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    ((Transcript of the last part of the Darnassus burning RP from TE's Discord channel)) Resileaf watches as all the Imperials stream through the Temple of the Moon and enter the portal to Stormwind. She stood beneath the arch of the Temple's entrance for a moment, looking at the portal... Looking back into the blazing city... She stepped back into the Temple and stood in front of a group of Priestesses. None of them were going through that portal, she knew. "Sisters. I will seek more survivors... Protect the Temple just a little bit longer." "Elune watch you, Priestess Ravenwing." "And may She welcome you in Her embrace as well." She stepped back towards Leon, Myaka's gryphon, and climbed on his back. "Just one more trip, friend. Just one more.", she said as she cast a protective barrier around him and herself. And back into the inferno they went. Resileaf flew through Darnassus from atop Leon, seeking to hear the screams and pleas through the crackling fire. If there was even a single person left in the city, she had to find them. She couldn't leave anyone to perish... Finally she heard them. Screaming voices calling for anyone's help. Directing Leon in that direction, she found a house, miraculously still intact. Inside, a family of five, trapped behind the flames. "There! Take me closer!", she called as she cast a divine beam of silver light before the entrance to the house, extinguishing the flames instantly. Leon landed, and the Priestess motionned for the family to come out. The five elves streamed out, crying and breaking into thanks. Each of them climbs on top of Leon... And Resileaf realizes that the gryphon is struggling to carry all five of them. She is silent for a moment, as she slowly grows to understand what this means. She approaches the gryphon, and leans in to whisper into his ear. "Go now... Save them and yourself... You have been more than brave enough." The gryphon would caw disapprovingly, probably trying to convince Resileaf to climb as well. "Hurry and go! Do not let those five lives be extinguished with us. Save them, and return to Myaka. I will... I will find my own way out of here..." Leon gave her a disapproving glare again, but relented. Flapping his wings hard, he took flight, leaving Resileaf behind. The Priestess was trapped by the flames now. She did not even try to find a way back to the Temple. The only thing that kept her alive was the aura of silvery light that kept the inferno at bay. And it was fading fast. The heat was getting to her. The smoke was choking her. She felt weak in the knees, and stumbled only a few steps before she lost her footing and fell on her knees. Grabbing at her throat, Resileaf felt strangely numb. Emotionally numb. As she looked around, she saw images going through her mind. The Horde rampaging through Ashenvale. The piles of dead in Astranaar. The destruction of Darkshore. And now this. "We had surrendered...", she found herself saying. "There were only civilians here..." "You killed them all..." "You killed us all..." "You murderers..!" As the flames intensified around her, Resileaf felt rage bubbling up within her. As the fire engulfed her, she began to scream to the sky. As the inferno consumed her, she bellowed in rage. As she was lost to the fires, Resileaf screamed until the flames drowned her screams. Until there was nothing left. Until she died.
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    Deep beneath the earth under Suramar, directly at the base of the Nightwell, a creature of immense power, with control over time itself, was slain by heroes of the Alliance the Horde. The creature had been created by Grand Magistrix Elisande to keep her time stop spell working, the one that had trapped the combined Night, Blood and High elven armies at the gates of the Nighthold. And with it's destruction, the time stop was unraveled. The area it affected began to shimmer. It's victims, most of them suspended in the air by the force of the spell, began to move... Shouts of panic that had been cut off suddenly resumed as soldiers and sentinels resumed their fall. There were loud crashes as ballistas, glaive throwers and golems slammed into the ground as well, by some miracle avoiding to crush one of the elves around them. As soon as they landed, the soldiers scrambled to their feet to prepare themselves for what they thought would be a follow up attack... Only to find nothing of the sort. Elisande's image had disappeared, no Nightborne soldiers were rushing out to attack them, no spell bombarded them in this position. Nothing happened. There were confused murmurs as they looked to their leaders for orders, but neither Tyrande, nor Lady Liadrin were still here. With no guidance, they went to look for wounded and figure out their situation first. Resileaf, however, had not gone back to her feet. She landed hard on her back, though thankfully her armor kept the harm done to just a few bruises from the violent landing. Nonetheless, she did not move at all, and went limp on the ground, staring at the night sky. Her breathing was steady, but mechanical. Her eyes were vacant, looking at nothing in particular. Her face was blank. Her mind had shut down. After nearly two months of being suspended in time, one of the very unlucky ones to keep her awareness intact during that time, she had simply not been able to take it any further. This torture