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  1. It feels like I do less and less. I've always tried to be a relatively hands-off commander. I let people find and choose their own assignments, to put their talents to use where they believe they'll be the most effective in upholding our virtues. We all have directives to support the Horde and the Legionfall offensive to give us opportunities to make a difference. But sometimes I'm not sure if things are running smoothly or slowing to a halt. I feel like if I can't tell the difference, it's probably the latter. At least I was able to make a difference in the Borrowed Time/Twilight Empire matter. I'm not naive enough to think Cobrak will go any easier on them because of what I said, but one of their people being returned safely and sooner is definitely a victory in my book. I also hope that by speaking to Katelle, she will see Cobrak as more of a person and less as an obstacle. She would be more likely to than most already, as would any called to Twilight Empire's cause I think, but a little encouragement might help keep things smoother than they might go otherwise. It'll be a long time, if ever, before I can hope to sway Cobrak the same, but at least in respecting my personhood he finds himself obligated to respect the things I care about, and that's a start. Another matter weighing on my mind is Karthok, as it has for... how many months now? How long has Shokkra been missing? I haven't even kept track. Her being gone has just become... normal. It's terrible, and it makes me feel terrible to say that. I continue to believe she must be safe and that Karthok wouldn't harm her. And I won't stop looking for her. But all this time away has put some things into perspective. When she's back, and recovered enough, I'll have to talk to her about what she wants to do with her life. And not just accept what she says if it's what I want to hear when it might not be true to what's in her heart and soul. Some people are just angry. Some people just believe in vengeance, in its necessity. I don't agree. But I respect that some people feel that way, and don't want to shame them for it, not really. Encourage them to open their hearts. But not shame them for doing what they think they need to do to survive. Shokkra tries so hard to be Sanctuary, but I don't think she really is inside; she just feels like she should be. I should let her go and not let her keep torturing herself, and everyone else around her, by trying to be something she's not. It's sad it took me this long to come to that conclusion. I can't count how many people would laugh and scoff at me for finally getting to it. But I wanted to believe. I wanted to believe in what Shokkra wanted to believe. I just wanted to support her. And she needed it, so badly, something the people that would scoff just don't care about because they can't see past their own pain to another's. The fourth oath is always the hardest to uphold. We leave soon to brace Karthok in his den. I hope we are in time to save her.
  2. And what would the me of only a year ago think of me now? I often think about writing in my journal, but then I never do. There’s too much to do. I barely get to go into the field anymore because I’m always busy delegating tasks and settling disputes. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Leads on Karthok. Coordinating with Twilight Empire and Night Vanguard. The whole Catalinetta mess. Speaking of the last… Of all people to walk into my office, I was not expecting Tammy. I thought she had moved on and made her own life. I don’t understand why she continues to resent me. If I can find it in me to not resent her and to put the blame where it belongs, she certainly should be able to. This whole Catalinetta thing really is a mess. I hate putting Cerryan in this position. I should just ask him to recuse himself from the matter. The truth is, I’m still bitter over what he did, and I’m putting insane expectations on him to try to win back my trust – and expecting him to fail. That’s what I’m doing. I need to figure out how to put it behind me. It’s just… hard to forgive and forget, sometimes. When you fully expect for the same thing to happen again. I should talk to Kex’ti about this. It’s been kind of hard to talk to him lately. I was actually glad when he pushed back about Cobrak. Sometimes I worry that I’m too strong-willed and that I just override his wishes. But how can I not insist on something I feel is absolutely true and necessary? I just can’t shake the feeling that more and more he agrees with whatever I say because pushing back isn’t worth it. That’s not the way I want it to be. I need to listen better. I miss Shokkra. It’s been so quiet without her. I still believe that she’s just fine, wherever she is – physically, at least. Karthok wanted her to be his and wouldn’t hurt her. But I can’t imagine what this forced confinement must be doing to her. I’m worried about her. When we have her back, I’m going to spend a lot of time with her. Guess I’d better get back to my paperwork for now, though. These requisitions won’t approve themselves.
  3. Sanctuary and friends are now 10/10 N Nighthold. Our Suramar RP campaign storyline is running in tandem with our raids and there are a lot of other activities going on as well. Speak to an officer for more info!
  4. In the set of rooms she had shared with her husband, Juli sits at a small table on one side of the generous living area. It had served as both a breakfast nook and a private dinner setting. The drapes on the window are pulled closed and the hearth beside it is cold, however, as it has served as neither for a while now. Without Kex'ti, it's been too much trouble to even eat most of the time. Not in her armor for once, she wears purple leggings and a loose shirt. The whiskey she drinks is peaty and almost sour. Half the bottle is gone. She eyes the remaining liquid and debates if she really wants to drink alone more tonight. Tomorrow is December. Two years ago that month, she met Kex'ti. She almost hadn't let him join Sanctuary because he couldn't swear one of the vows as it was written, viewing it as being in conflict with his monk ways. But something had made her hear him out and then agree to let him join. He was someone who had been many places not just physically but spiritually, and after all that, Sanctuary had been where he had wanted to call home. She had trusted him. Their relationship had been slow to develop. First, he had just been someone who was always there. With so many coming and going, having someone dependable was no small thing. Then, he was someone who always listened. Despite her inexperience, he always took her words seriously. The trust she showed him was returned in this way, Juli realizes then as she reminisces. He hadn't thought himself worthy of trust, so when she showed it to him, he repaid it. She had found out later about his past -- some parts of it. He had never gone into much detail about what he did in the arenas or in the cult. She knows enough to know it was bad. But she had told him then and still tells others now that it's what you do now that matters. Juli passes a hand over her face, remembering evenings spent at the garrison with him. Their relationship had been maybe a little silly at first. Puppy love. Two people who needed someone more than they loved each other. She can see that now, how she hadn't known at the start how a relationship really looked like, the kind of work it took. But Kex'ti had been patient; maybe happy to be in a relationship that was relatively juvenile for awhile after his past experiences. In time, it had deepened. They'd been tested by the war for peace with the Grim, by Saphiara's betrayal, and by the conflicts that arose around the Eclipse. Juli had made the best decisions she could and clung to them even when it drove some away, like Grimal, like Naheal. Throughout, though Kex'ti had often made his own decisions, he had stood by her. And she had come to realize she needed him for that. At the end, they had needed each other. Juli sips the whiskey, not remembering when she'd poured herself more. She doesn't often think about Accalia's nightmare. She and Kex'ti had overcome their demons there. Hers had been... relatively simple. She wasn't sure what his had been, not entirely. But after that, they had become much closer. After that, it had seemed like they could tell what the other was thinking simply by looking at each other. Then had come the fight with Kallavan, her near-death experience and lingering injury. Juli sighs. She had been too proud. Too afraid of being weak. And maybe she still is, but at least she knows