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    Collections of a Former Theramore Guard

    ((It has apparently been a bit since I had a story to post here haha! Lil delayed but a Mya story from the Finale of the Feleclipse storyline!)) Myaka glared up at the orc warlock. Though various attacks bombarded his shield it still held firm. There has to be a way to break through. Despite what this blowhard thinks he can't be unbeatable. The idea struck almost as a gift granted by the Light. The Scales could traverse realms, she used that ability all the time just to store it. Could I use that to attack? She called back to Xandric, nearly ignoring his recommendation to fall back to fight a nearby Pitlord. She would need cover against the naga and chaos warriors if she were to send away her mode of defense. Trusting the giant paladin to watch her back she dropped her focus far into her battlerage seeking the connection with the Scales. She would need to maintain it more than normal if she attacked this way. It was strange and unfamiliar like testing a muscle not used. The connection flared and she pushed against it like she would throwing a weapon. She grinned in triumph as the shield appeared within Karthok's barrier. Shadowflame roared from the front coating him in fire. She could tell the attack had at least irritated him if not hurting outright. She pulled the shield back before Karthok could retaliate and pushed it again. The shield reappeared in a different place and blasted him again. She lost track of the push and pulls, she didn't pay attention to the feeling of draining. Her connection to the shield and battlerage pushed to the limit. She smirked as the repeated attacks from her and the others brought the barrier down and the orc was forced on the defensive. Then he was gone. Where-?! She barely had time to wonder long, everything next happened in quick succession. Terror that was not hers flared through her connection with the Scales and something strong grabbed onto her. She tried to grapple with the orc’s grip and the world darkened into twilight. Pain exploded around her as shadowflame erupted along her body. The world lightened again, the twilight realm fading as a scream of pain ripped out from her scorching throat. As the world faded to black she couldn't help but be thankful that she had not been conscious the last time she burned to death. ---------------------------------- She felt as if she was floating, even though as she looked around she appeared to be standing somewhere in an empty blackness. This had not been what she expected at the end. She expected the Halls, a shining Val’kyr standing before her to remake her soul as a stormforged. I promised Kate I would live on as a Valarjar if something ever happened. Light I… What did she want? Her gut twisted as she remembered what had happened to her family after her 'death’. How Kate had deteriorated, how Olson had meant to find someone battle where he could go out in a blaze of glory. What would happen to them now? She had to hope her final act would be enough for them to beat Karthok. “You are safe here.” A rich rumbling voice murmured softly behind her. She turned quickly, dropping into a defensive stance despite knowing she had no weapons to fight with. The being before her was like nothing she had ever seen. He towered over her, in spite of her impressive height. He looked like an elf, dark skin that looked purple in the dark expanse of nothing around them. Horns curled out from dark purple hair. His armor nearly reminded her of her own demonsteel only in purple and black tones. Spikes lined the ridges of his armor in a somehow familiar way even though she has never seen this man before. “Who the fel are you, what happened?” She didn't drop her defensive stance. The colors and horns marked him as either a twilight or black dragon, neither of which boded well for her. “I mean you no harm.” His purple eyes twinkled with barely contained amusement. “Had I wanted to harm you, severing the connection would have allowed your death to be finalized.” Connection? Suddenly, she realized something was familiar. The voice was familiar. “Are you...Are you the Scales?” His mouth formed a grin. “Your wits aren't dulled, even with your second brush with a pyre.” He starts to circle her. It's not calculating, not a predator circling prey. It's nearly parental, a dragon checking a whelp for injury. “I didn't have the time to phase to you, nor did I know if I could pull you from danger. It seems all I managed to do is pull your soul to safety.” She stared dumbfounded at the man. “’ve never-” She shook her head, “How the fel do you have a body?!” She finally was able to say. “You’ve never manifested before.” “You’ve never allowed our connection as close as you did.” The man pointed out. “That was a dangerous choice. You used more than just your battlerage. The connected attached to your soul, not just your battlerage.” He stopped his pacing. “I understand the situation, but you should learn to temper the connection if you do that again.” She shook her head, the words reminding her of Karthok. A flash of silver light distracted her. Words filtered to her, but she couldn’t understand them. “You tried to save me?” The man cocks his horned head, “Aye, yes. One does not normally enjoy being immolated.” “Forgive my surprise,” she states wryly. “I remember a fight in Helhiem where you flashed away and abandoned me because you were ‘wrong about my potential.’” The words are not as accusatory as they might have been had he heard them from Kate, she had somewhat forgiven the shield. She had needed the push to realise she could beat Dominic. She was surprised to see shame flit across his face. “Yes, this would be a change from then. I do maintain that you needed that victory. However, there might have been a better way to give it to you.” He stepped up towards her, his tall height even more apparent. “For lack of a better way to state it, you've changed me.” He says with a slight grin. “ A part of her knew she should be confused. She should be afraid or traumatized, she died. Well died again. The conversation after the guild meeting flitted through her mind, there was a reason she had not promised either Kate or Olson she'd come home. There was always a chance a well placed attack would take her life without any chance to avoid it. Light flashed again, pulling her concentration, the man in front of her pulled a face at the bright flash. “Val’kyr do not give in easily.” He muttered. She turned her attention back to him. Her mouth opened to speak and she stopped. The thought passing through her head blurting out instead. “What in the Fel do I call you.” He cocked his head to the side, violet eyes watching her. “Call? I am the Twilight Scales. You prefer to shorten it to The Scales.” She shook her head, “that's the name of the shield, an object, you are a person. At least right now. That's just... strange, to call someone that.” He let out a rumbling laugh. “You find out you have died, again, and that your weaponry has a sentient mind. And the thing you find strange is the name you call me?” She grinned sheepishly. “Put like that is maybe a small thing compared to everything else. It still doesn't seem right to call you the name of an object.” He shook his head, a fond smile on his face. “While I do enjoy the Twilight Scales moniker. If it would help…” his voice trailed as he thought a moment before nodding sharply to himself. “Arcath. It's a draconic word, the rough translation is 'spellscale’” “Arcath.” She repeated slowly, testing the name. “Fits,” she says with a light laugh after a moment. “So the Light, you think that's a Val'kyr?” “It's specifically trying for your soul. I don't know for sure what it is. But I don't want to risk it.” He grinned, “just because you couldn't promise your return to your family, doesn't mean I can't try to keep that promise myself.” She blinked, taken aback that he was aware of that conversation. The blackness lightened around them, amber light flaring around them before streaking towards her. Arcath started forward, his shout drowned out by a howl that filled her with a frenetic energy… Pain lanced through her, so sharp that it brought air rushing through her in a harsh gasp. Her sight slowly focused. She was out of the dark blackness of Arcath’s realm. The dragon himself was gone and Resileaf’s relieved face looked down at her. Energy filled her even as the pain faded to a dull ache. She felt the connection with the Scales reassert itself and relief flooded her, both her own and something else. She saw a large wolf fighting a pit lord as the rest of the forces swarmed Karthok. She forced herself to her feet, walking forward to join the melee around Karthok. She knew after a few moments she would not be able to. He still vanished and reappeared, she didn't have the energy to keep up. There was one way to fight still, she ignored the concern flowing through the connection with the Scales and started the jumps again. The healing from the ancient bolstered her and made her exhaustion less noticeable. Pain ricocheted down the bond, tearing a scream of pain from her mouth and forcing her to her knees. She growled and forced through it just in time to see a wave of black flowing from Karthok's decimated body… ------------------ She fell forward, as if she had been running. She pulled in air in great gulps, wide eyes staring at the ground. A false vision, a nightmare, thank the Light. A nightmare; the destroyed city, her sister dead because she felt so sure it was a false clone or dreadlord. And Olson; sweet, loving and caring Olson, decrying her as Kate's murderer. More willing to stay