had been too much for her, and had broken her mind. A couple of Sentinels arrived and kneeled next to her to examine her. The first immediately checked her life signs, while the other spoke softly to her. "Commander, can you hear us? Commander?" The other frowned in confusion. "I don't get it... She's breathing normally and everything. Maybe the arcane energy knocked her out?" Their was the sound of someone running over to them in armor, making them turn around to see Myaka, breathless from running, stop right next to them. "Oh, thank the Light! You're all free... And Resileaf is as well... Is she alright?" The two sentinels gave an unsure shrug as they tried lifting the elf's limp body. "We have no idea. She appears to be knocked out and isn't responding to us." The human warrior frowned in concern and approached closer, to stand over Resileaf. She softly called out to her. "Resileaf..? Resi? Can you hear me? It's me, Myaka..." To no avail, the Priestess of the Moon remained motionless, save for her breathing. Biting her lower lip, Myaka cursed under her breath as she considered her next action... "I'm going to bring her to Dalaran to get treated immediately. Somewhere away from the front lines." The two Sentinels nodded, and took hold of Resileaf again to help drape her over Myaka's shoulder, which would be the easiest way for her to carry her considering the size difference between them, even if her feet dragged on the floor. One of the Sentinels spoke. "Good idea. We're not sure what just happened, to be honest, so we can't really focus on treatment. Once we find the High Priestess, we'll have a better idea of our next move..." The second one gasped in sudden shock. "Oh, Goddess, what if that spell was intended to capture her?" Myaka frowned, realizing that neither of those elves had realized that they had just come out of nearly two months of being locked in time... Rather than explain the situation to them, however, she gave priority to giving Resileaf treatment and left the scene, to take a portal back to Dalaran with the motionless elf.
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    The Goddess has abandonned me... The Goddess has abandonned me... Everyone has abandonned me... Please come back, Myaka... Please don't leave me alone again... I can't take it anymore... I'm all alone. I'm all alone. No one will save me. No one will bring me out of here. No one. No one. Noonenoonenoonenoone... Please... Someone, anyone... ANYONE! HELP ME! HELP ME! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! SAVE ME! KILL ME! I CAN'T TAKE IT! END THIS TORTURE! LET ME MOVE! LET ME BREATHE! KILL ME!!! I beg... I beg you... Can't... I... I... ...
  5. Resileaf


    The Goddess protects me... The Goddess protects me... My mind is clear and my will is strong... She will safeguard me from harm... Over and over, Resileaf had repeated those words in her mind, a mantra to stay sane. The sensory deprivation she was suffering was taking it's toll on her, forcing her to keep her mind focused on something lest she simply lose herself... Naturally, she had turned to prayer. The Goddess protects me... The Goddess protects me... My mind is clear and my will is strong... She will safeguard me from harm... At least no one had come to attack her or the rest of the army. She took solace with the fact that she was physically safe. Without the worry of being attacked while in so vulnerable a state, she felt at least relieved of one burden. It only meant that all she needed was to wait for rescue... It would surely come soon now... “Oh, Resileaf…”, she heard a familiar voice say nearby behind her. She felt hope rise in her heart. This was Myaka! She saw the armored woman walk into her field of vision, although the sight was still blurry, like she wasn't quite there... But still, no matter. That was her for certain, and that meant that she was going to be saved. I knew the Empire would come for me... “Resileaf?” She said firmly, “If you can hear me, we will get you out of this, we will find a way to break this magic and see you free.” Myaka's voice came to her strangely muffled, as though the elf was underwater and hearing her voice distorted from the surface. ... What? No... No, don't tell me you can't free me yet! I need to get out of here! I can't stay here any longer or I'm going to lose my mind! Please free me, Myaka! Don't leave me here! “We are sorry it took us a few days to come looking, We-“ Myaka shakes her head slightly, “-I- should have come looking sooner.” That's fine! That's completely fine, I don't mind! But please do something! “I have to leave, what resistance my armor and shield are giving me is slowly dwindling, I can’t help you if I am trapped as well. But if I can build that resistance back up, I’ll come back.” The human turned to leave, and Resileaf felt despair start creeping up again. She began to scream in her mind. No! No, don't go! Don't leave me here! Please! I can't take it anymore! I beg you, don't leave me here! Myaka! Of course, to no avail, for the human couldn't hear her. She walked away, out of Resileaf's field of view, her footsteps quickly fading away as Resileaf continued to scream for her to come back before going back to repeating her mantra... With far fewer conviction than before. The Goddess protects me... The Goddess protects me... My mind is clear and my will is strong... She will safeguard me from harm... She will... She will...