the tendency in herself now. It wasn't enough to make her overcome her reluctance and show up at the monastery tonight, though she'd come to Vilmah's support group at least. But Kex'ti had been the first to push her to reveal weakness, and the first to convince her it was important to. He had told her that he didn't feel needed when she acted like she didn't need anyone. But even then it had seemed an impossible requirement. Until she nearly did lose him. His sickness had been catching up to him. The more he fought, the more he gave for Sanctuary, the worse it became. She'd realized she couldn't ask him to stop fighting. At the same time, she had been struggling with leading Sanctuary in the face of what seemed to be insurmountable challenges. Both things, Kex'ti's increasing illness and the pressures of leading Sanctuary, had combined to make her desperate for any solution she could find. She had ended up cutting out a piece of her soul, her determination, and giving it to Kex'ti for strength. He had been very dubious about the change in her and made her promise to keep looking for a better solution. Eventually, they had found one. An ancient rite had balanced their life forces. Even now she carries the everpresent ache in her chest, the same weight of the illness Kex'ti carried. Absently, she presses her free hand against her chest, drawing in a deep breath. She wishes it were evidence he still lived, but the rite had been a permanent, one-time transfer, and regardless of what happened to him she will always feel the consequences of the exchange. She remembers she had told him, when he hesitated to shorten her life to prolong his own, that it was unlikely either of them were going to live to old age anyway. Still... she thought they'd have more time than this. And Rylie. They hadn't gone looking to adopt. When Kex'ti had told her he couldn't have children, Juli hadn't known what to think at first, but eventually had concluded it was probably for the best. She hadn't imagined herself as a mother. But they had grown to love Rylie. She was truly extraordinary. To her Juli found she could give more than she could to anyone else except Kex'ti. And he had loved the girl too. Juli lowers her head. She hopes Kex'ti's legacy lives on in Rylie. She finds herself remembering their wedding. It had been a private affair. Cerryan had officiated. Their vows were spoken from the heart. He had liked her dress. She had spent far too long looking for the perfect one. She can't remember a day where she felt happier in her life. Juli raises her hand to swipe away tears from her eyes and tosses back the last of the whiskey. Getting up, she staggers into the bedroom. Tomorrow was another day. And soon, this battle between hope and despair would have a victor, one way or another.
  5. “Because you won't stop hurting us!” Juli cried. “You won't.. stop... we have.. to...” The entropic shadows were overcoming her. She staggered and fell to her knees again, and this time couldn't get up. Lilliana pushed herself up, still clutching Syreena like a broken ragdoll, and stared at Juli in amazement. “Freaking psycho hypocrite,” the priestess managed. She began to weave shadowmending around her leg, and Juli couldn't stop her. “Cerryan comes and tortures my friend as revenge... You attack me when you demand I step aside after we, together, save her, and expect me to allow you to kill her in front of me... and like totally break... oh shit what are your vows again? First one! Peace! I will not initiate hostilities!” Lilliana got to her feet, supporting herself mostly on her one good leg, and threw a fresh blast of shadow at Juli. Juli flinched as it struck her. “Second one! Justice! I will react with force only to defend the innocent, or in fair, consensual combat! Err okay maybe you didn't break number two... But you did break number three... Mercy! I will respond to hostility with the least force required!” Another blast followed. Juli gritted her teeth as it hit, her eyes watering with pain, and Lilly continued. “And Julilee... Sacrifice! I will forgive mistakes, insults, and injuries to me person for the sake of peace, justice, and mercy!” The final oath was partnered with another blast. Bracing herself on the greatsword, it was all Juli could do to keep herself upright. The Light from the sword had entirely faded away, dissipated absorbing all the shadow attacks. Without its warm glow, the pain Juli was under was nearly unbearable. Lilly paced around her, limping. “You and that jerk face Cerryan don't even follow your own rules! At least I follow my order's rules! But noooo, it's totally okay for you to play the eye for an eye game!” “You.. don't... understand... the vows!” Juli pulled the greatsword back and hurled it at the priestess. The sheer unexpectedness of the attack took Lilliana by surprise and it knocked her down again. Juli fought her way to her feet and started moving toward the door. Putting her fingers to her lips, she blew a shrill whistle. In response, a red-gold cloudserpent came swirling down from the overcast sky. Shou-Yana, the loyal companion Kex'ti had helped her tame, landed outside in the courtyard. Juli turned back as Lilliana started shouting. The priestess had left Syreena inside and come to chase Juli down. “I understand your stupid vows! I understand you don't freaking follow them! Don't run away from me...! We're not done! You haven't taught me a lesson yet!” Juli forced her broken arm to work as she grabbed her shield off her back and held it up to deflect the new spells Lilliana was flinging at her. “Our vows don't tie our hands, Lilliana,” she said through gritted teeth as she backed away. “It's not our job to keep turning the other cheek. We are allowed to fight back! We don't have to roll over and die because someone wants to kill us! I'm not going to let you, or Syreena, or any of the Grim hurt us. You did learn something today. We're not who you think we are. I'm not.” Turning, she reached Shou-Yana and grabbed onto the saddle with her good arm. She coughed, hacking up black blood, and leveled a stare at the advancing priestess. “Take Syreena and go. I can't beat you this time... but remember... I might try again.” “You might try again? Do it, I fucking dare you!” Lilliana shrieked. “Try to get me, you two-faced...” She inhaled and released a psychic scream again. Shou-Yana writhed in protest. And Juli simply stared Lilliana down, fury radiating off of her. She was not one to lose her temper. She would never rage incoherently like Lilliana was doing right now. But she was a warrior, and though she kept her rage tightly controlled, it was there. “Be wise, Lilliana,” she said lowly, “and consider it even.” “Don't try to backpedal!” Lilliana hollered. She started throwing spells at Juli's mount. Shou-Yana snorted, her reflective scales immune to most of the attacks, but backed away, and Juli let her go. “You know it's not even!” Lilliana yelled. “No, it's not,” Juli said angrily. She drew her blade, Mercy. Its jagged, glowing lines flared with a new light as Juli pointed it at the priestess. “It's not even. I've overlooked so much... but the Grim has gone too far, Lilliana! And even now I don't want to kill you!” She gave a bark of laughter, of all things. “You're just trying to protect her, that's why I'm holding back, even though if Syreena recovers she'll hurt me and mine again...” “Oh yeah, well I'm trying to kill you! I think Awatu will forgive me for like, totally disob—” Whatever Lilliana was about to say was cut off as Juli stepped forward and took a swing at her. The priestess flinched away and the sword only grazed her arm, but Juli followed through with a reversal, plowing the curved hilt into the priestess's stomach. At the same time, however, the spell Lilliana had been preparing was loosed, and it knocked Juli down, sending her rolling along the dirt a distance. Somehow, she managed to maintain her grip on her sword and shield until she came to a stop. Looking at Mercy, she realized it was glowing more than it usually did. Had the Light from Cerryan's sword transferred to it? Shaking her head, she pushed herself up and whistled for Shou-Yana. This time, she was able to pull herself astride the cloudserpent with her good arm before Lilliana caught up. Lilly's screams quickly grew distant as Juli rose into the sky. Despite the loss, Juli felt relieved. She had done her best to enact justice. If Lilliana thought she was a hypocrite didn't matter. The point had been made. And Lilliana, and the rest of the Grim, would look a them with a lot more wariness from this point forward. The glow on Mercy had faded by the time she landed in Dalaran.
