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    Brammorn Nightmane

    Full Name: Brammorn Nightmane Titles or Nicknames: Bramm, Bram-Bram Age: Late twenties Race: Tauren Gender: Male Fur: Black w/ White muzzle Eyes: Formerly natural blue, now glowing azure Height: 9'1" Weight: 677 lbs Notable Physical Features: Immense physical stature, bears a fist-sized hole on the bottom of his jaw that goes up to the top of his head Place of residence: Borrowed Time garrison Place of Birth: Ashenvale Known Relatives: Errom (Father - Deceased) Religion/Philosophy: Protect and serve family. Theme Song: [video=youtube;CbTI_Bzy29I] Occupation: Deadshot, Mercenary, Death Knight Known Associates: Taozhu Shi-hen, Caldrien and Zakael Solsmite, Rekkit Blastwhizzle, Rhuune Nightmane, Kurruk Thunderhowl, Mythis, Ny'shra, Breygrah Ragetotem, Naheal Malastar, Aaren, Cobrak and Pythral Deadeye Known Nemesis: Konro, Worg Spirit Special Skills: Herculean strength, runeworker, and blacksmith. Positive Personality Traits: Steadfastly loyal and protective, kind with an almost childish naiveté Negative Personality Traits: Slow to process things, inattentive to other's feelings, self-deprecating History: Born within the forests of Ashenvale to the reclusive Nightmane tribe, Brammorn was raised from birth to fight the forest-dwelling tauren's natural enemies, the night elves (Or as they call jaa'nalak, Taur-ahe for 'purple monkeys'). Brammorn's size was unheard of amongst the Nightmane, and unfortunately, his birthing killed his mother in the process, leaving him to be raised by his father Errom, the tribe's sole druid and spiritual leader. Sometime during his childhood, he would accept an adoptive brother into the family, Rhuune, after his parents were killed during a night elven raid. Errom, sensing the boy's innate druidic power, took him as both an apprentice and son to be raised as his own. Brammorn grew up as a prized warrior within the small tribe, known for his immense strength and stature and quick to befriend attitude made him popular among his people. Though he made many friends with his outlandish and boisterous personality, he would always remain closest to his adopted brother, the two almost never leaving each other's side. Until an incident occurred one day whilst training with Rhuune and Errom, Rhuune succumbed to the feral nature of his lion's form and turned on Errom, killing him in the process. Brammorn managed to subdue his brother in the scuffle, but was unable to prevent his father's death. In Nightmane culture, a druid is the pride of the tribe, however, when one turns as feral as Rhuune had...the tribe's laws demanded they be executed immediately. Brammorn, knowing this, brought back the unconscious Rhuune and his father's body, and took the blame for the latter's death; citing a failure to rein in a savage beast he had lured to impress his father. The crime was banishment, to return under pain of death. Exiled, Brammorn wandered the southern reaches of Kalimdor for the next few years, fighting alongside Horde forces during the Battle of Theramore as well. Time passed as he traveled by his lonesome until stumbling into night elves raiding a orcish caravan. After dispatching them, the leader of the caravan's guard introduced himself as Cobrak, sub-chief of a mercenary group known as the Blackshots. Brammorn, used to his solitary lifestyle, refused, until the orc offered a duel to settle it. They fought for five hours straight, until both were heaving and huffing in the dirt, unable to lift their weapons further. Impressed, Brammorn joined the hunter for the next few years, until Morinth's betrayal brought Broden's demise and forced Cobrak and those few loyal to him to flee from their former comrades. Under Cobrak's new Deadshots, Brammorn served faithfully, even leading a mission to bring the secluded Nightmane into the throes of the Horde when the night elves began a massive offensive against the entrenched Warsong. A reunion with Rhuune and a battle against Sentinels later, the druid joined the mercenary group. When the group traveled to Northrend to join the war against the Lich King, is when things began to go south. Several months in, a contingent of Deadshots were tasked with clearing out a Nerubian den. What they were unprepared for, was a crypt lord arriving with reinforcements, a trap set by a Cultist traitor who had hired them. In the melee, Brammorn was heavily injured securing an escape route. A nerubian web encompassed his leg and he was dragged into the midst of the horde, watching as his family escaped, he felt abandoned and succumbed to the darkness. Brammorn was reborn within Naxxramas that night, a servant of Arthas. His first mission, to kill the Deadshots and raise them to join at his side to serve the Scourge. Brammorn's unholy strength allowed him to attack a scouting party led by Cobrak head-on, after severely injuring Rhuune and killing Caldrien's wife Jehosephine, Brammorn all the while shouted to Cobrak about his believed betrayal and abandonment of someone he called brother. Before he could make the final blow on the hunter, Cobrak lured him close and rested the barrel of his rifle upon the bottom of his muzzle before pulling the trigger. Even with missing half of his brain, Brammorn's necrotic energies refused him death. He awoke several moments later, confused and broken. He could barely speak in naught but fractured sentences, slow and simple utterances. Unable to remember all that had transpired, Brammorn awoke to his 'second-life' as a Deadshot once again.
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    Vionora Minara

    Brammorn holds his throbbing head at the mention of the name, and begins violently thrashing about. "Nooo!....Name.....daaark-wolf...say....naaaaaaame!.....DARRKK-LIIIIIFE!...." He panics and smashes several surrounding features of the room before he is calmed.
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    Brammorn blinks, confused. "Noooooot....priest-friiiiiiiiiiend......"
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    Amietia Greydawn (Tauren Priest)

    "Greeeeeen-lady...." Brammorn's normally cold eyes go warm as he speaks. "Siiiiing....niiiiiiiiice....."
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    Sinlanna Arath'dorei

  6. Brammorn

    Naheal Malastar

    Brammorn shakes his head, "Lady-elf....stroooong.....deaaaath-bro-ther....."
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    Aaren Anastasis

    "Whiiiiiite-laaady...." Brammorn huffs a bit, looking confused. ""
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