and be slaughtered by the enemy than leave with her. A nightmare, just a nightmare. Kathok cackled and spoke, the words washing over as she tried to come to grips with what she had just seen. “Fitting that I should fall amongst such titans, isn't it?" Karthok stands, looking over the massive corpses of Accalia and Arkhorne, holding his stomach with one arm. "After all I've gone through, all I've accomplished, dying with gods is the least I deserve." He turns towards the others, looking them all over. "You people... I tore you apart... broke you. Even if you don't show it, I know. I know you all better than anyone else in your lives. I know what you're all made of, what you're really like. Creatures of chaos, of choice." He chuckles. "Order... you hate it. Loathe it. Even if you don't admit it. In order you have no choice, no options. But in the chaos, you're free. Just like me." Shokkra shakes herself off from her own nightmare and starts up towards where Karthok is. "I'm a part of you now. I'm your fear, your doubt, your choices. You'll carry me until the day you die and beyond. You'll never forget me, never forget what I did, who I was, what you are because of me." He laughs again, louder this time. "I'm the chaos inside you, now and forever." The orcess comes up behind him, pulling her revolver. She grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him into her arms, holding him tightly. She shuts her eyes, handing him the gun. He hugs her back, taking the revolver in hand and casting a shadow over Shokkra for an instant. Karthok looks towards the others, pointing the gun at them and flipping it open to check how many rounds he has. He laughs. "I earned this." He aims the revolver back to himself, lifts his chin, and fires.* The shot rings through the air and she looks up, a low growl of fury rumbling through her. She wanted to destroy him, to prove every cackling word wrong. He had ended it and taken that away. Everyone was tired, emotionally and physically. Tense arguments and standoffs browled around her. She barely paid attention. She wanted to go home. She wanted to leave this Light forsaken rock and forget everything. She wanted to see Kate, to know she was alive. She wanted to see Olson and know he didn't hate her. She wanted away. She breathed a sigh of relief when the airship they arrived on made it back and docked to allow them on board. She could go home. _________________________________ She should be used to issue with sleep. Night terrors threaded themselves through her life for as long as she had remembered. From the nightmares spawned of her uncertainty regarding her parents death right after Strathome, to the ones of Dominic until she finally was able to slay his specter herself. She let out a strangled sound, somewhere between a sob and a gasp for air, and sat up in bed. Her sheets tangled around sweat soaked limbs and her nightgown. She breathed in deeply, lavender oil filling the air and soothing the frazzled nerves from the dream. Had she escaped Karthok’s nightmare truly? Or was she just granted a reprieve in her waking moments? Were they waking? There were moments when she wasn't sure if she had ever left the battle torn rock in the Maelstrom. She tried to calm her racing heart, feeling the incoming panic attack. Those she should also be used too, while it had been a while since a full flash back it didn't mean there hadn't been smaller bouts of anxiety. She bent over in a fetal position, her breaths came in harsh gasps as the pain of the nightmare raced through her. Harsh sobs threaded through the gasps of air. She gave up on trying to hold back the attack and riding it so she could try to regain her ability to breath. Black started to creep into the edge of her vision as the sobs quieted and her breathing evened. Sleep of course was still well out of reach. She stood, climbing out of bed and walking to a window. She grinned, the expression both tired and fond, as she remembered teasing words to Kate. “Do I have to worry about leaving the blinds on my bedroom window? It does face your bedroom.” She knew she'd regret the question as soon as it was asked. Kate said nothing, her only answer was a wicked grin that reflected the mischievous glint in her eyes. “That's a yes.” Myaka said with a bark of a laugh. The fond grin faded sharply. Anxiety rose again, was she sure her death was a nightmare? A want to go to the house and bang on the door swelled in her, she forced it down. Light knew that would just wake up Zak and Kate, not to mention the three children. The stone was an option, but would also wake the two up. She glanced at a clock and let out a breathless sigh. Far too early for anyone to be awake. All this worry was for nothing, morning would come and she'd see that. She was too wired to go back to sleep, soft padding footsteps took her downstairs. Her latest smithing project sat on her table, it would be a good way to calm down and hopefully get back to sleep. She ignored the fact that this was the second time in so many nights that she had been unable to sleep halfway through the night, she'd didn't have time to worry with the fight in Antorus nearing it's end. __________________________________ The months past sped their way through, december bleeding into January that then gave into the warming months of spring. Winter’s veil danced into Love is In The Air and soon the Lunar Festival loomed on the horizon. Myaka let out a low breath, brown eyes traveling up the sword left by Sargaras. It had nearly stopped her heart when she saw his sword flying towards Azeroth. They had won, a long fought battle that pushed everyone as far as they could go. The combined forces of the Horde and Alliance needed to bring the fallen titan to ruin. Was it all for nothing? She shook her head, pulling her thoughts from the dark path they went down. Her mind wandered easily recently. She reached up, plated hand rubbing absentmindedly against her chest. The strange pain was back, there had been a twinge of pain when she flew home to see to Kate after the end of the fight. A slight scraping sound of metal on metal played through the infested air. She supposed it didn’t matter that she couldn’t actually touch anything though the plate. She never actually felt a wound or anything that was causing the pain. Exhaustion pulled at her mind momentarily. The nightmares had not lightened, if anything, they got worse. Sleep only came in the first few hours of the night and after she made do with naps. Silithus became an easy distraction, one she hoped would give her enough time until the nightmares went away. She tried to believe that, she wouldn’t let Karthok have his victory. She wouldn’t let him win. She could almost make herself believe it. ((*Karthok's speech is word for word from the RP, because I didn't want to mess up it's malice by paraphrasing haha))
  2. ((Hello all! I have a catchall story thread for Mya on the sanctum, I realized I never recreated it over here. Let us fix that shall we =D)) Leon landed outside her home but Mya did not dismount from the gryphon. Fury raged and boiled inside of her. Battlerage had roared and snarled from the moment Chancellor Skylah Mackenzie’s kidnapping had been announced. Someone, some nameless enemy had struck out at her family. But she had only thought she was angry. The stone, with Skylah’s fearful voice calling out for her sister, had fanned the flames and even now they did not die. She pulled lightly on the reigns, taking care to not hurt the gryphon in her current state. She couldn’t go back home quite yet, the memory tugging and making the fire harsher. Leon landed again, this time in front of the enchanted training dummies on the outskirts of Old Town. Typically she avoided this area; both because the proving grounds at Xuen’s Temple in Pandaria tended to be a better outlet, and that there are some in Old Town that would be tempted by a lone woman even if she was normally in plate. But now, she didn’t care of that, she almost hoped someone would give her a reason to hit something more than the sack of straw that made up the training dummies. She pulled the shield from her back and confirmed she was alone before closing her eyes and letting down the walls that kept the rage from overwhelming her. Her eyes snapped open, black overtaking the light brown until there was no hint of the difference between her iris and pupil. She charged forward, the shield bashing into one of the training dummies. Skylah’s panicked, horrified scream as she tried to call out to her sister rang out over the stone. A side swipe overwhelmed the enchantment on the training dummy, rending it in two. The sword cleaved into the other. Attacked at the Hallow’s End gathering. A snarl ripped itself from clenched teeth and she charged to another, a forward stab impaling the dummy nearly to the hilt, another cleave left the dummy barely in one piece as the enchantment tried to repair it. Kidnapped while with the caravan. Another wide swing of the sword destroying the second dummy before it could repair. The Grim She lost track of the attacks, of the charges and swings and shield bashes. She continued, each dummy replacing itself as the enchantments on them reform after a while. Her breath comes in hard gasps but she does not stop, wishing each dummy was the forsaken holding her fellow imperial. Wishing each were the horde who had –dared- lay a hand on those of her adoptive family. The words she had spoken to Kate returned to her. I will show them the ways of their foolishness. They will learn the lesson, and if they are lucky, they will live to regret it.
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    Myaka Winterborne [A]