  6. Lilliana’s head snapped up. She heard the quiet resolution in Juli’s voice, and her blue eyes blazed with immediate anger, all suspicions confirmed. “Why, Julilee?” she asked. Juli pointed the sword, Cerryan’s greatsword, at the priestess. It still glowed with the power Cerryan had infused it with, arcs of Light moving along its blade. “Step back, Lilliana,” she said again. “I can’t let you heal her. She didn’t deserve to suffer, but she doesn’t deserve to live, either.” Lilliana’s gaze trailed over the sword and moved back to Juli. “Get the fuck out of my face before I kill both you AND Cerryan… and then sic the rest of the Grim on your guild. You are not the Horde’s police,” she responded icily. Protectively, she put a hand on Syreena’s burned chest. In most of their fights, those in play and some in slightly more earnest, Juli had defeated Lilliana handily. But Lilliana had never honestly tried to kill her, barring Aerie Peak where both had been in groups with others. And Juli’s shield shoulder was injured, making it impossible for her to use her arms of choice. She held Cerryan’s greatsword, an unfamiliar weapon, but it wasn’t as hard to wield as she would have assumed it would be. She felt clear; resolute. “I will ask you one last time, Lilliana. Syreena tried to murder one of my own. If she is allowed to live, she will try again.” Juli raised the sword slightly. “I have no other option. If I did, I would take it. You can’t offer one, either. Step back.” “Oh yes, Julilee, I can offer options,” Lilliana said. Her childish voice had gone dead cold. “The option is, either you drop that sword and leave me and Syreena in peace… Or I make you drop it and I help you fucking find peace.” The words came out in a hiss. “As I said, you and your stupid guild are not the Horde police. Syreena goes back with me.” “What I am is a bringer of justice,” Juli said, and stepped forward to slice at the priestess with the greatsword. It was a calculated move, not overextending herself as she tested her ability to wield the blade, but it had strength behind it; no mere feint. It forced the priestess to scramble back, but Lilliana had grabbed onto Syreena and dragged her with her. “Julilee! I’m fucking serious! Go the fuck away!” Lilliana yelled. “You’re no bringer of justice… You’re just as bad as the Grim, and you know it!” She wrapped an arm around Syreena’s midsection and backpedaled as Juli moved on her. The words may as well have fallen on deaf ears. Even if what Lilliana thought wasn’t immaterial to her, Juli knew the priestess would say anything to try to achieve the effect she wanted; that she was willing to call her own guild bad just illustrated that fact. She aimed a low sweep to try to trip Lilliana up, and caught a glancing hit as the priestess tried to hold Syreena away from the strike. A shield of Light glimmered into existence around Lilliana in the next moment as she continued to back away, deeper into the barracks. “You’re a fucking hypocrite!” Lilliana said. “Are you seriously doing this right now? You let Cerryan do this and you speak of justice? He is so fucking dying… I’m going to make him into a drooling vegetable and leave him outside the Legion’s gates—” Juli concentrated on getting through Lilliana’s guard. She made a feint to the side that turned into a thrust. The commitment behind the strike was enough to have run Lilliana through if allowed to hit unprotected. She was not pulling her blows. The shock on Lilliana’s face when she felt the force of the blow bounce off the shield, weakening the barrier, meant she realized it. “Julilee, please don’t do this shit…” Her tone changed to begging, desperately. “Please… Not with me… Don’t!” “Then surrender Syreena and I’ll let you leave,” Juli responded implacably. She shifted her grip on the greatsword as she circled to cut Lilliana off from the exit. The Light that arced around the sword’s blade had moved into the hilt, coalescing around her hands. Somehow, Juli was able to sense that despite her pleas, Lilliana was reaching for the shadows. In the next moment, they returned to the priestess with an unearthly hiss, and the moment after that, the priestess loosed a blast aimed directly at Juli’s injured shoulder. Juli’s first instinct was to raise her shield to counter it, and having to readjust her instincts cost her. She tried to dodge but the blast still caught her with most of its force, spinning her and nearly knocking her down. She turned the momentum into a vault, completing the turn and lunging at Lilliana, the sword trailing behind her as she shoulder-checked the priestess with her good shoulder. As they collided, Lilliana loosed a piercing scream, one that burrowed into the deepest recesses of the mind and sent any enemy with a mind fleeing in blind panic. It was also a trick Lilliana had tried to use against Juli many times in their duels. Juli staggered but threw off the effect in mere moments. Letting go of the greatsword with one hand, she pummeled the priestess in the midsection to try to forestall the dark magics she sensed forthcoming, but they were loosed instantly nonetheless. A creeping shadow settled into the warrior, beginning to eat away at her strength and leaving behind considerable pain as it did. Her shoulder flared in renewed agony that she hadn’t noticed easing. Grasping the greatsword again, she took half a step back to bring up the sword between them in an upward slash. Lilliana, still burdened with the slight figure of the rogue in one arm at her side, took the slash shallowly up her stomach and chest. She screamed again, this time in pure anger, and released a serous of blasts with no pause in between. All three struck Juli, driving her back a good distance. Juli didn’t realize that the Light from the sword had crept all the way up to her shoulders. Her resolution kept her unfaltering. There was no other choice but this. As she charged forward to close the distance between them again, Lilliana had the few moments she needed to conjure up her shadowfiend. It launched itself for Juli’s bad shoulder, and though Juli twisted to try to slice the thing down, she was not fast enough with the heavier weapon to intercept it, and it latched on. She let go of the sword with one hand again to try to grab the thing and pull it off, but her hand passed right through its incorporeal form. Meanwhile, Lilliana was taking the time to work shadowmending on herself. Ignoring the shadowfiend for now, Juli set her sword and charged again. The shadows around Lilliana darkened into pure void. It was something Juli had never seen Lilliana do before. The blasts the priestess loosed were merciless and forced Juli to stop and raise the sword to put it between herself and the blasts. It seemed to buffer the impact somewhat, though the darkness still tore at Juli, so hard it forced her down to a knee. She grimaced in pain. “Lilliana,” she said between blasts, “Syreena tried to kill Kanda… the orphan she helped raise. Just for… joining Sanctuary. I can’t let her live.. and… be successful next time.” She pushed herself to her feet with an effort under the deluge of shadow. “You’d do the same in my position.” “Shokkra tried to kill Khorvis just to be an ass!” Lilliana screamed. She sounded nearly unhinged with anger, punctuating every sentence with another blast that pounded Juli remorselessly. “Your fucking ambassador… so fuck you! You and Sanctuary are not our police… You are not the judges… This is revenge and murder at this point… Maybe I’ll be the guilty one instead… Although at this point it’s kind of self defense! And WHY THE FUCK DID YOU CALL ME HERE ANYWAY?” “If I wanted revenge I would have left her here!” Juli shouted, fury overcoming her steely resolution. She swung heedlessly to parry a blast of shadow, the Light from the sword deflecting it, and began to advance, parrying Lilliana’s attacks. “I would have asked Kex’ti to help me instead of you!” She parried another blast, though her shoulder cried in agony. She didn’t know how she was even carrying on at this point. Strength suffused her. “I called you because I won’t hide… I won’t compromise… I can be PUSHED TOO FAR… and you and the Grim NEED TO SEE THAT!” “You brought me here to teach me a lesson?!” Lilliana said incredulously. Juli swung and struck the priestess with the flat of the blade in one knee. The crunching sound promised an injury as bad as her shoulder had been. Lilliana fell hard to the floor.
