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  1. Character theme songs.

    I make the weirdest things when i'm tired, but here's a theme song thread. Darrethy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz-K8rY9IXo
  2. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Hey everyone, i'v been gone for quite awhile, and only poked my head back in during the Legion announcement. For those of you wondering where exactly I went, well I moved over to an upcoming Warhammer 40k MMO as an Alpha tester, the 'Eternal Crusade' and started up a guild there called the Lash of Loesh, it's pretty enjoyable though of course there's not that much variety this early in development. If any of you folks are interested, the games website is here: https://www.eternalcrusade.com/
  3. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Sadly no flamers yet, and Sisters of Battle are post launch, otherwise we'd be burning everything.
  4. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Oh hell yeah, but it's pretty damn fun for an Alpha. Progression should be coming in soon, and that's what i'm most excited to see.
  5. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Yeah, Lily has told me as much.
  6. War For Peace

    What? None of you ever watched Zardoz? Casuals.
  7. War For Peace

    ...But the penis is evil?
  8. New Expansion Already?

    I am the personification of 'Meh' at the moment.
  9. New Expansion Already?

    World of Warcraft: The Quest For More Money.
  10. So it appears I can't log in.

    Keeps saying patch required, even though it won't start downloading the patch. Scan and repair didn't work, nor didn't uninstalling battle.net, quite frustrating.
  11. So it appears I can't log in.

    Alright, it appears to finally be fixed by reinstalling it.
  12. Here, i'v built us an underground bunker.

    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_N2EyyrA_LPs/THq2PzyYENI/AAAAAAAAKYY/g6rwrrL_eDo/s1600/fallout-shelter.gif We'll need it after Blizzards last interview.
  13. Here, i'v built us an underground bunker.

    This is the last patch of the expansion. The forums reacted about as well as you'd expect.
  14. Nightmare: Contentment.

    Water dripped down his face, the half elf had just barely gotten himself under an umbrella when it started pouring over the city. Cheryl and Moira had just barely gotten under it before they were completely soaked, his two daughters of barely a year apart. The younger of the two tugged lightly on his sleeve "We should go ahead and see mom...." she said after a moment, glancing at the rest of Lordaeron around her "...There wasn't a cloud in the sky earlier..." she bit her lip lightly. The half elf shrugged his shoulders slightly "Just a odd storm, i'm sure we'll be fine." he smiled and ruffled her hair a little, prompting a giggle as he started moving for home. He gave the citizens a nod of acknowledgement, noting their skinless faces with the slightest amusement. Weaving his way through the cobblestone streets he slowly made his way towards the marketplace and a small bakery nestled inbetween a pawn shop and Fras Siabi's Cigars. Course it was after hours, he had lingered at the park too long...time always seemed to pass so fast with his kids. He glanced in the window pane, not that he expected her to be there this late. Taking the keys out of his pocket, he unlocked the door and slipped inside. Kneeling down he motioned for the girls to be quiet "I'll see you two in the morning, okay?" they smiled at him and nodded, slipping away into the shadows as if they were never there. He stood and briefly looked at this watch, the clockwork contraption ticking away as it always did. He couldn't believe how late it had gotten when he had sworn he'd been away for mere moments. The half elf ran a hand through his hair, looking outside one more time before going for the stairs. They seemed to wind endlessly as he moved further and further up, he heard the records playing but knew by now that she was likely out completely. That was probably for the best, everything considered, and so the half elf kept moving until he found the door he was looking for, one door amongst hundreds. Stepping out onto the balcony he breathed deep, he almost had forgotten what that was like. His eyes moved over the city that was now miraculously illuminated by the day, even though there was no sun...and the moon had never vanished. He smiled wryly as he looked at the mark of Accalia on his hand. Then tipped himself over the railing.
  15. Nightmare: Contentment.