    ((It has taken me a while, but I finally made one of these!)) Full Name: Myaka Winterborne Nicknames: Mya Age: 28 Race: Human Gender: Female Hair: Very dark brown Eyes: Light Brown Height:6'3 Weight: lean Place of residence: Stormwind City Outskirts. Place of Birth: Stratholme Known Relatives: Victoria Winterborne (Mother, deceased) Micah Winterborne (Father, deceased) Nathan Winterborne (Brother, raised as a Death Knight, thought deceased.) Katelle Larmont (sister by honor) Religion/Philosophy: The Holy Light Occupation: Specialist in the Twilight Empire Keepers. Master Blacksmith with a focus on weaponsmithing. Group/Guild affiliation: Twilight Empire Guild Rank: Keepers Enemies: Those against the Vision of the Twilight Empire, The Grim Likes: the smell of lavender. Reading, testing her skills. Creating and researching blacksmithing patterns Favorite Foods: Strawberries, chocolate, most fruits and vegetables. Allergic to coconut. Favorite Drinks: doesn't normally drink. She prefers light drinks, if she's feeling brave she'll drink Hearthglen Ambrosia. Favorite Colors: blue, lighter colors towards golds and whites. Weapons of Choice: two handed broadsword/claymore, shield and shortsword. Dislikes: cruel people, snakes, coconut (allergic), most strong alcoholic drinks Hobbies: warfront skirmishes. Smithing. Creating blacksmithing designs (the more unique the better.) Physical Features: it is an uncommon thing to see Mya out of armor and without a blade or shield. It is even rarer still is she without the blue and gold tabard of the Twilight Empire. She stands taller than most humans, and the plate armor hides a lean lightly muscled build. She has light brown eyes and very dark brown long hair that is typically pulled back in a hurried ponytail. An old scar stands out on the side of her face, running from the middle of her neck up to her cheek. Special Abilities: high pain tolerance. Skilled with swords both two handed and one handed. Positive Personality Traits: loyal to a fault, stubborn refusal to back down. Negative Personality Traits: stubborn, reckless, naïve History: History before the Twilight Empire Mya grew up on the outskirts of Stratholme, her life for the most part untroubled by the war against the orcs during the second war. Her family were strong in the Light but Myaka herself was unable to wield it like her father and older brother, Nathan, could. As she grew older and this became more apparent, her family started to claim that she was the orphaned child of her mother’s sister. This was done to spare the family, and Myaka herself, from any ridicule or scorn gained from Myaka’s inability to channel it. When she was old enough, her mother began to train her as a shop keeper. Her mother owned a store in Lordaeron that she planned to will to Myaka when the girl was old enough to run it. It did not seem to take long before the girl and her mother were traveling from Stratholme to Lordaeron to run the store, sometimes being gone weeks or months at a time. It came one day for Myaka to make the trip on her own, her mother was sick and could not go with her. Nathan didn’t wish to have her make the journey with no one there to protect her if she was attacked on the way, so he came with. Unbeknownst to the two, a strange sickness was spreading in the neighboring cities. As they drew near Stratholme on their return, they could see flames jumping in the horizon and soon came across those fleeing the city. They spoke of a culling, of family and friends rising from the dead, of Prince Arthas Menethil slaughtering all he came across be they living or dead. Nathan did not want to leave their parents to whatever fate had befallen them in the plagued city and begged with Myaka to come with him, citing that he could not protect her if she did not come with. But Myaka could not bring herself to attempt to reach the city, not with the horrors those around had told of. Nathan left to the city, and is to this day presumed dead. The survivors, with Myaka in tow, traveled to Kalimdor following after Jaina Proudmoore. There the little bit of a life the people were able to make were once again threatened, this time by the Burning Legion. Myaka did not want to risk her new home’s destruction, at least without attempting to fight herself. While the fighters took whomever they could. She was unskilled and untrained, and she was worried her barely 15 years of age would keep them from allowing her entry. So she lied on her enlistment paperwork, stating that she was closer to 17-18 and was able to gain a spot in the Theramore Millitary. She fought in the Third War, and was untrained no more. War had shaped the now near adult woman, but nothing shaped her more than an incident during it. She had foolishly attacked a group of felguards and had been quickly overwhelmed. Surprise greeted her when she woke later in the infirmary of her outpost, a tauren hunter had come across her in the midst of fighting the felguards, and had brought her back to safety. This act had confused the woman whom had grown up on stories of how savage and cruel the orcs of the Horde were and she had expected anyone whom allied with them to be the same. This act began her path down the road to the Vision of peace between the two sides. She held closely to a hope for peace, and stuck faithfully to her conviction to it, even after she joined the Theramore Guard. This conviction put her at odds with another in the guard, a man called Dominic Sanders. Dominic was a sadistic man; who’s violent tendencies were only amplified when he drank. He had a burning hatred for the Horde and wanted them destroyed whenever the opportunity presented itself. The two crossed paths due to similar duties and areas of patrol and Dominic soon turned his rage on the woman, now a warrior in her own right. Through the later years, Dominic struck fear into the heart of Myaka, attacking her whenever he was able to catch her alone. Threats of death or worse if she spoke kept her quiet and brought lies to her tongue whenever someone got close to discovering what was going on. Mya endured, and found solace in the friends she could there. However, one night one of those friends, a man by the name of Jeric Mills, struck out at her in a drunken rage. His slow reflexes combined with her fast ones gave her the scar that goes up the side of her face, a memento of a sword strike meant to take her head. This had been the final straw, and Myaka left Theramore after she was discharged from the guard, sure if she did not that she would meet her death there. History with the Twilight Empire Her mentor and old friend pointed her towards one group, sure they would give her the friends and support needed for her hopes for peace. The Twilight Empire, a group that shared her faith in the Vision of peace. She joined them, and later became a soldier in the Military Branch. This choice led to her meeting Katelle Larmont. Kate because a fast and close friend, easily seeing through what she was trying to hide. The woman got close to ferreting out what Myaka was hiding about Dominic, but before the full story could come out, rumblings of attacks and sieges where heard in Theramore. Myaka was assigned to the city for a guard to those of the Citizen Branch of the Empire whom were moving their work to the city by Kate, who had become the General of the Military by that time. Kate after speaking with the superior whom Myaka worked under as a Theramore Guard, found out about Dominic and made moves to remove his threat to her friend. But before he could be dealt with, the situation in Theramore came to a head. The Horde dropped a mana bomb on the city, and the Empire and those helping them pulled everyone they could through a large summoning portal before the destruction of the city. The summoning did not go off without problems however. Some were deposited in strange areas, Mya found herself in the Dustwallow Marsh, and she was not alone. Dominic had also been sent there. The man, furious beyond reason, lashed out at the woman and beat her nearly to death. He left her crumpled body in the marsh for the animals to clean up. One of these animals turned out to be not just another beast. The animal, a white furred wolf, belonged to a hunter. The same hunter in fact that had saved her life from the felguards in the third war. She was saved yet again by her, the hunter bringing her to Dalaran if order to find someone who could finish the woman’s recovery. The hunter found Kate, and delivered Myaka to her. Myaka recovered, and was told later by a very very convinced Kate that Dominic would never be a threat again. Myaka continued her duties as a soldier in the Military, and was surprised to be offered a position in a new force the General and her second had been recreating from its time before. The Guardians, who looked after the Empress of the Empire and the Senate members in case of attack or assassination attempts. Myaka, after some prompting, took up a place in the group. But, it was done in secret, because the group had not been approved by the Senate. The secret came out a year later, when someone overheard the Empress call Myaka by her guardian title and asked to join. This sparked a long and tumultuous split in the Empire, between the Empress and the Senate and those that followed both sides. The split only ended when it was discovered the empress was sick and suffering from a mental illness that the medical corps in the Empire were able to cure. Myaka endeavored to keep her head down and out of trouble, shaken by her role in the conflict and her own inability to realize what was happening to her Empress and friend. She was focused only on her duties as a Keeper, the path that rose from the ashes of what had been the military branch, and tried to stay uninvolved with anything that could cause another set of problems for herself or the Empire. She continued this throughout the Draenor campaign, choosing to not go with those storming the new dark portal until she could make amends for her actions. Recently, this isolation had been broken by the series of attacks on Azeroth and her people, with Myaka taking part in the struggle against the Quorum after the pieces of a strange shield made of Twilight Dragonscale were passed to her by mistake. This shield brought struggle and conflict to her, due to a strange cult of twilight followers that worshipped the Forgotten Ones. Now, with the Quorum defeated, and the rumblings of a new legion invasion, Myaka has turned her focus to recreating the shield and preparing for the coming conflicts. Story threads: Collections of a Former Theramore Guard-Catchall Story Thread Quorum:Call of the Twilight Scales-Myaka researches a strange shield, but she is not the only one interested.
  4. Since I realized I forgot to update here, i'll do it now! Myaka Winterborne: Keeper in the Twilight Empire. Myaka was found to be alive, just spirited away to the Halls of Valor. She now assists the Valarjar in the broken shore, as well as resuming her place in the Keepers of the Twilight Empire.
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    The Final Stand

