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  1. I want more, so anything you feel like covering will be great!
  2. Chanchu sat outside the infirmary, fingers busy weaving a loop of string into a repetitive series of shapes. She'd woken Maralah as requested and sent the healer out to deal with the broken huntress Arahe in their village. She'd ignored when the disappearing orc snuck out from his bed. The restless glint in his eyes was a familiar one. She had sent him off with a wink, but wasn't sure if he'd seen. Or cared. She wasn't sure why she stayed. Chanchu could have gone rummaging in the kitchens to find something tasty. She might have even come across someone else doing the same, and they could have exchanged stories. Chanchu didn't feel much like spinning a story. The tauren dipped her thumbs, dropping the loop strung across them and then her hands swiveled so she could hook the yarn over the top and stretch it backward. She jumped the middle fingers and pulled the shape taut. Travois. The monk didn't pause, but began the series of steps to take the string on into the next shape. No, she didn't feel much like lying. That's what would happen, if she were to go to the kitchen, find something tasty, and meet someone. It might be someone who didn't matter. Or it might be someone she knew. Kolu, maybe. She wouldn't mind a verbal sparring with that cantankerous cow. She was so easy to rile, too. She carried the weight of the Grimtotem tribe on her shoulders and while it was true Chanchu held some prejudices there, they were no where near so prohibitive as Kolu expected and therefor perceived them to be. How much longer could she poke those buttons and still expect it to be fun? She didn't really know what else to do but poke, but doing so usually led to enemies made. Chanchu liked Kolu. She didn't want to do that. By the same token, the tauren did not feel like retracing her steps back to the room she'd claimed as her own. The maze of shelves held many interesting things, but all of them made for poor company. Chanchu was tired of being alone. She was tired of her cushy soft pouf of a bed, and she was tired of the puzzle boxes and the combination locks and all the usual distractions. She wanted... She wanted to be useful for once. So what did she do? She went and let someone snatch one patient, and then she abandoned her other patient because she didn't work well with others. Chanchu yanked the string. So what if Kolu had yelled at her? So what if she had called Chanchu useless? Just because that was precisely how the monk felt, why did that make her react so strongly? She should have done something to prove she wasn't. That's what she should have done. Instead she'd retreated like a coward. And not even a proper one! Here she was, still sitting outside the infirmary. Her leg hurt. The string flowed back through the travois configuration and continued on. Chanchu thought about the infirmary, and the things she had seen there. It was all so different from everything else she had known. People came in with weird unexplained ailments. The healers flung spells about with abandon. Where did that Maralah even get her energy from? The sheer scope of magics that had been wasted, in only a short time of observing, was astounding. Chanchu wondered if maybe the healers of Sanctuary had found a way to use the city itself as their source. Chanchu had only her own self. Maybe that was the difference. You're not useless, she told herself sternly, frowning at the yarn strung through her fingers. She could heal. She knew she could. She had a little carved totem back in her room that proved somebody else thought she could too. Skytotem tauren were supposed to be some of the very best healers among all the tribes. Coqui had obviously seen something in her that made it worthwhile to bring the monk into the group. The seer Lomani had looked with her pale creepy eyes and judged her. She must have seen something. Something that Chanchu still had yet to recognize as truth. Lies were always easier. Easier to tell, easier to believe. Chanchu was not useless. She knew that. But, she might not ever be able to do what they did around the corner, in that room. She wasn't sure she wanted to. The sheer amount of pain those two healers had caused! Chanchu's fingers missed a loop and her hands pulled tight before she caught the error. The monk frowned. She unmounted the string form from her other fingers and began picking patiently at the knot she'd made. It was only one day, she told herself. She could sit and watch over many more days. She could try very hard to not backtalk the other healers. Kolu. She would try not to backtalk Kolu. And she could learn. Theoretically. Kex'ti had even hinted at training, when he'd recruited her to Sanctuary. Though she scoffed at the time, the idea was tantalizing. Chanchu hadn't done well with any of her other teachers. She was a bad student, as a general rule, confirmed twice so far. The elf didn't seem typical for his kind, though. Maybe he'd fare better. Or not. Glumly, Chanchu rewound the string around her fingers.