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    What is going on? Days had passed since the events in Suramar. Despite her best attempt to do so, Resi hadn't been able to move a single muscle. Her body remained locked in midair, soundlessly, unable to do anything but look straight in front of her... It had been torture. She had kept herself distracted by attempting to do something about her situation, but nothing had worked. Her guild stone was dead, making her feel even more cut off from the world. Her prayers had gone unanswered. She had focused all of her energy on trying to move anything. The smallest muscle. Even an errant eye twitch would have been sufficient to satisfy her. But nothing worked. Where is everyone? Then she had tried to think about what was happening to her. Visibly, this wasn't a normal stasis spell. It had gone on for much longer than it should, and in her experience, she still had a limited movement range in those situations. No, she was well and truly frozen in the air, and couldn't even see well beyond a few feet. Everything further than that was blurry, as though separated from her by an invisible sheen. Why won't anyone help me? Time was taking its toll, however. Despite being exhausted from being awake for so long, Resileaf couldn't actually fall asleep. Her eyes remained wide open, and her mind was unable to shut down at all. If anything, she was paradoxically getting more restless as her exhaustion grew. Why couldn't she rest? Why did she have to be conscious still? Time was just moving to a crawl for her, every agonizing second feeling longer with each one that passed. The worst part by far... Was that no one had come. She had not seen a single soul since the spell had struck her. No one had come to the rescue, no one had tried to contact her, no one was attempting to help her. She hadn't been forgotten, had she..? Someone was going to help her, right..? Someone help me... Please...
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    (( This next post takes place long after the situation with Aleangen is resolved, but it chronologically just happened, so I felt it better to post it now and add the finale of the story with Aleangen later. )) Resileaf couldn't help but smile at the sight that surrounded her... The combined armies of the Kal'dorei, Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei, marching together in orderly ranks toward the Nighthold, the stronghold of the Nightborne's forces, Elisande's last bastion against them. Several weeks ago, they had assembled before the city. Last week, they marched on it, striking through the middle, capturing the harbor, and protecting it against the demons and Nightborne's attempts to retake it. Now, they were making their final strike. Now, they were claiming the city and liberating it from the demons' hold. The people of Suramar had suffered so much under their tyrannical rule. She had rarely seen such suffering in the scouting missions she had to explore the city... An entire district purged. Innocents left to starve of mana on the public place to become withered. Demons walking around with impunity, killing civillians as they pleased. No more. Assembling the armies and getting them to cooperate hadn't been easy. Between the natural mistrust between the three elven species, the pranks between the armies and the attempts to sabotage their alliance by the Nightborne, things could have gone much worse. But they had pulled through, and now victory was within their reach. If they could defeat Elisande there, they would cripple the Legion's efforts and gain an important foothold to return to the broken shore to close the portal. Of course, the battle wasn't won yet. The Nighthold would surely be protected by Elisande's strongest servants. Her most powerful magic defenses too. But the three combined armies, with their different capabilities, would surely be well-rounded enough to find victory today... Tyrande raised her hand to call for the armies to halt as at the end of the bridge, before the gates to the Nighthold, appeared the image of Elisande, sneering down at the combined armies... Looking down upon the leaders of each army in turn, she began to speak. "Kaldorei? You disgrace a glorious past, hiding in trees and cloaking yourselves in false piety. You have grown as savage as the trolls that skulk about your forest. Quel'dorei? You are peasants playing at nobility, all too willing to mingle with lesser races that dilute your bloodline. You are unworthy of the name high elves. Sin'dorei? Of all the elves, I thought you might understand the choice I made to save my people. Instead, you ally with misfits and monsters. Each of you has debased your proud lineage. Each of you has forgotten the ancient power that is our birthright." Resileaf kept herself from reacting, remaining impassive before the insults. She was not going to remain so smug for long... They were right before her, and just had to- "Let this failed rebellion be a lesson to all who would stand against the Shal'dorei!" A massive arcane shockwave suddenly began to extend from the gates, heading towards the assembled armies. Panic immediately filled the ranks, as Sentinels, blood knights and rangers all turned to run away from the shockwave, which flowed over them nearly instantly. Resileaf herself, near the front lines, didn't have the time to do so. She felt herself thrown in the air by the shockwave, and she placed her arms before her face, her eyes wide with panic as she tried to protect herself from the spell... And then nothing. She remained suspended in the air. She felt no pain, somehow. She had thought at first that this spell would have caused an agonizing desintigration or something, and yet... She was still alive. Just in the air. Finding that she had been holding her breath for several seconds, she exhaled in relief... Or tried to. No air came out of her lungs. Her eyes went wide at the realization, thinking that she was suffocating... But her eyes did not move. Nothing moved. She couldn't turn her head, or her eyes, or her limbs. It was as though she had been frozen on the spot. And everything around her was... Silent... Still... She began to panic. What was going on? What had Elisande done to them? What had happened to her companions? Were they in the same situation as she was? Had they escaped? Were they dead? Why couldn't she escape? Why couldn't she move? The answers never came.