  7. June Preparations to depart Draenor continue. Sanctuary is slowly relinquishing command of the garrison and moving our base of operations to Dalaran. Kex’ti’s forethought in purchasing property here is serving us well. Our reputation as peace-seeking has paved the way for nominal acceptance. Hopefully we can expand on that. I’m leaving tomorrow on a special assignment from Horde command. I’m going to be gone for at least eight weeks. I know Kex’ti will look after Sanctuary and Rylie well while I’m gone. Things are looking up. At least so much as they can while we’re all waiting for the Quorum’s other shoe to fall. July I’m visiting home briefly before heading back out. I spoke to Shokkra and saw Kex’ti and Rylie. We’re getting an influx of recruits, just like we did before the Red Portal opened. It’s like people know something is about to happen. But word of the Legion’s movements has been spreading for months now. Everyone knows it’s only a matter of time. End of July The invasions seems to be slowing. I haven’t been getting much sleep, constantly heading out to relieve other forces so they can get some rest, but it seems a little easier now. Maybe we’re winning, or maybe we’re just getting used to it. The ceaseless influx of invading demons is difficult, but it feels like we have a chance. Mid August We went with the assault on the Broken Shore. They grouped Sanctuary and Borrowed Time together as we had experience fighting together before. Kex’ti was given charge of one squad and Cobrak and I the other, larger one. I knew Kex’ti would be right behind us. I’d thought that the invasions on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms were representative of the Legion’s forces. Dauntingly numerous, and bound to wear us down, but not hopeless, if we could just hold out. On the Broken Shore, it was different. We lost too many. We had to retreat. I didn’t want to. Kex’ti dragged me off kicking and screaming. The Alliance thinks we abandoned them. Maybe we did. But you can’t help anyone if you’re dead. I wonder what the me of two years ago would think of me the me now.
  8. Lilliana's curiosity, of course, got the better of her, like Juli knew it would. When the red-haired priestess arrived, spiraling down on her hippogryph to a landing, the look she gave Juli was not one of someone who was going to be easily duped. The questions Lilliana had peppered her with after getting the call had received only the most vague answers, and Juli intended to give nothing more away now than she had to. All she said in greeting was, “Lilliana. We need to get in there.” She indicated the barracks, guarded by the tall construct. “Yeah?” Lilliana rolled her shoulders and eyed the construct lazily, acting entirely unconcerned despite her discerning eye. “Why ain't you asking one of your own? 'Cause like... I might mind control that thing...” She pointed at the construct. “...to eat you or something.” She giggled. “You know me, always such a danger to all that's Sanctuary. How's your head, by the way?” Juli utterly ignored the taunt, considering she had thoroughly humiliated Lilliana several times since the incident she was referring to, and taunting was all the priestess could do. “I don't think it has a mind to be controlled, it's a construct. And–” She hesitated for a moment. “No one else who could help was available, and it's something in your best interest. There's no time to waste. Let's do this.” She drew her sword and shield. Mercy, the sword Kex'ti had given her, glowed with bright, jagged lines in the gloom of the Ghostlands. “Are you with me?” Lilliana's guard went up more obviously as she eyed Juli with open suspicion. “My best interest?” She didn't move. “Tell me what's in it for me. Then I'll help your self-righteous ass.” She grinned. Juli looked at Lilliana, evaluating. Then she said, “Syreena is in there.” She counted on Lilliana knowing she wouldn't lie. Lilliana might think Juli was crazy at times, but Juli had never been deceitful. And Lilliana tensed immediately. “What the frack? You lock her up in there like you did with Lupinum and I... But like now the construct thing is out of your control or something and Syreena is like done being grounded by you poopheads?” She started moving toward the construct as she spoke, drawing shadows to flicker about her body with a vicious, dark hiss. “Don't jump to conclusions,” Juli said coolly. “I asked for you to come here. Syreena's presence here has nothing to do with me.” She couldn't keep the edge from her voice at that. “Let's go.” “Wait... What?!” Lilliana looked from Juli to the entrance to the barracks. She was trying to reach Syreena via mind magic, and couldn't. But Juli was done trying to convince the priestess to get on board, and was closing the distance between herself and the construct. She slammed her shield into its side and swung her sword at the arm that immediately reached toward her. Like she anticipated, Lilliana's battle instincts kicked in and she was with Juli in the next moment, weaving shadows to strike at the construct and knock its reaching arm away. Juli's strike cut into its torso, but it quickly forced her back with a downward-aimed punch she had to dodge and aimed a blast of arcane power at Lilliana. The blast caught Lilliana in the side as she was briefly distracted watching Juli dodge the punch. “Ow! Rude!!” the priestess hollered. With a gesture, she pulled a fiend from the shadows and sent it after the construct. The construct parried another slice from Juli, then turned to try to make a sweeping