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  1. After a brief debate, it was decided that The Jade Lion does not believe that it is worth the investment to remain on the Netherholdt and our future belongs on Emerald Dream will be transitioning there over the coming months before legion. The guild name is the same and those prominent figures to get in touch with are either transferred or remade with a similar name if need be.
  2. ~WANTED!~ Bounty of The Jade Lion

    *SPOTTED* The deserter crew of the Jade Lion was spotted in the neutral port city of Booty Bay. It is advised that civilians of the Grand Alliance stay clear of these potentially dangerous individuals and report it to royal authorities or any member with outstanding status within the Grand Alliance. Local sources suspect that the perpetrators are seeking contract work in the slums of the great wooden docks, please avoid these areas.
  3. Fifty Shades of Purple (Humor/PFL)

    Lost Cicelle's tummy was a torrent more violent than an unstable mana bomb, which she kept spewing onto the soft grass forest floor which she landed. Her head pounded like orcish war drums if she had ever heard any. A thin trail of dried blood stuck to her cheek where apparently the world's sharpest blade and nipped her. It was all a blur of blackness when she tried to remember the night before. She was supposed to go and bring everyone home to the ship but certainly that did not happen- or it did and she couldn't remember. "Jaaake.. mommy needs orange.. please." Cicelle opened her eyes from the fetal position on the ground. Her thickly gloved hand worn from centuries of work touched her bare head and her eyes grew wide in surprise. "Jaake?" Cicelle lifted her upper body to look around, her wide eyes turning to little slits as she squinted in the dark woods. Silver hair tangled into a matted mess dripped down her neck to cover tendrils rolled into nervous bulbs. From the woods the skittering of long thing bone tapping around wood echoed like a whisper from the forest sending a chill down from her head to her hooves. "J-J-aake?"
  4. Using NPCs

    As with Cobrak and Lilly, I like to keep NPC chatter to a minimum, for those full-time rpers it keeps NPCs 'ic' for them and it doesn't impose a personality on others rp in the future. For Cicelle she says the slaughter lamb inn keeper is very nice to her but when we rp it he just grunts and leaves her alone.
  5. The Unfortunate Bounty

    Raeisley stood there with her tail limply draped around her right finger, her neck tendrils curled in a delighted C to match her coy simper. The flyer on the wall was not to be mistaken it called for the head of the beloved card dealer, she brought her hand free of her client's arm to hold her mouth as she chuckled. The aged man with spots on his brow gave her a queer look but did not ask though not without gaining the courtesan's notice. "It appears an entertainer I am fond of is destined to the blade." She smiles down to look him in the eyes. He was one of her more preferred clients; understood their agreement well and never asked for anything. Often she would not even mention a charge and let it slide, it was hard to find a gentlemen patron and that deserved some return. The man's voice was aged and tired, his skin like leather bags moved hardly when he spoke. "That is rather unfortunate. Anything I may do to remedy this?" She whipped her tail around to flick at his inner thigh with a smirk. "No I can handle this myself, you've already been too kind with what you've risked for us already. Speaking of which, how much longer can they be delayed?" The gentleman shrugged with a crack in his lower back and a cough. "A week at the very most but more likely two more days. A ship of the line gone rogue and destroying the docks of our northern most port is hard to ignore. With that mess across the time-pond its only a matter of time before they start trying to reclaim the north once more." Raeis reached up into the air with a sheepish yawn, rolling her wrist to make the flyer disappear with a simple hat trick down her sleeve. "You'll have to forgive me, love, I may have to retire early tonight to take care of this. I'll make it up to you." A wink of a glittering eyelid announced her exit as she spun and began to head down the road, tail rolling from side to side in a figure-eight. With a raspy laugh the man nodded and tilted a hat to her departure he smiled and turned to continue down the alley towards the harbor. Soft hums with her thoughts, a song of her father's homeland with wide forests and slow rivers in a chilled day. Her eyes like the forever still ponds of Northrend looked up at the sky's excitement. Explosions of red and white flame echoing across the city's sky reflected upon those two ponds. "Aww.. Tuuroto what shall it be our protection for service or your head for service." Raeisley simpers at the sky which flashed in a crimson red. "I pray for some sport"
  6. Important Reference Videos