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    Anyone else had troubles selecting a main?

    I'm trying to level every spec to 110. Send help. I think I'm mad.
  9. Well, the problem with that is that this spell is basically a huge AoE. She's not targetting it at anyone in particular, but striking the entire army at once. Pretty much like Khadgar during the Shattrath scenario in WoD, but on an even more massive scale. Anyone in the radius is at risk of being affected, and if someone like Khadgar cannot resist, I have my doubts on the basic soldier's chances.
  10. There's an argument to be made for the entire raid to be claired once it's come out, but raids generally come with lengthy quest lines, or the LFR version comes with gating for every week, suggesting or giving the illusion that there is a longer campaign at play than what we can blow through in our own questing. For example, when you first contact Xe'ra by making the Heart of the Light and the tears of Elune together, you are told that you have been unconscious for three days, whereas in-game, it takes two minutes (and damn Blizzard for making an unskippable two-minute cutscene). Furthermore, some people might want to see the content last a bit longer rather than the threat of the patch be dealt immediately. As for how conscious you might be, there have been a few time stops spells seen in-game yet, and I can recall two of them that suggest that the person frozen in time still has awareness. The time-frozen Nighhtborne you fight when you first contact the Nightfallen, and the Moon Guard sorceress who freezes herself and a few Nightborne until you arrive. Both seem to have a certain awareness of their previous situation (the first immediately remarking the time stop spell, the second saying she felt your presence). Concerning the Legion's presence, as far as I know, only the elven armies are present. It's an elven effort to fight what is essentially an elven conflict. Obviously, it's your call if other people might be there not as part of the main armies, but it is less likely since it is so obviously meant for elves to participate in.
  11. I do not know how many people here keep track of the game's future events from the PTR and such, but there is something in the 7.1 patch that will bring the Nighthold raid to bear that may be worthy of talking about in advance. Once again, this is extremely heavy spoilers, if you do not want to know what happens, please do not read any further. So, with that out of the way, let's get right down to it. The Nighthold raid will begin with an attack on Suramar by the combined elven armies of the Kaldorei under Tyrande, the Sindorei under Lady Liadrin, and the Queldorei under Vareesa Windrunner. Along with being a rare case of faction cooperation, it will probably be one of the most important battles of the expansion. However, disaster will strike. Using the Eye of Aman'thul, Elisande will do nothing less than cast a time stop spell on the entire army, sparing only the player character who will save Khadgar, Tyrande and Liadrin. Everyone else will be trapped in this spell, and although it's not yet clear how long this spell lasts, there is the distinct implication that whoever is caught in it will be trapped for perhaps the entire duration of the patch until Elisande is defeated (if that even ends the spell). This, of course, brings heavy consequences on the RP playerbase. What will happen to your character if they're caught in it? Is there a way to save them from this? If your character would have normally fought in this battle, will the thought of being locked out of RP for an undetermined amount of time make you find a reason for them to not participate in that battle? If they are trapped, will they remain conscious through it, or will their mind also be stopped until they are unfrozen? The result of being conscious while locked like that may very well make a character go mad from being frozen and unable to even do anything for several months. Personally, I've already decided that Resileaf, as a sentinel commander, will be trapped in the time stop, and that she may very well remain aware despite it, if the lore doesn't tell that such a thing is impossible. This will effectively make me unable to play as her for a long time, but I hope that it will cause good RP more than bad one. But admitedly, if it then turns out that the people locked in this time stop spell may never wake up, or will be killed further down the road, I may change my mind because I'm not really willing to kill Resileaf for good. How about everyone else? Would you sacrifice such a long period of a character's life for storytelling reasons?
