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  1. Pythral


    "Har! Xara's alright! She's a right hoot..." Pythral grins wickedly, leaning in as if to whisper, "Plus she shows off tha goods right well..." The orcess claps in her in a thunderous guffaw before sending the interviewer to the ground a mighty slap to the back.
  2. Pythral

    Tesonii Inbetween [H]

    "Har! Aar's gal? She seems like a nice elf..." Pythrl twists her mouth as she thinks, "Though I kin't shake tha feelin' she doesn't like me...Oh well! Ba har har!"
  3. Pythral


    "Oi Panda?!" Pythral hollers, "She's fun an' gots nice hair! I fink we's gonna be good pals!" The orcess grins wide with wink to the interviewer.
  4. Pythral

    Aaren Anastasis

    "Har har! Aww, Aar..." Pythral chuckles. "She acts a lil' cold, but I kin tell she's a sweet'eart....Shame she only ruts wit she'd be a real handful in tha sack. The orcess once again laughs to herself. "Need ta ruffle her hair up some more nex' time I see 'er...Spirits, she's like a priest-y Jeho."