strike at the shadowfiend. Juli got in a good chop to its back, making it stagger, though it managed to stomp and scatter the fiend into bits of shadow that dissipated. In retaliation, it turned, its torso rotating more than Juli had counted on, to deliver a horizontal blow to her shield-arm shoulder before she could pull back and raise her shield in time to block. The force of it drove to to the ground, though she kept one leg under her. It started raining blows on her that she hefted her shield despite her broken shoulder to catch, and a shield of Light shone around her to help, a token courtesy of the priestess. Gritting her teeth, Juli thrust up inside its guard into its internals as Lilliana blasted it with shadow. “Error,” it announced, as it continued pounding on her. “Critical damage suffered. Emergency recovery systems will activate in ten seconds.” “Finish it, quickly!” Juli said, pushing herself to her feet under the onslaught. “I'm trying!” Lilliana whined. Shadowy apparitions drifted in with deceptive languidity, eroding the thing as they came to it. Juli dodged another attack and started to circle it, looking for a way to stun it, but it stayed with her. Then the flimsy bubble of Light around Juli expired. “Weak point analyzed,” the thing said, and it leveled a two-handed blow at her left side. Juli was forced to catch it on her shield with her injured shoulder. The pain was intense and she couldn't raise her shield again as it lifted its arms for a killing blow. Its core began to power up with regenerative energy. A devastatingly deathly blast of shadow struck it from behind. It stayed frozen where it was for a moment, looming over Juli, but then began to slowly topple over. “System... failure...” it ground out before crashing to the earth. Juli got out of the way just in time. There was an unearthly, hissing sigh as the shadows around Lilliana vanished again. The priestess didn't stop to check on Juli as she vaulted over the fallen construct and entered the barracks, looking around frantically. Juli followed, grimacing as she sheathed her sword and slowly took her shield with her other hand to place it on her back. She stopped short when she saw the scene within, just as Lilliana went, “Oh fuuuuuuuuck...” The flickering light Juli had noticed earlier proved to be coming from a sword. Cerryan's greatsword, in fact. It pinned Syreena to the wall like an insect, the Light arcing from it illuminating Syreena's charred figure. It didn't seem the rogue could still be alive, but that the Light still attacked her. It was probably keeping her alive even as it burned her. Juli realized she had muttered an oath under her breath, though more of the Light was certainly not what was needed here. Lilliana reached toward her fellow guildmember but pulled back, knowing she lacked the strength to pull the weapon free from how deeply it had been buried in the wall. She turned to Juli. “Julilee, get it out! Please please please!” she begged frantically. To think Cerryan had done this, had created this sickening sight, and felt nothing but satisfaction. Juli moved forward and grasped the hilt of the sword. “Hold her,” she said to Lilliana, and Lilly did. With a heave, Juli pulled the sword out of the wall and Syreena both. The priestess caught Syreena and lowered her to the ground, desperately checking for signs of life, or unlife as it were. She glanced up once at Juli and her eyes narrowed. Juli felt the brush on her mind and realized too late that Lilliana had picked up the thoughts of Cerryan from the surface level of her mind. But the priestess just turned back to Syreena, beginning to weave the shadows into mending – knowing that more Light would certainly not help the Forsaken rogue. Juli watched, holding the greatsword, and slowly began to realize something. To allow Syreena to be nursed back to health was ensuring the rogue would go on to hurt more people. Juli knew it; she had thrown as much in Kex'ti's face for freeing Syreena from Alliance prison. But the damage that had been done to Syreena was appalling, and sickened her to her stomach. And that was the heart of the matter. Syreena had deserved to die, but not to suffer. That was why what Cerryan had done was wrong. And even if Kex'ti had found Syreena, and had enacted the “permanent solution” he had spoken of so ominously without making her suffer first, his reasons wouldn't have been completely right either. Because he, like Cerryan, would have taken satisfaction from it. That was why Juli hadn't been able to ask him, or anyone else in Sanctuary, for help. She didn't know who she could trust to do this. Besides herself. “Step back, Lilliana,” she said quietly
  9. To the editor of the "Twisting Nether Weekly", Please make note of the following errors in your most recent issue. 1. Sanctuary is dedicated to peace for all peoples, not just between the Horde and Alliance. 2. Sanctuary's Commander is not a paladin, but a warrior. Your correction of these errors will be much appreciated. In addition, please note that Sanctuary has prevailed against Emerald Nightmare corruption, and under no circumstances would endorse the use of a mana bomb. Sincerely, Commander Julilee Liene Juli puts the letter in the envelope. It takes her awhile to find the motivation to get up from her desk and give it to a page to be delivered. Right now, it just almost doesn't seem worth the effort.
  10. Sanctuary is now 7/7 normal Emerald Nightmare and 2/7 heroic. If you're interested in RPing, PvPing, and raiding, Sanctuary offers all that and more!