    These are all very important videos
  7. Rosa Arachne

    For now, simply a poke for interests to try to involve more guilds in an interlinking plotline that isn't about the end of the world or demons running around. Back in STV, our guild was doing an arc and the bad guys got away during the raid and in the past other antagonist had slipped away also. I wanted to try and bring them to life and help get people to rp with each other who normally wouldn't. The current premise as I don't want to spoil anything is that a group of individuals has been using the chemicals in a flower to do forced labor through suggestive mind control (I'd rather want to avoid anything raunchy but could be open to it). The Horde and the Alliance have been at war for over ten years now will little to no breaks and that leaves a lot of room for gangs to rise to power in cities and for vices to slip their way into people's lives. The arc would be a more low fantasy style adventure focusing a great deal more on our adventures making choices through a series of all adventures, using the same style we did with the Silver Sickness. A quest would be posted, a Dm would pick it up and I'd share what they need to know and the general mission of the quest but the success or failings of it would be completely up the party and I'd alter the main arc as they are fed in. It will be open to all parties and factions if you want in I will find a way. Will edit this page if there is enough interest.
  8. GM Circle

  9. I'm one of the Jade Lions 'officers' so you already have our attention though if you should be more concerned with which guild fits you the best. I recommend checking out the recruitment page. Jade Lion is what I like to call a chaos guild. We are currently an Alliance Navel ship of the line crew though were probably the worse seaman ever to exist and may be seeing an alignment shift soon(maybe) We don't really have officership as we just do what everyone wants to do at that moment whether is be go playing in Splashran, Arena, Cmodes or a thirteen hour rp arc it's really up to the people that are on. Cup and Blade is a trader style guild that does a lot of travel, primarily rp from my knowledge but I could be mistaken. Again it is best to check their own pages. Eternal Agies is the Jade Lions more organized sister guilds (We were both born from the same one) I know in the past they have done RBGs and raiding but it has been some time since I've talked with their members. Twilight Empire is the oldest by far and most orderly. They have a neat website to apply for and a weekly meeting every Sunday at 7:30 server time and are themes from my understand a peace-oriented guild striving to mend the wounds caused by thirty some years of conflict. They do in fact raid on normal and heroic as far as I know perhaps higher.
  10. It works well enough for me, my only gripe being I can't trade cross realms still.
  11. A small list of recommended addons Total Rp 3: which is a profile style addon that makes having a character sheet a great deal easier and public. It also has a track function which you can disable so you can find other rpers in the same area with ease. Gryphonheart items: An addon that lets you create imaginary items that are purely for rp and immersion. Mogit: A giant wardrobe that helps with making outfits for your character by showing every armor piece/weapon in the game open to our character. All these can be easily downloaded and even install themselves with a curse client. If you ever modded Skyrim or anything it functions just like the Nexus
  12. Welcome to the realm! It's always good to see new faces around. Most people know me as Nat or Cicelle on alliance side and Drak'zon horde side. I'll certainly keep an eye out for you and we can rp it up beyond responsible measure! If you haven't already /join rp works on both factions and it's a channel we use to communicate out of character (OOC) and get together for rp and advertise events going on. Horde side also has a sekert squirrels channel called Eclipse which a great deal of them sit in that channel also if you are looking for a nibble or casual talk. The site is about to go down for the weekend but don't fret about posting till then as I'm told it will all save over except for blogs. Again welcome to the Netherholdt.
  13. Hello Netherholdt, I apologize ahead of time for a lack of detail though this event had only begun planning yesterday to my knowledge. The same person I worked with last time to help get our realms into the Silver Sickness muti-realm event Silane has come up with a wonderful dream-themed festival inspired by none other than Shakespeare's Mid-Summer Night's Dream to take place this late July (subject to change). So far there are two know events and some surprises/party favors. As it currently stands the venue will be two locations starting at Dire Maul's arena where there will be a dazzling wand competition to the last wand waver standing before moving to the Ruins of Isildien to the south where either a Wow-after version of Shakespeare's play or the actual play itself will be performed by our actors. There are expected to be party favors and the like and it is a faction neutral event. If any guilds are wanting to play a more major role in the celebrations simply give me a tell using TNG's private message system or in-game on either Cicelle, Drak'zon or Nat. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. A quick TDLR Neutral faction festival there will be games and a play Date: Late July no time yet Venue: Ruins of Isildien and Dire Maul arena for the games. Neutral faction festival there will be games and a performance. Party favors planned but still in the working. Will update as we set things in stone. Everyone is welcome.
  14. Some Writing Tips

    As someone who struggles a lot with grammar I found this thread very useful, keep up the good work.
  15. Would you like to capture a Cicelle by chance?