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  1. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Sadly no flamers yet, and Sisters of Battle are post launch, otherwise we'd be burning everything.
  2. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Oh hell yeah, but it's pretty damn fun for an Alpha. Progression should be coming in soon, and that's what i'm most excited to see.
  3. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Yeah, Lily has told me as much.
  4. So, anyone like Warhammer?

    Hey everyone, i'v been gone for quite awhile, and only poked my head back in during the Legion announcement. For those of you wondering where exactly I went, well I moved over to an upcoming Warhammer 40k MMO as an Alpha tester, the 'Eternal Crusade' and started up a guild there called the Lash of Loesh, it's pretty enjoyable though of course there's not that much variety this early in development. If any of you folks are interested, the games website is here: https://www.eternalcrusade.com/
  5. War For Peace

    What? None of you ever watched Zardoz? Casuals.
  6. War For Peace

    ...But the penis is evil?
  7. New Expansion Already?

    I am the personification of 'Meh' at the moment.
  8. New Expansion Already?

    World of Warcraft: The Quest For More Money.
  9. So it appears I can't log in.

    Alright, it appears to finally be fixed by reinstalling it.
  10. So it appears I can't log in.

    Keeps saying patch required, even though it won't start downloading the patch. Scan and repair didn't work, nor didn't uninstalling battle.net, quite frustrating.
  11. <p>I'm just looking for people to stalk while I read posting stuffs. Hi.</p>

  12. Here, i'v built us an underground bunker.

    This is the last patch of the expansion. The forums reacted about as well as you'd expect.
  13. Here, i'v built us an underground bunker.

    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_N2EyyrA_LPs/THq2PzyYENI/AAAAAAAAKYY/g6rwrrL_eDo/s1600/fallout-shelter.gif We'll need it after Blizzards last interview.