    “Suramar siege-“ “…Failed, almost before they could attack.” “Trapped by some time spell” Myaka frowned as she heard the whispers and conversation in Dalaran that day. “Pardon me,” She said softly as she approached the group the whispers came from. “What was that about the Suramar assault?” “Elisande stuck back at them with no mercy.” One of them, a human spellcaster, said. “Some time spell trapped them all there. Only Priestess Whisperwind could be freed.” Myaka blinked, worry filling her mind. Brianna Mackenzie and Resileaf Ravenwing were part of the forces assisting the rebels in attempts to retake Suramar City. Autumn Delenay had also been involved, but not in the fighting itself. She was certain that they had heard from Brianna, and Autumn would not had been a part of the first siege. But Resileaf…had they heard from Resileaf? “When did this happen?” Myaka asked, still trying to remember the last contact with Resileaf. “A few days ago, ‘round the beginning of the week.” Myaka murmured her thanks to the group, a connection already opened with Kate to see if she had heard from Resileaf in the last few days. The negative answer set the dread farther in her gut as she began to work her way towards the siege location. ________________________________________________ She fought her way through the anomalies on the walkway. It was eerie how everything was so quiet and still. Darkened eyes darted from face to face, looking to see if the one she was looking for was here. I pray she isn’t, Mya thought softly, I have no idea how this can be reversed if she is. Her heart dropped as she came across a night elf suspended in midair. “Oh, Resileaf…” She said with a mournful sigh. ‘It is as I feared.’ She said softly to Kate through the guild stone connection the two maintained. She was already moving towards her as Kate spoke, asking how she looked and how the others in the armies looked. The elf didn’t look injured, just suspended in mid air. Kate’s suggestion to reassure her cut through her thoughts, moving somewhat slowly as she was. “Resileaf?” She said firmly, “If you can hear me, we will get you out of this, we will find a way to break this magic and see you free.” How that will be I don’t know, this magic is strong, I feel like I’m starting to move even slower as well. She repeated Kate’s apology she asked her to give. “We are sorry it took us a few days to come looking, We-“ Myaka shakes her head slightly, “-I- should have come looking sooner.” She looks around sadly, knowing her movements are becoming even slower. “I have to leave, what resistance my armor and shield are giving me is slowly dwindling, I can’t help you if I am trapped as well. But if I can build that resistance back up, I’ll come back.” She turned to leave, every fiber of her being hating her inability to do more than offer words of assurance. Plans were already forming in her mind, Councilor Smartgear was Kate’s suggestion to begin with. She would need to browse the archives at the Halls to see if they had any information on Demonsteel Armor, and if it should provide protection against the time spell. She would need to assure that someone could make sure they could check in on Resileaf to be sure she wasn’t in danger by the anomalies in the area, or any further attacks from the Nightborne in the city. The question remained, how were they to get her out? The spell itself must have been powerful to still have them trapped days after. It was still potent due to the slowing she felt while she was there. Myaka shook her head lightly, still in thought. If they could save Priestess Whisperwind, then perhaps there is a way to break the time spell, but if it was easy then all the combatants would have been saved. She would begin with enlisting the help of those more familiar with time magic, there had to be a way to break it, they couldn’t leave one of their own trapped.
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    The Final Stand