  12. Resileaf


    The apocalyptic landscape of Dreadscar rift was not a very welcoming sight, but for many warlocks of the Alliance and the Horde, it was home. Away from Azeroth, free to pursue their own schemes in peace... Or as much peace as they could get surrounded by dozens of warlocks who were free to pursue their own schemes, often enough at the detriment of one another. The most important location of the rift was the very top of the hill, where the corpse of the previous leader, a Pit Lord, was chained to a wall and his heart used as a focus for the leader of Black Harvest to empower their weapons. Only the leader was allowed to use the heart for this purpose, but any warlock could use the latent energies to do the same. Aleangen was one such warlock. The Gilnean woman was standing by the pool of fel magma that surrounded the Pit Lord's (whose name escaped her) corpse, focusing the energies surrounding her on her newest morsel. She was known as the 'Soul-devourer' (because she learned that Soul-Eater had been taken by a Demon hunter), and her specialty was to devour the souls of her victims to empower herself. Any warlock worth their salt could do such a thing, but she exclusively did this herself, and using whole souls rather than the soul shards the majority of them used. The power it gave her was immense, although unstable and requiring of the consumption of more souls to make up for it. In the past, she did such by roaming the forests of Gilneas and draining the souls of unfortunate travelers. After having seen the scythe that the leader of the Council used, Aleangen had the idea that perhaps she could do the same with her own scythe. She however needed more souls than usual, and more powerful ones as well, for the empowering of a weapon with souls was usually a temporary affair. She wanted to make it permanent. That was why she had gone to the academy of Azsuna filled with the cursed spirits of Night elves who perished ten thousand years ago. More souls than she knew what to do with, and not belonging to anyone since they were long-dead. The perfect place to harvest, so to speak. Unfortunately for her, things had not gone particularly well. The majority of the souls were weak, faded... After ten thousand years of repeating the same actions over and over, they had mostly lost their luster. Not to mention they were merely students, and therefore weak by nature. Without ambition or strength. She sighed to herself, thinking that she should have aimed to claim the teachers. Footsteps came up nearby, another warlock approaching the pool of fel-lava. Aleangen ignored her, as it was most likely another warlock seeking to use the latent energies of the heart for some purpose of their own. She was focused on the task at hand, to bind this one, powerful soul to her scythe. Of all the students she had consumed, this was the only one that was worth something. The soul was strong, pure... Whoever it had been in life must have been nearly a living saint. Those were the best souls, their holyness tasting so delightful, and sending surges of power throughout Aleangen's body. More than any other kind of soul, it was a delicacy, meant to be enjoyed and used for as long as possible. If she could bind it permanently to her scythe then, she felt that it would be a tremendous increase in potency. Why, perhaps even powerful enough to- "A surprising location for that morsel, with a name like the "Soul Devourer."" Aleangen glanced away from her binding process, toward the other warlock who had just arrived. She was still facing the fel pool, her face hidden by her cowl. It looked like a human woman, although the worgen could not be certain unless she turned to face her. With a little sigh, she closed her hand over the soul, and reabsorbed it into her body, interrupting the binding process. This woman wanted something with her, and would not let her continue this ritual in peace, so might as well focus on the conversation. She answers the woman with a raspy, growly voice. "I trust you have a good reason for interrupting me." There was the hint of a smile under that hood, as the other warlock answered. " Oh, my pardons. I did not think so simple a ritual would be easily interrupted by commentary." Aleangen's eyes thinned dangerously as she turned towards her, the red glow of her eyes intensifying threateningly under her hood. What did she even know about what she was doing? This woman was trying to provoke her, and she was succeeding. She entertained the idea of throwing her in the pool of fel lava and drain out her soul afterwards, but left those ideas for later. Whatever she wanted, might as well learn it now. The growl in her voice became more apparent as she answered with a snarl. "I have little patience for stubborn souls, and even less for whelps like you. If you have a point, get to it." The other warlock let out a little laugh and turned to face Aleangen fully. As the Gilnean had expected, this was definitely a human, although she kept most of her features hidden underneath her cowl. "You recently stole the souls of many elf spirits in Azsuna. associate of mine...wants them released and returned." The worgen tilted her head curiously as the human spoke... This meant she had been hired by someone. "You mean the souls of the cursed spirits?" Of course she did. There couldn't be any other spirits she refered to. There weren't any other available. Her thoughts went back to that time... To when she had just claimed this last, powerful soul, and a Night elf had attacked her, yelling something about letting go of her victims... She suddenly began to grin, understanding coming to her quickly afterwards. "Ooh, I see... You must be an ally of this Night elf who interrupted me... This... Resileaf. She seemed quite taken with one of the souls I claimed." She had done her research. The Night elf wore a tabard, and after a bit of searching, she found that it