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  1. Chingaso

    TNG Con 2018: The Poll

    The week after Mardi Gras is ideal. The mass of tourists is gone, most of the scammers are home counting their money, and the weather is good.
  2. Chingaso

    Twisting Nether RP Reunion

    (OK, you asked for it...) Someone mention Chingaso name? Hm, was crazy elf ride into Orgrimmar for give Chingaso rum... Main RP Toon: Chingaso, Gorvena (OMIGAWD!), Belicosa Horde Or Alliance? Psh...please... Guild: Currently in Semi Serious What was your favorite RP event or storyline? This one is hard. The impromptu stuff with Lelenia was great. The Venture Company (server) Nelf sisters story that I did with Vilmah is something I am trying to "de-wow" and expand into a novel. But overall, the Chingaso/Ashagga story line was the most epic, culminating in the spoiled wedding that was broken up by Orugasa (I was actually dual boxing that night because Gasa was out of town) that caught absolutely everyone there except for Ashagga flat-footed (because we worked it out ahead of time). And countless IC raids with the Grim. IC guild chat is genius. I tried it in DHB and people bitched... Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Chaindog/Jubi, Lelenia, Ashagga, Vilmah, and several players in the Grim. Now for the rest (I promise, no Zust wall of text). Gasa and I (on Belicosa, Goroka my rogue and Urso my druid...sometimes on Zazaine my Warlock...I have 5 horde 90's and as of last night a 90 Ally, achievement whore much?) are raiding progression-based with family and friends (so we are a bit behind the curve, working on Spoils). I treasure my time in the Grim and wish I could rebuild some burnt bridges, but that probably won't happen. We rode Dragonhawk Brigade until the end, then just started looking for good raiding guilds. Raided with Ouroboros until they all quit, then moved to Semi Serious. Currently considering rolling new toons on Area 52, pre-ordering the xpac and boosting them to 90 to raid there (at least 6 of our 10-man team). Chingaso and Gorvena have been relegated to back-burner status, although they are likely to pop up at the most inappropriate moments... Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Too many computers ago, but I do have one where Orugasa has the title "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions." I just can't remember how to link it *drools into oxygen line*
  3. <p><3! Miss you Chingy!</p>

  4. Is there anything you need (apart from the continuation of thoughts and prayers) that we could possibly help with?
  5. Chingaso

    Working with your guild officers.

    So, what do you do when you have done everyting you can for your guild, including rolling a needed class/spec, giving away mats/crafting/gems/etc, spending insane amounts of gold on resist sets, contributing liberally to the guild bank, only to be told by an officer that you are no longer welcome in the situation you have been playing with said guild?
  6. Chingaso

    PTR Patch Notes 3.0.8

    Yeah, I have the feather-free glyph on Belicosa. But I have the Evocation glyph because of the self-heal.
  7. Chingaso

    PTR Patch Notes 3.0.8

    Also Evocate cooldown drops again. Mages FTW. And I think that frees up a glyph?
  8. Chingaso

    PTR Patch Notes 3.0.8

    Thanks Blizz. All that rep reward time down the freaking toilet...
  9. Chingaso

    Addiction; or F U FCC

    Welcome to the nanny nation. Might as well get used to it. It's all the fault of some greedy corporation exploiting us.
  10. Yes. And I would hope that whoever he has been texting is more mature to feel slighted if you have more current information. More frequent prayers sent.
  11. Chingaso

    Blood elf Death Knight eyes

    You should have blued-out his eyes...
  12. Chingaso

    Blood elf Death Knight eyes

    Not Gor'sir and Sister (my wife and I are having a blast playing our Orcs).
  13. Chingaso

    Blood elf Death Knight eyes

    This. Just like the most logical argument against Draenai DKs.
  14. Chingaso

    DK Talent Choices: Analysis & Discussion

    Good point Jobolg. Thanks. This thread delivers!