  11. Bits of conversations replayed in her mind. Heard again and again, they made Juli start to question things about which she'd been so sure. The drumming hoofbeats of her zhevra as she crossed the bridge into the Ghostlands couldn't drown out the inner dialogue. She urged it a little faster, though she couldn't risk an all-out gallop. If the horse foundered, then it would take even longer to get there, and if it wasn't too late already, even mere minutes could make the difference between life and death; so she had to make the measured choice. The measured choice. The reasonable, thoughtful one, where she considered all possible consequences, even those distant or hard to foresee, and made the best choice she could. That was what she did. Those who saw her as reticent to act would surely hesitate to move as rashly as they advocated if they found themselves the ones with the weight on their shoulders. Wouldn't they? “When we cut down enemies of the Horde, of Azeroth itself with every campaign, how can we stay our blades to a threat that is every bit as dangerous?” Cerryan had said something about Kanda, but Juli hadn't understood, and hadn't sought clarification. The truth was, she hadn't wanted to know that that line had been crossed. Syreena had been a dangerous nuisance, one Juli knew full well never to turn her back to, but before Kanda, Syreena had tread cautiously. Juli knew Kex'ti could bring her back into line if need be, and knew Syreena knew it too. “I had assumed you meant a permanent solution.” Juli had been sure that when she sent Kex'ti after Syreena after hearing about the attack on Sen'ahri that Kex'ti would teach Syreena a lesson, nothing more. Without admitting as much, even to herself, she'd thought the worst Kex'ti would do was take the Grim rogue's other ear, despite how dire Kex'ti had sounded. Surely with her words echoing in his head, he'd come to moderate his actions in the end. Instead, he had only been saved from responsibility for the act because Cerryan had moved instead. “This lunacy has gone on long enough. The hope I had... Was for nothing.” “That's not good enough, Julilee. 'Sometimes we can't do what is just because the world isn't that kind of place' is not GOOD enough!” “Sanctuary will burn.” That last was what she had said. If nothing else, it didn't matter even if Syreena really did deserve such a fate. One Sanctuary member attacking members of the Horde, they'd been fortunate to have the Warchief overlook. By bringing Saphiara to justice, Sanctuary had sufficiently distanced itself from her principles and actions. But two would destroy them. What little claim they had to loyalty to the Horde would become utterly unbelievable to public opinion, and mob mentality would tip against them. But what if she was just being paranoid? Yes, Sanctuary had been burned to the ground under Garrosh's reign. Yes, Sanctuary was, and always had been, viewed with suspicion for their interest in peace with those who were otherwise enemies. But the Horde cared about strength. Often, might made right. By turning the other cheek, were they making the distrust self-fulfilling? Many would respect Cerryan for what he did. They respected Kex'ti for his uses of strength. The willingness to take matters into one's own hand was often seen as a virtue. There was the fact that the Grim simply outmanned them. This wouldn't be the first time Juli had steered clear of antagonizing the Grim simply because they could not afford to with their smaller and often weaker numbers. The Horde respecting might was undeniable in the latitude the Grim had to conduct their questionable affairs. Multiple Warchiefs who had expressed interest in peace with the Alliance had not acted to defang the Grim. With Sanctuary's weaker political position as well, the Grim could act against Sanctuary so long as it had the thinnest veneer of justification, and come out well enough in the end. Maybe they wouldn't risk it; but Juli couldn't afford to give them the excuse. Not with every life in Sanctuary resting on it. Even if it was a slim chance that the Grim would choose to act, it simply wasn't worth taking. Wasn't it? Was she making the considered choice, or just finding excuses to avoid making the call? It seemed every argument started with the assumption that the only options were do nothing and be destroyed, or utterly annihilate your enemy. Those who advocated something more like the latter always assumed that when Juli refused she was espousing the former. She wanted to say she didn't, but then why did she never offer a counter proposal? Why did she focus her efforts on simply saying they were wrong instead of arguing for a different path? Maybe they never asked, but maybe she had always been counting on that. The voices multiplied as the zhevra bore her through the misty paths. Some were things that people had actually said to her, others she couldn't help but imagine them saying. “There is no sacrifice in taking punishment for nothing.” “It is no worse than what she would do. Has done.” “Finish the job. Any other outcome is going to lead to WAR.” “It was consensual combat. She showed up voluntarily.” It was a clamorous chorus with a theme that reached all the way back to Naheal, Faelenor, Kargron, Jinsai, Saphiara. Every argument beat at her resolve and not all of them she could counter. It was true Syreena had attacked and nearly killed Kanda. It was true Syreena had willingly accepted Cerryan's challenge. Juli would lay odds half of Sanctuary would believe Cerryan had done nothing wrong. Maybe more than half. But inside, her soul protested. It was wrong, what Cerryan had done, what Kex'ti had wanted to do. It was just wrong. It just was. It had to be. Because otherwise, deep down, she had no reason not to agree except being coward. The old Farstrider barracks came into sight over the hill, and Juli reined in the zhevra. The mount was still pacing to a stop as she slid from the saddle, drawing her sword and shield and moving forward. Over twice her height, the construct loomed in the doorway. She didn't hesitate as it reared up, activating at her presence, and her sword chopped into its ivory arm before it had finished its motion. It swung, dislodging her blade and forcing her back. “Trespassers will be eliminated,” it announced. Behind it, something glowed within the dilapidated barracks. Juli focused on the fight. The construct had the advantage of the doorway, meaning she could only come at it from one angle. It began charging up energy, and she darted at it again, slamming her shield into its knee. She was unsuccessful in bringing it off balance, and barely dodged the energy beam it released. “Repairing,” it stated, and arcane energy flowed to the points she had struck, reinforcing them. The one exchange, over in seconds, was all it took for Juli to calculate that she would not be able to get past it. She stepped back, out of range, and it remained in alert mode, standing guard in its position. It only took her a moment to decide what to do next. Even as self-doubt plagued her mind, she didn't waver from the path she had chosen. Maybe that, too, was just a sign of cowardice, but it remained to be seen what would happen in the end. Before anything else, she had to see for herself what lay beyond the construct. She spoke into her hearthstone. “Lilliana,” she said, “I need your help.”
  12. Julilee looks pensive when asked about Vilmah. She speaks with a little more candor than she might normally. "Vilmah is the reason I rebuilt Sanctuary. I came across her old journals, and something in them spoke to me. But to tell the truth, they weren't really that special. She did, and does, have a firm belief, but you can find that anywhere. I was just looking for a purpose, and I found in them what I wanted to find." She pauses, mulling that over before continuing. "Sanctuary means something different to everyone. Not just those in it versus those against it, but even between fellow members of the guild. Vilmah is no exception. She has her own view of peace, justice, mercy, and self-sacrifice... I've come to realize that. Her experiences have shaped her worldview. I can't just follow in her footsteps, as no one's paths are ever exactly the same. It's a tough thing to accept, that you have to make your own way in the end, and can't rely on someone else having figured it out already. Only yourself." She shakes her head slightly. "I thought I was brave, but she's braver than she knows."
