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  1. Hello, Kilosophy here. I'm new to the server and I'd like to find some roleplayers for a plot I'd like to do with my character, a Draenei shaman called Zi'Hanna the Blackhorn (her ingame name is "Bläckhorn"). Before I explain what kind of plot I'd like to do, I'll give a quick backstory on my character. Backstory: When the Exodar crashed, the room she was in exploded/caught fire. She was knocked unconscious as the flames burned and charred her skin. Fortunately she was rescued before the fires could kill her, however she was not the same. Her eyes had burned away, hair mostly burned, and her horns charred black. It was thought among the healers that she would not live, however kept her in her comatose state. When she awoke, it was already past the Cataclysm. Blackhorn was aspiring to become a paladin before her accident, however since she became a Broken, this was no longer an option. In addition, she had lost years of time from her coma. Furious that she not only was a Broken, but on top of that was blind, and had been asleep for years. Zi'Hanna then swore to continue her training to become a warrior nonetheless, eventually learning the ways of an ehnahcement shaman. Early in her training, she learns to use Shamanism to get around and to "see", and ultimately gaining the ability to sense spirits around her. Basically it would be similar to the way Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender used earthbending to see. Zi'Hanna can sense when a person is approaching or sneaking up on her. What she can't sense, however, are objects with no spirit (ie walls, floors, steps, arrows, bullets, pellets, bolts, etc.), but can sense if a spirit is trapped inside of an artifact. She also can only sense spirits within a certain radius around her, with more focus on things in front in a cone (because that's where she's walking). Keep in mind that she can only sense spirits, not the shape of a person's body, so she doesn't necessarily know if these spirits are friends or foes. As for the actual plot: Zi'Hanna sees herself as a cripple, as someone who can't fend for herself. She abhors the idea that she can't be independent, and dislikes asking for help/relying on others. I'd like her to eventually become so obsessed with getting stronger that she becomes power-hungry. Later I'd like her to become infested/taken over/affected in some way by demonic/evil powers, either by drinking fel blood, becoming possessed by a demon, etc etc. At first it might seem like she's got it under control, however I'd like her to create IC trouble for other characters, perhaps molding her into a bit of a villain who's consumed by a lust for power. I'm not sure if I want her to become a "redeemed" soul or not and try to be good afterwards, but I'm sure that kind of decision will come out in roleplay. Thoughts and suggestions (and volunteers) for this plotline would be greatly appreciated! If this seems interesting to you, and if there's a guild out there that matches her IC desires that would be interested in taking her on, please let me know!
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    New to the server but not to RP

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll be online as Bläckhorn, the draenei shaman. She is nicknamed "Blackhorn" because when the Exodar crashed into Azeroth, the room she was in caught fire, burning her skin and charred her horns black. I'll see you ingame!
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    New to the server but not to RP

    ...I can't begin to say how much I love Pyrisath's post. Though I may play Alliance, my heart belongs to the Horde. I probably will make a horde alt at some point, if I join up. I'd like to help the RP community Alliance side if possible, though between the job, the boyfriend, League of Legends, and possible DND shenanigans in the future, I might not have the time to really hunker down to really push for things. However what I can do is help brainstorm and come up with ideas on how to make everything work. I am but one person; if there is to be change one cannot be alone. As a side note, Netherlyn was a female human warlock who was borderline evil and had a rather messed up past. I was told she once gave a hunter her Eye of Kilrogg (sp?) because he lost an eye, and it ended up possessing him and shenanigans were had. Another idea I had that I tried to work on the other server was an rp-pvp mercenary guild that had an interesting entrance test. I got the idea from another guild, when they tested one of their members who wanted to advance to a higher rank. He was to escort two members from another guild whom were delivering packages to a specific location. The area they sent him through had monsters that were red to him and skulls the couriers. In my version, I divided the trial into 3 parts. The first was about knowing yourself and required the applicant to travel from point A to point B on a map that was filled with monsters that were reds to them. However, they were not allowed their weapons or gear - they were only given a set of clothes and a skinning knife (basically an RP dagger/knife that everyone could use). They were not allowed to travel on roads to avoid monsters, and were to avoid towns too. Druids could not use their animal forms, and mounts, pets, and mionions were not allowed. The second part, their weapons were returned to them, and they had to fight one of the monsters they had seen trying to kill them. Minions/pets were still not allowed. After the fight, initiates were told to take an item from the monster they killed, as a reward/token of what they had learned, as well as a memoir of what they achieved that day. The underlying reason for this was to give the applicant something memorable they could use for future roleplay. The third and final part of the test was to escort a person weaker than they are - to protect them - across a map that was dangerous to them. This was basically a carbon copy of the test I had mentioned before. All items/pets/abilities were returned to the player. They were not to leave the weaker player's side until they got to the final destination. The whole point of this part of the test was to teach the initiate that your brother-in-arms is important, and although you might not always like the person, you should always defend and protect your people. The people around you are important, so you should protect and cherish them. Of course this wouldn't work for high leveled players, however there were ways around that. Instead of traveling through maps, one could choose to run an instance instead without a proper party. For example, for one initiate I had her run my alt through an instance to collect ingredients for something she was making. Let me know if this guild entrance idea interests anyone. I can give more details at a later time. Sleep is me!
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    New to the server but not to RP