    His arm was completely broken, blood dripped down from a cut in his forehead. The half elf pulled himself to his knees, spitting out some of the swamp water. The memories came back in a rush as he looked around himself, his shirt torn off, torn leather pants, sliced up chest, clipped ear and seething agony from numerous infected wounds that should of killed him. The spilling guts, the slit throats, the burning flesh, skewered eyeballs, pulped skulls, exposed nerves and cartilage, it all flashed through his eyes. He could smell the rot around him as pulled his dented sword out of the mud and looked at the green bodies around him, faces in a mask of death, anguish, or anger. They had died agonizingly, the two behind him were both shot in the throat, arrows clean through to the other side. The two in front him were disemboweled, the one in the right had his dirk stuck in his eye and the one to the left had been chopped in the neck to shard that it's head was only attached by the thinnest piece of muscle. Another was laying facedown in the water, no obvious signs of injury, meaning he had likely been held under until he drowned. He couldn't help but smile. He used his sword as a cane, stumbling forward as he continued the fight for a man that was already dead. He wouldn't give up, no matter what, even alone in the black morass he'd keep fighting. "Don't run away from me..." he whispered under his breath "Don't run away from me, I won't run away from you...." more red eyes appeared in the shadows, their brutish ape like forms reaching for weapons, he could swear a few looked familiar, names popping into his head that he knew should mean something, but he couldn't quite place it. "Want to work this out peacefully?" he asked, and was hardly surprised to be met by what seemed dozens of roaring voices. He shrieked at the top of his lungs as a slashed caught him across the chest. Yet as he spun, blood splattering across the trees, he managed to catch himself and thrust his sword into the gut of one of them. He didn't even bother to pull it out, instead kicking the leg out from another just as he rushed from the side, rolling under it's form as it smashed into the water "I was hoping you'd give me what I need." he breathed out in a raspy voice as he rushed to a third, somehow wrestling it's arm aside even with his own injuries, pearly white teeth staining red as he lunged for it's throat. The swamp water turned crimson.
  16. Petition - Please sign for Konro

    Is he going to come back as a DK? Cause I swear, if he comes back as a DK....
  17. Eclipse: Dying Light

    Throughout this entire endeavor, Darrethy had been meditating nearby. He did not cower or hide, it was not his way, and so he merely waited in a circle nestled in the mountainside and waited for a signal. His eyes snapped open under his hood, and as one he could feel the surging of countless souls through his body. Reaching over he slowly unsheathed an Arakkoian blade he had brought with him, the scythe like weapon was decorated with bells, trinkets, and runic blessings of Anzu. His other hand reached for a shield made of solid purple crystal, glowing as it detected the demons that lurked nearby...most of his armor reacted to Fel that way, a sign it was time for him to start killing again. The world turned to grey and as the color faded away the only thing he could see were Malhaviks demonic minions in bright neon colors, with a shout of something incomprehensible he rushed forward with his own Shivarra appearing in an explosion of fel flame. Her razor blades and his own volley of shadowbolts tearing apart anything that came near, wings unfurled from his back as he leapt across the field with demonic might, his veins pumping with fel fury "You go ahead! i'll hold them off."
  18. Eclipse: Dying Light

    Darrethy looked over to Tesonii "I was worried that if our intentions were known, certain....parties...would seize the opportunity to stop us from saving him. They could put a halt to this very easily if they knew, but hopefully things have remained....hidden enough."
  19. <p>Darrethy -does- jump to conclusions very quickly, because he's a Huojin at heart, and will happily tell you so. The greatest injustice is inaction, which is why he has such a problem with Sanctuary's passivity.</p>

    <p>And as Darrethy told Julie around the campfire back at her Garrison, he already thought Naheal was unhinged. He <em>definitely</em> thinks so now.</p>

  20. <p>Apparently she didn't ensure that he wouldn't willingly stand aside as a bunch of Horde civilians were murdered over an ancient grudge. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  21. <p>The problem isn't that Juli knows what Naheal thinks, the problem is Juli -doesn't- know what he thinks...unless she does know what he thinks and let him anyway, in which case it's ten times worse. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  22. <p>He -doesn't- think his ideas are fully informed, he's just disgusted that Naheal managed to get through Sanctuary's screening holding the kind of ideas he does. To Darrethy, Naheal is verging on morally bankrupt.</p>

    <p>The sort of things Naheal said put Aerie Peak in a way, way, way uglier light and made him see a lot of Jinsai's PoV.</p>

  23. <p>Why would he talk to Juli about it? the last time he voiced disagreement with her ideas, she admonished him for talking down to her.</p>

    <p>Darrethy thinks Juli see's the world in black and white, in her own words, the only people who think she's ignorant are themselves ignorant. There's no reasoning with that, so why bother?</p>

  24. <p>He is -actually- disgusted with Juli, it takes a lot for anything magical to actually alter his perceptions.</p>

    <p>Blame Naheal. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>