belonged to the organization known as the Twilight Empire. This organization was dedicated to seeking peace between the Alliance and the Horde. Further research allowed her to find out that one of their members, the Night elf who attacked her, was among their armed forces. Her name was easy to find out afterwards. "And now she wants her back, hmm?" The human shrugged, the gesture artfully careless. "It hardly matters who my associate is. I only seek to secure future favors." Her lips curl in a small smirk, visible under her hood. "And I have been promised a favor of some value in the future should I secure the release of those souls. Favors are such powerful things." Bullshit. She was delightfully transparent. Anyone with half a brain could figure out their relationship. This other warlock was most likely also in the Empire. She was not wearing any distinctive signs of such, but she could figure it had to be the case. A Night elf would not hire a random warlock for such a delicate and personal matter. It had to be a friend or a close associate. "Well then, you can tell your 'associate' that the souls I claim are very... Precious to me. Especially this last one. So pure... So innocent... The best kind, wouldn't you agree? It makes up for all the weak, bland ones I took beforehand." She paused for a moment to loudly lick at her chops hungrily, to make her point. "If I were to even consider parting with it, I may need something equivalent." The other human hummed lightly, as though thinking about it. "Would I agree? I doubt it--I do not partake in the devouring of souls. I intend on living a long time instead of quickening my death with such an act, thank you." She also put a little pause in her words to let them sink in. "What use is the power we've claimed if we are not alive long enough to truly control it?" Aleangen rolled her eyes dismissively. As though this was a problem. Sure, consuming souls caused deteriation of the body when their energy was fully used, but that just meant that another soul would prevent it from happening. She was very talented in such things, and only rarely went long enough without a meal to really feel herself withering away. One of those times, she had done it on purpose, just to know to recognize it when it happened again. "Well, let's see... I am alive... And the souls I've devoured are not. I seem to have gotten the better part of the deal." The human laughed again. "For now. I play a long game, personally. But many of our talents lack the foresight to do so. A pity." Another attempt at provoking her. "So. What is it you "may" require?" And there they came at the main part of this conversation. This so-called client wanted something... Well, Aleangen knew how to play that game. She licked her chops again as she answered. "As I said, something equivalent... A soul for a soul. And since I'm going through the trouble of giving one back, a better soul... A righteous one. Strong, virtuous, the heroic kind. The kind that was once friend with the one I am asked to release. For what sacrifice is more noble than to give your soul to save that of your dear old friend?" She knew the the self-righteous warlock in front of her would figure it out easily. She didn't make that a mystery after all. The human chuckled lightly, and even though her eyes were hidden by her cowl, Aleangen could tell she had probably rolled them. "Predictable. At least the request does not come as a surprise." The worgen just grinned, bending over slightly to be more at eye level with the other warlock. "I am at heart a very simple woman." The human looked her interlocutor up and down, looking at her torn and tattered robes, dark-colored, and the wicked scythe she wielded. "I gathered." After a few more moments during which Aleangen just kept grinning down at her, the human finally continued. "Very well. I shall take these terms back to my associate, and perhaps we will convince your intended of how -noble- a sacrifice it would be." Aleangen answered by taking the sweetest tone of voice she could muster. "I look forward to it~" She was about to turn back to her binding when the human spoke again. Seemed like she had more to discuss. "What of the other souls? I am told you devoured more than one that day." Aleangen almost gagged at this. The memories of their taste was not a pleasant one. "Oh, yes, those poor wretches. They hardly last long enough to be more than a snack. Those ten thousand years have not been kind to their fortitude. They are gone." That had been a strong reminder of why she desired living souls to dead ones. Or at least long-dead ones... The human nodded slightly, as though having expected as much. "Not unexpected. Very well. I thank you for your time this night, Madam. I presume I shall be able to call upon you again within the Dreadscar, once I have discussed your terms with my associate?" Aleangen grinned as she conjured the soul from earlier, and let the wisp-like substance dance between her fingers. "Of course... Do give her my best reguards. It is always a joy to interact with her kind." A small smirk from the human. "You assume a great deal, Madam. Simple, indeed." After those parting words, the human dipped her head in a 'respectful' nod--perhaps even too respectful to be legitimate--and turned to leave. Her minion, which Aleangen had not even paid attention to, remained after for a moment before gliding towards Ketani with its gaze focused on the worgen warlock, who grinned to herself as she watched them leave... Immediately after they were out of sight, she snapped her fingers to summon her imp. "Get a parchment and a quill, now. And write well! I don't want to see any scribbles on this letter!" The mischievious demon growled, but did as he was asked, making a sheet of parchment and a quill appear out of thin air and preparing to write. Aleangen cleared her throat and began to dictate the letter... "Dear General Larmont..."