    ((Hi all! I thought it was time to move Mya's story thread for Legion over, so you all can read it too if you aren't on the TE site, this first story is to explain the title, and then the second one will be (mostly) present day.)) How many more can there be? The military had been fighting almost from the moment they made landfall. Demons continued to pour from innumerable portals in the surrounding area. One portal closed just meant another opened nearby. This makes the Quorum look like a small scout force. The words were a low growl in her mind. The Legion invasion struck Azeroth with earnest, there seemed to be no end to the onslaught. She spun in place, the borrowed shield strapped to her arm raising to block a blow from a large felguard. She missed her father’s shield, but didn’t regret the choice to leave it at home. She knew the enchantments on it could be broken by the legion forces, and the magic may call other demons to attack her. The alliance shield, dispersed through the military armory, had performed admirably but she would feel more comfortable with an item she personally forged. She could see the early fighters beginning to flag in energy, even her battlerage was turning sluggish. Time had blurred, blocks and parries bleeding into sword swipes and return attacks. A sound cut through the clashes and clangs of the fight, sounds of metal squealing and wood cracking. She turned towards the sound to see Rorrek and Brianna, her fellow imperials in trouble. Rorreks’ shield had shattered; the destruction was the sound she heard. felhounds surrounded Brianna, eyestalks drawing magic and life force from the priest. Myaka charged trying to clear a path to the pair so she could provide aid. A pit lord, massive in weight and height, intercepted her. The beasts’ pike tore through demons and alliance forces alike. She dived down to avoid the pike, her mind flitting between evasion or fight. Dodge, continue to Therrien and Mackinzie, demon still active and danger to them. Discard. Fight, finish quickly, abdomen weak point, unarmored. The decision, made in mere heartbeats, sent her dive into a roll. Her crouched form rocketed upwards, she put all her normal power she would normally use in the upward leap and let her weight and momentum aid to the power behind her blade as it angled towards the edge of the pitlords’ armored chest. The blade hit home, digging deep into the demon’s stomach. It cut through flesh and innards like paper, leaving a large mortal wound when she landed. The demon had already begun its death throes and she turned to continue towards Rorrek and Brianna. Heat blossomed then, overwhelming and scorching. Felfire ballooned from the mortal wound on the demon, growing into an inferno. She barely had time to lift the shield in an attempt to defend herself from the conflagration that swept over her. After a few moments, the felfire dissipated leaving only a seared and twisted alliance shield in it’s wake.
  7. Myaka

    The Final Stand

    The mist was cloying. It clung to those in the army, Valarjar and Azeroth forces alike. Mya shivered slightly, the cold and damp penetrating the armor more than any weapon could. The trials had concluded, long fought battles that pushed even Odyn and his two champions, Hymdall and Hryja, to the edge of their own abilities at combat. One can never say I didn’t earn my place in the Valarjar. Myaka thought, slightly amused to think back on the fighting. Even those who were in the army already had to prove they could survive a push in Helya’s lair. While the Legion had been the focus of those in the army, Helya pushed to the forefront. She had found a way to capture and corrupt the souls of the Valajar, adding these now damned souls to the ranks of her own army. The Helarjar, a mockery of Odyn’s army of Valarjar, had streamed from Helhiem. They attacked all those trying to fight back the Legion. If the souls were lucky, all they did was attack to kill. If these damned spirits came across one of Odyn’s chosen, they would do what they could to trap the soul, to bring it to Helheim so it could be twisted into another of the foul ranks. Myaka’s thoughts were brought to a standstill when someone charged at her. Twin maces swung at her from both sides, trying to catch her no matter which way she dodged. Her shield raised quickly, the Twilight Scales deflecting the blows easily. Her return attack sputtered out as she registered who her attacker was. How in the?! The man before her was clad in what would have been pristine white plate armor at one point but now was rusted and orange with years of disuse. A tabard, white with a golden anchor that now seemed dull and dingy. Green eyes glared out at her from a face framed with close cropped red hair in a military cut. Dominic Sanders charged at her again while her mind attempted to right itself from the sight in front of her. She dodged to the side, she knew that the other man could well out fight her in a physical fight. Fear and panic played in her mind as she tried to think of a plan. I can’t beat him! Her mind raced as she tried to plan, she could continue to run, she could lose him in the fight and he’d have to find someone else to fight. “Running Winterborne,” Dominic sneered at her, contempt clear in his voice. “There is no bitch and her elven toy to hide behind this time. Not so brave when you are alone, a coward like you never is brave alone.” Hackles raised in the back of her mind at his taunt, but her fear and panic overwhelmed the anger. She had to get away, if she didn’t…memories whirled through her head, all the warnings and taunts he had threatened her with if she ever told what he had done. Obviously, he was aware now that she had not held her silence. A feeling of disgust, quick and abrasive, cut through the panic in her mind and almost brought her up short as she continued to dodge around his attacks and tried to shake him. It took her a moment to realize the feeling was coming through the connection maintained between her battlerage and the Twilight Scales. The shield seemed to be glowing slightly, fire flicking at the cracks where the leystone had repaired it. Suddenly, the flames coalesced in a plume of shadowflame, and the shield was gone. I thought you had potential, but you are just as unworthy as all the others. The words were crackly, and came across the connection as well. They surprised her, she always suspected the shield was at least semi sentient. She had felt the smug way the connection opened when it’s power broke the hold Helya’s barrier had on her. It had never spoken to her however. She pushed the thought aside, now, she was even more out matched. The shields disappearance left her with just her short sword to both attack and defend with. I thought you had potential. What did that mean? Wasn’t it potential to know when she was outmatched? Only a fool fought when they could not win. She ran out of room to dodge around and brought her short sword to bear. Grimly she knew now that he would not find others to fight, he was focused on her. The two traded blows back and forth, neither side gave an inch. Myaka focused on keeping her speed and attacks up even as exhaustion plagued her, the only break in her concentration was Kate asking for someone to come to her office that knew of subduing Death Knights. The small conversation the two had over a private stone bolstered her a bit, she had family to return too. She could not fall now, not after seeing what her supposed death at the Broken Shore had done to her family and friends. We are evenly matched, she thought as she traded blows again. She dodged down around one mace swing, then blocked the other with her sword. She knocked him down with a shoulder charge and tried to take him down with a swipe from the sword. However, Dominic rolled to the side and avoided the attack. She looked up, seeing Rorrek standing on the side of the battle field, about to charge in and assist her. She didn’t want him too, she could not let this fight end with someone else slaying this specter from her past. She nodded when he stayed back, perhaps sensing she didn’t want help. Dominic taunted her, as he had for every trade of blows, this time taunting her that now she could have someone else finish him, claiming she was weak, and it was the only way she would see his end. She was about to retort, when she realized something from her previous thought. We are evenly matched. I am at a disadvantage due to the disappearance of the Twilight Scales and we are evenly matched. If I had a shield…I would be stronger then him. She stood her ground at his next attack. Without the shield, she would be missing defensive power but…The maces hit hard, and she gritted her teeth as pain lanced through her at the hits. Her plan had worked. Her short sword had cleaved into his chest, cutting through his tabard and leaving a large open gash in the rotted plate. “I don’t need anyone to stop you, not -anymore-.” She presses the attack on him, not letting him get his balance back. Suddenly, the connection to the Twilight Scales, nearly gone after it flashed away, flared to life. Smug satisfaction plays down the link. Perhaps I was wrong about you after all. The words echoed down the line, stronger than ever before. Dominic took advantage of her distraction to swing the maces at her again. She followed the instinct of the connection, shield arm swinging up as she moved to block the blow. A shield coalesced on her arm, a part of her realized it looked different than before. Dominic reeled back, surprised by the sudden appearance and the shadowflame that burst at its arrival. She took advantage of his distraction to finish her original plan, her sword buried itself in the gash of his plate, piercing his heart. The man fell back, black ichor pouring from the wound. “I will just come back, again and again.” He taunts, “I don’t die, I will never die.” Myaka stared down at the man, her lips curling into a sneer. By the light, why was I ever afraid of this coward? “Your new mistress won’t like the fact you failed. You never broke me, you will -never- break me.” She swings her sword in a wide arc, the man’s head separating cleanly from the body as the man collapses into a pile of forgotten plate and desiccated flesh.
  8. Myaka

