a sheet of parchment and rapidly scribbled on it. “ After hours fee… Examination… Dispelling… Bruise healing….” “ Jah didn’t heal anytin’ on me!” Tahzani protested. “ Then how come your foot is fine?” Countered the goblin with a greedy smile. “ Okay then, I think this is a fair price, hell of a deal.” Tahzani’s stomach twisted into a knot as he read over the fee. He was well off but that did not mean he carried his life’s savings on his back. With every coin on his person he could pay a good deal of it but not the full amount. He suddenly longed for the pouch of coins he had tossed to Derecho. With the amount he had tossed to her he would have had enough. No good deed went unpunished it seemed. “ Uh… Jah got financin’?” “ Listen pal, you dragged me out of bed at an unholy hour. I’m not touching this lady again until I see something that makes it worth my while. So what’s it gonna be, in or out?” The sly demeanor suddenly turned cold as the goblin stared the much taller troll down. “ Ah got de money! It’s in de bank in Orgrimmah! Ah just need a few hours ta go get-“ “ A likely story, deadbeat. Cross off the last two fees and pay me what’s left. I’m out of here.” The angry healer had already begun to pack his bags despite Tahzani’s protests. The higher pitch must have woken the priestess as she let out a loud, annoyed hiss followed by a pained groan. She raised a hand and shakily pointed at her pack. “ Just a sec! Just a sec!” Tahzani waved a hand in front of the goblin before he dove for the life preserver in the metaphorical sea of debts and dug through it. His hand found what Lilly had been indicating as he heard the familiar clink of coins in a pouch. He triumphantly whipped the bag out and emptied its contents into his hand; a small shower of gold and an odd soggy sack that he tossed away as he presented the contents and then emptied his own pouch onto the pile. The healer’s demeanor rapidly shifted back to warm and pleasant as he pulled on a pair of pristine, white gloves. “ A pleasure doing business with you! Now please, stand back and let me work.” He announced in a polite, professional manner as he stepped back up to the annoyed looking priest. Tahzani was happy to comply as he flopped down into a chair that was several sizes too small and blew out a sigh of relief. His eyes fell upon the odd addition to the coin pouch that he had discarded. It looked like a stitched item, not a ball of gunk she had pulled out of the river. Curiosity got the better of him as he picked it up. It stank of fish and was soaked through with what felt like oil. When he pried the stitches apart he spilled fish scales and little bones onto the ground. The action earned him an annoyed look from the healer as he muttered and chanted, as he hovered his hands over the aggravated troll in small circles. Lilly did not practice the rituals that would require odd bits like the bag’s contents. It was filled with the reagents that a good hex would require yet they were all mixed and squished together. Stooping down to gather the odd mess of scales, bones, oil, and other odd bits he found himself staring at Lilly’s discarded coin purse. He was fairly certain that Lilliana had never bought anything from his company aside from a drink every blue moon. So why would she have a pouch imprinted with the Coldstar Logo? The pieces suddenly clicked into place as the healer drew his hands away and the priestess collapsed with a sigh of relief. The strain from the constant pain and misery had left her exhausted and without another word she had fallen asleep. The goblin eagerly scooped the gold into his bag, uncaring of the oily finish on several of the coins in the pile. “ A pleasure Mister…Troll. From all of us at Lightgear’s clinic I must say… Ask for us during business hours next time. G’night!” The door was slammed as the goblin made a quick escape. The noise caused Lilly to mutter again and roll over in her bed. He had tossed Derecho that pouch earlier that night, or a pouch just like it. Somehow it wound up in Lilly’s possession with a grisly addition, shortly after, Lilly became debilitated. The first domino toppled and his thoughts raced along the line. The bag he had given Derecho winds up with Lilly with an unpleasant addition, she becomes ill. Before that, T’suro is hurt and a stabbed doll is found on his person, the only people who he had seen get close enough were Lilly and Derecho. Before that, the same thing had happened, and Derecho had been holding a doll that looked suspiciously like him. It was convincing, but not concrete. Tahzani rubbed at his face. The evidence was compelling, but the rest did not make sense. Derecho had a temper, but she had not displayed any aptitude towards combat or magic. To top it off, Lilly was her friend, a kind face that Derecho never seemed to take for granted. She wouldn’t have attacked her, not with something like this! Tahzani looked over towards Lilliana. The troll was now slumbering peacefully after a long night, something that the barkeep desperately wished he could join. But as usual, a worrying mind would keep him up for hours more. Derecho was a friend, but Lilly was his mate. He owed it to both of them to get to the bottom of this.

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