  13. See Sanctuary's newest recruitment post here:
  14. They saw it before the isles ever came in sight. A glowing, sickly green spire pierced the heavens. They didn't know for sure that it was the tomb of Sargeras, but what else could it be? Juli listened to the whispers as they sailed toward the isles. At her side, Kex'ti drank from his jug one last time and lashed it to his belt with short, anxious movements. Juli studied him; noticing, he gave her another reassuring smile, which she didn't return. Thoughts occupied her mind, a luxury she would not be able to afford once they entered combat. Her gaze moved to the others she commanded, where they were all gathered on deck to be lashed by fel-tainted spray as they sailed ever nearer to the Legion. Cerryan sounded like he was about to hyperventilate. Kanda looked as calm as Juli was trying to be. Aaren had her eyes closed, her expression unreadable. Billamong looked excited, while Zhu looked intent. Baern was frowning, rolling his shoulders to get limber for the oncoming combat. "Git ready lads!" Cobrak was saying to his own soldiers. Those in Borrowed Time ranged from nervous wreck to bloodthirsty. The rest of the Horde soldiers in their wave were much the same. It didn't matter, then, what tabard any of them wore, where they had come from, or what battles they had fought before. Juli turned her gaze to land as the boat pulled into the beach. An Alliance ship was pulling up at the same time. She didn't object to their presence, but if it had been required, she would have fought beside the Grim. Nothing mattered but protecting their world, and all the innocent people in it. Commands rang out. Juli touched Kex'ti's arm before he pulled away to lead his squad. "Remember," he said, and he was gone. She didn't remember how she got from the boat to the beach. Her next memory was of raising her shield to block a strike by a felguard eight times her height. The blow drove her down, but she kept her footing and returned with a leaping thrust for a gaping opening in his armor. There were crystals they had to get to and bring down, because they were helping the Legion somehow. The beach was sickly green and swarming with demons, an impossible number that she couldn't afford to let herself think about. Juli could only focus on her own team, their positions, and keeping her shield between them and their enemies. A pit lord roared and came charging. Juli saw four Horde soldiers trampled into grisly paste beneath his feet before her mind went blank. Her next memory was reaching out to break open bars of a prison that held an Argent Crusader. He professed gratitude, but Juli didn't have time to respond. An imp was shrieking in rage and hurling a fel bolt at them. She lunged and raised her shield in time to block the bolt -- the fel energy dissipating with the force she put behind the block -- but when she turned around, a felguard had run the Argent through. His expression as he died was one Juli would never be able to forget. The demon flung the body aside like a rag doll and swung at her with the blood-coated blade, and her mind went blank again. She heard the shouts directing them forward, upward. A great demon had risen from a pool of fel magma. Gul'dan was there. People were shouting for Tirion Fording, the Argent Commander. Juli turned to hold the back line as Legion forces streamed around them. She was aware of Cerryan behind her, shouting something, either incoherent with rage and anguish, or she just could not process the words. Was it one of her own? Who had fallen? She couldn't take her eyes off the press of demons. If she did, one might get through and cause another casualty. And their numbers were thinning enough already. They were ordered up the ridge at some point. They'd be supporting the Alliance's flank as they confronted Gul'dan and tried to shut down the spire. Juli remembered looking down at the tableau. Gul'dan, alone, but full of menace and confidence. Then demons swooped down and she had no time to see what happened next. She concentrated on their task: hold the ridge. If they held the ridge, then the Alliance could take the tomb. They had to work together. They needed each other. She fought, and fought, and fought. The onslaught never lessened. For every demon they struck down, ten more appeared. There was a pain in one of her shoulders, but her mind efficiently calculated how to compensate for the resultant slowness. She had dealt with worse handicaps. A memory that was completely unrelated to her current circumstances floated across her mind, like an oblivious butterfly: when she had woken up from her coma, finding Kex'ti at her bedside. Where was Kex'ti? Would she wake up beside him again? She had forgotten what it was like to not be in a battle; she couldn't conceive of that life anymore. The sounding horn pierced the fog of her battle-weary mind. Juli whipped her head around to look. Retreat? Why were they retreating? The Alliance had not yet taken the tomb; the spire yet glowed, sickly and malevolent. And the demons were still coming. The Horde had been pressed back nearly to the edge of the cliff, and the small number of them left was frightening, but at the same time irrelevant. Because they had to hold the ridge. They simply had to. The Alliance were depending on them. If they were ever going to stop the Legion, they had to work together. And trust had been given. The Alliance had placed their fate in the Horde's hands. Juli could no sooner throw that away than she could wield the Light. Yet as she watched, Horde soldiers broke away, streaming down the ridge, dodging demons, trying to collect what fallen they could. She saw someone pick up Shaelie, who lay in a crumpled heap. They sought to help those closest to them, quick to consign those below to their fate. They didn't belong to their faction. They weren't one of them. "No," she muttered, understanding and hating it at the same time. "No," she said again, and slammed her shield into an attacking demon, knocking it flat onto its back. "No!" she cried, and charged into the midst of the unrelenting army of fel, lashing out left and right to draw as many as she could after her, and away from the ridge. "Juli!" called a familiar voice, but she wasn't listening. Juli's arms burned as she raised her sword. "SANCTUARY!" she shouted over the din. "OATHSWORN!" A felguard's massive blade descended toward her. She parried it and whirled to dodge the strike of another. There was grit in her eyes, the taste of blood in her mouth, and bruises on every inch of her skin. She felt everything, remembered every moment. The stench of fel and blood and death was a visible miasma, a cloud reaching up to choke her as she fought, refusing to retreat even if it suffocated her. Then, a cool mist swept through the air, clearing it. Juli took a deep breath. Remembering. What else had been asked of her. Rylie. Kex'ti. They needed her too. But she was sworn to defend. So was Kex'ti. So would Rylie someday, if Juli raised her to be someone she would be proud of, someone who would uphold the same oaths. What would they think if she compromised now? What example would she be setting? What would they really, truly retain if she returned to them an oathbreaker, as someone who sacrificed some else's life for her own? She wouldn't be herself. She wouldn't be the person they loved anymore. Yet... Words from long ago returned to her. "Hard to protect anyone when you're dead." It hadn't meant the same thing to her before Kex'ti, before Rylie. Now it did. Now her soul fought with her heart. Her sword lowered, and that was when the demon's claws severed her hamstring. With a grunt she fell and rolled. She tried to get to a kneeling position but her leg simply would not respond. She fell back, raising her shield to block a fel halberd that swept at her face. The felhound was lunging for her. She saw her own blood on its claws, felt no pain, and knew she would not feel it when she died. Kex'ti seized her, pulling her out of the way, and in the same motion bodily throwing her over his shoulder. In the next moment, they were sprinting down the slope. Juli saw the demons begin to overrun the ridge behind them, and yelled, struggling against his hold. He was calling to the others. Juli saw Aaren, Kanda, Cerryan. Baern, Zhu. Billamong. They were all among the last to leave. But still, they left. In the end, Kex'ti had chosen between her heart and her soul for her. She couldn't begrudge him as they sailed back toward Kalimdor, chin propped in her hand to watch the gray waves pass by. Her injured leg was bandaged and propped before her. Others rested nearby, some exhausted into a restless sleep, some staring off into the distance as she did. They carried the scent of fel with them, but the ocean breezes were slowly stealing it away, leaving behind a strange ache for its return. They would return again, to the Broken Isle. To where a promise had been broken. And when she did, she would choose for herself.