    A Grim Assault; The Mandate Rises

    When she found out, it was after the fighting concluded. Fiery rage burned in her chest as she attempted to keep battlerage at bay. She would be of no use to the recovery in Stormwind itself, not as she was now. Cowards! She snarled to herself, Cowards! The lot of them. So much of the Stormwind Militia and Military had been deployed to the Broken Isle to fight the Legion. So many people, on both sides of the faction divide had died to keep the Legion from destroying all life on Azeroth and… The Grim, how did it truly surprise her that such a depraved group of monsters could strike at them, slaughter civilians, strike at their leaders, did they not understand that there was a more important target in the Legion? Of course not, they probably see the legion as their fel damned kin. She still fought on the various warfronts, she felt they still needed defense from the small bands of Horde that did not honor the unofficial truce that existed while the fought the Legion. It seemed that she was correct in that thought, they could not leave their holdings undefended. Could Lady Proudmoore be right? She had heard of Jaina Proudmoore’s heated words in the Throne Room after the disastrous fight on the Broken Shore that saw the death of King Varian Wrynn, that they couldn’t trust the Horde. That King Wrynn’s death was a result of the Horde abandoning them at a pivotal moment. Even now, as furious as she was, she could not think all Horde were a danger in the way Lady Proudmoore did. However, the Grim attack showed that there were still those in the Horde that would use the current fight with the Legion to strike at the Alliance. The Grim and their Mandate were as much of a danger to Azeroth as the Legion was. An army that can’t trust each other is doomed to failure, how many people apply the Grim’s depravity to all of the Horde?
  9. I've tried a half a dozen different alt concepts, but I keep coming back to Mya. She's my girl!
  10. Myaka

    Accidental Use of Geekiness

    I have used "By the Light" or "By the Earthmother" when I played horde in casual conversation. Like Kate, I've responded to Mya before if someone says that name nearby, I have also accidentally signed my name as Myaka, even though my real name is nothing close to it haha. Luckily I've caught it so far!
  11. Myaka Winterborne: Keeper in the Twilight Empire. Myaka is dead, killed by fel fire during the original assault on the Broken Shore Mervic Ducharme: Paladin, former Knight of the Silver Hand. Mervic is attempting to assist the Alliance where he can with the invasions from the Legion. He is also starting to attend events and meetings of the Twilight Empire so that he can look after his adopted daughters friends and family to honor her memory after her death.
  12. Myaka

    Artifact Weapon / RP

    I actually took one of the ideas from Kex'ti's thread that Resi linked. I really liked the concept behind the Nightfall Drakeswarrd he created for the prot warrior artifact. I did a bit of tweaking to make it fit with Mya and she actually received the shattered pieces of it during Quorum. I'm looking forward to playing with it come Legion!
  13. Myaka

    Legion: War's Wake

    How many more can there be? The military had been fighting almost from the moment they made landfall. Demons continued to pour from innumerable portals in the surrounding area. One portal closed just meant another opened nearby. This makes the Quorum look like a small scout force. The words were a low growl in her mind. The Legion invasion struck Azeroth with earnest, there seemed to be no end to the onslaught. She spun in place, the borrowed shield strapped to her arm raising to block a blow from a large felguard. She missed her father’s shield, but didn’t regret the choice to leave it at home. She knew the enchantments on it could be broken by the legion forces, and the magic may call other demons to attack her. The alliance shield, dispersed through the military armory, had performed admirably but she would feel more comfortable with an item she personally forged. She could see the early fighters beginning to flag in energy, even her battlerage was turning sluggish. Time had blurred, blocks and parries bleeding into sword swipes and return attacks. A sound cut through the clashes and clangs of the fight, sounds of metal squealing and wood cracking. She turned towards the sound to see Rorrek and Brianna, her fellow imperials in trouble. Rorreks’ shield had shattered; the destruction was the sound she heard. felhounds surrounded Brianna, eyestalks drawing magic and life force from the priest. Myaka charged trying to clear a path to the pair so she could provide aid. A pit lord, massive in weight and height, intercepted her. The beasts’ pike tore through demons and alliance forces alike. She dived down to avoid the pike, her mind flitting between evasion or fight. Dodge, continue to Therrien and Mackinzie, demon still active and danger to them. Discard. Fight, finish quickly, abdomen weak point, unarmored. The decision, made in mere heartbeats, sent her dive into a roll. Her crouched form rocketed upwards, she put all her normal power she would normally use in the upward leap and let her weight and momentum aid to the power behind her blade as it angled towards the edge of the pitlords’ armored chest. The blade hit home, digging deep into the demon’s stomach. It cut through flesh and innards like paper, leaving a large mortal wound when she landed. The demon had already begun its death throes and she turned to continue towards Rorrek and Brianna. Heat blossomed then, overwhelming and scorching. Felfire ballooned from the mortal wound on the demon, growing into an inferno. She barely had time to lift the shield in an attempt to defend herself from the conflagration that swept over her. After a few moments, the felfire dissipated leaving only a seared and twisted alliance shield in it’s wake.
  14. Myaka

    Katelle Larmont

    Myaka looks up when asked about Katelle, a warm smile forming. "Kate is my General, and has perhaps been driven crazy by some of my habits." The warrior chuckles softly, "But she is my sister, and my closest friend. I would not be here if not for her." She grins, "And I'm sure I keep life interesting for her, though if that is good or bad she may be still deciding."
  15. Myaka

    Aruku's Cicada Dishes!

    I'm not adventurous enough to try eating bugs, so i'll take your word for how they taste =P
  16. Hallo new friend! The others have covered things pretty well thus far but i'll send my warm hello's as well! I'm Myaka-Ravenholdt to use Kate's idea I'm always up for chatting or RPing. Welcome to the server!
  17. Myaka

    New Paced Leveling Adventure: "For Keeshan!"