  13. Resileaf

    The Clickening

    Eh, why not do it for alts? Whillwind Bladeleaf Upon selection: I hope this is more thrilling than World of Warcraft. Click: Speak up, my ears are still ringing. Do you hear ticking? *Playful humming* Come on, time's wasting! Excessive clicking: Hmm? You seem to be wanting something? Ooh, yeah, I heard about those things. I'm supposed to be saying silly stuff now, yeah? Oooh, is that a bomb in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Spoiler alert, it was a bomb. I just planted it. Goodbye. Ordered to move: Don't worry, I got this! I'll be there before you know it! I know just what to do! It's about time. So many explosions, so little time. Ordered to attack: Fuse lit up, blades sharpened, ready to throw down! This one's gonna be fun! Kaboom! Just in time, that one's about to explode! Taunt: Watch your step! I can't wait to see your smoldering corpses! I've got a grenade with your name on it. The secret to a good rogue isn't going in and out silently. It's going in silently, and using enough explosives to not leave a single witness behind! Joke: Goblins ain't got SHIT on me! Some people think I'm obsessed with explosives. That's not true! I just really, really, really, really, really, really... (Slowly fades out) (Fades in) ... really, really, really like them! And by that, I mean I'm totally obsessed. What's it like having your life directed by Michael Bay? Needs more explosions. Death: Wow... That's a boring... Death... Death when possessing the talent to explode a giant bomb upon death: THIS IS HOW I WANT TO GO OUT!!! Rebirth: That was a good nap! This place isn't exploding enough to my tastes. I return! Another chance to blow you up! Hmm, that one needs some work.
  14. Resileaf


    It had been over one week now since Resileaf had met with her friend at the academy. Her spirit eagerly awaited her return each day, as they talked and shared stories that had happened over the years since the last time they had seen each others. Sirrilah looked incredibly cheerful whenever Resileaf was there, constantly asking more and more questions about her life, about her friends, about her work... She seemed so happy that her friend lived a happy life, a complete change from her academy days. The Priestess had decided that above everything, she would help Sirrilah break this curse. If anyone deserved to be saved from this endless existance of torment, it was her. That was why she had asked for help from one of the Empire's warlocks, Ketani, to assist her in getting rid of this curse. Sure, warlocks were better at putting curses than removing them, but they had good knowledge of how they worked. Even if Ketani might not know how to remove it herself, she might be able to put them in the right direction. Sirrilah had asked for a few days, however. She wanted to spend a few days with Resileaf before passing on to the next world. An understandable thing, obviously. Resileaf herself wasn't that eager to make her disappear forever either. Today, she yet again was going to see Sirrilah when something took her attention on the guild stone. Rorrek was apparently stuck... Somewhere. She was rather confused by what the other people of the Empire were talking about, actually. They said that it was a place for great warriors to reside in and work together, and it had something to do with the Vrykuls, the Val'kyr, and a keeper called Odyn? There was some talk about various organizations recruiting people of various specializations as well, further confusing her. There were some things going on behind the scenes, and it irritated her a little about how cryptic and vague some people were being about it­. Still, her greatest worry at the moment was Rorrek, who seemed to be forced to work at a forge at whatever place he was at. Apparently unable to divert his attention, Pralea had herself been forced to stay away from him under threat of being dismembered by an angry Vrykul. Things were not right at all... "Well, I can only pray for his continued safety... If I can do any-..." She found herself trailing off as she arrived at the academy... There was something wrong there. There were fewer spirits than before... And those she could see looked terrified. And some of them looked pale... Or rather, paler. Like they were about to phase out of existence entirely. She stepped into the academy, only to see more of those drained ghosts. She felt a terrible coldness invade her. "Sirrilah..." She began to run through the academy, trying to find her friend. She was about to ask for aid when she suddenly saw her. She was on her knees, before a tall form covered in a tattered robe and holding a scythe. From the muzzle she could see under the cowl, she could tell it was a worgen. She had her mouth open, and it sounded like she was inhaling as wispy strands escaped Sirrilah's body, drawn into the gaping maw of the warlock. Sirrilah looked to be in pain, and Resileaf realized that her soul was being consumed. A deep fear penetrated her heart, followed by a burning rage as she pointed at the cowled woman. "Hey, you! Hey!" The warlock did not even acknowledge Resileaf, but Sirrilah looked in her direction. The priestess saw the fear in her eyes as she lifted a hand towards her, as though to beg for her aid. A single word escaped her lips. "Resi..." Suddenly, her