  15. Juli stood by the Bladefist Bay dock, checking her hearthstone. A steady stream of conversation tuned so that only she could hear filtered out of it. The sound of approaching footsteps didn't make her look up, but the voice that accompanied them did. "Lok'tar, Commander," Cobrak grunted. "Me vanguards'll be 'ere soon.... whar's yer troops?" The orc seemed oddly stern, almost calm. Around them buzzed the barely withheld energy of the other Horde troops who had gathered on the docks. Preparations were still being made; rumors were exchanged, not to mention blows as excited soldiers warmed up for the coming battle. "Those who aren't fighting the invasions will be here soon," Juli said. "Vol'jin reached out to you too, then." Cobrak nodded. "Aye. The calls went out. Me forces be stretched ta try an' aid whar need be." "We've prepared for this," Juli said. It was an echo of what she'd been saying for awhile now; to Cerryan, to others. Looking toward the ship that would take them to the Broken Isles, she hoped it was true. Kex'ti was the next to arrive. Juli recognized the sound of his gait before she looked to see him, her mood lightening. Despite the circumstances, or maybe especially because of them, she couldn't help but be glad to see him. Some part of her always felt eased by his presence. There was something about having someone at your side who truly understood and believed in you, with whom you could communicate with just a glance. She saw him read her wordless love in her eyes before he bowed and said, "Commander." Behind him was Aaren. The priestess looked diffident as usual, and with no visible sign of injury, except maybe some tiredness to a trained eye. Cobrak sized her up and spoke. "Ye're seemin' well lass." "Always am," Aaren said, though she leaned on her staff. "If she's here, she's ready to fight," Juli said. To her, that was the end of it. They had all sworn their oaths. Juli trusted Aaren to know her limits, and, more importantly, would never disrespect the right of one of her sworn members to make their own decisions. Kex'ti looked at her, his head inclining slightly in agreement. Cobrak made a sound somewhere between a snort and a laugh. "Right then." More members of Borrowed Time and Sanctuary arrived, as well as Lomani. Because the two guilds had experience working together, and Lomani with both as well, they had all been assigned to the same wave that would be landing on the Broken Shore. They discussed the upcoming battle, several stating their trepidations. Fen'lao shared food for everyone, and Leon and Feorn played a card game while they waited for the order to roll out. Juli listened and watched with half her attention. When a light rain began to fall, Juli glanced upward. Aaren didn't look up, but she held out a hand to catch some raindrops. Cobrak grumbled, and Nanori mused on if it was a bad omen. Lomani disagreed. "Swear it rained when we landed on Northrend too..." Cobrak muttered. "We won there," Juli reminded him. He didn't look reassured. "Won wit a lotta blood, anna lotta sacrifice. A lot, a shit ton." Juli looked toward the bay again. Beyond the horizon, the Legion was gathering. Her hand was on the hilt of Mercy, checking its draw without her realizing it. This would be her second campaign. Going through the Red Portal to face the Iron Horde had been difficult, but veterans of the Northrend campaign were still haunted by memories of facing the Scourge, as she could see on Cobrak's face. She glanced at Kex'ti. He had a grimace at Cobrak's words, his own memories returning to the fore, but when Cobrak switched to grumbling about trusting the Alliance, who were coordinating with the Horde to launch the Broken Shore assault, Kex'ti caught her gaze and gave her a smile. "They might attack us? Really?" Fen'lao was saying. "WE HAVE GOT FUCKING DEMONS!" "Some enjoy chaos on the field, but I imagine it will be few, or none," Leon said. "Fen... it's going to be fine," Nanori said. "We will... make it back. I'm trusting in that." "Let ehm try it... an' we'll bury them underneath a pile o' demon bodies that'll blot out tha sun!" Cobrak roared. "You only need, like one, two tops to blot out the sun," Feorn said, unheard. "I wish Shu was here..." Fen'lao whimpered. "I hope she's okay..." Kex'ti closed his eyes, meditating lightly. As the others continued their conversation, Juli leaned toward him and spoke quietly, so that no one else could hear. "Do I look as calm as you look?" "I am not calm," Kex'ti responded similarly quietly, not opening his eyes. "I am more afraid of Cobrak shooting us in the back than I am of the Legion." "Why would he do that?" Juli said, for a moment genuinely baffled before she remembered Kex'ti's dislike for the Borrowed Time Chief. Kex'ti had stated similar concerns before, but Juli was sure she could trust Cobrak despite their differences in philosophy. They had worked together well to combat the Quorum, and since then had had a good working relationship. She glanced Cobrak's way, but he was immersed in conversation with the others and didn't notice. "Why does Borrowed Time do anything?" Kex'ti replied, then moderated his words. "We need to make it back from this. No making a sacrifice if it makes Rylie an orphan again." Juli looked at him. Rylie was safe, hidden away in Sanctuary's Orgrimmar guildhall. A minor illusion was all that had been needed to make the slim young woman look like an elf. It had seemed best when Khadgar had decided to move Dalaran, and the Draenor garrison was amidst shutdown operations. "If nothing else, I'll ensure you return to her," Juli replied. "No. No compromises." The monk opened his eyes and looked at her. "We go together. We come back together." "Do I ever compromise on the things that really matter?" Juli said simply. He reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze. His familiar smirk touched his features. "No. You do not." Orders were arriving, Juli scanned them, then handed them to Kex'ti. He looked at her and nodded. They were being split up, Kex'ti taking a squad up an alternate route once they hit the beach, while Juli would be taking the rest of Sanctuary and joining Borrowed Time for the frontal assault. "Take Billamong, Zhu, and Baern," Juli told him. "Exactly who I was going to ask for," Kex'ti replied. Shaelie was asking about who was leading the attack. "Sylvanas be spear'eadin' tha assault," Cobrak said. The huntress shook her head. "No, I mean among this group. It's important to know whose orders to follow during combat." Juli spoke up. "Cobrak and I are leading our soldiers." "Aye, iffin I kinnae give orders ya'll follow Liene's command, we clear?" Cobrak said to his soldiers. Juli looked at him, then nodded at her own. "Same with me." Kex'ti glanced at her, but didn't object. The others made sounds of acknowledgment. Juli and Cobrak spoke of who would be taking what positions. Saelyx and Juli would be at the front as vanguards, with healers protected in the midst of the formation. Nanori would scout. Realistically, Juli didn't expect the plan to last long after their feet touched sand. Battle was chaos. The battleplan was mostly an idea to help guide their actions once combat went underway; everyone would need to react dynamically to the state of the battlefield. Horde soldiers were stirring down the line as the sense that they would soon be moving spread. Juli found herself checking the draw of her sword again. She wrapped her fingers around the hooked hilt and remembered that Azeroth had bested the Burning Legion before. Cobrak stepped forward. "Lok'tar brothers an' sisters!" he bellowed. "Today we fight! We WIN! We go ta the Broken Shore, an' stomp a mudhole so deep in these demonic arses that our boots'll permanently stain wit their BLOOD!" As cheers broke out, Juli raised her voice as well. "Today, we fight for the protection of the innocent, those who cannot defend themselves. For our friends, our family. And ourselves. FOR AZEROTH!" Cries of "For Azeroth!", "For the Horde!", and "For family!" erupted. The signal went out, and they boarded the boat.

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