    I'd be interested, depending on the time. Sunday at 7 pacific is right around dinner time, same really for any day of the week, I might look at it when you have a timeframe to see if I can make it!
  18. Myaka

    Broken Shore (Legion) [H/A]

    I can try to make it too!
  19. Myaka

    Quorum: Call of the Twilight Scales

    ((This took much longer to write then I thought, but it kinda helps with getting caught back up on stories! and is semi long to make up for the long time between posts.)) The Grim were a surprise. The attack on the Wreave distribution in the temple went off well. They had freed addicts and found important information about the drug and how it was created. Then, the group set their sights on the temple itself, to the task of shutting down production of the Wreave. And then the Grim… The horde forces slammed into them and the harried group was forced into a retreat across a bridge leading to the Temple. Now, the wounded party attempted to gather their wits and decide a plan. Myaka glanced around as everyone discussed and debated. It appeared that most of the group wanted to withdraw and save themselves from further losses. Just as the group seemed to make a decision, the horde made it for them. The Horde fighters poured out of an enchanted shroud that had hid an ambush for the beleaguered raiding party. Myaka removed her shield from the niches on her back in a smooth motion along with her short sword from its scabbard. Battlerage coiled and whirled through her as time felt like it slowed. The rage made it easier for her to make split second decisions and choices. A quick scan of the horde forces commenced as she charged into the fray, she knew on a tactical level that she would want to disable those healing the fighters. Such was a standard combat tactic employed on the warfronts, but, these where the Grim. She recognized some of the faces from the moment they first charged them. While she didn’t think any from the video shown of Skylah Mackenzie’s torture were there, she had recognized the Horde that had escaped when they had rescued Skylah from them. Tactfully, she knew the healers were first priority. Emotionally, when the rage flowed through her, she wanted the blood of those she saw on the video; and a part of her hoped deeply they were there. That line of thought came to an end when one of the horde threw something that landed near her feet. She had just enough time to register the items nature as an explosive and start to dart back away when the concussive waves of the detonation hit. The closeness to the item was enough that she was sent flying back away from it. She collided hard with one of the crumbling pillars of the ancient troll temple and slid bonelessly to the ground in a crumpled heap. Despite the continued fighting that steered the group away, she did not stir. The cultist looked towards the way the alliance and horde forces had gone. The jungle was quiet; all sounds of combat had ceased and had not returned. The downed body had remained where it had landed against the pillar. He moved forward, others walking behind him as he stopped and kneeled beside the form. With a smooth motion, he pulled the helmet free to show the warrior’s face. Her brown hair had come free from its fastening to fan around her head but he knew it was the girl they had seen. He stood and nodded at the other men. “Bring the body.” He said simply and turned away. The men hurried to follow the command. “Sir,” One of the men looked up as the others picked up the woman and began to carry her after them. “She’s breathing, she’s still alive.” “Bring her anyway.” The man didn’t elaborate on if she would need to be alive or dead, the others knew the plan. The other cultists were quiet as they caught up, moving the opposite way of the alliance fighters with the unconscious woman held in their midst. __________________________________________________________ Someone was calling her. She was used to the feeling that the private stone channels had when someone tried to call her. She and Kate used the private channels to quite an extent both for keeper duties and personal communication. The connection buzzed in her head like an alarm and forced her muddled thoughts to focus. Myaka, I need you to wake up and tell me where you are. “Kate?” She started to stir to awareness, and her eyes opened to blearily take in the people surrounding her. She gasped, both out loud and through the stone connection, and tried to wrench herself free. Stars danced as pain blossomed in her temple, the cultist in front of her bashed his weapon hilt into her head. She swayed, blackness creeping into her vision. She tried to warn Kate that it was the cultists from the Wyrmrest temple, but all she could manage was a weak shout if the word temple. The cultists scattered away from her as a white blur rammed into them, screeches sounding and talons flashing. “Leon.” She managed in a weak voice, trying to move closer to him to pull herself into the saddle. The cultists recovered quickly however and immediately rushed the gryphon, trying to force him away and separate the two. Myaka pulled her shield free from its place on her back and tried to assist, however, she was very unsteady on her feet and even the rush of battlerage was ineffective against the numbers. Another harsh screech sounded and a black blur slammed into the group as well forcing the cultists to scatter a second time. “Myaka!” A muffled voice shouts from the back of the dark furred gryphon assisting Leon. “Jump on!” Thank the Light Myaka thought with relief. Muffled as it was, she would recognize that voice anywhere. She slid her shield back into its spot on her back and jumped on the back of the gryphon as fast as she could in her sluggish muddled state. Kate directed Merlot up into the air as soon as Myaka was situated on the gryphon, the rogue sounded the whistle Myaka had taught her to call Leon. Leon moved into the air the moment he looked up and saw Merlot and Kate had been able to pull Myaka away from the cultists. He buffeted the cultists with another flap of his wings before pushing himself of the ground and following after them. _____________________________________________________________ Mervic signed softly as he stood in the doorway of the room, checking on the sleeping figure for another moment before moving to close the door as quietly as possible. The dangerous time had passed for the concussion the woman had and he could let her sleep until the nightmares returned. He waited a moment or two more, the pause more to ensure himself that she was indeed reached the safe point. His steps then took him in a patrol around the home. He had to shore up the defenses of the home, the guards would be helpful as well. The Wyrmrest guards weren't hard for them He mused thoughtfully. This latest attempt was troubling, first the attack on the temple, and now this attempt at capture this afternoon. He moved over to the table where the shield pieces were laid out remembering Mya’s last reaction to the pieces after the attack on Katelle and her cousin. Mervic waited in the doorway watching the warrior. She had been frantic moments ago, asking about the ferry mages, now however, she was deathly quiet and still. Suddenly, Mya bowed her head and he moved forward, afraid she had been given some sort of bad news. Then her clenched fist came down hard on the table. “you had better be worth it.” She snarled looking down at the pieces. “You better be fucking worth it!” Her fist came down again, the harsh sound punctuating the words. “Mya?” He took another step forward, “Are you alri-“ “Stay back!” She turned to look at him, and he felt himself step back at the glare directed his way. Her eyes were pure black with battlerage. She growled low. “Ketani was shot and killed in Dalaran. If she had not had a soulstone…” The words trailed and became lost in another growl. “I should have been there.” The words came snarled with the feeling she had been repeating the words multiple times, “but Kate thinks it might be a trap, because it looks like the same man who attacked me is involved” Mervic stayed back and silent. He recognized she was fighting to keep control of herself and it was in his best interest to let her. It would be a bad idea to have her turn on him. He knew it was a possibility, after all, his own weapon once had been stained with the lifeblood of the warlock. He returned to the present, finding himself in the same position Myaka had been that day leaning over the table watching the pieces. He sighed softly. “Whatever secrets you hold,” he says softly. “I would agree with her, I hope you are worth the chaos that surrounds you.”
  20. Kate probably knows I’m not sleeping. The thought bounced around her head as she stared up at the ceiling. She knew she should sleep; the night began late with the research at the temple. Now though… Darkness, her own breath sounding in her ears. The low growling breaths of the worgen from all around her. Feeling so vulnerable in the small amount of armor she had on. The hot breath of the beast on top of her; crushing force of the maw savaging the plate gauntlet over her hand. The wild swing, panic and desperation. ‘The bite can’t find flesh; this has to end before it find’s flesh.’ repeating in her head while the blade sought the throat of the beast. She let out a soft sigh, and tried to get her mind to settle. The adrenaline and battlerage had long since worn off and if it was not for her sister guarding the door and the knowledge of the Shado-pan patrolling for any other attacks her shakes would have evolved into a full panic attack by now. It had been a long time since she had felt that vulnerable. Things had started so simply, just answering a question about an herb for Autumn Delenay. Then, the shield made things complicated. The item had intrigued her from the moment the box was handed to her. The call, the -pull- of the item. That was the most interesting thing to her. Why did it call, why did it react to her the way it did when it lashed out at anyone else? Could it be like Ketani said, like to like, a kindred spirit maybe? The death of the Dark Iron dwarf that gave her the shield in error had soured the mood of the research. The threat written in blood had put an end to her part of the investigation into the conspiracy in Ironforge. But she had not truly worried much about herself. Yes, she worried that anyone attempting to track her would attack Kate’s nearby home instead. But in relocating she had been staying in the Shado-Pan monastery, and conducting research in the library of the temple of the Dragons. How could danger find her? But it had and it had nearly been disastrous. How had the two found her? Was it the shield itself leading them to her? Was there someone in the Wrymrest temple who sold her out? And now, while they had not turned her away yet there was a good chance the Shado-Pan would send her away. Lord Zhu had already said her presence at the Monastery put the other Shado-Pan, as well as any nearby pandaren settlements, in danger. She rolled over in the bed, hoping to have sleep come. Tomorrow would bring the answer to if she would move onto a new place. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ She was not surprised the next day when the Shado-Pan had her leave. She couldn’t think of a way to dispute the thought that her presence would lead to danger for the locals. Well, I thought for sure he wouldn’t turn me away, time to see if that is the case. Exodar was not hard to reach from Pandaria, the Shrine of the Seven Stars still maintained portals to all of the major Alliance holdings. Even though it was easy to get to, Myaka was afraid of what she had to do. She was fairly certain Mervic wouldn’t turn her away, but would he put blame on the wrong people like he had done the last time she found herself in trouble? She knocked quickly on his door after finding the old man’s home, still in the same building she was used too. She did not have long to wait. The door opened to reveal the man she once thought of as a second father. “Mya? What-“ She cut him off before he could finish, unable to help herself. “I need your help Mervic.” The story slipped out easily, once she started to tell it. The investigation that ended in the shield given to her. The murder of the Dark Iron dwarf and the message left with the body. The attack from the night before and the threat to return to claim the shield. Then, the shield itself, made of dragonscale, the pulling call, the strange different reactions between when she held it and when others did. Before long, she was rambling, repeating herself. Mervic held up a hand. “I told you before, I won’t turn you away. Not when you need me.” He gave a soft smile, “Whatever has come between us, you are still my daughter. Even if we don’t share the same blood.” She let out a sigh of relief, “Thank you so much. I have my research, plus the shield pieces. I just…needed a safe place, and it is hard to relax when my two places I thought could be a safe hideaway turn me away.” “I am no blacksmith, but I may be able to help with your research. Come show me what you have so far?” The man ushered her into the home. After the trials of the day before, it was good to be able to sit down and get back to work. She had to understand the call of the scales, before those looking for it silenced her ability to hear it.
  21. I should point out that the only bad day for me on either week is the 15th as I'll be out of town, other than that I'm free any day outside of a 15 minute break for dinner
  22. Oooooh, sounds intense! If I can make the time count me in!))
  23. Myaka