    *smiles at Tyrilon* Lok'tar ogar. BLOOD AND TH-- *coughs* Thank you to everyone who responded! It's good to see friendly people when finding servers. About Netherlyn: she had played since Vanilla, however the player had quit quite some time ago, so I didn't really expect anyone to know of her, heh. Truth be told, if I were to join Twisting Nether, I would probably roll Alliance. The reason of picking Alliance over Horde is because of Netherlyn. We've been looking for an MMO together and WoW is one of the few MMOs that can run on my laptop and not make it overheat, and I would like to join the sever Netherlyn spoke so fondly of. My account was recently hacked, so when it gets recovered, hopefully I'll be able to log on proper into the World. Speaking of new ideas and events, I had an idea for an event that I never did manage to do before I left. It was of a traveling caravan/carnival, similar to the Darkmoon Faire but done completely by players. It would occur possibly weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly basis, depending on how players responded to it. At the carnival, there would be of course your traditional tarot cards and carnival games, but also other items of interest. I brainstormed with a friend at the time ideas that would work. IRL, some carnivals have wild, rare creatures for show, so we figured that a hunter(s) could show off their menagerie of pets as if wild "untamed" beasts. (We know hunters love vanity pets, so this would be a great opportunity to show them off!) There could also be strong man competitions, a more-than fireworks show (as first seen on Wyrmrest Accord), prizes to be won and etc. Another idea was to have a rogue to do a sort of reverse pickpocket and sneak things INTO your pocket, like raffle tickets or random prizes. I figured what I could have done with my goblin rogue was to sneak around characters and whisper to them that my character was sneaking items into their pocket, and then to give them a ticket number. At the end of the event, there would be a raffle using the tickets the rogue put into visitor's pockets and a prize would be given to one or more of the guests that showed up. The actual raffle drawing could be done in real life via drawing from a hat, etc. I was Hordeside when I thought of this, but it would be cool if it was an Alliance event or even a collaborative event from both factions. (Or even if both sides had their own version.) It'd be cool to see this in motion, however I do not have the resources to do something like this on my own. Please let me know if this idea interests you at all! I'll be more than happy to help, even if I cannot be in game. Also, Duroxas I love your siggy.
  5. Hello, Twisting Netherettes. My name's Kilo. I've played WoW on and off for about a year. I joined up towards the end of Wrath, quit but then came back for Cataclysm however stopped not too soon after that. I wrecked instances and did a lot of roleplay. I mained mostly healers and tanks, as I love both roles however had my hand at DPS as well. I've roleplayed on both Horde and Alliance side, though I mained Horde. I'd like to ask a few questions as I've had varying experiences from different servers (some negative, some positive), and would like to know more about yours before officially dedicating my time to roll another character in a rather time-consuming game. I don't want to be rude and demand things from a community, however I've encountered some very... less than desirable circumstances that basically lead me to looking for another server. I know someone who used to roleplay here, so I was curious as to how the community is like? How are your characters? What kind of characters do you normally play? Are they heroes or villains? Do-gooders or mischief makers? Do you hold roleplay events or is it mostly walk-up roleplay? Have any of you done roleplay instances at all? What kind of plotlines and special characters do you encounter? How do you handle griefers? What was your best/worst roleplay experience? As to share some of my moments, I once made a goblin rogue who was an orphan and living on the streets of Orgrimmar. She made a "living" pickpocketing, but since she was young and inexperienced, was very bad at telling what was actually worth any gold. She would constantly pickpocket things like hair accessories, clothing, cheap rings, toothpicks - basically whatever she thought was cool. One day of her usual pickpocketing ventures, she came across a Tauren who randomly turned into a plant (using the Lifegiving Seed). Excited, she eagerly tried to sell off the plant at the auction house. After the event, the Tauren thanked me for the roleplay, and asked if she could arrange for a second time for the roleplay event. A couple days later she had brought along her guild and my rogue sold off a few "Everchanging Plants" at the auction house. It was pretty fun, possibly one of the best and most memorable spontaneous roleplay events I had. If anyone has any stories I'd like to hear too. I know the post is a bit long but... out of curiosity, does anyone remember Netherlyn? She was a warlock who roleplayed here a long time ago, and was wondering if anyone still remembered her. Thanks for your time, and apologies for the long winded post! See y'all on the flipside!