spirit collapsed upon itself. In a rush of wind, her form disintegrated, and was drawn entirely into the worgen's mouth, who seemed to swallow behind her, closing her mouth. Just like that, Sirrilah was gone. Resileaf was in shock. This worgen... She had just... Eaten her friend's soul... Before she even realized it, she had her bow in hand, and an arrow nocked. "Let go of her, you bitch!" She let go of her arrow as the warlock turned toward her, as though suddenly realizing she was there. Her arrow never reached her though, as it impacted an intangible shield around the nethermancer, who growled threateningly. "Who are you to disrupt my feast? I have no quarrel with you, elf. Leave now, before I grow unpleasant toward you." Resileaf angrily notched another arrow, charging this one with holy power. "You've taken the souls of innocent elves! You will release them this instant, or I'll MAKE you do it!" The warlock simply shrugged, taking a step back while waving her hand to direct an order to a nearby imp. "And why should I do that? The souls of the dead are useless in their current form. I'm simply giving them a new purpose. Besides, they are cursed to be stuck here for... What, forever? I don't see the point in letting them go to waste." Resileaf replied by letting loose this arrow, which also broke apart upon the warlock's shield, making her further furious. "You deny them an afterlife and destroy them! I will not let you! This curse CAN be broken, and I will not let you never see that day! Give... Them... Back!" Another arrow was notched, and the warlock replied by extending her scythe towards Resileaf, releasing from it several screaming souls that shot towards her. The Night elf rolled to the side to evade them, crouching behind a pillar for cover. When she raised her head to glance at her opponent, it was already too late. A green portal had been opened by the imp, and the worgen was passing through it to escape. Resileaf tried to shoot one final time... But the portal disappeared, and the arrow hit the wall behind where it had just been. Resileaf simply stood there for a moment... She was gone. Her friend was gone. The warlock was gone. The only person who had ever cared for her in the past... It wasn't enough that she was trapped as a ghost in this place, now she was... Fuel for a warlock's spells... Gone forever before she could be freed... The emotions were simply too much. She raised her head to the sky and screamed out in primal rage, the noise echoing into the academy and the surrounding grounds... Resileaf was in a daze afterwards. She wandered back out of the academy and sat down against a wall by the stairs that led to the building. She lost track of time afterwards, merely repeating 'she's gone' to herself once in a while. Pale, eyes looking at nothing in particular, she looked well and truly broken until suddenly, a hand slapped her shoulder hard enough to bruise it. Startled, she looked up at the owner of that hand, and met the masked face of Xandric, who stood above her. He simply asked her who was gone, and Resileaf just found herself able to point at other spirits, who were slowly revealing themselves again. Her mind was blank, and most of the following discussion, she did not realize she was having. Until Xandric simply shrugged and said that if it was a worgen warlock, then that was it. They wouldn't be able to do anything because she was in the Alliance, and therefore an ally. Resileaf wanted to get angry. She wanted to stand up, grab Xandric's tabard and yell in his face. But her strength left her before she could do that. Only despair filled her as she lowered her head. "So she's gone forever..." Xandric just waved dismissively. "Just track her. Find her and ask for that soul back." Resileaf shook her head. "But she ate her! She took her soul and will use it to fuel her spells! She's gone!" "Some warlocks keep souls for a while before using them. Just go find her and maybe trade some demon souls for it or something?" He didn't care... Resileaf's suffering was of no concern to him. This armored bastard simply stood smugly over her, acting as though nothing was wrong. As though nothing mattered. So you want me to track her, do you? Fine then. Wordlessly, Resileaf stood up and began to stumble away from the academy, although she was interrupted when she heard him speak on the guildstone. "Permission to smack Resileaf?" She turned back, keeping herself from snarling at him. "What's wrong? I'm just following your advice to track her." She could just imagine his mocking expression behind the helmet... "You just said she had escaped through a portal­." "And staying here won't do anything either. I'll search on my own." Xandric looked around, waving at the general area the nagas resided. "Then maybe you might want to not wander aimlessly in a naga's trident?" Resileaf pulled her hood over her head. "I am not worried about them." Without waiting for an answer, she stepped away from him again, ignoring the guildstone, ignoring Xandric, ignoring the entire world around her. She would find that worgen. She would track her, and she would kill her, charges of treason be damned.
  15. Resileaf Ravenwing is currently in Azsuna, and will soon participate in the conflict in Val'sharah. Anyone who witnesses the end of the zone's questline could meet her.