    How/Why You Choose Your Characters Name?

    Myaka's name came about because I wanted her nickname to be Mya, it was a name I could be okay with being called too! So I played around in the name field until I found one that wasn't taken.
  24. Myaka

    Quorum: Call of the Twilight Scales

    Research had taken over much of her time recently. The attack at Wrymrest temple had thrown her badly, and the research gave her something to focus on other than the fear that night generated. She could not help but be thankful to Mervic for his willingness to let her become lost in books and scrolls while she delved into the information she received from the contact in Borrowed Time. Ultraxion…She muttered to herself, almost not believing the scales could have come from such a monstrous beast. She had not been a part of the fighting at the temple when Deathwing attempted to bring about the end of the world through the Hour of Twilight. She had been in the midst of dealing with a different monster in human skin… She shuddered slightly, pushing the memories of Dominic and his ruthlessness out of her mind. She couldn’t allow his specter to distract her from this, not when it could be so important. She had heard stories of those fighting against the Destroyer and his allies. Ultraxion almost seemed like a nightmare made flesh. A dragon infused with the Twilight Realm; corrupted and so attuned with it that he was able to pull the defenders into the realm. It had taken the combined might of those brave and hardy enough had to shoulder the brunt of the dragon’s attacks for them to defeat the great beast. Nero’s explanation could make sense, what we’ve seen from the scales points to the Twilight Flight as the origin, and Ultraxion’s use of the Twilight realm could explain the realm flux that Nero mentioned. I can say for near certain understanding Ultraxion is the key to this item. If I can confirm it came from him, it may give an idea as to why it calls the way it does. She reached out and picked up one of the pieces aligned on the table in front of her. Like it always had, the piece flared in her hand; fire creeping its way up her arm. Battlerage, wary as ever, flexed and flowed slowly the two forces working their way towards each other. She set the pieces down, breaking the contact and ceasing the connection the pieces of the shield still attempted. She still did not want to let it completely connect. If the item was from Ultraxion, she didn’t want the corruption he had been so steeped in to spread to her, at least without an understanding of what was happening. Kate’s harsh whisper from the stone pulled her from her thoughts. “Myaka.” The mental link of the Guildstones did not hide the hushed and harsh tone of the words. “Tell me again about the magic and abilities exhibited by the flayed man at Wyrmrest.” “The flayed man?” She answered back, soft pitched and concerned even in her own mind. “Spellcasting mostly, he was the one that caused the room to be dark. I think he was also trying to cast something that caused a purple light, don’t think that finished. Some healing abilities along with his shadow magic.” “Is that all? Anything else you can recall? Shadow magic—defensive only?” “He never fought with me directly, he seemed to be more in place to help the Worgen. What is going on, Kate?” “I need you to keep your ears open and listen to everything that happens,” A quick explanation followed, a flayed man had appeared in Dalaran and appeared to be listening in on a conversation between Kate and someone she was meeting. She offered to come and help, her words strained and worried, but even she knew that it would take time to get to Dalaran and assist which might have been why Kate declined the offer since Ketani was already there. She waited breathless as Kate stalked after the man in the shadows. Her explanations coming regularly, the desolate state of the man, and then the conversations between them. Why is she so close to him? Myaka wondered fearfully, I can hear his answers, she would need to be next to him for that. Another voice sounded, farther away and more confident. A gunshot rang, and her ears rang from the echo that reached even through the stone as her heart near stopped. Kate’s voice, explaining another man had shot the one she had been following sent a flood of relief through her. And then a second gunshot rang out, reverberating through the guildstone, but the silence that followed was more ominous by far.
  25. Myaka

    Quorum: Forging a Bloody Theory

    Myaka glanced around quickly as she slid the box that she had been given into Leon’s saddlebags. She hoped that she had left the area around the Tavern quickly enough to keep those she had been following from realizing she wasn’t who she thought they were. We need someone in the Empire She mused on the words of the dwarf. They have someone in the Empire, we might be compromised. She shook her head slightly, she would worry on that after she got out of here and was debriefed by Kate. What is in that thing? She wondered, frowning at the strange feeling the box gave her, it was almost like what was inside called to her. She shook her head again, ignoring the feeling until Kate could help her look at whatever was in the box. Her nerves wouldn’t leave her, she was worried of being tracked once they discovered she was not who they meant to give the item too, and the time spent in the tavern put her on edge. No matter how much she tried to act casual Taverns would push that to an edge. That is secondary, what does this group want? What are they trying to do with the drug that Miss Delenay was researching? And who did that dwarf think she was?