  3. Wow! Thank you
  4. Do we get to see all the cool name tags that were made for this event pretty please with sugar on top?
  5. Aw. Even with a week and a half (if 19th)? ]]
  6. I got you, thanks Tiandron!
  7. Kerala's Death Song (based on Red Hot Chili Peppers - Brendan's Death Song) Way up high I know She's watching me. Why do you cry? Our Mother calls, and now I sing for you, before I fly. Although our paths have parted you know I'll be nearby. A mournful sound and now it's all around. Do you know why? In whispered wind, in the grass and the rain, all spirits sigh. So when you feel sad remember this song; It's my goodbye. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. And when your heart feels scarred, you'll be alright you'll see. I'll live in memory Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. I know it might be hard for you to understand. Remember and believe. We both know someday we'll have to go; We all must die. And we both try to live our lives with pride. Dry your eyes because I love you. And we both agreed. I never lie. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. And when your heart feels scarred , you'll be alright you'll see. I'll live in memory Let me live so when it's time to die, I will honor my tribe. Let me die so when it's time to leave, another sun will rise. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. I know it might be hard for you to understand. Remember and believe. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. Kerala and her twin sister Agiga (Lomani) made up this Death Song to share when they were just younglings. Since her skull injury and amnesia, Lomani has of course made up a new song. There may not be anyone living anymore who could sing this for Kerala. I found it in my documents while doing backup to googledocs and so seems fitting as the last writing about her I share.
  8. *excited applause for our winners!* YAY!!!
  9. A thread on the general discussion WoW forums. Merge RP-PvP Realms to 2 Options.
  10. Just a reminder to everyone that this list is a thing! Please correct me if I have one of your alts not listed under your main toon, or if your main has changed. If you play both sides relatively actively, please choose a main, but if you let me know your most active toon on the other side, I can add it on it's own line for the purpose of Masterlist calendar event invitations on the other faction.
  11. Cannot find Horde characters: Arcturnis, Saelyx, Sinlanna to invite. Updated google Masterlist to reflect players inactive. Current moderators: Awatu, Breygrah, Cobrak, Fayleah, Julilee, Kerala, Kexti, Khorvis, Ranadarus, Tahzani, Theira. Cannot find Alliance characters: Cavanaugh, Rorrek to invite. Updated google Masterlist to reflect players inactive. Current moderators: Jarington, Shizari, Tinox, Tuuroto. I tried to do the same thing for Alliance, but I'm well aware of my ignorance on blue side. Please if you do not have an invite on your MAIN, request one from a moderator. If you are a guildmaster or regularly a host community RP events and need to be upgraded to moderator status, please ask! I'll need your help to make Alliance side as up-to-date as possible
  12. Please see the in-game calendar. You will find a new event posted on March the 31st (since I got sick and forgot to put it on the 1st for this month). This event was made using the Masterlist to invite all known active roleplayer mains. Guild masters and community leaders have been upgraded to moderator status. Mods, the purpose of this list is to keep a dynamic invite list for the purpose of quick and easy event creation. To use this, simply select the Masterlist event. 1) Copy 2) Paste the event into the day you wish to host your own event. 3) Alter the title, time and details to suit your event, then Update your event. That's it! (I always set the event time as server time rather than local. It is helpful to also type the event's server time into the description to avoid confusion.) If you are a moderator, you can always invite a new active community member, however, this list is meant to invite MAIN CHARACTERS ONLY. Individuals have the option to create a personal event themselves in order to invite their own alts. This prevents our Masterlist from becoming contaminated with a million character names and helps us see at a glance how many active roleplayers we actually have. One invite per player. If you add a new active player or remove an inactive/MIA player- please notate the changes here so that our google Masterlist can also remain up to date. Please request here if you would like to host an event and do not already have moderator status- we'd be happy to upgrade you! After your event- please go through the list and set invite status to Confirmed for every player who actually attended. It only takes a minute. This will help the community to recognize active roleplayers and aid other mods when planning their own events to know the kind of attendance to expect if their event is at a similar day/time as yours.
  13. done!
  14. Great ideas so far!

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